I Said, “Tell Me You Like It.”


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Maya adjusted her skirt as she walked through the doors of the bar. Scanning the room, she wiped her hands nervously as she spotted him. “Hey, I’m so sorry I’m late! I can’t figure out to get around yet.”

“No problem, it’s great to see you. Can I grab you a drink?” Dan stood up to give her a kiss on the cheek.

“Yeah, please. Whatever you’re having sounds great.” She sat down. “I’m a little nervous!”

“Me too, but we’ll have a great time.” He reassured her, reaching under the bar to pat Maya’s leg, lingering for a moment at the top of her thigh. Her smooth, soft legs were just as sexy as he’d pictured. “Did you bring what I asked for?”

Maya gave him a nervous, breathy smile. “Uh, yeah. Yeah I did.” She reached into her clutch and pulled out a small remote, handing it to Dan.

“I’ll start it slow.” He turned on the switch that controlled the vibrating bullet in her panties, watching Maya cross and uncross her legs. She closed her eyes. “How does that feel?”

“It feels great…” she trailed off, leaning onto the bar. He turned it up two notches. Dan lightly ran his fingers up and down her leg, feeling Maya shiver.

“So, what brought you to my city finally?” Dan asked Maya. They had known each other for years, but had never met. Sharing dirty pictures and texts, they jumped on the chance to finally meet, and to finally fuck, in person.

“I, ah, job interview.” she struggled to answer over the intense pleasure she was feeling. To anyone else at the bar, her fidgeting was indicative of first-date jitters. But if they looked closely they’d see Maya was grinding her throbbing pussy on the bar stool, aching for relief.

“Doing what?” He asked. Completely entertained and turned on by edging her, he suddenly turned it off.

“Why did you do that?” A little irritation crept into her voice.

“You were late. Answer my question.” Dan demanded.

Maya gained some composure and cleared her throat. “It’s for a program manager position for a local nonprofit. I’ve been looking to make-” Maya gasped as Dan turned it all the way up. “Oh my god, I think I’m gonna cum.” She whispered.

“No you’re not.” He turned it back off again. Maya huffed, stirring her drink. “Finish your drink and follow me.” Dan squeezed her thigh again.

Maya did as she was told and stood up. “Where are we going?” Dan led her by the small of her back toward the bathroom. He pushed her in and locked the door, roughly grabbing her ass through her skirt. She yiped, her body reacting to the pain and the pleasure. She was sure to have marks tomorrow.

“Turn around and lean forward against the sink.” Again, Maya did as she was told. He came up behind sex izle her and pulled down her panties. “You’re so fucking wet. I knew you’d be my hot little slut, getting off in public.”

Maya blushed and shivered as she felt his breath on her pussy. She sighed and closed her eyes when she felt him push into her. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. “Do you like that?”

“Fuck. You feel so fucking good.” She gasped as he started moving slowly. “Faster. Please, faster.” She begged.

Dan let go of her hair and grabbed her hips, pounding her pussy. “How’s that feel, my little whore?” He whispered gruffly. Maya looked at him in the mirror. The sounds of his balls slapping against her pussy and their moans filled the room.

“I’m gonna cum soon…” she moaned. He pulled out. Upset again, Maya asked, “why do you keep doing that?”

“I told you, you were late. You don’t cum until I say you do.” He strokes his big cock, moaning. Once Maya calmed down he resumed pounding her tight pussy, covering her mouth to keep her quiet. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum. You feel so fucking good.” He grabbed her tits and pulled her back into him, cumming hard in her pussy. “Oh fuck you’re such a little slut.” He threw his head back, sighing. Maya giggled. “Put your panties back on, we’re going to my place.”

Pulling them up, she asked if she could clean herself. “No, I want you walking around with my cum dripping out of you.” He checked if the coast was clear and then they slipped out of the bathroom.

As they walked toward his apartment, she felt him turn the bullet on. “Jesus, I can’t take the teasing anymore. I need to cum.” She struggled to walk, holding onto the wall of a building for stability.

“Babe, don’t worry. You’re going to cum, and you’re gonna cum a lot.” He slapped her ass.


He walked up and unlocked the door to his apartment, and she followed him up the stairs. As soon as they were inside, he pushed her up against the wall, kissing her hard. She moaned into his mouth, her arms pinned to the wall. “I need you to fuck me. Please. I need your cock again.” Without answering, he pulled her by the arm to the sofa.

“Get on my lap.” She giggled nervously and started to sit on him. “No, not like that. Lay down.”

he pulled her panties down and her skirt up, rubbing her ass. He smacked it hard. “Ow! What the fuck?” She exclaimed. He hit her again.

“Shut up.” After a few more slaps, he rubbed her ass gently. As soon as she got used to the massage, he hit her again, harder than before. Except this time, she moaned. He chuckled, spanking her again. “Your hot little ass sexmex porno has my hand print all over it.”

