Feelings of Coming Together


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I do love our two bodies naked and together, there is a quality of superior renown when I am with you… each time I am with you is like a first. I don’t know how or why but it is so, there is a hunger each time we come together, your warm wet kisses only inflame in me the desire to have more of you, to consume you and to have you feed my appetite of desire and love as I feed yours.

I crave and urge to have you, to feel you, to taste you, to touch you, to be on you and to be in you, to feel you on me and to have you feel me in you, there is no denying that I ache to have and feel the pleasures that for some reason only you can provide me, you have an attraction and appeal like no other woman and I cherish and treasure the value and meaning that your body imposes on me.

I feel compelled to be with you, ever drawn by an invisible force, but a wonderful and delightful force who’s command I am always happy to obey and can’t wait until we meet and I can begin our ritual of pleasing and satisfy. I want to bestow on you such love and affection as to take your breath away, to make you fantasize and feel that all your desires are not just fulfilled but that they are overflowing to where you feel rewarded and sated.

When we come together you always reignite that spark in me and set in motion a feeling of abundant yearning and a deep sensual thirst, this creates an almost out of the body sensation, I feel me touching you and it feels so sublime, and yet sometimes all I feel is you touching me, caressing me in such a way I become lost in your touch, and then my hand caresses your breast and all my feelings of love and affection are focused on only this and fondling and stroking your breasts which drives waves of sensual delight coursing through me and causes even my cock to begin to tingle and I feel it begin to throb in desire for you, and pangaltı escort then I feel your nails run slowly down on my back, digging in, not enough to actually cut my skin, but enough to lightly scratch me, right on the edge and it is like being taken to a different place, there is a great pleasure in being on the edge of pain that feels so good.

When you reach the end of my back and for a moment you stop, I think damn that was good and I want more of you. Why did that have to end, and then I become aware again of my cock throbbing and wishing it was inside that warm wet place that fills me with satisfaction, and yet I don’t want our play to end, my body is so alive with every sense I have, I feel myself going wild and crazy, and I can’t wait to kiss you deeply and feel my tongue go deep into you….mmmmm.

I feel my hand once again squeezing your breasts and feeling your nipple which sends waves of pleasure and passion through me as I also feel your mouth with my tongue, God you taste so good and OH God how nice your breasts feels to squeeze, my senses are all running wild and then I feel your nails digging into my butt, and I am lost again in the wondrous sensations you are giving me, and it is as if I no longer feel what I am doing to you, they are off in the distance as I feel your lips pressing against mine, and your warm sensual tongue exploring me deeper and deeper and GOD your nails digging in feel so sublime, my mind craves more, deeper, harder, more, more, more.

My body shutters from the wave of ecstasy you are delivering to me, I can only surrender myself to your touch and those glorious nails digging into me, OH MY, it is rough, hard and tempestuous, but it is so superb and sublime and god I love it, and as my body shutters with delight I feel again that aching and vibration deep inside pendik escort my cock, and I want so much to have it inside you thumping, pounding as we exchange these miraculous feelings.

And yet I want to indulge more of the hedonisms and pleasures you impart, it is always hard to determine at what point foreplay ends and real intimate love making begins, it is never a planned moment in time, we have made love a hundred times and in my mind probably a thousand, but the moment of transition is one I can’t identify or explain.

I don’t believe you have ever lead that moment, I don’t recall you ever saying to me “I want to feel you in me now”, or “give me your cock”, I don’t recall you ever climbing on top of me and starting the magic, every beginning I can recall was me taking the lead, mind you now I am not complaining – just thinking and wondering about that moment, when is the time right? when and why does it occur?

What makes us go from feeling and touching to pumping and thrusting, I think it happens when you so drive me wild with passion and lust that my throbbing cock is so desirous to be in you that I cannot bear the thought of waiting any longer, at times it may be an hour, at times 15 minutes, when I am with you there is no time and there are no clocks, time slides and seems to stand still, I do know that each time I reach over and spread your legs apart.

When the moment comes you are always a willing partner who wants and desires the next step as much as me, you seem to enjoy me either climbing on top of you or spreading your legs and moving my cock ever closer. Often I just climb on top and begin to approach you, and yet at times I gradually approach you moving your legs and my body to allow my cock to press against you and eventually to enter you. I think we have found a dozen ways to begin rus escort our magic ritual.

I have to tell you at these times I am so raptured with lust that I often just want to bury myself deep inside of you… but I usually resist the urge to thrust and push – because this momentous event deserves time to fully enjoy its bliss and pleasure, and always at the moment when my cock enters your love canal it is a moment out of time of illustrious notoriety, there is always with you a distinction of infamy as I slide my hard cock inside your pussy, you propel my lust, desire and passion to a fevered pitch, my feelings overflow when I am with you and as I slide my throbbing member into your sizzling wet pussy I feel wash over me a fanatical, frenzied enthusiasm that drives my heart and body wild, each time we are together and I insert and drive my cock into you there is a pouring out of elation such as I have never before or sense experienced, mmmmmmmm.

the first entry is so sublime I wish it could last forever, and so I always enter you slowly and do some light thrusting to begin our ritual of love making, and I am lost in the feelings of your pussy wrapping around my cock – I feel the warm wetness that engulfs my being and cannot be explained as I reach deeper into your pussy with my cock and my mind, at times I feel only me, throbbing and reaching out to you, ever deeper into you, and at other times it is as if your pussy is magically engulfing my hard cock and pulling me inside, at this moment I wonder how you can have such control and mastery over your pussy as to make it pull me in and swallow me as your wetness and warmth surround my member.

Oh God this is so wonderful, my cock is alive with feelings and sensations that are so exquisite and so marvelous and each thrust inside of you brings such ecstasy and joy as waves of jubilation and euphoria course through my cock and then deeper into my body, and when I am caught up in your net of love making, I feel a rapture in my heart for you and my bliss and exultation bind me to you in body, mind, heart and soul.

I love you babe, and I love how you love me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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