Halloween Pool Party Pt. 04


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Monday morning I was awakened early by Miss Annie releasing the air from my plug and swiftly pulling it from my bottom. I cried out from being so crudely awakened from my slumber and that got me a quick but hard smack on my already bruised bottom. “Good morning Brenda, time to shower and get ready for a big day”, she informed me.

“Thank you Mistress” I answered reaching down to try to alleviate the pain from by morning wood being punished by the spiked chastity”. Then realizing I couldn’t stop the pain there I rubbed my sore bottom as Mistress directed me to the shower.

A nice warm shower would have me fresh for the days shopping. I found new shampoo, cleaner and body soap all with a lovely lilac scent. After lathering myself all over, I enjoyed the warm water soothing my soreness and too soon I was drying myself with a nice fluffy towel. Miss Annie handed me my satiny sheer pink panties and smiled as she saw how my bruised bottom showed through the sheer material. And pulled me into the main house kitchen handed me some coffee and told me to make breakfast, giving me a handwritten note on what to prepare and how to cook it while she went to help Miss Maddy get dressed.

When Maddy entered she was dressed in what would be described as standard business attire. A white tailored shirt, dark blue slacks, low matching pumps, her hair in a tight bun and perfectly applied makeup. My heart fluttered at her beauty, and I curtseyed before handing her a cup of tea and placing her breakfast on the table. She told me to place Annie’s plate at the table as she would be in shortly. I was told that today I could join them at the table, and as I turned to get my plate she noticed my bruised bottom through my panties. Before I sat next to her she caressed my still sore bottom. “Did you enjoy having your sissy pussy stuffed and stretched all night Brenda dear?”

“It did make it hard to fall asleep at first Mistress”, I responded, wincing from her touch.

“I bet it did baby girl, but we need to start getting you stretched and loose down there so you can be a perfect bimbo you know. It will make things easier for you to fill your role as a bimbo. I know you will get used to it soon”.

“I realize you have no clothes so after breakfast I will lend you something to wear so we can go shopping today. We will get you some nice lingerie, and dresses and skirts and blouses for day wear and some pretty things that only a ditzy bimbo would wear. Won’t that be fun Brenda?”

“Yes miss Maddy but I am a bit nervous about it cause I still look so much like a man and have this ugly bulge in my panty” I blushed.

Yes sissy, I understand and you will feel very humiliated before the day is over I promise!” she chuckled. “I was going to but you back in a trance but I want you to learn how for yourself that you no longer have choices of your own. If you were in a trance you would just accept everything I do. And Annie and I really do enjoy when you make mistakes so we can punish you like last night. It really makes us so hot to do that, and its so much better when you bring the punishment on yourself I think.

But don’t worry, I will be putting you in a trance quite regularly over the next few days to make you a totally ditzy brainless bimbo who dreams of nothing but sex and pleasuring others in ways you could never imagine. Now eat up girl”.

Annie came in and joined us at breakfast wearing a tank top and yoga pants. Her breasts practically spilling out of her top. Before eating she handed me my girlie vitamins and watched as I submissively swallowed them. After eating, Mistress told me to meet her in my pink room after cleaning up the dishes. I found Mistress in my room and she had some clothing waiting for me. A cream colored blouse similar to hers and a pleated plaid skirt that looked like a schoolgirls skirt with suspenders that went over my shoulders. But at least my panty bulge didn’t show under it. A pair of black “Mary-Janes” with a 2″ heel that were about a size too small and a small purse for my Id and things. A touch of lipstick and she said we were ready to go.

In Mistresses’ new Lexus we headed out. We stopped first in a strip center with a high end lingerie shop, as Miss Maddy explained that I really needed a bra before I could shop for outerwear. There were a few customers in the shop as we entered and I gasped in awe at all the pretty and sexy clothing all around me. We went to the brassiere section and the older saleslady asked Mistress if she would like some assistance selecting something. Pointing at me Mistress simply stated, “my sissy needs a whole new wardrobe starting with new bra’s.”

The saleslady looked me over and let out a laugh, and said “well dear you brought her to the right place. I’m Sara and will be pleased to help you emasculate her”

“That sounds perfect Sara, thank you so much. Lets start with a some nice D-cup bras in a 38. 1 or 2 functional support styles and at least 6 or 7 very sexy and sultry that casino siteleri would suit a naughty bimbo.”

