Her First Valentine’s


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For the first time since College I found myself in a serious relationship on Valentine’s Day. Ironically I would be spending it alone since I would be out of town on business. Fortunately, the love of my life Kelly is accepting of my career driven nature since she lives a similar lifestyle of putting work first. She is also spending the day on a business trip so we agreed to treat Valentine’s Day as just another day of the week.

February 14th,7A.M. I groggily crawl out of my hotel bed and into the shower. I let the warm water caress my smooth face and shortly shaved black hair. The thought of Kelly’s fingers caressing my fairly athletic 170lb body creeps into my mind as the water washes over my tight chest and arms. I lather myself sleepily, wanting Kelly’s delicate hands on my 6pack instead of my own. My seven inch morning wood is still erect as thoughts of my lover engorge my mind. I fight back the urge to play with my clean shaven toy deciding that I rather wait for a passionate moment with my woman.

I hop out of the shower my erection bobbing and I towel off before putting on the hotels towel robe. I walk over to the bed and see my phone lit up with a message from Kelly.

It simply reads, “Happy Valentine’s day Chris. I love you!”

“I love you too baby. Really wish I could see you right now,” I respond immediately.

The message puts a smile on my face as I start to get ready for my meeting. I pull on a pair of boxers and my suite pants. However, the message soon starts to depress me because a few weeks ago she mentioned that she has never had the opportunity to really celebrate Valentine’s Day. With that thought my phone receives another message.

“Thought you might enjoy this before your meeting,” she writes underneath a picture message of herself. I smile starring at the picture of my gorgeous girlfriend with shoulder length wavy brown hair. Her deep green eyes are piercing even through a picture. I can see the top of a white dress shirt and suite coat and I know she has just taken this picture now before her own meeting.

The picture decides it for me. I pick up my phone and make a call.

“Hi, I would like to book a flight immediately back to Toronto,” I confidently declare.

My mind races as I book my flight trying to figure out my plan to give Kelly her first special Valentine’s Day. My heart rate increases with excitement and stress since I only have a few hours to create the perfect evening.

I make it back to our house at 5 P.M which gives me a good 4 hours to prepare a romantic evening before she arrives. I send her a text message suggesting that I am thinking about her in my meeting, choosing to keep my surprise secretive.

It is almost 9P.M and the preparations are set. I run upstairs and put on a pair of silly red silk boxers she bought for me. I put on a pair of black dress pants, with black socks and a belt and a shiny red shirt with a plain white tie to get into the festive spirit.

Just as I finish getting ready I hear her car pull into the drive way and I quickly make my way to the front door unable to contain my excitement. Her key touches the lock as I slowly open the door smiling and gazing at her beauty even after a long day of work.

“What the hell are you doing here?” she shouts pendik escort excitedly.

She hurries in wearing black heels and stockings with a tight black skirt that goes down to her knees, a white blouse and black suit coat.

“I wanted to give you your first Valentine’s Day so I skipped out on my meeting,” I proclaim as I hand her a bouquet of long stem red roses.

“Aren’t you going to get in trouble?” she ask blushing and unable to contain her smile.

“You are more than worth it Kelly,” I say.

With those words she falls into my arms and I kiss her hard on the lips. The roses get ruffled between us as we kiss, my lips opening slightly to find her tongue immediately dart into my mouth. My arms wrap around her waist holding her tightly, our tongues massaging passionately.

I momentarily part our lips to say, “There is a lot more I have in store for you tonight.”

“Okay baby,” she says before her lips press back against mine wetly. “As long as you’re going to keep kissing me.”

Our lips and tongues play as we fumble our way into the dark living room.

“Sit down babe, get comfortable,” I say as I light the candles in the middle of the coffee table creating a romantic ambiance. The table becomes visible and her face lights up when she sees the assortment of fruits, chocolates and candies I set on the table. She places the roses into a vase which I prepared.

“You thought of everything hun,” she says.

I pop a bottle of champagne and fill our two glasses before snuggling in on the couch with her. After we each take a long sip I pick up a small piece of dark chocolate and slip it past her soft lips. She eats the chocolate silently giving my finger a playful nibble. I grab a strawberry next giving the tip a little squirt of whip cream before raising it to her mouth. She bites down gently taking half the strawberry and leaving the other half between my fingers which I take into my own mouth. She decides to get in on the feeding and covers a strawberry with cream. As she raises it to my lips she smears the cream over my lips and cheeks playfully. I grab her arm fighting her off.

“Way to ruin a romantic moment,” I laugh before taking the whole strawberry into my mouth.

Kelly kicks off her heels and crawls over to me on the couch straddling my hips and kissing me hard. She kisses and licks the cream from my lips and face. I return her anxious kisses as I remove her coat tossing it on the floor. She forces my tie down and unbuttons my shirt as we make out hungry for each other. She expertly unbuttons my shirt with her soft pink finger nails as my fingers go to work on her blouse revealing a lacy red bra.

“You like?” she asks seductively. “When you left for you business trip I gave myself a mani and pedi and put on the red lingerie to cheer myself up.”

I smile and say, “You’re so cute! I kind of did the same thing with red boxers you bought me a while ago.”

I throw her blouse aside and my shirt and tie immediately follow. Kelly stands up in front of me and turns around unzipping her skirt, giving me a seductive shimmy as she lets it fall to her feet. My hands go to her firm ass cheeks and she slaps them away turning around giving me the full view of her body in her red lace bra, thong, maltepe escort and thigh high black stockings. She rips off my belt and yanks down my pants and socks. I lie flat on my back pulling my lover on top of me finding her lips again. My hands run firmly down her shoulders and back as we make out passionately. Her hands run through my shaved hair and my erection tents in my silk boxers pressing against the crotch of her thong. My hands run down to her firm ass cheeks gripping them as we grind each other.

