Just a Suggestion Pt. 06


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About then there was a gentle knock at the door. Monica sprung from her seat and raced to the door. When she opened it, no one was surprised to see Derrick standing there. But everyone was surprised to see him drenched in sweat and carrying a gym bag. “I found a pick-up game and decided it would be OK to shower and change when I got here. I hope that’s OK?”

Monica broke into a huge grin, threw her arms around his neck and pressed herself against his sweat covered chest. “Of course it’s OK! I’m glad you’re here! We were talking about the four of us having dinner together, unless you had already made other plans.”

Monica had stepped back a little and Derrick looked down at her chest. His sweat had soaked her thin white t-shirt and it was now almost completely transparent. “I had just planned to hang with you, so dinner would be great.” As he said this, his eyes never left her huge breasts that were almost fully exposed by the damp shirt.

She followed his gaze and realized that she was giving him a pretty good show. “Well, it’s nothing you haven’t seen before, and I hope that you will see them again and again!”

Derrick blushed, opened his mouth, closed it, opened it again, then closed it again. Obviously he didn’t know what to say to that.

Before things got too awkward I asked, “Any preferences for dinner? How about carryout? Italian? Chinese? Any preferences?”

Everyone agreed that take out would be fine, and then at the same time everyone suggested something different. We finally agreed on a Japanese place that had really good food, and selected a mix-and-match menu that we all could share. Elaine and I went to get the food while Monica led Derrick to the shower.

“Do you think she will ‘wash his back’ while we are gone?” Elaine asked.

“I’m sure she will offer, and maybe offer to join him. But I doubt that he will agree. He’s making progress, but I think he wants to wait until he feels something solid between them before he goes too far.”

“I think that Monica is thinking about something solid! Something solid of his that she would like to take hold of and ‘put in its place’!”

“She’s not quite as shy as she once was, is she?”

“No, and I think that you should be proud of your part in that regard. Now she’s a normal, almost-twenty-year-old with a healthy sex drive. She has relaxed and opened up to many possibilities. And I think that she may have found a wonderful man.”

When we returned to the ladies’ apartment everything seemed to be quiet. Then we heard Monica moaning in her bedroom. We discreetly made a little noise and heard a muffled “Shit!” in Derrick’s voice. Several minutes later the two of them came into the living room. He was wearing a t-shirt and sweat pants (that had a huge lump in them). She had on a fresh t-shirt and running shorts. She had a flush to her skin and Derrick seemed to be having trouble looking anyone in the eyes, but his eyes drifted back to Monica again and again.

The ladies pulled out plates and drinks while Derrick and I opened the carry-out containers. The aroma was mouth-watering! We ate and drank, chatted and laughed, and avoided any questions about what might have been occurring when we returned with the food. I asked him about the pick-up game, and he said that he had a great time. I asked who won, and he said, “Who knows?” I was thrilled.

We taught Derrick how to play Euchre and we played for a while. Then Elaine said that we should get going back to our place. Derrick looked at her a little strangely, but as I wrapped my arm around her, he seemed to understand. We left Derrick and Monica to have some ‘personal time’, and we walked hand in hand back to their apartment.

After they were alone Derrick took Monica’s hand and led her to the couch. “Let’s talk.” Monica’s eyes showed the concern that those words generated. “It’s not that bad,” he continued.

“You are the best thing that has come into my life in a very long time. You are beautiful and sexy and more than I have ever hoped for. I feel like a better person when I’m with you. But I have a lifetime of history that I’m dealing with. I think you have made it clear that you would be willing to have sex with me, but I’m not ready for that yet. Can you be patient with me?”

Monica paused, relieved that it was not as bad as she had first feared. “I certainly can be patient with you, I think you’re worth the effort. As far as ‘having sex’ with you, I assume that you are speaking of sexual intercourse, of putting your penis into my vagina.” He nodded. “Well, we have been engaged in sexual activities since almost our first date. Erotic kissing, petting, and so forth are all sexual activities at a lower level. I would like to see us increase our sexual activities over the course of time including giving each other sexual pleasure, and yes, eventually having sexual intercourse. I think there is potential for us to have a spectacular future together. We’re certainly not ‘there’ yet, and there is no guarantee that we ever will be. But if we don’t work together to build a sustainable relationship, it will never ankara eryaman escort happen.