“Will she be needing breast too. We have some nice ones that will glue directly to her chest”.

“Yes, but really just some inexpensive ones. She will only need them for a few days. She will be given implants this Thursday so they are just temporary”, explained Mistress.

“Wow that’s going to be such a permanent improvement for her. I hope you will come and show me when she’s healed. In the mean time Missy go into that dressing area and take off your blouse and skirt” she commanded.

“Yes Miss Sara” I blushed and did as she said. The dressing area was in the center of the store and had a couch where Miss Maddy could sit and watch and a couple of large curtained areas for changing. Miss Sara returned with an armload of bras a few minutes later.

“Lets start with the support bras” she said fastening the first one around my chest before turning me around and putting the soft forms in them. She opened the curtain for Miss Maddy to see and a few other customers and staff saw me as well. As if my face wasn’t red enough she then said, “It’s too bad about that bulge in her panty, but the bra fits quite well in the 38d.”

Maddy explained that the bulge was just caused by my chastity cage, and Miss Sara asked with a smile, if that was going to be “fixed” when I got my implants. Miss Maddy told her that it would be fixed but not removed. “We want our sissy to always remember what she was”. Miss Sara then recommended a nice firm support girdle to help hide it in the mean time, and Miss Maddy said that we would get a couple after finding some panties.

Maddy had approved 8 of the nine bras that I tried on. 4 were shelf bras in red, pink, white and black lace that would show off my breasts. 2 had fuller cups but still covered with lace all over. They were all so pretty and made my chastity start to bite into me. The other 2 were plain support bras that Mistress said I would need to wear as my implants healed. Next Miss Maddy selected some panties that would match my bras including a couple of open crotch styles “for easy access” Maddy stated.

She told me to remove my panty and try on the crotchless pink pair. My chastity hung out for all to see and I cringed when I saw so many people in the store looking at me. I was totally red faced and when an unknown shopper said loudly, “What a pathetic sissy” a tear fell from my eye in total humiliation.

Mistress Maddy chose at least a dozen pairs of panties and Miss Sara returned with a couple of panty girdles. One long leg white Rago brand , with a high waist and the other a high waist panty style. She told be to take the pink panty off and try the long leg one first. I struggled to pull the tight garment up my legs and she stopped me before getting it all the way up. Miss Sara then grabbed my cage and pushed it back between my legs and then pulled the girdle tight over my hips and waist. It was so tight and my bulge was gone but it caused the spikes to dig cruelly into my clitty. I removed it and tried the black one and again Sara forced my cage back, knowing how it pained me in the other one, and proceeded to pull the girdle up snugly over my hips and waist.

“That does look lovely on her Sara. I think I will let her wear that out if its OK with you?” said Miss Maddy.

Does it feel as nice as it looks Brenda”?

Mistress, I do look pretty and smooth now, but it makes the spikes hurt my sissy cock more, can I please wear my panties?

“That’s just what I was hoping for sissy. You will wear it under your skirt while we shop today”. Mistress then explained to Sara about the tiny pin spikes inside my chastity. Sara said she wondered why I winced like I did. ” Would you like a nice corset for her Maddy? We just got some nice new back-lace styles in?” “I think we will wait until after her breasts are healed for them thanks Sara” Mistress responded.

“Sissy you have a seat on the couch now while I pick some sexy nighties for you. I want to find some naughty styles for you, and maybe I will get some new things for Annie and myself too.” I sat on the couch and realized just how much the cage could hurt as I sat with it trapped under my legs. At least I was dressed now and my blouse did look better with a bra on under it but I couldn’t believe how big the D-cup bra looked stretching the fabric out in front of me. “They are such big breasts. What is happening to me. How did this happen, I used to be a guy. Why did I ever pick up that dam bikini.”

Mistress had finished making her selections and called me up to the counter where after wiping the tears from under my eyes, she paid for everything. I couldn’t believe it when it totaled over 6 hundred dollars. Miss Sara thanked us and gave Mistress a hug, and handed me all the bags. “By sissy, come entertain us again soon”, she smiled.

I put the bags into the trunk of the Lexus and we headed to a nearby canlı casino shopping center going directly to Forever 21. Mistress walked me through the store picking lbd’s, mini skirts, stretch pants, and more.