She was so turned on by the pain and the almost-humiliation that she couldn’t speak. She could feel a mixture of his cum and her wetness dripping down her leg. “Mmmm…”

“Sit up, and get on my lap the proper way.” As she stood up, she took off her clothes. He pulled his cock out and gestured to it. Instead, she got on her knees, and slowly licked it from the base to the tip. “Oh fuck, Maya.” He pushed her head down slightly.

Maya took this as her cue to deep throat him as best she could. With about an inch left outside of her mouth, Dan pushed her head down and forced it all the way in. Though she was gagging, Maya was thoroughly enjoying having her face fucked.

“Fuck, Maya, you are so fucking good at this.” He reluctantly pulled her up, not wanting to cum yet. He pulled her onto his lap and she slowly pushed down on his cock.

She moaned. “Dan, your cock is more perfect than I imagined it.” She slowly started bouncing up and down. “You feel so good.”

He grabbed her ass with both of his hands and started to fuck her from below her. She leaned forward and he took a nipple in his mouth, biting and sucking on her big tits. Maya begged to be allowed to cum. “Please Dan. I really need to cum.”

He gave a few quick slaps across the face, making her moan even more. “Oh you like that, you little bitch? My little slut likes to be slapped?” She nodded, unable to speak. He slapped her again as she rode his cock. “Okay, I think you’ve been punished enough. You can cum now.”

Maya let out a moan and a sigh of relief. Moments later, her moaning got loud and she couldn’t control herself. She collapsed onto Dan, screaming his name as he fucked her with his hands on her ass. “Fuck, I’m cumming! Fuck me, Dan!” She came hard, nearly squeezing his cock to death. She didn’t know she could have an orgasm that good.

“Oh fuck, Maya. Fuck.” Dan came with her, filling her up with his second load of the night. they sat there for a few minutes, unable to move.


They fell asleep in his bed watching a movie. At about 3 in the morning Maya woke up feeling slightly confused until she realized Dan was under the covers, eating her pussy.

“Mmm baby that feels amazing.” She ran her fingers through his hair. Dan took this as an indication to ramp up his oral skills.

Dan spread her legs open as wide as they would go, sucking sharply on her clit. “Oh fuck..” she moaned, so turned on by him eating a mixture of both of their cum, and giving her the best oral of her life. sikiş izle

“Flip over.” Maya flipped over and felt him spread her ass, attacking her asshole with the same fervor from before. She groaned in pleasure.

He started fingering her as he ate her ass, feeling her second orgasm of the night approaching. “Oh fuck!!” She screamed as she came all over his hand. She rode out her orgasm with his fingers inside her.

Rock hard again, Dan leaned over and grabbed lube out of his nightstand. He spat on her and lubed asshole and rubbed lube on his cock. He gently fingered her with one, then two, and then three fingers until she was ready to take his big cock. Slowly pushing in, he groaned. “God you’re so tight.”

Maya took deep breaths and relaxed to let him all the way in. “Slow down.” She pleaded.

Dan pushed into her harder, forcing her face down into the mattress. “No, thank you. But give it a second.” He slammed into her a few times as she groaned in pain and what were the beginning sounds of pleasure.

Maya winced as Dan fucked her ass hard. She furiously rubbed at her clit trying to increase her pleasure. Suddenly, Dan wrapped around her and started playing with her tits as she rubbed herself. “Oh, baby…” she moaned, the pain all but gone.

“You like that, hm?” Dan asked as he gave her a hard slap on her luscious ass. “You like when I fuck your tight ass?”

Maya moaned under him, her tiny asshole stretching as she worked her clit. She was so deep in the throes of pleasure, she couldn’t speak.

“Tell me you like when I fuck your tight ass.” Dan demanded, slapping her again and again until she tried to get away from his grasp.

“Oh fuck, I like it. I love it!” Maya screamed into her pillow.

He slapped her. “That’s not what I asked.” He slapped her again, and started pounding her ass like he hated her. “Tell me you like when I fuck your tight ass.” He felt his balls begin to tighten as she screamed in pain and pleasure.

“I like it when you fuck my tight ass!” Maya breathily gasped as she came. Feeling her ass tighten around his cock, Dan pulled out of her and came all over her asshole and pussy.

“God, Maya. Your ass is perfect.” Dan moaned, his head back and his cock rubbing against her ass and pussy, pushing the cum back inside. “Mmmm…” his eyes closed as he pushed back inside of her.

After his cock had softened, Dan quickly rinsed off, and then laid beside her. “When do you go back?” He asked, lazily playing with her tits.

“Tuesday or Thursday, depending on how the interview goes.” Maya dipped a finger into her pussy, ready to be fucked again.

Dan chuckled and kissed her. “Easy there. We have all night, and you wore me out.” Maya smiled at him and rolled onto her knees, sitting in front of him. She slowly spread his legs, kissing his still sensitive coco head down to his asshole. “That May be so, but now it’s my turn to tease.”

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