“Are we talking about ‘love’? I hope that eventually we will reach a point where we could definitely say ‘I love you’, but we aren’t there yet. I can definitely say ‘I like you’! I can definitely say that I feel emotional and sexual attraction to you. So I want to explore our compatibilities and determine those areas where, long term, we may have conflict. The pace of our progress toward sexual intercourse is certainly not a deal breaker. You are kind and considerate, bright and funny. You have hopes and aspirations for your future. Failure in those areas could be a deal breaker, but I think you are good there.”

Derrick interjected, “But I’m just a big old black kid from the poor side of town who happened to be good on the high school basketball court. How can you talk about ‘love’ or ‘future’ with ME?”

“You haven’t given yourself credit for any of the good things I have just said about you, have you? If you are going to limit yourself and your future to where you came from, then maybe we won’t be able to have a future. But I don’t see you really doing that. What I’m hearing is your fear, and your lack of trust. I will do everything I can to earn your trust, but you do have to meet me half-way.”

“How can I feel like I deserve you? You’re the most beautiful, sexiest, smartest woman I’ve ever known. What will your family say if you ever bring me to meet them? You’re just such a great person!”

“I’m glad that you think I’m a great person, and I hope that you will always do everything in your power to make me feel that you deserve me! As far as my family is concerned, let me tell you a story:

“Several weeks ago I went home for a visit. I went out with the guy I had dated in high school and he was pressing me to ‘give in’ to him, to have sexual intercourse with him. I told him that I wasn’t on birth control (although that was not true, I am) and I didn’t want to get pregnant. He asked what would be so bad with that, I could drop out of school, we could get married, and start a life in the little Podunk town where I grew up. He works in a local factory and has no aspirations to do anything more, and I could become his little wifey. I refused and told him I never wanted to see him again. When I got home, my parents asked what had happened. When I told them, they were upset with ME! That’s exactly the future they wanted for me! They didn’t care about what I wanted for my future or my aspirations!”

“So, I don’t really care what they might think about you, or any person I might choose to be with. I will choose someone who cares about ME! I will choose someone who shares my hopes and aspirations for the future. I will choose someone who values me and who I want to be with. If they don’t like it, they can lump it!”

“Really? You would turn your back on your own family if they were not accepting of me?”

“I would turn my back on my family if they refused to accept my choice of my life partner. Period. Right now you have the inside track to become that person. So, yes!”

“Life partner? That’s heavy!”

“We’re not there yet, as we have already said. But I do see that as becoming a possibility down the road. Do you?”

“That’s a scary thought. But I would certainly do everything in my power to make you feel that I was deserving to be in your life. I’ve said it before, you’re the sexiest, most beautiful, best person I have ever known. If I could be in your life forever, I would try to be the best partner you could ever imagine!”

“I’ll take that as a ‘yes’! Now I think it’s time for heavy discussion to be over. Let’s go to my bedroom for some heavy petting!”

“Your bedroom?”

“We’ll have more room and be more comfortable. We can investigate ways we can share sexual pleasure without intercourse.”

“Your bedroom it is!”

When they arrived in Monica’s bedroom she surprised Derrick as she pulled off her t-shirt and shucked her panties. “What are you doing!?” he asked.

“I want to see you naked. I want to feel your strong muscles. I want to touch your flesh! And I want you to touch and feel me! I’m not suggesting intercourse, just sensual pleasure.”

Derrick shrugged, then began to peel off his clothes while she stretched out on her double bed. When he was undressed, he cautiously climbed onto the bed. “Now what?”

“Lie down beside me, take me in your arms, kiss me.”

He had done all of that before, just with clothes on, so why not. He lay down beside her, self-conscious of his massive growing erection waving between his legs. Monica wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing her huge breasts firmly against his naked chest. It felt incredible! She kissed him deeply, sucking on his tongue and playfully dancing her tongue into his mouth. She rubbed her breasts across his chest and he nearly groaned with pleasure at the sensation. Then she wrapped one leg over his hip, her beautiful red bush pressed against his curly black pubic hair. His huge cock was now fully erect; actually harder and more engorged escort elvankent than he had ever experienced before. It rose between her legs and nestled into the crack of her beautiful ass.

