Friday Night at Tim’s


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My old college roommate, Ron and his wife Doreen were in town and staying at my house. I had been separated from my wife for almost three months now and I was glad for the company. As I told Ron, I could feel the pain return,

“I came home to a note saying she was moving in with a coworker and to forward her mail to her mother for the time being.”

I walked in the door Friday night to the smell of something wonderful cooking in the kitchen. As a thank you for my hospitality, Doreen had gone out of her way to make a home cooked meal for her husband and me. It was the first my oven had been turned on since Sue had moved out and I told Doreen how much it meant to me. We had cocktails before we ate then wine with dinner and by the time we had an after dinner brandy Doreen was snockered. As Ron and I cleaned up the kitchen, she wobbled in and said she had to go to bed. Ron helped her to bed as I finished up and when he returned he told me she was passed out for then night. I had the TV on to the Laker game, it was another Laker rout, and by half time, it wasn’t worth watching. I asked him if there was anything he wanted to see and he said,

“I bought some pornos downtown today, you want to watch those?”

When I said, sure he went and got them, he told me he bought them with the idea of turning his illegal bahis wife on so there was a lot of cock in them. He wasn’t kidding, as they were full of big built men with giant cocks who kept drilling women in every scene.

“Jeeze Ron, you’re making me feel underequipped here with all these hunks.”

“What do you mean you, if I remember you’re packing more than me. Come on whip it out let me see.”

I turned to tell him to go first but I saw he already had his cock out and was stroking it.

There were more than a few times that he and I had experimented with each other back in school and I remembered them with pleasure. He stood and came over to me, standing with his hard-on just inches from my face. I slid off the couch to my knees right in front of him and took him in my hand. I just kissed the tip then I licked the drop of precum off, I looked up to see if he was all right. The look of passion on his face told me he felt the same as I so I swallowed him to his pubes. I felt so naughty as I feasted on his cock, I just couldn’t get enough, and my wet slobbers ran out of my lips and on to his balls. I realized this was what I had been missing from my life. I held his balls and when I felt them tighten, I knew he was ready to cum so I backed off a little so he would cum in my mouth and not down my illegal bahis siteleri throat.

I came in my pants as the first shot splashed on my tongue yet I held his issue in my mouth and waited for more. He then grabbed my head as he shoved his cock down my throat for his next blast. I massaged him with my tongue urging more of his cum and he didn’t disappoint. Finally, with his balls empty and his dick limp I swallowed his load then let him slide from my lips. I licked him clean and ended with a kiss.

“Ronnie I haven’t done anything like that since we were in college. God that was good, you know I’ve missed you and I doing that.”

“Me either Tim, I swear I haven cum that hard since the last time you sucked me off. Were you as turned on as I was?”

I stood up, pulled down my pants to show him my cum filled underwear. I told him I hadn’t had any sex since Sue left me and that I had been very horny but to cum without being touched had to mean it was exciting.

We went back to watching the vid and after a while, I was again firm. Ron said he wanted to do me and as I watched him pull my jeans down and put me in his mouth, it just didn’t feel right. I think he felt uncomfortable and thereby so did I. After a couple of minutes, I patted his head and told him to stop. He knew it was his fault canlı bahis siteleri and apologized for it but I just shook my head to stop him. We changed positions and once again on my knees in front of his crotch all seemed right with the world. I freed him from his pants and lovingly licked his balls before putting him in my mouth. This was heaven, this was how the world should be, me on my knees with a dick in my lips. I caressed his ass as I pushed him down my throat. There was no urgency this time and I relaxed and sucked him for both our pleasures. This time when he came, I swallowed it at once and thought about my belly full of cum, it was delightful.

After, we went to bed and nothing was said about our evening for the rest of their visit. I couldn’t tell if he was embarrassed by our little adventure or that we couldn’t get enough alone time away from his wife to discuss it. When they left they talked about getting together again soon bit no dates were discussed.

As for me, I didn’t know what to think, I mean it was the most sexual pleasure I’d ever had. Did that mean I was gay, I couldn’t tell. I know there was no way I could let a man fuck me in the ass, no, that was not going to happen. I guess if I had to, I could do a man’s ass, but it was not something I desired. I had to admit to myself I really wanted to give another blow-job to someone but had no idea how to arrange it. I thought about Johnny at work he was the only gay guy I knew. I wondered if he would let me practice on him. For once I couldn’t wait to go to work on Monday.

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