Housewife Liberated Ch. 2


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The next morning she was sitting in a warm bubble bath anticipating her husband’s return, and knew he would want her immediately with little to no resistance. She stepped out of water, dried herself off, and took the time to prepare her body for him. She sat down on sink watching her body in the mirror as her fingers delved into her wet pussy.

After two lingering orgasms, she put the black robe back on and looked out window hoping to see his car pulling into the driveway. A storm was brewing outside and the clouds made everything dark. She skipped down the stairs eagerly, as he entered the door. His coat was blown up over his face hiding him from her. He pulled her to him in the dark taking her mouth before she can say a word. Her eyes closing somewhat surprised by his harsh lips, as the kiss is even more hungry than usual. The electricity goes off suddenly and the room is plunged into sheer darkness. She could no longer see him and found herself imagining it was a stranger as his smooth fingers wandered under her robe. This man who conquered her lips with harshness, yet plundered her body with his soft fumbling fingers. The contrast ankara escort was driving her mentally and physically nuts as she managed to undo his pants.

She pulled his cock out and even in darkness it felt different. She thought she was only imagining a difference as her fingers played along the skin. She was surprised, he was smooth shaven. It was something she had suggested he do if he expected her to shave. She craved a closer look and knelt down, her lips seeking him out in the dark, her tongue lingering along a suddenly unfamiliar shaft. The darkness was getting to her as she leisurely licked, sucked and teased his cock. It felt so different, perhaps because it had been so long, he even tasted different. She slowly released his cock lapping the tip enjoying the taste of his arousal as he roughly turned her towards the wall.

Her eyes had just about adjusted to the darkness when his hands slipped her robe off. She felt him slide inside of her, the position making it easier to imagine some stranger fucking her. Her breasts pressed against the rough wallpaper as he pounded away in a desperate hungry need, for what escort ankara seemed like forever. She moaned loudly and came just before feeling him explode inside her. Just then the lights flickered on and she looked back and exploded again as she was looking into her brother-in-laws flushed face. His cock was still moving inside her, a reminder of what had just occurred.

“Oh my,” she whispered wondering what to do.

“My brother is running late, he said I should fill in for him,” the voice was low and husky as his lips tasted her neck. He slowly pulled back and turned her around and lifted her back upon him. She was stunned passive as her legs slide around his waist and he pressed her back up to the wall, while his cock still filling her hot cum filled cunt.

She watched as his head moved down to suck one of her achingly hard tits. “You fit in nicely,” she whispered, feeling incredible rush from fucking her husband’s brother. She gradually managed to shift her legs down and pulled off of his pink cock. She was determined to gain some measure of power. “You’ll have to clean up after yourself,” she managed to whimper ankara escort bayan as he sucked the tit hard and savage, tugging the tender bud. Her husband was gently between sheets; he wasn’t type to ravage her unless it had been a long time. Even then he usually carried her to the bedroom before seducing her.

“I always knew you were tasty,” he knelt and began licking. She moved one leg over his shoulder, giving him full access. She watched his dark head nestled between her thighs and still could barely believe she’d fucked him. It was a rush, to have him between her legs. She imagined family dinners in an entirely new light as he sucked her clean and then some.

She had just cum when her husband had finally called and said he wanted them all to go out to dinner together. Her brother-in-law offered to give her a ride and she agreed. She dressed sultry. He kept one hand between her legs during the entire drive into town. She didn’t know what compelled her to allow him such intimacy. After he parked car he sucked his fingers clean and she steadied herself. She swore her husband would know from her scent or her expression that she’d been finger fucked to bliss for the past twenty minutes.

He seemed distracted at restaurant and when they danced he told her he wasn’t feeling well. The entire trip home was quiet, once inside the house he finally broke down.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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