Monica felt his cock trying to part her ass cheeks and loved the feeling. He was clearly horny for her, as she was for him. This was beautiful! Would he ‘get off’ by rubbing his cock between her cheeks? She hoped so, and decided to help. She reached over and grabbed a bottle of lotion from the bedside table, then she squirted it between her butt cheeks and onto his big cock as she began to flex and slide her ass up and down his massive pole.

“What are you DOING!”

“Providing a little non-intercourse pleasure. Don’t you like it?”

“Well, it feels great! But,….”

“Yes, it is my butt. It’s not my pussy, your cock isn’t going inside of me. But I hope that it gives you pleasure! I hope it will give you sexual release.”

“You want me to cum like this???”

“I certainly do! I want you to experience powerful sexual pleasure with me, and I hope to do the same with you!”

“You want me to get you off?”

“Right now, I just want you to concentrate on enjoying the sensations you are feeling with me. Caress or suck my boobs, pump your huge cock between my cheeks. Shoot a massive load and let me feel your climax. Anything that isn’t hurtful is fair game! Come on, big boy!”

Derrick lost focus in the conversation as his huge erection pumped back and forth through the canyon between her butt cheeks. The feelings were incredible! He took her breasts into his hands, then one nipple into his mouth. If this was as close to heaven as he ever reached, he would be happy. She was squeezing her butt cheeks together as he slid between along her lubricated ass. She was humping and squeezing and he was pumping and sucking. He was getting closer and closer. Without thought he was pumping harder and faster, then it happened! His body jerked and pumped as his cock began to spray semen everywhere. With every thrust more cum sprayed across her back and onto the bed. It seemed like it would never stop! He had so much pent up need, and she was so beautiful and sexy! He just kept cumming and cumming and cumming.

As his body finally unwound, his torrent of semen dribbling to an end, he wrapped his arms around Monica and held on tight. She had given him a beautiful gift. He was at peace and she had allowed it, encouraged it, brought it into existence. He could feel tears running down his cheeks as the powerful emotions engulfed him. Maybe she could….

Feeling the tears dripping from his face, Monica asked, “Are you all right?”

“Better than all right. That was beautiful. Thank you! But are you OK?”

“I’m better than OK. I wanted to give you a gift, and you gave me one in return!” And she snuggled closer against his big powerful body.

Finally, the cool air of the room and the semen drying on her back intruded into their reverie. “How about we take a shower together, then we can change the sheets?”

“I guess I made a mess of the sheets, didn’t I?”

“Yes, you made a beautiful mess of the sheets! I would change the sheets a thousand times a day to provide you with that much pleasure!”

“I don’t think I could manage a thousand times a day! But then again, with YOUR inspiration…. “

She waggled her huge boobs at him. “Join me in the shower, please?”

When the two of them had squeezed into the small shower, she began to wash him — his back, his chest, his neck, his arms. Then she moved lower washing his butt, and his cock and balls. She paid lots of attention to his cock and balls and he was quickly as big and hard as possible! “Ooh, I like the feel of your big cock between my slippery hands! Do you?”

“God yes! I thought this was about getting clean? You keep that up and I’m going to cum again!”

Monica took more soap into her hands and rubbed the slippery lather up and down his cock again and again. She swirled and twirled her slippery hands around his bulbous engorged penis head. She pumped and swirled until he was pumping his hips against her, thrusting into her hands on every stroke. She increased the pace of her ministrations as he began to pump against her more rapidly. She knew what was coming and she reveled in it! Then Derrick grunted and exploded, shooting load after load of hot cum onto her huge breasts. As he splashed his cum onto her, the water intermingled with his semen as it flowed down her breasts and dripped off her nipples into the drain. When his spray finally subsided she moved to let the shower spray wash the soap off his cock, then she kissed the head. “There, see? All clean!” she exclaimed.

Derrick felt like his knees had turned to rubber. He had just climaxed twice in less than an hour, all engineered by this beautiful, sexy vixen! “What should I do?” He asked, somewhat abashed.

