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I guess it shouldn’t have been a real surprise – after all, we had been moving in this direction since the first time we fell into bed together. That first time had had all the passion you could hope for between two aroused people with strong sex-drives and a mutual attraction. I couldn’t tell you what she thought of me, except that she was obviously interested in bedding me, but I can tell you that I thought she was about the hottest thing I’d ever seen on two legs. Oh, she was no girliemag model – her legs may have been a little short or her face a little too interesting, but she turned me on far more easily than any girliemag I had ever opened. She was hot, she was randy and she was there, and I responded with all the suave subtlety of a teenager full of steaming hormone soup.

She was enthusiastic and direct, showing me and telling me what she liked and making sure she knew what I wanted as well. We spent a week in bed exploring each other. I know we did other things during that week – surely we ate and drank and perhaps even went outdoors from time to time, but I do not recall such episodes. I recall only the sex, the total immersion in soft, wet, pink flesh. I remember parting the swollen lips of her cunt and feasting on the ambrosia there. I remember her mouth engulfing my cock, teasing the cream from me. I remember fucking her fast, slow, on top, underneath and laying side by side. I remember her finger teasing at my asshole as she engulfed one testicle and then the other in her hot and sucking mouth. I remember these things, but I do not remember eating, drinking, sleeping or bathing.

I remember growing interested in her asshole – tight, brownish-pink, winking at me as I slipped my cock into her pussy from behind. I touched it first, then later began slipping a finger inside. She would wiggle and squeal and smile over her shoulder. I wanted to fuck her there, finding a new temple in which to worship, but though she enjoyed my digital manipulations, she feared that my cock would be too large, that it would be all pain, no pleasure.

I bided my time, happy with our frequent fucking, delirious with the way she sucked my cock, content with the delightful juices of her peachfish pussy. I did not press things, though from time to time, while fingering that tight sphincter, I would gently suggest that now might be the time.

Then came the fateful day. We lay side by side, basking in the afterglow of an especially sweet fuck, my finger playing languidly in her well-lubed and relaxed anus. “I think you could take me now,” I whispered.

“Hold that thought,” she responded, getting off the bed and going into the other room. I knew she wasn’t going after lube – we had a healthy variety of lubricants in the little bedside drawer. Puzzled, I lazily turned to watch the door.

“Whatcha doin?” I asked.

“Just a minute.” I could hear rustling noises in the bathroom, but could not imagine what she could be doing to make them. “Okay, close your eyes until I tell you, okay?”

Obediently, I shut my eyes. By the time the temptation to peek started becoming unbearable, I had heard her enter the room. “Okay, you can open them now.”

I was astounded. This was my lady love, the soft, fuckable woman I had spent so many hours with. Here was the object of my unbridled lust, smiling at me with that sexy smirk that never failed to make me hard. She stood naked but for the straps and buckles that supported the hard dick that jutted from her hips, quivering in the air between us. How can I tell you how suddenly thrilled I was? This was a sight I had never tuzla escort contemplated. Indeed, I would not have believed that there was anything that would make me respond more to her than I already did. But this! I looked inside myself for the perverse part of me that was thrilling to this unexpected apparition but found only tenderness and love.

“I think that if I am to be fucked in the butt, it should be by someone who knows how it feels, who understands the pain and the pleasure, who can fuck me and make me feel wonderful.” Her eyes shone. I had already considered it, and I knew I was going to enjoy this, but there was more to it, that was obvious.

I reached for her pecker, pulling her closer. “I want you to fuck me,” I whispered hoarsely, watching her eyes as I spoke. I could see the effect of my words as her small uncertainty about what my reaction would be was replaced with that hot horny light that makes her shine. Yes, she was definitely looking forward to this.

Retrieving a tube of KY from the headboard, I anointed her cock. It was not large, perhaps six inches long and a little bigger around than my thumb. It was very lifelike – I could almost see the veins pulsing. My hands lingered over it as I spread on a liberal coating of lubricant.

