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When Sara Cleugh awoke at six, she had a vague feeling that her world was not quite right. She didn’t sense impending doom. But she felt unsettled. She knew it would intrude on her usual upbeat mood. She stayed in bed for a few minutes hoping it would dissipate but instead the feeling grew. Eventually, she forced herself to get up. At forty-four, she had as much energy as at twenty-four. She was eager when she greeted the morning. Why was this morning different, she wondered?

She washed her hands and brushed her teeth after her morning pit stop. She went to the kitchen still wearing only the sports bra and panties she slept in. She drank a small glass of cranberry juice, fixed a bottle of ice water, and went to hit the stair-stepper for her morning workout. Unlike other mornings, enthusiasm was absent. She forced herself to slog through forty-five minutes, giving up before completing her usual hour. Normally, the stepper boosted her spirits. Today, it was a chore.

After showering, Sara stood before her mirror without dressing, trying to understand her mood. What she see saw reinforced her self-confidence, but didn’t improve her mood. She wasn’t vain about her appearance but liked what she saw. She wasn’t a cover girl beauty, but she was far from unattractive. Her nose was little long but meshed well with her high cheekbones. Her cheekbones tapered slightly toward a jaw that ended in a softly rounded curve. Strawberry blonde hair had darkened to a golden brown that glittered with natural red highlights in the sun. Her eyebrows were slightly darker than her hair. She considered her eyes to be her best facial feature. Her long, thick lashes never needed mascara. Her eyes were an emerald green with brown streaks radiating out from the pupils. She used them to advantage when it suited her. She could unsettle the most confident and arrogant of men with her eyes.

Her body still looked good, she noted. She weighed only six pounds more than when she married more than twenty years ago. It was six pounds that improved her figure. Her breasts had barely changed, still clinging proudly to the same location they had occupied since developing in her early teens. Her waist was trim. Her tummy flat and firm. Her legs were long, perfectly contoured, with firm, strong muscles. Great legs, really, that contributed much to the long, lithe figure that drew eyes her way whenever she walked into a party or crossed a restaurant wearing a cocktail dress. Her hips had spread slightly when the twins, now off to college, were born. Her hips needed accentuating back then, having been too narrow in her opinion. Her butt cheeks didn’t jiggle. Tight glutes moved sensually under slacks and dresses when she strode.

This personal assessment didn’t change her unease. She turned to her closet to dress. She selected a pale blue pleated skirt that was easy to move in and a dark blue pullover shirt, embroidered with an ornamental grass across the midriff and up one side. A cluster of miniature red flowers that looked almost real were located below the shallow V-neck, just above her breasts.

After a quick, light breakfast, she cleaned up, and started the dishwasher. She took a quick walk around the back yard and made plans to talk to the landscaper to discuss some improvements. He was due that afternoon to complete the weekly maintenance. He had initially wanted to do routine maintenance during the week but she had insisted on Saturday so she could be there occasionally. She wanted to keep a hand in the yard. Though he had initially resisted, he soon learned that being there Saturday was beneficial. He frequently got more work those Saturdays she was home. Over time, she allowed improvements to be done during the week, when he had a full crew, but her routine maintenance remained on his Saturday schedule.

It was the second Saturday of the month, the day she paid household bills. She parked herself at her desk and got to work. She was always relieved that money was something she no longer worried about. Growing up in West Virginia, her family had been poor, not quite destitute, though they sometimes looked destitute. Money was always an issue. When she got a college scholarship, everything changed for her, and eventually her younger siblings and parents. Her two brothers avoided the coal mines by going to college. Her three sisters didn’t marry miners because they went to college, too. She admired the tough people where she grew up. But the life was hard. Few escaped poverty. And things had only got worse with the collapse of the coal industry in recent years.

Sara’s husband’s company had struggled before she took over managing the day-to-day operations. She was proud of her accomplishments and employees knew she was the real reason the company flourished. The company bore her husband’s name. But he didn’t run things any more. Sara was loved at work for the way she guided and coached, rarely taking the lead or credit, allowing others to solve problems and develop their skills. She and her husband now earned more each year from the personal investments casino siteleri she managed than they earned in salary and bonuses from the company.

When she finished her bills, she shut down her computer and got up to make lunch. Before she sat down to eat, her cell rang. It was her husband’s ring.

