Fun in the Kitchen


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We have finally arranged for me to be able to cook dinner for you. I am just about to start prepping some vegetables when you arrive. After letting you in and some warmup kissing, you follow me back to the kitchen. When I go to the counter to continue with the veggies you come up behind me and wrap your arms around me.

‘Is there anything I can help with?’ you ask. I answer that I like what you are doing already.

‘OK, do you like this even more?’ you ask as your hands go under my shirt and search out my nipples.

‘You know I love that,’ I say.

It takes only a minute or so of this along with your kisses on my neck for me to be very aroused. You move one hand down to my pants and find me quite hard. ‘Oh, oh, I think I am distracting you. Maybe I should stop.’ you say teasingly.

‘Please don’t stop,’ I say.

‘How about if I stop playing with your nipples so that I can concentrate more on your perfectly balanced cock?’ you ask.

‘I would be ok with that,’ I respond.

You undo my pants and help me out of them and begin playing with my hard cock while still standing behind me. After another minute or so you stop just long enough to pull your top and bra off and then you slide between me and the counter. My cock is right at your face level and you start to kiss and lick me. You then kneel up a little higher so that you can rub my cock on your titties. You playfully smack the head against your nipples, küçükçekmece escort suck on it a little more and then repeat.

‘I want to make you cum sweety. I am going to suck you and stroke you until you cum. Where would you most like to cum? On my titties? In my mouth? you ask as you take my cock back into your mouth.

When I look down your beautiful eyes are looking up at me and you are smiling as best you can with a mouthful of cock. One hand is on my ass pulling me forward the other is playing with my balls. You start bobbing your head up and down quickly on my cock. You take a short break for air and your hand starts pumping up and down on my slick cock. After a few strokes your mouth goes back to work. My cock is getting harder and harder all the time. When you take the hand from my ass and reach up for my nipple I drop the knife I was using. You notice the change in my breathing and know that you are getting close to your goal. ‘Are you going to cum for me luv? Are you going to shoot your load down my throat? Please sweety, please cum for me’ you beg.

Your mouth closes on me once again and I feel a tingle in my balls that tells me I am close. I put my hands on the side of your head and match the rhythm of your bobbing with gentle thrusts of my hips. You take your second hand and move it to the other nipple and push me over the edge. I groan loudly as my cock explodes kurtköy escort in your mouth, shot after shot, as you suck down all you can. You look up again at me smiling again.

You continue to gently stroke and lick at me as my orgasm subsides. When the strength in my legs returns I lift you up and thank you and then begin to lick and suck at your titties. My hands work at getting the rest of your clothes off and soon we have swapped positions. My tongue is licking back and forth between your clit and your wet pussy. My hand is on your ass pulling you towards me just as you did. You lean forward to support yourself on the counter as the happiness between your legs grows. As I feel your hips begin to grind I decide to focus my tongue and lips on your clit and let your pussy enjoy some finger fucking. Your quiet moans get just a little louder when I move my other hand up to play with your nipples. I gently pull on them, flick at them and roll them between my thumb and forefinger. Your pussy is so wet I am able to easily slide a second finger alongside the first. This turns out to be the trigger you needed. in just a few more seconds I feel you pussy squeeze tight on my fingers, your hips thrust hard on to my tongue and I hear you whisper ‘ohhh please don’t stop, I am cumminggggggg’.

As you are still reeling from your orgasm I stand and pick you up and carry you to the table. As I sit you on the maltepe escort table you feel my hard cock between us. ‘You are hard again? Already?’ you ask incredulously.

‘I appear to be, in fact I am not sure it ever really went away. Lie back please.’ I say.

As you lie back on the table, not yet fully recovered, you feel my cock enter your still dripping pussy. I lift your legs up, put them on my chest and wrap my arms around them. You reach out to hold the edges of the table as I start to thrust in and out. Your pussy is quick to react. The previous fingering did not fully satisfy your desire to be penetrated. I can feel your pussy clenching and releasing as I fuck into you over and over. Originally my only thought was making you cum again as I didn’t think there was another in me, but now I am not so sure.

I continue my thrusting into you and start asking you if you are ready to cum again. I tell you I want to feel you cum on my cock, I want to see you pretty face in the throes of orgasm. When you suddenly let out a loud moan and start begging me to fuck you harder, I realize that I am going to cum again too. I look down at you and tell you to hold on for just a minute so we can come together. Your eyes open in disbelief. ‘Really? Oh Please cum with me! Fill my pussy just like to filled my mouth. Come on baby, Cum for me, I am there, please fuck me hard and shoot your cum in me! Now!’

I increase my thrusting as you talk to me and as you yell ‘Now!’ I let loose another series of shots, this time deep inside your spasming pussy. Our orgasms go on for what seems like forever. I put your legs down to each side of me and lean forward to kiss you. ‘I could definitely get used to you cooking for me’, you whisper between breaths.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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