Fuck Ch. 06: The Morning After


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Amelia woke to the smell of coffee brewing. She looked over and Blake was gone, but the light underneath the bathroom door told her he was still in her apartment. She picked up her phone to look at herself in the camera and saw her hair was disheveled and her girl-next-door makeup had turned into girl-next-day. She quickly fixed her hair into a pony tail and licked her fingers to remove the mascara from under her eyes.

Amelia stirred from the site of the previous night’s impiety to clothe herself. She put on something that looked relaxed and comfortable but also made her feel attractive. An ensemble to feign innocence of effort.

Why is he still here? She thought. This is kind of awkward. What do I do?

She bent down to touch her toes and stretch for a moment. As she did, her phone fell from her pocket and clattered to the ground. She heard the door knob to her bathroom rattle a second before Blake peered his head out. She flipped her hair back to look up at him.

“You’re up.” He walked out of the bathroom, the door unveiling his towel clad hips and bare chest. Amelia noticed his hair was dry so he hadn’t been in the shower yet. She stood up and watched as he poured her a cup of coffee. She could have moaned at the sight.

“Sorry I don’t mean to overstay my welcome I just really wanted to take a shower before I go. I hope that’s okay.” he scratched his head.

“Don’t be sorry.” Amelia smirked and sipped her coffee as she noticeably sized him up. Blake raised his eyebrows and chuckled.

“Are you hitting on me Ms. Amelia Peterson?” He leaned against her counter.

“I’m allowed.”

“I’ll have you know I am chaste and virtuous” Blake spoke in a high pitched voice with the fingertips of one hand on his chest. Amelia chuckled narrowly escaping the fate of coffee running through her sinuses. “And I won’t be seen in town with the likes of you mam. I have a reputation to uphold.”

Amelia set her coffee down and made her way over to him.

“You’re about as virtuous as a witch.” She put on her best gravelly-cowboy voice. Blake feigned a gasp. “And the town is well versed in the reputation of your chastity.” She was in his face now, her mouth an inch from his. “Slut.” She said grazing the terry cloth between his legs with her hands. He smiled and kissed her.

“Mm. I think I kinda liked that voice you were doin.” he teased.

“Oh yeah?” Amelia smiled. “Did it get you going?” she kissed him again.

“Yeah I think it did.” he laughed. “Next I want you to hog tie me in the stables.” He flicked an eyebrow.

“Oh yeah.” Amelia scoffed. “I bet you’d take to it about as well as a hog too.”

“Hey!” He protested.

“Oh you think you could be tied up and be fine with it?”

Blake sucked his tongue through his teeth. “Eh probably not.” He conceded and kissed her a little deeper, his hands rested on the small of her back. “The thought of having you in front of me with no way to touch you-” He kissed her and ran his hand around to float his fingertips on her nipple and then lightly squeeze her breast. Amelia inhaled sharply. “I would lose my mind.”

“You’re a fucking asshole.” she smiled, her mind flashing to her own bound hands the night before.

As their lips touched and breathing became heavy, Amelia felt her nipples harden in his hands and her body ready itself for Blake’s presence. Blake’s towel fell in their passion and she instinctively reached down to touch him. He moaned as she gently ran her fingers along his length. She marveled at how soft its skin was and when she felt the beads of precum forming at the tip, her mouth began to salivate. She loved when his body showed her the desperation he often refused to reveal.

“Damn you’re ready for me aren’t you?” She smiled on his lips and stroked his precum down his cock

Blake bent down and used his arm to swing her legs out from under her so he could carry her to the bathroom. Amelia gave a surprised giggle and looked up at him as he held her. She bit her lip at the sight. She nuzzled his neck and kissed, licked, and nibbled it. As she did, she heard him gulp and felt his skin prickle with goosebumps. She smiled at them triumphantly, wishing she could kiss every hair she had enticed to stand. He opened the shower door with his foot and carried her inside. He set her down, turned his back to her and allowed the cold water to hit him before it adjusted to a warmth suitable for a lady. He turned around to face her after his adjustments and kissed her hungrily.

She laughed as the water poured over her. “Blake I still have clothes on.”