‘Hello, Jerry.’ His call was not a good thing. He was due home midafternoon.

He got right to the point as always. No ‘How are you?’ No ‘What are you doing, today?’ No ‘I miss you.’ And heaven forbid, no ‘I love you.’ It irritated her, the source of her unease now obvious.

‘I won’t be home today. My flight was canceled. There is no way to get home before tomorrow,’ he said.

‘I love you, too.’ she responded with a dig. ‘What time tomorrow?’ When Jerry didn’t answer immediately. She knew more was coming.

‘Not tomorrow, either. I’m going to LA tomorrow and Indonesia on Monday. Have Gary meet me at the Grasztan Hill mine. A high wall collapsed. They need help to assess conditions and develop a plan before they can dig out. No one was hurt, but they had to evacuate fast and much of their equipment was buried. It looks like at least three weeks, maybe longer before I get home again.’

She hadn’t heard about this problem. And she would have if things had been done the way they were supposed to be. The company phone was answered by a human, all hours of the day and night. For something this big, she should have been notified. The client had called Jerry directly, bypassing established protocols. Again.

He’d already been gone nearly three weeks. Jerry didn’t need to travel like this. Other people were more than capable. There were junior employees that needed experience. But he stubbornly refused to give up travel, despite repeated attempts to get him to cut back. When home, he was always itching to be in the field again.

‘Gary takes time off. He’s on vacation. He’s not due back in the office until Thursday. There’s a couple things he needs to do here before he goes anywhere. It will be at least Monday next week before he can leave.’ Sara told him. ‘How about I send Jeff out on Monday morning? He’s ready for something like this. He just needs to be given an opportunity.’

‘Send Jeff. But send Gary, too as soon as he’s available.’

‘Are you coming home once Gary and Jeff are in place?’ She wasn’t sure why she asked. She already knew the answer.

Jerry hesitated before answering, confirming her expectations. ‘No. I need to oversee this, for technical reasons and because it’s good client relations,’ he replied.

‘So, this time you’re gone six weeks or more? Why don’t you want to come home? You need to step back. You’ve earned the right to have a life. We haven’t taken a vacation together in six years. Now you’re going to celebrate your fifty-third birthday at some fucking mine in Indonesia instead of with family and friends?’ Sara didn’t try to rein in her anger but felt better for it. Her unease evaporated as she blistered his ear.

‘Look, this client is important to us. They need me. I intend to be there. You may not like it but you know it’s necessary,’ he answered angrily.

‘They’re all important. What’s not important, or necessary, is you doing it all the time. Other people can handle it, and the client would be just as happy. Come home for a change and let someone else go.’ Sara was livid and didn’t hold back.

‘I’ll see you when I get back.’ He was gone.

Sara’s entire being burned in anger. Something had to change. But what? She got a glass of water and drank it down, then remembered her lunch. She poured a rare lunchtime glass of wine and went out to the patio to eat. At least she could enjoy the beautiful mid-September day and the view of the yard while she ate.

After eating, drinking only half the wine, the warm sun made Sara drowsy. She had drifted off for only few minutes before she felt a light tap on her chest. The first didn’t get her attention. But when she felt a second and third follow quickly, along with hearing a loud hum, she opened her eyes. A male ruby throat hovered about a foot away. It plunged forward and its beak bounced off the cluster of roses between her breasts. She coughed reflexively. The tiny bird flew off immediately, only going as far as the Pleniflorum growing along a nearby stone wall.

Brandon, the landscaper, and crew chose that moment to arrive. She heard the mower start in front and caught two of his crew come around the corner into the backyard, followed shortly by a limping Brandon. His Saturday crew was normally himself and two helpers. He hired students from the local community college, most were male but some had been young women. All were local kids. They worked part time during spring and fall, full time during the summer. The college kids mostly operated the mechanical equipment but sometimes helped Brandon with planting and landscaping tasks.

When Brandon saw her on the lounge, he nodded but followed his crew to give instructions, then stood with a new kid and watched, occasionally speaking canlı casino and gesturing to give additional direction. When he hadn’t coached the new kid for a few minutes, she got up and walked toward him. Brandon met her part way. The new kid glanced in their direction briefly then returned to what he was doing.

