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Gayles story

It was the second day of a four day conference, the stage at which it starts to get boring. I had met all the people I needed to meet, presented my paper, sat through enough of the others to be sure I was ahead of the game and now I was, in a word, bored.

Until John appeared. I didn’t know his name, of course. He was just a figure walking into a rather crowded bar in whom I was suddenly very, very interested. I made my excuses to the people I was with, and on the pretext of picking up a fresh drink from a waiter standing in the right place, found myself standing alongside him.

A glance at his badge told me his name, but also that we were on dangerous ground. Product development managers for rival firms. Small talk was ok, but there were plenty of people around who would take any opportunity to spread muck and if it stuck we would both be in serious trouble. We talked about the conference, and concluded that there were much more interesting ways we could be spending our time.

“How about lunch tomorrow?”

“Sounds good to me”

“See you there”

And in something of a daze, I moved on. Helping myself to another glass of wine on my way. I needed it.

I didn’t sleep well that night, and can’t remember anything of the conference next morning. Soon after coffee I slipped out and back to room, to try to relax, to shower and to change.

I had come prepared for a professional conference, not a romantic liaison, so my wardrobe choices were limited. Nonetheless I did manage to put together a light, short skirt which I knew did my long tanned legs a favour and a top which flattered my well shaped breasts. A bra was not a necessity, and my exposed midriff could look after itself.

My taxi drew up at our agreed rendezvous, a small bistro close to the river, exactly five minutes late. Always make sure you arrive after your host. He had found a small table on the pavement and by the level of his glass had arrived early. A good sign. The waiter brought mine.

We sat and chatted for a while, sipped our drinks and nibbled the olives and peanuts and chatted some more. The first time we had spoken properly, and we found ourselves to be really relaxed together. We exchanged our life stories, ambitions, talked about anything that came to mind. The conversation moved to mild banter even the odd gentle insult. We laughed a lot. Our glasses were almost empty, and I moved to call the waiter.

“I’ve got a bit of a surprise for you. Finish your drink and let’s make a move”

I thought ‘OK, he’s checked out the menu and there’s somewhere better in town’ but instead of heading up the main street he took me to a small jetty on the river where a launch was tied up.

“It’s a lovely afternoon and I thought we might take a little cruise. Welcome aboard.”

The first time we physically touched was as he reached out to help me climb in. It was magical. He guided me to the bench and sat me down.

“May I?”

And kissed me gently on the lips.

I watched as he started the motor and released the ropes. Clearly he knew what he was doing. With practised ease he manoeuvred away from the jetty and out onto the river.

“There’s a rather nice little pub up here, or so I’m told, let’s see if they do lunch”

Which they did. A delicious salad, sitting in the shade of a large umbrella, sipping chilled white wine, watching the ducks and swans and, yes, chatting. After a while I slipped to the ladies, freshened up, tidied up and released a couple of buttons from my blouse. I knew how I wanted the afternoon to develop, and this would help things along. I also took some condoms from the machine, which I tucked in my knickers. It was the only place I could think of, and in any case it seemed appropriate. I returned to our table.

“You’re looking great” he said, struggling to look me in the eye

“So are you”

For the first time in the afternoon the conversation dropped. We finished our drinks and, without rushing, made our way back to the boat. I sat on my bench, and we kissed again. I would have made more of it but there were a lot of people watching. Instead I simply enjoyed the easy grace with which he moved, the obvious strength of his body, the skill with which he handled the boat. Before I knew it we were back out in the middle of the river, heading I knew, nor cared, not where.

“Like to try?” by his gesture he wanted me to steer. The only thing I had ever steered was a car, but I thought I should have a go. I moved to sit opposite him in the back of the boat, and put my hand on the tiller. He let go, and I was in charge.

“If you want to turn left, push the tiller to the right and vice versa”

It was a disaster. My steering was so bad I could have been signing my name on the surface of the water. His hand was now on mine, helping me. I looked at him, and he glanced at me. He was back in control. I put my other hand on his and squeezed, a gesture he returned.

