Extra Stinky Stockings


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The following story is centered around two women playing with and consuming bodily wastes such as urine and feces. If this does not interest you, please do not read further or rate the story poorly because of its contents. Criticism is always appreciated so long as it is constructive and not vitriolic. I read all comments and messages if you reach out to me directly, so please send in your ideas and opinions. It is your feedback that makes me continue to write these stories so let me know what you enjoy.

All characters are fictional and over the age of 18.


“Was that a knock at the door?” the sudden sound drew Lauren’s face away from Trish just long enough to ask the question. Hands were quickly on either side of her head, pulling her lips back to her girlfriend’s as they began to kiss once again.

“Maybe,” Trish just smiled, shoving her tongue back into Lauren’s mouth. The knocking could wait as she was far more interested in making love. With Lauren’s small, warm body on top of her own there was little that could move her from the couch.

Of course, Lauren was an anomaly as her persistence often bordered on obsession. She too loved the moment they were sharing, but she also loved surprises and when something got in her head, it would rarely leave. “Go see what it is!” she prodded Trish, squeezing the girl’s side.

Trish just giggled, squirming under her girlfriend’s weight as her body was groped. She tried to continue their kissing, but Lauren was no longer interested. Instead, she pulled up and strained her neck, looking over the back of the couch at the front door to see who was knocking. Trish got a face full of the girl’s hair, the smooth black strands tickling her skin and falling into her mouth. She pushed Lauren off and sat up, rubbing the irritated skin on her face. “Why don’t you go get it,” she said, pulling a hair off her tongue.

“I’m naked,” Lauren wined, sitting on her knees to get a better look at the door.

“I am too,” Trish reminded the woman, grabbing Lauren’s waist and kissing her cheek, “Besides, you are far more interested in it than me.”

“Well…” Lauren paused, “I’m watching the movie so I can’t go!” she stated proudly. They had sat down intending to watch a movie, but both girls were far too distracted with each other. One thing led to another and their clothes had been removed halfway through the opening credits. Now, the TV was just white noise behind their moans.

Trish just sighed, “You’re not even looking at the TV, you haven’t been-” she cut herself off, “Why am I even bothering?” Reluctantly, the woman stood, planting a kiss on Lauren’s forehead before walking to the door. The tile of the front room was cool on her bare feet and padded along silently, hopeful that whoever was knocking had since left and would not see her naked.

Grinning, Lauren knew she had once again won. “I love you!” she called after Trish, “And your ass looks really good from this angle. Nice and fat!”

Looking over her shoulder, Trish glared at her girlfriend whose smile wasn’t broken. She shook her head and looked through their apartment’s peephole. It didn’t seem anyone was outside so Trish opened the door just enough to slip the box sitting outside through the gap before closing it.

“What is it?!”

“A surprise,” Trish teased, flipping the box over in her hands and walking back towards the living room.

Lauren couldn’t hold in her excitement any longer and ran towards her girlfriend, “A dirty surprise?” She looked at the white box in her girlfriend’s hands; it was thin and appeared to be quite light. There weren’t, however, any labels on it that may have eluded to its contents. As a result, Lauren grabbed the cardboard and began frantically trying to open it.

“You’re such a child sometimes,” Trish remarked, watching her girlfriend try and tear through the thin packaging like a wild animal.

Lauren made a face, sticking her tongue out at Trish before focusing back on the box. She managed to rip the sticker that was keeping the lid closed with her nail, allowing her to open the top. The box hinged at the back revealing a layer of tissue paper that Lauren promptly ripped out and threw to the ground.

“Be careful,” Trish warned, grabbing the paper off the floor, “It could be breakable.”

A couple more layers of tissue later and Lauren had uncovered what was in the box. She pulled out the first of two cardboard sleeves, flipping it over to read the label. “Nylon bodystocking…” she was unfamiliar with the product, “What is that?”

Rather than answering, Trish grabbed the white sleeve and pulled open the top tab. Sliding out the interior cardboard sheet, she tucked it under her arm before unraveling the thin cloth inside. Holding it up to her naked body, it was quite clear what the product was. For Lauren’s sake, Trish explained anyways. “It’s like stockings but for your whole body. I thought we could have some fun with it,” a seductive smile crept across her face.