‘Good afternoon, Ms. Cleugh,’ he greeted her. He used Ms. because she had kept her maiden name, not wanting to become Sara Tatters when she married Jerry. Tatters reminded her of the clothes she and her siblings sometimes wore growing up. ‘I’m training a new kid. He’s still a little green but he learns fast and works hard,’ explaining the extra crew.

‘You’re limping. What happened?’ she asked.

‘I broke two toes on a concrete bird bath Sally bought.’ Sally was his wife of thirteen years. A pretty, friendly little pixie of a woman. Sara had met her but didn’t know her other than to say hello and exchange polite pleasantries. ‘When I took the bath out of her SUV, the post rolled out and landed on my foot. I was wearing my running shoes.’

For some reason, Sara found herself attracted to Brandon, today. He was a little younger than her, late thirties. Outdoorsy good-looking. Lean and muscular but not massive. He always wore a beat-up wide-brimmed Panama to shade his face. She could smell sunblock today. He normally had a fragrant, earthy smell she found appealing. Cut grass, tree leaves, sometimes the flowers he frequently handled were what she usually smelled on him.

Sara found herself getting oddly aroused. Not that she would act on it. He was friendly but always professional when they spoke. His wife was nice. He was devoted to her and their three children. But, she still found talking to him unsettlingly arousing.

‘I’ve decided I want some additional work at the far end of the lot, just north of the grove, she said. ‘There used to be a small pond and a bog, between the grove and the pond. I want to restore them.’

‘I know the spot you’re talking about. It’s wet back there all the time. The wetlands commission stopped the developer from completing the fill, but not before he had already filled the pond and destroyed the bog. I remember hearing about it in class when I was in college,’ he said. ‘I can’t do that work, though. It’s beyond my expertise.’

‘Should I forget about it? Is it too late to fix it?’ Sara asked. She liked his honesty. Despite herself, she felt her arousal growing.

‘I won’t tell you to forget about it. Restoring it would be a good thing,’ he answered. ‘I know someone that can do it. But it will be inexpensive. Restoring a natural environment, even a small one, can be an expensive proposition. I think you’re going to hesitate to spend that kind of money. I’ll bring one of their cards when I come next week.’

Sara was getting uncomfortable. She kept shifting her weight between her feet, rocking a bit while she stood. Her groin was warm and tingly. She could feel herself getting moist. She tried to ignore it but couldn’t. She began to think maybe she should make an escape before she lost her focus.

Brandon noticed her constantly shifting weight. ‘You, OK? You keep rocking back and forth like you’re uncomfortable.’ Brandon noted. ‘Did you hurt your back?’

‘I’m fine, I’ve been fighting the urge to go to the bathroom while we talked,’ she replied. She tapped the back of his arm in a parting gesture. It had an unintended effect. A sudden and nearly overpowering jolt set her skin afire. There was just a little catch in her voice when she spoke. ‘I guess I better. Thanks for the info, Brandon. I’ll talk to you again soon.’

‘Have a good weekend, Ms. Cleugh,’ he said with a friendly smile. There was no suggestion in his tone that he suspected what her problem really was.

Sara hurried inside and locked the door behind her. She quickly looked out at the landscaping crew and saw Brandon had already gone back to instructing the new kid. She went to the bathroom and lifted her skirt. The crotch of her panties had a noticeable dark spot. She pulled them off and tossed them in the hamper.

As she climbed the stairs to the second floor, the mower changed pitch as the deck was shut down, signaling mowing was complete. When she was at the top of the stairs, she saw Brandon had already left the back yard. His crew was finished, headed toward the street.

Something about her heightened state of arousal bothered her. It wasn’t going away without some sort of relief. Once upstairs, she turned into the bedroom and made directly for the bed. She opened the middle drawer on her night stand and pulled out her toy box and tossed it on the bed. She kicked off her flats and dropped her skirt. She had a brief second thought and hurried to the linen closet to retrieve a soft, fluffy bath towel and spread it out on the bed.