We şişhane escort had moved off the main stream and were heading up a little backwater.

“Doing a little exploring” he said.

There was a little bay, a sandy beach, a grassy field behind. He ran the boat up the beach and, taking off his shoes and socks, jumped into the shallow water and walked ashore to tie up. I kicked off my own shoes and followed. He returned to the boat, collected a bottle and glasses and at last we were alone. Except of course for the cows, but we could ignore them.

He put down the bottle and glasses, and reached out. I took his hands in mine.

“May I?”

He drew me to him and we kissed. I released his hands and wrapped my arms around him, exploring the strength of his muscles. He embraced me, caressing my back and shoulders, pressing my breasts against his chest.

” At least let me open the wine”

It was Champagne, and chilled. I held a glass as the cork popped, flying out over the water. The froth filled the glass, slowly settling to a lovely clear fluid.

“I think it would be more fun if we shared a glass, don’t you?”

He took my hand and raised the glass to my lips. I took a deep draft, then reciprocated. He finished the glass then carefully put the bottle and the glass down in the long grass. We embraced again, this time intensely.

I pulled his shirt from his trousers and for the first time felt the bare flesh of his back and chest. He did the same for me, and soon was releasing the remaining buttons on my blouse. The garments fell to the floor at the same time, soon to be followed by the rest of our clothing. Last to go were my knickers and as they fell I grabbed one of the condoms, ripping off the wrapper with my teeth and putting it on him with a movement of one hand.

I dropped back into the soft grass, pulling him down on top of me. As I pulled him to me he entered me, gently but firmly, and started pumping. My body had been waiting for this, preparing itself, since I had first seen him almost a day before and now it took over. My hips were grinding into his, my hands gripping his back and buttocks, squeezing him as hard as I could. All I was aware of was my body, filled with his. That familiar feeling of tension and anticipation rapidly built in me, and I knew my moment of climax would soon be with me.

The tension was soon almost unbearable, as I pounded and ground myself into him. Then at last, I was there. Wave after wave of electric energy flowed through my whole body, from deep in side me to the tips of my fingers and toes. Only very gradually did I relax and begin to appreciate the world around me.

John was still on top of me, his movements slow and regular. Clearly he hadn’t climaxed yet, there hadn’t been time. He kissed me, then whispered in my ear

“Wow. Did I do that?”

“You certainly did. How are you?”

“Fine. Just beginning to enjoy myself”


We rolled over, me on top with him still deep inside me. My favourite position. I lifted myself up to take him completely, then started rocking backward and forward. John was kneading my breasts, one in each hand, tweaking my nipples. As I started to move he dropped a hand between my legs and quickly found my clitoris.

I knew like this I would climax again, but now I was in control. I could make the build up last as long as I liked. I started a slow, steady rhythm, John moving inside me and my clitoris rubbing against his finger. He did exactly what I wanted – nothing.

My excitement started almost immediately. I allowed it to build, get closer and closer to the edge. As it grew I speeded up my movements, until I knew I was almost there. Then I slowed down, just to tease myself. Several times I managed this, until I couldn’t hold back any more. I took myself to the edge again, and let go.

My second climax was less dramatic, but as good if not better. As soon as I started John pulled me to him and we rolled over again.

“Now it’s my turn” his voice was strong, almost aggressive.

His steady pumping changed to strong thrusts, his breath heavy. With every thrust he grunted and gasped, getting louder with each. My hands were grasping his back and arse, feeling their strength as he moved toward climax.

I don’t think my second orgasm actually ended but if it did I was now engulfed in my third.

I felt his back curl and reached down to hold his balls. I could feel them tensing up and knew he was on his way.


He shouted as he pushed deep inside me and shot

“Yes” “Yes” “Yes”

His movements were easing now, and soon he rolled off and let himself slip out of me. I laid my head on his chest and listened to his heartbeat and breathing slowly come back to normal. I reached down and slipped the condom from his still nearly erect body, letting his semen run out onto my hand. I tasted it, then şişli anal yapan escort rubbed it on my chest. I ran my hand back down his chest and gently caressed his shaft and balls, enjoying their moistness and the feel and smell of his body. We fell asleep in each others arms.

