In the Hospital


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“You’re not the usual priest,” the man lying in the hospital bed remarked.

“No, I’m not,” the priest confirmed mysteriously. “Interesting… Your name is Aiden, which is Gaelic for little fire, and yet you are a fire fighter.”

“I never thought to look at what my name meant,” Aiden shrugged.

“You are a hero,” the priest stated.

Aiden shook his head. “No, I’m just a man who does a job.”

The priest smirked. “Humble too. Here… take this card. If anyone deserves to have a wish granted, it’s you.”

Aiden studied the card carefully for a minute, but then looked up in confusion. The priest was gone!

“What the…?” He focused on the card once more. “The bearer of this card is entitled to one wish; anything their heart desires so long as it harms none. Call to redeem.”

There was nothing else on the card, though Aiden inspected it thoroughly just in case. He set the card on his stomach, and closed his eyes as he rested his head on the pillow.

“Deserves a wish, huh? How so? I’m only 30 years old and I’m already dying of cancer. To tell the truth, I’m pathetic… I’ve never even found a woman to get serious about and start a family.”

His doctor chose just that moment to enter the room. “If you’re going to talk to yourself about future goals, please try to refrain from verbally abusing yourself. It really does help to keep a positive attitude.”

“So you all keep saying, but it hasn’t helped so far,” Aiden grumbled.

“Sure it has,” his doctor insisted with a smile. “You’re not dead yet.”

“Yeah, okay,” Aiden agreed without conviction just to get him to change the subject.

He sighed, put on his detached doctor persona, and got to the point of his visit. “I’m sorry to tell you this but despite all the tests we’ve run and treatments we’ve tried, the prognosis is the same. You don’t have very long to live. I’d say you’d be lucky to last another 2 weeks.”

Aiden nodded morosely, accepting his fate. In situations like this, it’s really too bad that the doctor couldn’t just give him something to let him go quietly now and prevent all the pain and suffering of the next two weeks. The doctor left him alone with his thoughts.

“Some firefighter!” Aiden scoffed. “I’m so frail right now that I couldn’t even lift the hose to turn it on and extinguish the fire!”

He remembered the card, and examined it once more. “Ah… what the hell.” Dialing the number took about 10 seconds, marks head bobbers porno and then he waited for someone to answer.

“Wishline, Serla speaking. What’s your heart’s desire?”

Aiden scoffed again. “A future, love, a family. What the hell? If I’m going to die soon, at least let me get laid one last time.”

“Got it,” Serla stated. “One of our Goddesses will be with you in just a few moments. Thanks for calling Wishline!”

The line disconnected and Aiden stared at the phone in his hand. “So much for having my wish granted,” he muttered, and then hung it up.

The door opened and a woman walked in. “Good evening, my name is Rohana. I’m here to grant your wish.”

Aiden let his eyes carefully and thoroughly roam up and down Rohana’s body. She was wearing something that looked like an older style of nurse’s uniform – back when they wore short skirts – but it was hot pink, and revealed almost as much as it covered. Her breasts and hips seemed to strain against the fabric and called out to Aiden oh so enticingly.

“I must be dreaming!” He muttered to himself.

“No dream,” Rohana assured him. “Let’s see… We’ll want privacy, so…” A moment later, the room changed. It now looked like they were in a fairly high class hotel room. Aiden was laying on a bed that was softer than anything he remembered sleeping on before in his life!

“That’s better!” Rohana grinned at him. She snapped her fingers and his clothes disappeared. “Would you prefer me to simply strip, or would you like me to dance a bit while I take my clothes off?”

Aiden was certain he had to be dreaming. “Dance.”

“Sure thing!” She replied with an angelic smile. Her body undulated, and she stroked herself as she slowly removed her clothes.

Aiden was surprised to feel his shaft responding. He hadn’t gotten hard in weeks!

The outfit was now on the floor, and Rohana removed her bra, she licked her nipples for a moment – causing Aiden to groan – and then stuck her thumbs in her panties so that she could slowly wiggle them past her hips.

Aiden’s breathing was rapid now, and his heart beat erratically. “I don’t care if this is a dream; you’re the best looking woman I’ve ever seen!”

“Thank you,” Rohana purred. Like a cat, she climbed onto the bed. She rubbed his legs with her head as she crawled up his body. When she got to his erection, she sucked on it as if it were a popsicle or massage porno a lollipop.