“Turn over,” she whispered, the excitement making her voice break just a little. I did as she asked, kneeling on the floor with my chest on the bed. The lubricant was cold at first, but warmed quickly as she massaged it into the skin around my anus. When her finger pushed into the channel, I made a conscious effort to relax. In spite of my anticipation, I could not help but feel a little trepidation. But she was patient, and worked her finger in me slowly and gently as the muscles relaxed. When she slipped a second finger into me, I felt a twinge of pain and gasped. A little of the tension returned, but, but my gasp had warned her and she slowed her ministrations down, gently massaging away the new discomfort with her skillful manipulation.

Finally, the presence of her fingers in my bottom was nothing but pleasure. “Fuck me,” I urged, so quietly that she did not hear me at first.


“Fuck me!”

She moved forward, pressing the tip of her cock against my slippery and relaxed asshole, easing herself slowly against me. I could feel the sphincter of my anus spreading open before her. The small pecker seemed suddenly enormous. Without willing it, my asshole tightened briefly, and I felt a twinge of pain. But the tight opening relaxed again as she stopped to wait for it.

“Now,” I breathed. “Put it in me now!” My excitement was growing, as was my cock.

She pressed forward, and I reached behind to pull her against me, thrilling to the feel of her dick impaling deeply. When her hips pressed tightly against my butt, she did a slow grind so that I felt her moving inside me. Then, after pressing deeply inside me for several long moments, she slowly withdrew, the sensation of the plastic pecker slipping outward through my asshole sent a new flood of sensations through me. I realized that my own cock was as hard as hers, and reached down to grasp it as she placed her hands on my hips and began to fuck me.

Every time the thickness of her cock filled me, it stroked my prostate in such a way as to make my own cock jump in my hand. Every time she pulled back, I thrilled to the feel of it.

As she increased her tempo and started fucking me for real, she reached around to play with my nipples, leaning her tits against my back as her hips maintained the pace. Then, suddenly, she stopped. tuzla escort bayan “Get on the bed,” her voice was urgent and full of passion, and I did as she asked, crawling up onto the mattress. Her hand on my shoulder urged me to roll onto my back, and I did. I watched her crouch between my knees, her cock bobbing in front of her, glistening and hypnotic. I raised my ass as she pulled a pillow under me, and then reached to guide her into me again.

This time the entry was easy. I was stretched and ready, and anxious to feel her inside me again.

With her on top of me, I could play with her tits and nipples as she fucked me. I gripped a nipple between the thumb and forefinger of each hand and pinched lightly as she began to hump me again, easing the length of her cock in and out of my bottom like a greased piston. I reached for my cock again as she pulled up on the outstroke, but, seeing what I was doing, she beat me to it, her own small hand wrapping around my cock as my asshole was wrapped around hers. The heat in her eyes was incredible, arousing me still further, and I pulled her face toward me so that I could lick and bite at her ears as she fucked me. Then, with a roar like a bull, she began taking deep, hard strokes, and as she took one last long stroke that ended with her impaled deeply in me and panting and screaming her orgasm, my cock erupted in her hand, jetting hot jism over our bellies and thighs.

As we lay again, side by side, my hand on her plastic penis, hers on my skin one, I looked into her eyes. “Do you believe I know how to fuck your ass now?”

“I never doubted it for a moment,” she assured me. “But I really did need to know what it felt like to fuck someone!”

“Well, for a virgin, you wield an awesome cock,” I assured her. “Any time you want a rematch, you just whistle! You know how to whistle, don’t you?”


We were still smiling next morning as I prepared and served a quick omelet (quick cuz who wants to spend a lot of time cooking and eating when you can be screwing instead). “What do you think?” She asked. “Did you enjoy that little adventure as much as I did?”

“Yeah, it was hot! I can still feel the stretching in my asshole.”

“Are you gonna stretch me?” Her voice had that unmistakable hoarseness that signaled her arousal. She turned and headed toward the bedroom, watching me over her shoulder. I watched her waggle her butt at me before I turned off the fire under the omelet. Another meal sidelined. I didn’t mind. Hell, I didn’t even give it a thought at the time.