We were woken by a summer shower. Warm, gentle rain in contrast with the heat of the sun. I went to collect our clothes to put them somewhere dry but John restrained me.

“They can dry out later”

We kissed, a long and passionate embrace punctuated by the gentle, sensual touch of the rain. I expected to make love again, but John surprised me by standing up, drawing me to my feet.

“Let’s play”

We ran to the river and jumped in. The shock of the cool water soon faded as we splashed and ducked each other like a couple of school kids.

After a few minutes I stepped back and looked at him, the first time I had actually seen the man I had made love with. Up to then he had been a focus for desire but now I had the man in front of me. Handsome face, broad shoulders. Chest gleaming with little rivulets of rain, a shadow of hair forming a Y between his biceps and running down to his waist. Just a hint of darkness joining this with the forest surrounding his penis and balls, which swung freely with his every movement, drops of water falling from them. I was entranced and moved to him, drawing his head to mine. We kissed again.

Our second love making was more relaxed, no need to rush. As we kissed our hands explored every part of each others body, searching out every possible way to give the other pleasure. I kissed his nipples, taking time to pleasure each one, then kissed my way down to his penis then his balls. I took the head in my mouth, moving the soft skin up and down against the strength of his shaft. He kissed and caressed by breasts, gently nibbling my nipples, taking me very close to climax in the process. He kissed my fanny, caressing the lips with his and finding my clitoris with his tongue.

Finally we were both ready and he entered me. I was pleased that he took control since I knew he would take me in a way that gave me ultimate satisfaction and, almost more important to me, that I would give it to him.

We started slowly, John setting the pace and me following. As his passion grew so did mine, until we were both close to climax. Then we slowed down, maintaining the tension but not yet ready to finish. Again we accelerated, and slowed down. Finally I knew I was ready to take the final leap, and told him.

His thrusts became irresistible. I returned his passion. I knew I was moments away from climax, and so was he. I clasped him to me, he buried his face in my neck. I started first, and that seemed to set him off. In a moment we were both gasping in a sea of passion, aware only of each other and our shared passion. Even after his orgasm had finished he still thrust into me, trying to keep mine going for as long as possible. Finally we both subsided into a trance like suspense, aware only of each other and the pleasure we had shared.

When we woke the sky was clear and the sun warm. We hugged, kissed and gently caressed. A soft mist rose from the grass as it dried, releasing a delicious aroma. The whole scene had a magic touch. I wished we could have stayed there forever, just as we were, in each others arms, but reality slowly broke through. I remembered the Champagne.

The rest of the day was a blur of swimming in the river, chatting, sleeping and loving. Eventually the cool of the evening set in – and we ran out of condoms – so reluctantly we took the boat back and returned, separately, to the hotel.

John’s Story

I had finished the team briefing, had dinner and we were having a quiet drink in the hotel bar. Everything was ready for the start of the exhibition in the morning, and I had run out of things I needed to do. I was contemplating a couple of rounds of golf in the morning, and sent a text to my PA warning of an urgent meeting. She would handle the rest.

I glanced around the room just as Gayle walked in.

Wow! Tall, long blonde hair, wonderful figure and dressed to kill. She glanced at me and I looked away, almost embarrassed.

I need not have worried. A few minutes later I turned to discover her standing beside me. Feigning surprise I greeted her, glancing down to see her name badge and avoiding the temptation to stare down her cleavage. We chatted easily for a few minutes, knowing that we could not be seen together for too long. Inviting her to my room would have been a career threatening move for both of us. I mentally cancelled the golf.


“Love to”

I could check out her details from the delegate list and e-mail her when I had sorted the arrangements.

After a fitful night and unenthusiastic breakfast I made sure the exhibition arrangements were in place and confirmed my ‘meeting’. şişli bdsm escort Back to my room to change and off into town.