Aiden would swear that he got even bigger then was possible for him. Her sucking made him feel joy like never before. It was almost as if she was sucking the illness out of his body!

He wanted to enjoy the dream for as long as he could, but far too soon, he couldn’t hold back any longer. He roared in triumph as he filled her mouth, his hand on her in case she tried to stop before he wanted her to.

He gasped when he was done, and clutched his heart with one hand. It was now beating faster than ever. He was certain that he was going to have a heart attack if it didn’t calm down soon.

Rohana stroked his shaft a couple of times, and then climbed onto him so that she could impale herself. “Do you like this? Or would you prefer to be on top?”

“This is good,” Aiden replied.

She rode him until he felt like he was going to explode again, but he didn’t want to. Grabbing her, he rolled her under him.

“Strange,” he murmured. “I haven’t been able to move on my own in weeks…”

Rohana wiggled her hips encouragingly, reminding Aiden to concentrate on what he was doing. Each thrust made him feel like he had just a bit more vitality, until he was positively overflowing with it! He pumped her full, and was shocked to find he wasn’t tired or lethargic in the slightest!

He examined himself closely. “Now I know I’m dreaming! I’m back to the way I was.”

Rohana smiled at him, and waited patiently for him to decide whether he wanted to have sex again, or withdraw from her and go look in a mirror.

“Why aren’t I going limp?” Aiden asked. He felt her flexing her inner muscles playfully, and realized that he felt ready to keep going.

“Does it matter?” Rohana asked.

“No,” he grinned, taking advantage of his good fortune.

This time, he chose a slower pace, and kissed her in between each thrust. He felt simply amazing, and wished there was some way he could thank her.

She laughed softly. “For tonight, you need me. You love me… that is all the thanks I desire.”

He groaned softly as he came again, and then curled up to sleep on her. In the morning, she got out of bed, which woke him up. He looked around, but suddenly he was back in his hospital room. He groaned in disappointment.

Rohana caught his attention by laughing. She was getting dressed, but her outfit had changed from meet-suck and fuck porno a hot pink nurse’s uniform to a flowing white and gold dress.

“Let me see…” She thought aloud. “I believe I took care of getting laid and having a future. All that’s left is love and a family. Keep an eye open… The one that will lead to the other shall appear soon. May the rest of your life be happy and blessed!”

A moment later, she was gone. Aiden blinked, and then rubbed his eyes. When there was no denying that she really had disappeared, he immediately got depressed, and convinced himself that it had all been a dream after all.

A nurse came in to check on him. She chatted pleasantly as she prepared to give him a sponge bath, but her eyes widened in shock as she removed his hospital gown. She rubbed her hands all over his body in a way that would probably get her fired if anyone caught her.

“This can’t be!” She exclaimed incredulously. “You’re… cured!”

“Cured?” Aiden inquired dryly.

“Well… I’m not a doctor, so I can’t actually call you that, but… you look healthy and vibrant to me!” She immediately ran for a doctor to come check up on the recovered patient.

His doctor soon dragged what had to be every doctor in the hospital to examine him, but they all said the same thing; a miracle had happened! They wanted to keep him for observation, but Aiden insisted that they release him. He was just itching to get out of bed and go do something.

Finally, they had no choice but to discharge him, and he left feeling as if anything was possible. On his way out, he accidentally bumped into someone. She looked vaguely like Rohana, but different enough that he knew she wasn’t.

“Sorry,” he apologized.

She looked up at him, and blushed as she adjusted her glasses.

“Let me help you pick up the books you dropped,” he suggested.

“Thanks…” she mumbled shyly.

As Aiden handed her the books he picked up, a thought occurred to him. “Would you like to get a cup of coffee with me, or perhaps some lunch?”

She turned redder than ever, and tried to hide her face behind her books. “Y-y-yes…?”

Aiden laughed. “Excellent! I know a great place, come on.”

He led her to his car, and then held the door open for her. The blood drained from his face as he realized that he was imagining what it would be like to marry her.

“She said it would be soon, but I didn’t think she meant this soon!” He whispered.

“Who? What?”

Aiden blushed. “Um… just something a Goddess who grants wishes told me.”

“You too!” She gaped in astonishment.

Aiden nodded, realizing that he couldn’t wait to get to know this intriguing woman better.

“I guess wishes really do come true!”

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