“Oh that’s a problem.” He smiled and slowly peeled her shirt from her wet body. She blushed furiously as he paused to gaze at her breasts and ran a thumb along them despite their familiarity. As her body transitioned to the temperature she started to tremble slightly. Blake stepped closer and, leaving air between them, kissed her neck lightly. Her hands came up to hold his shoulders but he quickly grabbed them and set bakırköy escort them back down at her sides. She rolled her eyes but obeyed anyway. His warm body so close to hers made her recognize how cold she felt and she trembled vigorously.

“Shhh.” He whispered. “I’m right here.”

Even though he kept a gap between them, she surmised he was really just asking her to focus. She took a deep breath and her trembling calmed slightly. Blake gave a moany, slightly menacing chuckle that made her heart skip and looked at her with a hint of admiration.

“Good girl.”

Amelia blushed and narrowed her eyes, trying to catch her breath.

“Don’t glare at me girl or I’ll tease you longer.” He threatened with an authoritative eyebrow raised.

Amelia huffed but didn’t argue as she wanted him to continue.

Blake smirked and leaned his mouth to her ear. “Good. Girl.” He exaggerated. Amelia rolled her eyes, biting her tongue as best she could. The words took her mind to the memory of him spanking her in his truck and her fist balled with need.

Blake slowly pressed his lips to her jaw under her ear. He trailed her collar and intimately kissed down her chest, kneeling to meet the rest of her body face to face. He restrained himself enough to graze his fingers along her breasts and nipples while Amelia struggled to keep her hands to her sides. His hot mouth on her nipple was a sensation so intense she threw her head back to moan. He pulled his head back slightly and his tongue left his mouth to delicately tease her nipple in a way she could view. Her eyebrows furrowed in desperation at the show. Their eyes met and stayed locked as he moved to work on her other nipple, kissing his way over very slowly. His expression was controlled and steady, meanwhile Amelia was hanging on by a thread.

She couldn’t see over his head but his hands had traveled and landed gently right below her belly button. He slipped the tips of his index fingers in the band of her soaking yoga pants and circled its circumference around her hips, still gently licking her nipple and maintaining eye contact. The motion to remove her pants was slow and deliberate but the shock of the exposure of her skin was surprisingly sensitive. The pants were discarded to the other end of the shower with a heap. Then, with her fists clenched and her breathing labored, he ran his fingers down over her pubic bone and to one side of her lips. He admired her as if she were a sculpture.

“Blake?” She breathed

“Yes?” His voice was quiet but deep as his hand traveled back up the other side, teasing her inner thigh and circling her most sensitive parts.

“Can I just wash up a bit first?” she asked self-consciously.

Blake glared at her as he lowered his face to her pussy. He gave one long lick up her lips from end to clit and her hands hit the wall behind her looking for something to grip.

“No.” He said and licked her again. Control wavering, Blake dove his face deeper into her, moaning at the taste. He mouthed her pussy, licking sloppily but slowly as if savoring every taste. Amelia’s knees trembled and she whined loudly as he lost himself in her.

“Goddamn it Blake!” Hearing this, Blake seemed to snap back into consciousness and he lightened his movements and resumed teasing her.

“I’m sorry baby.” He kissed her pubic bone. “Got a little carried away.”

A fury rose underneath Amelia’s skin.

“If I had the focus to slap you right now I would.” Amelia panted.

“Mmm” he flattened his tongue as he teased her. He looked up at her, smug. “But you don’t.” He dug his face deeper for a moment and moaned into her pussy. “And you won’t.”

Amelia’s blood boiled at the slight but it only aroused her more. “Fuckfuckfuck.” she chanted quietly through her teeth.

Blake smiled and winked at her. Her heart fluttered clumsily in her chest and it took everything in her to not attack him. He bent his neck back and filled his mouth with water. He brought his mouth back her pussy and let a small jet of water spurt from his mouth onto her clit. Amelia shouted in disbelief and had to catch herself with her hands on his shoulders as her legs nearly gave. Blake chuckled. He took her hands and guided her to lean back on the wall.

“God that felt so good.” she moaned.

“Yeah? You liked that baby?” he grinned and ran his hands up her legs.

“Uh huh.” she whined.

He filled his mouth again and once more jetted the water onto her clit. This time he opened his mouth and, as the water fell over his jaw and onto her pussy, he dove his face in and deeply lapped at her. She shouted as her legs struggled to keep her standing. Blake moaned into her pussy and the sound was deep and primal. Any semblance of restraint Amelia had was fading quickly.