“I want you soo bad Chris,” she gasps through our kisses.”

“Want to take this upstairs?” I ask.

“mmhmm baby,” she moans while gyrating her hips.

I manoeuvre my way to a seated position our lips staying sealed together. I feel myself throb hard against her crotch as I stand up holding her against me. Her stocking legs wrap tightly around me and she moans deep into my mouth. I carry her up the stairs in this embrace our tongues moving wildly in each other’s mouths. Her heels dig into my ass and I can feel her dampness through her lace against my silk. I push our room door open and carry her over to the foot of the bed lowering her to her feet. As we hold each other she inspects the room which is surrounded by candles. The bed is wrapped in silk sheets and covered with rose petals.

“Chris you’re spoiling me,” she says with a wide smile.

My hands slide up her back to her bra, unhooking it and letting it fall to the ground. She arches her back and her perfect C cup breasts press against my chest. Her hands go to my boxers as my hands slide back down her body my thumbs hooking her thong. We pull each other’s underwear down simultaneously and they crumple at our feet. A look of lust fills her eyes and she pushes me down on the bed. She finds her way between my legs and lower her head to my bobbing penis. She flicks my head with the tip of her tongue teasingly and I dig my fingers into the sheets in anticipation. She swallows the head of my cock into her warm mouth her tongue slowly circling. Her finger nails scrape up my thighs and to my groin as she sucks my head warmly. My cock disappears in her mouth as she lowers herself taking my full 7 inches in. She lifts her mouth all the way off before spinning around into a 69er one of our favourite positions.

I feel her lips wrap around my head again as my own mouth presses against her wet pussy lips. The scent of her arousal excites me and I stick out my tongue to taste her sweetness. My tongue slides up and down her slick slit as my hands cup her ass cheeks pulling her closer to my mouth. I stiffen my tongue and work it inside her. I begin to bob my head back and forth slowly fucking her with my tongue. Kelly’s mouth is expertly working my shaft as she bounces her head rapidly taking me deep inside. My cock glistens with saliva which runs down my shaft to my balls. I squeeze her ass cheeks and spread them as I savagely eat out her pussy. I flick her clit back and forth with the tip of my tongue and I feel her hips move on my face pushing herself harder against me. She moans with my dick in her mouth which sends tremors through my body. Her mouth slowly lifts off and she squeezes my balls with one hand giving me a couple firm strokes with the other.

“I need you inside me,” kartal escort she says eyeing my slippery cock.

I give her dripping pussy a last kiss before saying, “then come and get me.”

She spins around and kisses me hard on the lips as she reaches beneath her gripping my cock tightly. She places my head at her opening and sidles back on me my entire cock entering her warmth. We kiss sloppily as she sits completely still on my 7 inches which throbs powerfully inside her. As our kiss breaks she sits up and begins to bounce on me. I gaze at the perfect body of my Goddess glistening in the candlelight as she rides me. Our eyes meet and my hands go to her waist helping her lift up and down on me quickly.

She runs her hands through her messy hair and says, “I love riding your hard cock baby.”

“Fuck I love it too,” I say. “Ride the hell out of me Kelly.”

Her hands reach for mine and our fingers lock as she uses the extra support to ride me harder. We grip each other firmly and she begins to ride faster, her perfect tits bouncing up and down for my viewing pleasure. She lets go of my hands and puts them on the bed behind her as she moves from her knees to her feet. Her legs are spread wide as she works her thighs powerfully and I have a perfect view of my pulsing cock penetrating her soaking pussy. My hands go to the top of her stockings holding her legs as she humps me furiously. He pace begins to slow and she falls back to her knees her legs exhausted. I pull her forward her chest against mine for a passionate kiss. She lifts off of me and lies on her back as kneel between her legs. He stocking feet lift and press agasint my chest. I slowly remove one stocking and then the other putting her tiny toes of her right foot in my mouth nibbling and licking playfully.

“mmmm Chris,” she gasps, “I want you to give it to me hard.”

Her feet go up to my shoulders and I hold her thighs as I slowly press my cock back into her waiting pussy. I begin to rock my hips quickly both of our bodies are covered in sweat and rose petals stick to our skin. Her fingers dig into the sheets as I thrust harder and faster. Her legs drop from my shoulders falling to the bed fully spread. I move from my knees to lying on her with my full weight as I pump my cock rapidly into her my balls slapping against her with each thrust.

“FUCK CHRIS I’M GOING TO CUM,” she screams.

Her arms wrap around my neck, her thighs squeeze against my waist and her heels dig into my upper thighs. I feel every muscle in my body tighten as my own orgasm builds. My hands reach down to her ass cheeks my fingers digging in as I bite into her neck. She squeezes me tightly as I hump her pussy rapidly my balls tightening up.

I feel her body start to shake and her pussy lips tighten squeezing my shaft as she starts cuming.

“AHH FUCK YESSS CHRIS,” she screams by my ear which sends me over the edge.

I start to squirt uncontrollably as my hips still rocket into her quickly. I bite into her neck hard as I grunt my cock shooting warm streams of cum into her soaking pussy. My pace lets up and I begin to rock back and forth slowly cum still oozing out of me. Her grip around me loosens and her arms and legs fall to the bed. I stop my movement my semi erect penis still inside her and I move my lips to hers for a long kiss.

As the kiss ends I simply look into her eyes and say, “Happy Valentine’s Day Kelly!”

She runs her hand through my hair, her eyes focused back on mine and says, “Happy Valentine’s Day Chris!”

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