All of it sexy as heel. She directed me into a dressing room and had me come out and model it all for her. We ended up with 3 mini skirts, stretch pants a couple lbd’s, and 3 lace covered blouses and a really hot and diaphanous flowing flowered dress.

After a light lunch in the food court we stopped at a Piercing Pagoda kiosk and she told the sales girl that her sissy needed her ears pierced. The girl showed her the choices for new piercings and I was surprised when Mistress chose 3 sets. Two small diamonds and a pink pearl. I was told to sit on the un-padded bench and cringed as my chastity was firmly crushed into my bottom as I sat. Seeing me squirm the sales girl ordered me to sit still and with a fierce glance form mistress I knew I had better comply.

She marked my ears with a pen to insure that the placement was correct. Taking her piercing gun, one by one she loaded the posts and shot them through my ears. She discussed the cleaning and care procedures with Miss Maddy and myself and we were on the way out. Me with six holes in my ears and another armful of clothing bags.

It was time to head further up the valley to Lady Olga’s Salon. I almost forgot, and after my last treatment there I kinda hoped that Mistress had as well. We arrived in time for my 3:30 apt. Upon entering Olga greeted Mistress Maddy warmly. After glancing over at me she looked a bit surprised. She immediately called Myra and Portia up the the front. They both saw me and started laughing. “Well what a coincidence”, exclaimed Myra. Portia just bet me that we would never see the young man that we waxed in here again and all of a sudden you appear.”

“Yeah, you haven’t won yet Myra. This isn’t a young man I say its a sissy so you don’t win.” The women all laughed as I stood there blushing. “I’m so glad you called Maddy. We cleared our schedule to take care of her for you. Are you really turning her, I mean this, or whatever into a Bimbo” asked Olga?

“Oh yes dear. I started a few weeks ago with some hypnotic tapes. That’s why she came in for her waxing. She really couldn’t avoid it. Oh, and I loved the way you did her brows.”

“We can tattoo the brows like that if you like” stated Olga.

“No that would be too easy for her. She needs suffer through what most women do and deal with waxing for a few years first. I think it will make her a better bimbo. Anyway I’m not thrilled with the tattooed brows I have seen” said Mistress. “Why don’t you take care of the items we discussed and I will come get her when you call.” I was so happy to here her say that but wondered what was in-store for me.

“Sure thing Maddy, probably about 7 or 7:30”. she told her.

Before leaving Miss Maddy turned and kissed me on the cheek and told be to be a good sissy girl, “or else!”

“Ok sissy, head to the pedicure station and lets get started.” Olga demanded. I did as told and popped off my heels and sat in the soft pedicure chair. Placing my feet in the sweet smelling basin. Again I felt my chastity crushed in my girdle as I sat back. At least there is some padding I thought. As my feet soaked Olga pressed some buttons and the chair seemed to come alive. It massaged up and down my back to the top of my neck. It felt so nice and comforting. But then the seat started to vibrate under me and soon caused a hardening in my chastity. Olga asked what was wrong and I told her about the chastity design and the girdle.

“Stand and show us sissy’ she demanded. “The shop is closed so don’t be shy.”

When I hesitated she yelled “Now Sissy”! Or your Maddy will hear about it”.

I stood immediately and lifted my skirt so the 3 of them could see my girdle, and was told to pull the girdle down. I struggled to pull it down and my locked cock swung out from between my legs. Portia grabbed it and pulled it a bit causing me to double over from the pain showing my red face with tears coming down.

“Very nice and fitting for a sissy that thought he was a man. Now tuck it back and pull that girdle back up and sit back down. You will have to deal with the pain because I can’t have you squirming while we do your nails. If you do I will have to secure you to the chair, and I know Maddy won’t be happy to hear that”

“There was that threat of reporting me to Miss Maddy again”, I thought. “I hope they don’t say anything my ass is so sore from last time still.”

Olga began to work on my nails while Portia and Myra each worked on one of my hands. They had finger bowls on the armrests for me to soak them in. As Olga did something I kind of moved a bit knocking a bowl over. I apologized profusely but Olga was annoyed and told Portia to secure me. After wiping what I spilled she pulled a strap across my chest above my false breasts and tugged it tight, kaçak casino as Myra did the same with one below them. “These straps are here to help some customers with medical issues to enjoy a pedicure with out issues. But for you, they will bind you securely.” Olga said.