Blake made his way back up her body, this time filling the space between them by pressing his naked skin onto hers and finally allowing her to touch him back. He worshiped every beşiktaş escort inch he encountered on his way up to her face where he kissed her with a passion that pressed her harder against the wall. He broke their kiss to put his lips by her ear.

“Amelia.” his voice was deep and gravelly and his hands read every inch of her like a book. His arousal was very much present as she felt the urgency through his touch. “A woman with a body like yours should never have to wash it by herself.” He breathed through his nose like a bull.

An embarrassed chuckle escaped her throat but was cut off by a gasp when he passionately bit the nape of her neck. Her nipples hardened once more and the hairs on her body stood on end. The pain was so intimate. He reached up to feel her breasts and growled into her neck. With deep breaths, she wondered at how hot it made her to feel so desired.

A bottle of body wash stood inches away and Amelia watched it travel from the shelf into Blake’s hands. He kissed her deeply and she breathed him in. Her hands moved from his shoulders and down his chest. His hard muscled body caused her eyes to roll back under their closed lids and she lightly dragged her nails across his skin. The smell of the blue liquid filled their nostrils as he lathered it in his hands and poured some down her chest. It was hard for her to believe he was taking the time to wash her when he was so obviously heated, but she thought better of trying to understand the motives behind his odd behavior. Questioning usually lead to delayed gratification. Instead she tried to remain calm as he baptized her in lathered admiration.

Blake’s hands moved delicately over her body. The erotic, tactile feeling of him rubbing soap into her skin, and the slow, careful, and strong nature with which he touched her gave a sense of affection from Blake that differed from his usual urgent lust. She closed her eyes and breathed in his gentle handling of her body and told herself to be patient.

As he covered her body in soap he began to massage her muscles. He started at her neck and made his way down her arms. He even took the time to work down the length of each finger. It was maddening in both the time it took and in the overwhelming, electric pressure it was building in Amelia’s body. Every precious second Blake took to roll his fingers through her taut muscles was time she could be spending entangled in his body. He turned her around and worked his thumbs into her shoulders and trap muscles while she took a deep breath and tried not to remember how divine it sounded when he moaned.

“You carry a lot of tension here don’t you?” He managed to make the words sexy as they grazed her ear in the warm air of his breath.

“Mmmmm” was all she could manage to respond with.

“You put too much pressure on yourself Amy. You need to relax.”

“Says the man that drives me the most insane of anyone.” She smirked.

“But” he chuckled “I’m sure you feel pretty relaxed when I’m done with you.” He said with a smile and continued to work his way down her body.

“Maybe immediately after, yes.” she forced herself to talk as he pressed his thumbs on either side of her spine.

“But then?” He pressed down to the bottom of her back bone.

“But then-” Amelia lifted her head up to peer an eye over her shoulder at him and smirking said “-I just touch myself until I can see you again.” She teased. Blake inhaled in approval and grabbed her ass, working his fingers into her muscles. He grunted like an animal. She whimpered and instinctively arched her hips back into his grip.

“Fuck.” He gripped her ass tighter than he meant to. He kissed her cheek and gave it a slight nibble. “I would love to see that.” She felt him smile against her ass and she giggled.

“Yeah? You wanna watch me touch my pussy baby?” She felt it twitch and finally sensed she was getting somewhere with his resolve.

“Mmm yes please.” He poured more soap into his hands and grabbed her ass again. He ran his hand between her cheeks and she jumped and turned around.

“Don’t do that part!” she blushed intensely, back against the wall. She hated the thought of someone washing her there.

Blake stood, towering, his face incredulous. “I’ve seen it before you know.”

“I know, just, I’ll do it. That’s weird.” Amelia felt so small.

Blake glared and grabbed her wrists to bring her face close to his. “Amelia.” he hissed condescendingly. “I have seen every part of you. You’re gorgeous and sexy as hell. You’re being ridiculous. I wash myself everyday. I’m pretty sure I’m qualified enough.” He could see the panic and embarrassment in her face and he leaned in to kiss her slow. Her kiss was curt and nervous in return. “I’m bathing every part of my beautiful little slut.” He ran his nose along the side of hers in a soothing whisper. “So you can either try to fight it,” His tone leaned to stern “which you know I’ll win, or you can relax and let me wash your sexy fucking beylikdüzü escort body like I want.” His gaze went over her tits and shoulders and stopped at her eyes.