She got on the bed, propped herself against the headboard and dumped out the contents of the toy box. She selected one of her favorite toys, a slightly flexible, small diameter vibrator that had a bulbous head at the end of a kaçak casino curved shaft. She turned it on and ran it slowly up her slit until it contacted her clit. The vibrations on her clit triggered a release of tension from her shoulders, immediately accompanied by small spasms inside her. She reflexively raised her ass off the bed, slid down, and spread her knees, exposing her clit to the vibrating head. She pressed the vibrator head harder against her clit and shuddered in pleasure.

She felt an irresistible desire to be penetrated and slid the vibrator off her clit, through her lips and into herself. Two fingers from her other hand took the place of the vibrator. She exhaled in relief as the vibrator slid effortlessly into her. Good as it felt, it was inadequate to satisfy her need to be filled. She stroked herself a couple of times but it only confirmed what she already knew. She needed something a bit larger. When she removed the toy from her, it was literally dripping. She dropped it on the towel and groped around looking for another toy.

She glanced at what she picked up but discarded it and lifted her head to find the one she wanted. When she saw it, she twisted sideways to reach it. She fumbled for the switch inside a thumb hold and gave it a several clicks until it produced a series of random pulsations, varying in frequency and duration. When she placed it against her clit, she spread her legs widely to expose her herself completely to the toy. It’s contact sent a jolt of pleasure through her groin and raised goosebumps on her skin.

She pressed the tip to her opening and pushed gently. A sense of relief overwhelmed her as the tip stretched her entrance and glided in effortlessly. The toy continued to spread her opening until the larger diameter had entered her and then began to taper down in diameter. As the toy tapered in, the muscle at her opening closed around the toy and pulled it into her. A cry of relief escaped with a sharp exhale of breath.

Sara pulled the toy out slowly, feeling its growing girth stretch her until the toy began to taper in toward the tip. This time the muscle pushed the toy out, providing both disappointment and a sensation of pleasure. When she pushed it in once more, the disappointment disappeared and the pleasurable sensation spread through her body as she stretched and then closed around the toy as it was pulled in.

Sara clicked the button in the thumb hole until the toy emanated a series of short high frequency bursts in rapid succession. She imagined Brandon above her, battering her with his hard cock as she increased the rate at which the toy moved in and out. Each pass through the opening increased her arousal, spreading it further and further afield, lighting up nerves that she’d forgotten could experience such pleasure. Two fingers moved up and down along either side of her clit, further stimulating her, spreading her wetness, increasing the heat inside her.

When she felt her climax approach, the fingers moving along her clit became a blur. The vibrator moved in and out at steady, forceful pace, no longer hesitating as it entered and exited, but pushing and pulling through the resistance at her opening.

Her orgasm began as a small flutter inside her and spread slowly. When it reached her pubis, it began to grow into a cauldron of heat, light, and sound. Distant moans and groans intruded only vaguely into her consciousness. A series of jolts shot up her spinal column causing her to writhe, shiver, and shake. Spasm after spasm gripped the toy. Her heart raced. When her orgasm hit its peak, her hips lifted off the bed, knees spread impossibly wide. This time the sound she heard was a disembodied shriek, loud, unbridled, barely registering as her own.

Sara rolled onto her side and curled up. She pulled the vibrator out and dropped it, wet and slippery, still buzzing. She shook and twitched as a last series of jolts fired through her nervous system. She cupped her pubis with a hand and pressed against it, trying to suppress the sensations still firing up her nervous system.

When Sara recovered, she got out of bed and stripped off the rest of her clothes to take another shower. She was still sensitive and shuddered when she directed the hand-held sprayer between her legs. She couldn’t resist the pleasurable sensation of the warm water on her clit. Sara drove her fingers inside herself and directed the water stream at her clit until she had yet another overpowering orgasm, forcing her to lean against the tile to remain standing.

Sara finished her shower, shuddering involuntarily every time water flowed over her clitoris. After toweling off, she dressed. She couldn’t bring herself stay in her empty home so she called her friend, Athena. They made plans to meet for an early dinner. Sara grabbed a jacket and left the house.

With no definite plans before dinner with Athena, she drove aimlessly until finally deciding to buy herself something. She stopped at the garden shop she frequented and wandered aimlessly. She found a couple of plants she wanted to add to the arboretum. They were heavy and she struggled to put them on the cart she was pushing. When she turned the corner to go check out, she had to stop short to avoid crashing into Sally, the landscaper’s wife.

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