One more strap across my upper thigh and I was going no where. It was pulled so tight they had to know it made the chastity punish me even more. I tried to stay still and enjoy my treatment. It was my first pedicure and Miss Olga was making my feet feel wonderful. Myra and Portia had trimmed my cuticles and shortened my nails to a uniform length. Then they started fitting some kind of plastic extensions to them and trimming them an odd cutter. They would match each finger to the others and then started putting some chemical stuff that really smelled on them. They told me that I was getting gel nail extensions, that they were really strong and last a long time. But I would need to get a “fill” every couple weeks. They were almost a half inch longer than my fingers when they were done. My fingers were then polished a deep pink, almost matching my bedroom, and had white tips at the end. They looked so girly and pretty I just loved them. Miss Olga was had finished painting my toes the same color without the white tip, and took a small black bottle and extracted a tiny brush. She told me to look away because she wanted to surprise me. When she said I could look I saw on my left big toe it said “Sissy” and on the left “Bimbo in small fancy letters. The black was highlighted with silver and a tiny crystal next to it. “Now every one can see what you are and every time you look down you will be reminded that you are not a woman or a man. Just a sissy Bimbo”‘ she said with a smile.

I was released from the chair and led to another. It was lowered so my hair fell in a sink and Myra gave it a thorough cleaning. Soon in a hairdressers chair with a pink plastic smock fastened around my neck, Olga stood looking at my face for a minute. She took some equipment from a drawer as one of the other ladies pulled a scarf around my head and secured me to the headrest. I was turned away from the mirrors and when Olga turned to me with a tattoo gun.

“I thought mistress Maddy said I wasn’t getting tattooed Miss Olga?”

“This isn’t a tattoo gun sissy, its the newest technology for adding collagen to your lips. Maddy did say they needed plumping. Especially the upper one. What was the term she used? Oh yes, “Cock Sucker Lips”, perfect for a sissy bimbo.”! They all laughed as I sat there red-faced. My lips stung as Olga reshaped them. I couldn’t see what it looked like, but it felt like they were 2 inches thick when she finished. “Don’t worry they will feel almost normal by the time you leave, But now its hair time”, Olga informed me.

My head was released and my shoulder length hair was sectioned off trimmed lightly. Some kind of chemical was added, and after about 10 minutes I was led back to the sink and my hair was rinsed. I could tell it was now blonde but hadn’t really been allowed to see it. Led back to the salon chair, Olga had wheeled over a cart full of rollers. She carefully placed what I understood were large rollers at the bottom and slightly smaller ones throughout the rest. I was brought over to a dryer, handed a copy of Allure and left. I couldn’t see any mirrors so I just read for a while as Olga, Portia and Myra relaxed, occasionally looking over and laughing at me.

The dryer turned off automatically and I was brought back to the chair, positioned of coursed not to see any mirrors. Olga removed the rollers and brushed out my hair. It tickled my neck and eliciting giggles from me.

A knock at the front door and It was Miss Maddy, right on schedule. She came in and with a smile that would light up a room exclaimed to all “I love that color. She looks fantastic.” “Do you like it Brenda?”

“I haven’t been allowed to see yet Miss Maddy”

“Well take a look sissy”

I gasped at the light blonde waves cascading to my shoulder. “Oh my Mistress, I look , I look , I look like a, a, a “

“Bimbo is the word you are seeking”, finished Miss Maddy.

“Yes Miss, I look like a bimbo.”

Olga, I want to keep this color for her in the future. What is it called?”

“That is Barbie Blonde dear, and it’s always in stock.”

“How wonderful, goes perfect with her Barbie sheets”, she laughed. I suppose the lips are a bit swollen still?”

“Yes the will be her new normal in a couple more hours. Do you like them?” asked Olga

” How could I not like them, they are just as we discussed. And the nail extensions and your Sissy Bimbo nail art are so perfect for her. Thank you so much Olga and you also Myra and Portia. You know I am having a Halloween pool Party on the 31st. I do hope the 3 of you will come. It will also be kind of an unveiling of our pretty Bimbo.

“You couldn’t keep me away Maddy, and I am sure they will be there too”, she noted pointing at Myra and Portia. “Wouldn’t miss it”, they said in unison.

“I will send her in for a nail fill on the 29th,, and she wont have her breast forms in then” Mistress teased.

“Why not? asked Myra she looks cute with boobs.

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