He stood hovering, still holding her when her bravery kicked in. If this extremely attractive man that seemed to be obsessed with her body was so adamant about washing EVERY part of her, who was she to stop him?

“Fine.” Amelia conceded, embarrassed.

Blake grinned and brought her into a kiss. “Don’t be shy with me baby bird. You know I’ll take care of you.”

She tried to relax as he rubbed her shoulders and kissed her neck.

“Put your hands on the wall.” He instructed.

Amelia took a deep breath and obeyed. He guided her wrists down farther and farther until her ass was spread underneath the water. Her face was bright red, not that he could see it.

Blake made a groan of approval as he looked at her submissive position. He stood behind her and she could feel his cock on her ass. She wanted to arch her back towards it but thought it would distract him and she wanted this over with. He ran his hands along her back and grabbed her cheeks with need when he reached them.

“Goddamn you are so fucking hot.”

Blake let a thread of soap fall along her spine which he rubbed in. He kneaded at her glute muscles and her hips once more. She felt his cock twitch in response. He rubbed his hands up until they met her tail bone and she braved herself.

He slowly ran his middle finger along the split of her ass and she felt him graze her asshole.

They both moaned unexpectedly. Amelia was shocked at how it made her quiver.

Blake leaned a shoulder back and allowed the water to rinse her before he ran his finger back up.

“You like this don’t you?” He teased, his voice clearly portraying his own excitement.

“Yes.” Amelia tried to breathe. Blake leaned forward, his hardness pressing into her. He kissed her back and moaned.

“You have such a cute little asshole baby.” He cooed and pressed his finger onto it while he spoke.

Amelia moaned and her pussy started to ache. Blake gently massaged her asshole with his finger while he ran his other hand over her cheek. Amelia could tell it was driving him crazy how turned on she was from it. Her hole opened up slightly and Blake groaned loudly.

“I want to fuck your ass so bad baby.” His other hand was digging into the flesh of her hip.

Amelia was shocked and excited at his lust. She definitely wasn’t ready for what he wanted but the fact that one exposed part of her was making him so ravenous sent her pussy twitching.

“You can fuck my pussy while you look at my ass.” She offered with a teasing smile and swayed her butt underneath his cock. He unconsciously thrust himself against her movements. Amelia knew she had him now.

“You’re so hard against my ass.” She cooed breathlessly, rolling her hips on him, urging him to let go of his self-control. “Blake I can feel you throbbing.”

The water turned mildly cold as he pushed his hand down on her back. The pressure of his hand made her instinctively stand on her tip toes to arch her pussy towards him. He ran his hands over her ass for a second in admiration. He licked his fingers and rubbed them over her asshole and she gasped and shuddered.

“Mm you fucking like when I play with your asshole don’t you?” He praised. She felt his cock moving along her slit and she moaned louder, becoming incoherently desperate.

Then the water turned freezing all at once. Their shouts bounced off the tile as they tried to change the temperature.

“It’s out of hot water.” Amelia said clinging to Blake’s warm body. He turned it off and instead of taking a moment to think over their options, slung her over his shoulder and burst out of the shower. Her excitement rose at his show of strength and playfulness but his face seemed to mean business as he tossed her dripping wet body down onto the bed. He came down onto his hands towards her and she dove her wet body underneath the covers.

“I’m so cold.” She cried from her plush cocoon, getting revenge for him teasing her now that he was as desperate as she had been.

Blake ripped the blankets off all at once and shook his head as if she were in trouble. The blankets landed on the floor too far for her to reach them again.

“Aw.” He feigned pity as he spread her legs open, but his eyes were predatory. “Poor thing all cold and wet.” He licked her pussy slowly and she cried out at his hot tongue on her cold body. When his tongue retreated into his mouth he planted a kiss on her pussy. Her body prickled with goosebumps and her back stayed arched.

“Hmm.” He thought, and licked her again.

“You don’t feel cold at all.” He licked again and dug his tongue into her a bit. She gripped the sheets and her toes curled at his assessments.

“But wet. Yes.” He ran his fingers up and down her lips, coating them and rubbing her wetness over her pussy. “You’re certainly wet.”

He looked up at her with a half-smile. He maintained eye contact as he went back down to taste her. She wanted to protest and demand that he fill her with his cock but his ministrations felt so incredible she couldn’t speak. He was going so slowly and tenderly that she wouldn’t cum but was right there on the verge of it.

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