I Want To See


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We snuggled together, Joni and I, having just had wonderful, warm and loving sex together after a week of my being on the road. It felt so good to hold her again, feel her body against mine, caress each other gently as we rested. She lay half on top of me, and partway down my body. Her leg was draped over me, her cunt pressed gently against my leg. Her hand oscillated between stroking my chest and playing with my cock and balls. Her head lay on my chest, her 36C boobs pressing against me as we chatted, and simply enjoyed each other.

We talked about my week and hers, sharing our experiences, talking through questions and issues that had arisen for each of us, her in her final year of university, me in a sales job that took me across a large territory each week.

At one point I commented that it would be nice when her good friend Jessie had a boyfriend to spend time with. Like Joni, Jessie was very attractive, and a lovely personality, the kind of girl I thought most guys would give their eye-teeth to get to know more fully. Yet while she had friends of both sexes, she never seemed to have a date.

Joni said “Ah, she’s such a prude.” She paused, then went on. “She’s not, really, but she just doesn’t let go. Frankly, I’d love to see her get fucked!”

This sudden explosion of expression surprised me. We had come a long way in the way we talked about sex, having both come from very conservative families where sex simply wasn’t discussed. Ours had been a very tentative journey at first, barely allowing ourselves to use sexual language, both out of embarrassment and out of fear that we would lose the other if we did. Fortunately the latter hadn’t happened, we had got over the former, and now we talked easily, used very graphic terminology very comfortably with each other.

I looked at her and grinned. “Now,” I said, “there’s a question. You say you would like to see her get fucked. Do you mean you want her to get fucked, or do you mean you want to SEE her get fucked?”

She slapped me lightly, laughed, and said “No, of course I’m not interested in seeing her get fucked. What do you think I am, a pervert? But I do think that her getting fucked would be the best thing that could happen to her.”

“Okay,” I said, “so how do you propose you’re going to make that happen?”

“I haven’t a clue” she said. “I doubt I could make it happen. But I still think it’s a lovely thought!” She stroked my cock, noticed it was beginning to rise after its slumber. “And I think someone else thinks it’s a lovely thought, too! Well, I think I’ll just have to get your mind on other thoughts.”

And with that she rolled herself completely onto me, pulled herself up until her nipples were at my mouth. I rolled them around my tongue, then sucked hungrily at her boobs before she reached down, raised my cock a bit, and slid herself down onto it. With that, she began to ride me, slowly at first, then harder and harder. She straightened, sat up, and began pounding herself down onto me, drawing my cock into her cunt further with every downward thrust. I began to respond in kind, holding her hips, and ramming my cock up into her. At one point I reached up, took hold of her boobs, squeezed her nipples between my fingers, and pulled. She moaned, her back arched, and she cried out as an orgasm tore through her. Her cunt spasmed, gripped my cock as in a vice, and in a moment I, too, exploded, filling her as I emptied myself.

We collapsed together again, satiated, and drifted off to sleep. The next morning, we awoke, showered together, dressed, then headed our separate ways until my return the next week. I was a happy man, and she a happy tecavüz porno woman.

On the Thursday evening, I received a text message from her. “Get a good night’s sleep. You’re going to need to be rested when you get home.” I sent a text back asking what was going on, but she didn’t answer. Oh well, I’d find out soon enough.

When I arrived home the next evening, I walked into her apartment, to find her in her housecoat. She wrapped me in her arms, kissing me passionately. Her housecoat fell open revealing her beautiful naked body underneath. Before I had a chance to do more than drop my travel bag, she pushed me down on the carpeted floor, ripped off my clothes, and mounted me. She rode me, hard, panting and gasping, ramming herself down on me. I responded in kind, rolling her over and pounding her cunt. Her legs wrapped around me, opening, closing, gripping, heels kicking my arse, pushing me deeper into her. She was like a woman possessed, and it was wonderful! We ravished each other, holding, kissing, squeezing, fucking, fucking, fucking, until we exploded together, then collapsed, almost in tears from the exertion and emotion.

After a few quiet minutes, I said “Wow!”

“Uh huh,” she said, then “Wow indeed.”

I lay quietly for a moment, then “I loved it, but what brought that on?”