Inside the bedroom door, she ambushed me, pulling at my clothes. “Come on!” she urged, “I’m so hot for your big cock!” She always went right for the ego. That was just another thing I liked about her. In moments we were naked, wrestling playfully on the bed. I cupped her ripe pussy, sinking a finger deep into the lubricated dampness I found there, and rolled her onto her back, capturing a nipple in my mouth and relishing the squeal of delight that resulted.

In short time, I replaced the finger in her pussy with my tongue, bending her legs back until they pressed against her tits. She spread them wider and pushed that juicy cunt up, sliding it around my face and spreading a generous helping of her juices over me. I felt for and found her tight asshole, and eased the tip of a finger inside, relishing the way it quivered and gripped me. As she relaxed, I drilled that finger a little deeper.

Keeping a finger in her, I reached for the drawer that housed our considerable collection of toys and lubes, and located escort tuzla a tube of something. Gripping the cap in my mouth, I opened the tube and poured a bountiful glob of it on her asshole and my finger. I began to work the stuff into her, stretching the tight ring of her sphincter and fucking her with my finger as I returned my oral attentions to her pussy.

As I continued to eat her cunt and stretch her asshole, I soon found that I could get another finger inside her. She gasped, and I quit my feasting to look up at her. Her eyes were wide and aroused. “Are you all right?” I asked. She just nodded, but the way she was biting her lip had me a little worried. I eased my fingers from her bottom and pulled a pillow under her.

Returning to the toy drawer, I found a smallish dildo, and smeared it with lube. Teasing her asshole with my fingertip again, I slid the tip of the dildo around the puckered ring of her anus. Then, smoothly and gently, I removed my finger and replaced it with the plastic dick. Her face was a study. She alternated between sucking her breath in and pursing her lips in pleasure as she whispered to me, directing the assault on her own bottom. “Stop,” she would say, then “Now, push it deeper! Oh, yeah, that’s it!” When the dildo was deep in her ass, I began fucking her with it, slow and gentle. She began to push her bottom up at it, urging me to fuck her faster, deeper.

“I want you now,” she whispered. I almost didn’t hear it, she spoke so softly. I poised myself over her and greased myself up for her. She took the dildo and pumped it slowly as she watched me prepare, then pulled it from her asshole as I began to stroke her with my dick. “Put it in!” she urged me. I pressed the purple plum against the open and relaxed sphincter and pushed forward, feeling the head pop inside. I relished the feeling of her asshole around my cock, a tight ring of muscle that gripped tightly. I paused, watching her face for any clue that she was in discomfort and found none, so I eased myself forward a little more.

She was breathing through her teeth. I stopped. Her hands found my hips and pulled. “Push it in!” she gasped.

I complied, easing deeper and deeper into her until finally my belly was against her. I stopped again, and she lay for several moments. “You feel so big inside me!” she smiled.

“That’s because you are so wonderfully tight!” I assured her.

Soon, she was pushing up at me. “Fuck me now,” she demanded. “Fuck me!” She wrapped her ankles behind my buttocks and pulled me tight against her before releasing me. I pulled slowly back, feeling the suction of her asshole pulling at me as I did, and enjoying the sensation of that tight ring of muscle sliding along the hardness of my cock.

I don’t know if I have ever been as hard as I was then. I pulled out until only the head was lodged in her, then slid back in, her ankles pulling me tightly against her. Again I pulled back and let her pull me back in, a little faster this time.

Soon, we were going at it. Her hand stole down to her pussy and stroked it at a similar pace. Her breathing was growing ragged and the strawberry blush was spreading across her belly and over her breasts when I felt the pressure inside me building into an unstoppable wave of warmth and pleasure. “I’m gonna cum,” I warned her, hoping that she was near and would make it with me.

As it happened, she was right there, too. I could feel her asshole clamping down on me even as I made that last, forceful push into her. She gasped and cried her orgasm as I held myself hard inside her, feeling the rhythmic jetting of my hot jism.

As my climax ebbed, she pulled me down on top of her and kissed me. “God, I love your big cock,” she whispered. Straight for the ego again.

“And I love your tight little butt.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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