I knew the place quite well, we had held several conferences here and I sometimes did play golf. Set by the river and with several very pleasant waterside pubs it makes for an excellent escape. I had hired a small launch a couple of times to explore and had come to know the river quite well. Suddenly I knew what I wanted. I found the boatman and did the deal.

I had a couple of hours before Gayle would be clear, so I sent her a text arranging to meet at a wine bar in town. Then I did a little more exploring, except this time I knew what I was looking for. A pleasant place to sit, chat, share a bottle of wine and, maybe, a little more. Most important it must be away from prying eyes. And after a couple of false starts I found it.

Back in town I moored the boat and took a stroll, trying to relax. I found my way to the wine bar and took a suitable table. I had time to order a drink and settle a little before she would arrive.

Wow! She had looked good the night before but this was exceptional. The lady even managed to climb out of the taxi elegantly.

As she settled with the driver I had a chance to admire her figure – long legs topped with a delightful short skirt. This was well tight enough to hint at a well shaped arse, rounded and not too big, and her long hair fell over nicely formed shoulders and back.

Then she turned round.

Her top was buttoned low, and was short enough to reveal her midriff and the single jewel in her navel. If she was wearing a bra there was no way it showed and it was clear to me that it would be unnecessary. Her breasts were not over large but were, as far as I could see, delightfully full and firm. They could look after themselves.

With some difficulty I recovered enough composure to stand up, return her greeting and invite her to join me. As she did I kissed her, rather formally, which she seemed to appreciate. I ordered her a drink and began to settle down.

We chatted freely, about work at first then about ourselves, our lives and ambitions. At that moment I had only one ambition, and although I tried hard to disguise it I was sure she was perfectly aware what it was. Only time would tell if she shared my thoughts or was playing a game with me.

We finished our drinks and I suggested we move on. I think she was expecting to go to a restaurant in town – she seemed mildly surprised when we moved toward the river. She was even more surprised when she realised she was expected to board a small boat. I had the impression she had never been anywhere near such a thing before. I helped her aboard, taking her hand to reassure her then kissing her rather more purposefully. We moved out onto the river and I headed for the pub where I planned lunch.

Lunch was pleasant and, for me, relaxing. My nerves were settling – maybe partly to do with the drinks – and the conversation was free and easy. Personal at times, spiced with jokes and mild insults, even a little risque. Time to move on, see what the rest of the afternoon might have in store. I went to the gents and pocketed a pack of condoms, just in case. When I got back she asked me to look after her things while she freshened up. I sat watching the ducks.

When she got back it was clear she was bra-less. There were a couple less buttons securing her top and the slight chill in the pub had brought out the best in her nipples. I had to work very hard to look her in the eyes as I gestured to board the boat again. Her smile had a hint of anticipation to it, and when we kissed it was as passionate as was discrete in front of people enjoying lunch.

We moved off toward my little hiding place and enjoyed the river. I even let her drive briefly, which was a disaster. By now we were moving up my little backwater and I beached the boat and tied up, taking the wine and glasses with me. She followed me ashore.

I put down the wine and embraced her. For the first time we kissed properly, lips and tongues exploring, arms hugging, hands squeezing. We both knew we wanted each other, there and then. However there are some priorities.

I opened the wine and poured a glass, which we shared. One gulp each. I put the glass and bottle and glass down carefully – we would need them again – and we embraced again. Almost immediately she dragged my shirt from my trousers, and I responded by freeing the last of the buttons from her top. Both garments dropped to the floor, and for the first time I could feel those wonderful breasts. As I bent down to kiss them her hands were on my belt and fly, my trousers dropping to the floor closely followed by my boxers. I released her skirt, and the last to fall were her knickers.

She had a condom in her hand – where it came from I had no idea and didn’t waste time worrying. Ripping the wrapper off with her teeth she slipped it on and fell into the grass, pulling me with her. I hardly had time to enter her properly before she started writhing passionately, grinding her hips into me. Her legs were wrapped tightly around me, her arms squeezing me, her hands gripping my back and arse, her fanny gripping my shaft. I felt her excitement build until she seemed about to explode.

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