She was silent for a minute or so. Then she said “You know how you asked whether I wanted to get Jessie fucked, or whether I wanted to see her get fucked?”

I said “Yes, of course I remember. You slapped me and said you weren’t a pervert.”

“That’s right” she said. “And you deserved it.” She stopped again, then went on. “But you know, your question got me thinking about it. And I realized I really did want to SEE her get fucked! And the thought of it turned me on. And the more I thought about it, the more turned on I got. And that’s when you walked in.”

“Okay,” I said. “Fair enough. And it was very nice. But as for watching Jessie get fucked… How? And why?” This didn’t fit with the woman I knew. There wasn’t a vindictive bone in her body, and yet here she was, wanting to watch her friend get fucked. What was going on?

“I don’t know the how,” she said. “And I doubt I could ever make it happen. But I know the why.” She went on.

“It’s not that I have anything against Jessie. You know that. It’s more that I want to see what it’s like to have sex. I want to see what happens, with a woman’s body, and a man’s. I want to be able to watch it as it happens.”

I said “Okay, but even if you can’t figure out a way to make it happen, you must have some idea of who would be involved, in order to even imagine what it would be like.”

“I do,” she said. “And it may surprise you. I thought I would want you to be the one to fuck her the first time.”

“Me!?” I exclaimed. “What the fuck?”

“Precisely,” she said. “It’s the fuck.”

She went on. “Something like that is very personal. I wouldn’t want Jessie to be fucked by some nameless, faceless person. And I wouldn’t want anyone else to know. I know I can trust you to be definite but gentle with her, making sure it’s good for her. And I know that not one of us would ever tell a soul about what happened, so the secret would be safe.”

“Besides,” she continued with a grin, “while I would love to see the look on her face the first she time has a hard cock slide into her cunt, I know I would LOVE to see the look on your face when that cock is yours, and you’re feeling yourself slide into a hot, tight virgin cunt.”

Then “Oh!” she said, “I think someone else likes the idea too!” Looking lustfully at my erect cock, travesti porno she said “Down boy! We’re not done yet.”

“I know you would be gentle with her, even while you’re very deliberately taking her for the first time. And I want to see what that looks like.”

She continued, memories floating over her face. “I remember the first time you fucked me. I was scared, and I asked you to please be gentle. And you were, sliding in ever so slowly instead of just ramming me.” She paused, grinned. “Ramming me was something you did later! And God, it was good!”

“Yes,” I said. “I remember. Your mouth pursed as I began to slide into you. You rolled your head from side to side, saying ‘Oh God, the pressure!’ You were breathing in short, sharp breaths, taking in very small amounts of air at a time, holding, then releasing.”

Joni said “At one point, you were into me to your balls, and you stopped. I had never felt anything like that. Slowly the pressure subsided, as my cunt began to adjust to your cock. And that’s when you started.”

“What to you mean, started?” I asked, confused.

“You began, ever so slowly, to fuck me, sliding just the smallest amount in and out. You were letting me get used to it. Then I found that my hips were beginning to have a mind of their own. I was going to lie there and relax, will the sex to end. But then my body decided otherwise.”

She went on: “My hips began to move, slowly and in short strokes at first, then longer and faster. My hips were beginning to reach for you, trying not to let you escape.”

“I wasn’t trying to escape,” I said. “Far from it. But when your hips started to move, matching my movements, I lost it. I started slowly and gently, but then I began fucking faster and harder, until I was just ramming you.”

“I know,” you said. “Suddenly you were pounding me, and I was loving it. I just wanted it to go on and on. It was wonderful.”

She paused. “And THAT is what I want for Jessie. So, I suggest we put our heads together and see if we can come up with a plan to save Jessie from men who would take advantage of here.”

“Okay,” I said, “but where does the ‘see’ come in?”

“I want to see it all happen,” she said. “I don’t have a clue how to get her from fully dressed to being fucked by you while I watch. I likely can’t make it happen – but my God I would if I could! I just know I want to see every detail, every action and reaction.”

“Okay,” I said. “So describe it to me.”