“Take some soap and wash me, silly! I want to feel clean EVERYWHERE!” It didn’t take a genius to understand the sub-text meaning of that! He took soap onto his big hands and began to rub it etimesgut escort bayan across her back, eliciting ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ as his soapy hands massaged her back. Then he gathered more soap and began to wash her buttocks. They were soft and firm all at the same time! “Everywhere,” she whispered. He took his soapy hands and ran them up and down her butt crack, again and again, as she purred her pleasure. As he started to move away, she again whispered, “Everywhere,” so he took his big soapy finger and slipped it into her anus. “OOH! YES!” she exclaimed as he pumped his finger in and out of her a few times. She was quivering with excitement.

As he removed his finger, Monica turned around and said, “Wash me please, and please don’t miss any cracks or crevices that need attention!” Now, Derrick wasn’t very experienced, but he was pretty sure that he understood what she wanted. He gathered lather onto his hands and washed her arms, her neck, and her upper chest. When he reached her massive boobs he concentrated his attention on them for a very long time. She was panting and her hips were flexing, causing her butt to encounter his massive erection again and again. But this was for HER!

He washed and caressed and pinched her responsive nipples until they were diamond hard points. He lathered the alabaster skin of her abdomen, then worked her beautiful red pubic bush into a huge lather. He washed her upper legs and thighs, his rigid member pressed firmly between her legs. “Please!” she panted. Then he slid his finger into the hot, slippery depths of her vagina. “OH! YES!” He slipped his finger in and out of her as he toyed his other hand over her distended nipple. “YES! PLEASE!” As he slid his finger in and out of Monica, he came in contact with the top of her slit. “GOD! YES!!” Taking that as a good sign, he made sure that every stroke included the very top of her pussy slit. Again and again his thick finger invaded her hot wet slit, with every stroke he more intentionally touched the apex of her pussy, until finally: “OOOOHHHHHH!” she wailed as her body convulsed in his arms. He wrapped his one arm around her and under her breasts to support her weight as she seemed incapable of doing so, and he gently continued to caress her vaginal opening and clitoris. (He had heard enough about it that he finally figured out what he must have been touching.) Her spasms continued on, his cock was wedged firmly between her thighs, and he held her and held her. He removed his hand from her pussy and wrapped his arm around her, supporting her, comforting her, sharing the emotional warmth that pervaded their space.

When Monica began to regain her composure, she looked at him, smiling, and said, “Now, THAT’s what I want in a shower! That was beautiful!”

They dried each other off, and she jokingly hung her towel on the stiff rod standing out in front of Derrick. “Very funny!” he said with a smile. Then they went back to the bedroom to change the sheets.

It’s funny how doing mundane chores like changing the bed can bond two people. Here they were, both naked, both having just climaxed, and now they were working together to change the sheets. “Will you stay tonight?” she asked. It wasn’t planned, it just came out, but it felt right.

“But… “

“I’m not looking for anything more. What we have done together has been beautiful. I just want to feel your body next to mine, your arms around me. I want to soak in the joy of being with you.”

“That sounds nice. Holding you is becoming one of my favorite things to do.”

The bed was made and they slipped naked under the covers together for the first time. They both knew that it would not be the last.

As Elaine and I walked hand in hand back to ‘our’ apartment, she asked, “What do you think is going to happen with them?”

I said, “I don’t know, but there are several things going in their favor, and only a few things that might get in the way.”

“Like his hang-up about sex?”

“If she doesn’t press too far too fast, they will be able to work through that. And I hope that his trust issues will begin to dissolve as his confidence in Monica grows.”

“Did you help him with that?”

“You know I can’t disclose anything from therapy.” I said smiling. “But I’m hopeful that those things will get better and better. So what do you think they’re doing, now that we’re gone?”

“If I were Monica, I’d be ‘jumping his bones’. Oops, don’t press too far too fast. I do hope that they are having some good heavy petting and sexual foreplay! A good climax for each of them would do them a world of good!”

“I wouldn’t count on that happening yet, but, it would be good for both of them!”

“And what about US?”

“Oh, I definitely think a good climax, or two or three, would be a good thing!” I said with a wink.

“So do I!” she said, increasing the pace as we walked toward home.

As soon as we were inside the apartment, Elaine began pulling off her clothes, then pulling me towards the bedroom. By the time I was undressed, my cock was standing up at attention. She took it into her hands and crooned, “Did you miss me? Here let Mommy give you a little kiss.” And then she took the head of my cock into her mouth. I could have screamed with pleasure! “Now come over here and show Mommy how much you love her!” She said as she pulled me over to the bed by my cock.

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