Final Interview


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As one of the head executives of a company, I was looking for someone to fill the position as my personal assistant. Today, I would make my final decision as to who would get the job. I had called Tamara and Christine in for their final interviews, and as they sat in front of me, I knew that my decision was going to be very difficult.

Tamara was wearing a sheer white blouse without a bra and a short black skirt. Her blouse simply accentuated her perfect breast, and beneath her skirt, there was just a hint of her garters. They were holding securely to her black stockings that wrapped her long sexy legs.

Christine was dressed in tight white slacks and a blouse. Her pants did not show panty lines; therefore, one could only assume that she was wearing a thong. In addition, her blouse form fitted her large bountiful tits and her erect nipples. They were both a sight to see.

“I have called you in because I have to choose one of you to be my assistant. You both have exceptional resumes, and your initial interviews went better that I could have imagined. Unfortunately, I cannot hire you both. You need to understand that once you accept this position, I will require more than just filing and dictation. I will expect certain liberties.”

With questioning looks on their faces, Christine was the first to speak up and asked, “What do you mean by that?”

“Basically, I will expect to fuck you when I please, as well as have you please any of my clients upon my request.”

There was silence.

“The decision is now yours. If you decide that I am asking too much, turn and leave now. Your reputations will not be effected, and you will only have excellent recommendations from me.”

They looked at each other as if the other knew what to do.

“But… if you decide to accept the position, and all that goes with it, I ask that you disrobe now. I want to further discuss what positions your duties will entail.”

Tamara and Christine sat looking at me with stunned looks on their faces. They were not quite sure what to make of the proposal offered to them. taksim elit escort I could only imagine the thoughts that had to be going through their minds. Oh, if only I were a mind reader.

Christine was the first to move. She got up from her chair and headed towards the door. Tamara began enticing me by slowly unbutton her blouse. Christine stopped at the door and locked it. Turning around, she started removing her blouse as well. This was, truly, going to be interesting.

“Since you both have decided to stay, I will let you know that whomever pleases me the most gets the job.”

Tamara’s breasts were now exposed. The soft brown of her areolas only highlighted the perfect globes I now beheld. Her nipples were small but extremely hard, and were begging to be suckled. She stood and slowly walked toward me. Her blouse was now completely unbuttoned and flowing behind her.

Christine was close behind Tamara. Her large breasts were also exposed, and as she approached me, she held her fruit in her hands, pulling on her nipples.

They both stood before me and were offering me their tits. I took turns softly sucking one and then the other. Enjoying the attention they were getting, they squeezed and pushed their mounds towards me. I stood and guided the girls to my sofa, and proceeded to remove my pants. This allowed my cock to spring forward in anticipation of what would be coming next. I sat down and motioned them too me.

“Suck Me,” I commanded.

Tamara pulled her skirt up revealing her panty less pussy. She was completely shaved and her lips were already glistening with her juices. Kneeling down, she slowly began to slide her tongue across my rock-hard cock.

Christine removed her slacks to reveal the thong that I thought was hiding there. She knelt as well and together they both began giving my cock the attention it craved.

If one sucked on the tip, the other would suck on my balls. When they started going down on me, they would take turns. First one would take my rod all the way down their throat, taksim escort and then the other would do the same. I was in heaven. Two beautiful cock suckers were doing my every command.

While sucking me, Tamara’s hand found its way to her clit. She began to rub herself. The slickness of her sex was evident by the sounds her fingers made as they softly exposed the flesh of her pussy. She soon had her fingers sliding in and out of her juicy cunt. She sucked my cock in time to the thrusting of her fingers, and her moans grew louder as she continued fucking herself.

It was now Christine’s turn on my cock, and all the attention was driving me crazy. She was sucking and playing with my balls, and tonguing my ass on occasion. She steadily squeezed her enormous mounds while pulling aggressively on her nipples. She also found that the aching in her pussy had to be soothed.

Noticing Christine’s discomfort, Tamara moved in behind her and started licking her pussy. Christine was enjoying the attention she was getting, and it was not long until she experienced her first orgasm. As she did, I savored the sound of Tamara licking and sucking the juices from Christine’s dripping pussy.

The tongue bath that my cock and ass was receiving was wonderful, but I wanted to do some fucking. I stood and pulled Christine to me. I bent her over facing the couch and slowly slipped my cock into her waiting pussy. Her lips were wrapped tightly around my manhood, gripped all eight inches as I buried it deep inside her.

As I began fucking Christine, Tamara moved in front of her and spread her legs. Christine leaned forward enough reach Tamara’s pussy and started using that wonderful tongue on Tamara’s hot sex. She licked her up and down, stopping occasionally to suck on her clit.

“Fuck me harder,” asked Christine. “Please, fuck me harder.”

“My pleasure,” I replied.

Her tight young pussy was accepting every thrust, and wanting my cock to fill her deeper, she would push back towards me.

“Yes, your cock is so good!” she cried.

Tamara taksim eve gelen escort began rubbing her own pussy, and as she did, the look on her face changed. I could see that she was nearing her climax.

Within minutes she yelled as her orgasm overtook her.

“Ohhhhh, fuck yes! I feel so fucking good!”

I wanted to enjoy Tamara as well and moved over to her. I pushed her legs up so that I could have a direct shot at her ass, and because she had already had an orgasm, sliding into her ass was no problem.

“Yes, fuck my ass!” she yelled.

Her ass felt incredible around my cock, squeezing me tightly as I hammered deep into her.

Christine moved over and standing above Tamara, lowered her dripping pussy to Tamara’s mouth. She immediately started sucking her pussy, as if she needed pussy juice to survive.

I continued fucking her ass, increasing my speed and depth, slamming into her ass.

I could feel myself growing closer to my own orgasm and had both girls kneel before me. They took turns licking and sucking, and as I came, they pushed at each other trying to get every drop that came out of my cock.

As my orgasm subsided, I noticed Tamara walking over to the chair she had been sitting in. She reached into her purse and pulled out an enormous dildo. She approached Christine and laid her down on the couch. As soon as the dildo entered her, she began arching her back, enjoying every inch that was being shoved into her.

Tamara was relentless. She fucked her harder and deeper with every stroke, and Christine loved every moment of it.

With the scene before me I couldn’t help but get hard again. I walked over to Tamara and slid my rock hard cock into her wet pussy. Her pussy felt even tighter than her ass!

I watched and kept in time with the stroke she was giving Christine, fucking at the same pace. I could feel myself approaching my second orgasm as Christine erupted with her own climax. She was screaming as her body shook with pleasure.

Tamara let loose with her own scream as her orgasm ripped through her body. I felt my release coming, and with one last push, I shoved my cock as far into her pussy as I could. This move sent me over, and I held myself deep inside until I filled her to overflowing.

As we laid there, the three of us spent, I realized that maybe I did need two assistants after all.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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