“Well,” she said, “I want to see her lying there, looking at you, maybe more than a bit nervous, but wanting to go ahead. And I want to see you begin to touch her, kiss her, take her nipples between your lips, suck her boobs. I remember the first time you did that to me. It still sends shivers of delight through my body when I think of it! Not too hard. Not as hard as you do now (time enough for that wonderful feeling later). Gentle, but definite.” She stopped for a moment. “She has gorgeous tits, by the way!”

Joni was far freer in her use of words than I was. She was the first to use the word “cunt” when I was still saying “vagina.” She seemed to enjoy the vulgarity, though she was never a vulgar person.

“I’m not blind,” I said.

She laughed, gave me a little punch, and said “Ah, you’d love to take both of us at the same time, wouldn’t you? Well, that’s not going to happen, because then I wouldn’t be able to watch, and that’s what I really want at this point.” She paused for effect. “Maybe later!” Then she grinned.

“I want to watch your cock get big and hard. And I want to watch it approach her cunt, open it, and slide tumblr porno in, slowly, just like you did to me. I want to watch your back and leg muscles controlling the movement, sliding your cock in gently, reading her body for any negative response. Not that I think you will get one!”

“And then, when you’re all the way in, with your balls against her arse, I want to watch her as her body adjusts to your cock inside her. Then I want to see you begin to move, beginning to fuck her ever so slowly as you wait for her body to respond.”

She continued, as though there was a video playing in her mind and she was sharing the story with me. “I want to see her hips begin to move in response, slowly at first, then building, short movements first, then bigger and bigger until her hips are rotating, reaching up for you. And, of course, by that time you’ll be giving her long strokes, your cock sliding in and out, in and out, your balls beginning to slap against her arse as you bottom out with each stroke. God, I want to see that!”

“I want to see you raise up on your outstretched arms, using your hips now to ram yourself into her cunt, pounding her. I want to hear her begin to moan (or whatever other sounds she might make – I wonder if she will be loud on her first fuck), to see her body begin to thrash around. I want to see whether she keeps her feet on the bed, or wraps her legs around you, or throws them up in the air. I want to watch her tits bounce as you pound her. I want to see her explode in orgasm. And I do hope it’s a real explosion, not just a little tremor. I want her to have the very best. And I hope you can keep going before you cum, as I want her to have one orgasm after another. There’s nothing more wonderful than that multi-orgasmic, totally fucked feeling you give me.”

I sat and listened in awe. It was at once raunchy as could be, and totally beautiful. There was no voyeurism, no animosity, no “I’ll give you what for!” It was a genuine desire to employ other senses in taking in the whole wonderful experience of sex, as well as a desire for her friend to have what she herself found so pleasurable and satisfying.

“Oh yes, there’s one more thing,” she said. I couldn’t imagine what would come beyond that.

“Once you’ve come, and you’ve had a little rest, I’m happy to help her get you up again. Then, do me a favour.”

“Name it,” I said, intrigued.

“Flip her over, lift up her hips so she’s on her elbows and knees, and fuck her from behind.”

“Sure” I said, “with pleasure. But why?”

“I want to hear her puff and gasp as you pound the air out of her lungs. I want to see her tits swing each time you ram her. And I want to watch when you reach down and around, take hold of her tits, and use them to pull her cunt back onto your cock. Finally, I want to see how her body reacts in that position. Does her back arch? Does she curl up? Does she want her hair pulled? What happens when she cums? I want to see it all, hear it all!”

“Well love,” I said, “if you can ever get her to the point where she wants to do any or all of that, I’ll of course be glad to help. For now, though,” I continued “this fellow here has been standing guard long enough. I think it’s time he gets some exercise. Spread your legs, because I’m going to begin with something you haven’t mentioned yet. I’m going to eat at the Y.”

And with that, I went down on her, began to lick. Finding that her clit was beautifully, powerfully extended, I wrapped my lips around it, and sucked, hard. “Oh!” she cried, throwing her legs in the air. At the same time, she came, the first of many more that evening.

Will I ever get to fuck her friend? That would undoubtedly be wonderful, but I don’t see it happening. And I don’t need to. I have the most wonderful, sexually liberated woman in the world, who loves me, and loves all we do to, with and for each other. And there’s nothing wrong with that!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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