“Hmm, maltepe escort so you were the one who ordered it and you knew what it was the whole time,” Lauren accused, feeling the garment as Trish held it up. The fabric was thin but smooth, a dark black that stretched easily between Lauren’s hands. “It does feel good… Can I put it on?”

“Well, I bought it for you. Come on, I’ll help you,” Trish walked back to the couch, setting the garbage on the coffee table. She straightened out the fabric best she could before pulling open the neck hole as wide as it would go without ripping.

“What about the other thing?” Lauren asked, digging through the box.

“That’s for me, now get over here.”

Shrugging her shoulders, Lauren tossed the box onto the table with the rest of the packaging. She quickly shuffled to her girlfriend’s side and began working out in her head how she was supposed to get the tight bodystocking on. “Um,” she sat down on the couch and tried putting both legs in at once, “How do I…”

“One leg at a time,” Trish removed one of the girl’s legs. She worked the fabric until Lauren’s toes were in the foot of the stocking. “Now the next one,” she grabbed Lauren’s leg and pulled it through the neck hole, “Be careful though, I’ve heard these can rip pretty easily.” With both her girlfriend’s legs in the appropriate places, Trish began to slowly pull the garment upwards. The fit was tight, especially around Lauren’s thighs, and she carefully tugged on the fabric until it was around the girl’s waist. Using the palm of her hand, Trish did her best to remove all the bunches and wrinkles.

“Mmm… keep rubbing me like that,” Lauren moaned, thrusting her body forward. The light slap on her pussy was a surprise, but not unwelcome as another moan escaped her lips. Bending backward, she shoved her crotch in Trish’s face, “Or do that again.”

Trish obliged, smiling as she gave Lauren another spank on her mound, “You’re such a pervert.” She straightened the back of the body sleeve, and grabbed Lauren’s right arm, pushing it through the hole and into the arm of the garment.

“You liked it too, otherwise you wouldn’t have done it a second time,” Lauren teased, “So I guess you’re also a pervert.”

Fighting with the girl’s left arm, Trish sighed, “Just put your other arm in.” It seemed Lauren did want to do anything herself, though, and Trish was forced to shove the last piece inside. After smoothing out the remaining wrinkles, she surveyed her handiwork. All in all, Lauren looked very good in the bodystocking.

The nylon was stretched and thin, showing off the girl’s tanned skin. Swirling lace designs made up a faux bikini pattern that covered Lauren’s breasts and crotch, but the stocking covered almost her entire body from neck to toes. The fabric was transparent enough to allow her hairless vagina to still be clearly visible beneath, her labia pulled open slightly by the tight fit. Aroused, Lauren’s pale nipples were standing upright with their tips sticking out of the tiny holes that made up the nylon.

Moving forward, Trish wrapped her arms around Lauren’s waist and began kissing her once again. “You look really fucking hot,” she giggled, moving her hands up and down the girl’s back to appreciate the soft material.

“Definitely a pervert,” Lauren joked as she ran her hands through Trish’s smooth, dark brown hair. “It feels different, but I love how tight it is. And the nylon feels really good on my body,” Lauren stated simply. She moved her hands from Trish’s head and down the girl’s back, landing on her large ass. “So, what did you get?” she purred, massaging the soft flesh between her hands.

Brushing the girl’s hair to the side, Tish kissed her girlfriend once more. Their tongues danced between locked lips, stopping as Trish moved away to speak, “You’ll see.” Grabbing the open box from the table, Trish smiled slily before starting down the hallway. Lauren was hot on her heels before Trish stopped her, telling her to stay put.

“Why can’t I come with you? I want to see!” Lauren pouted, stomping her foot on the carpet. ‘Child’ Trish mouthed as she took the box into their bedroom and shut the door, leaving Lauren alone in the living room. To kill time, she returned to fondling her body and playing with the tight nylon. Sitting in their armchair, Lauren reclined the seat and began to pull on her nipples through the sheer material.

The flesh became even more erect as she tugged on the two nubs. With the other hand, Lauren began to tug on her labia, the skin turning a bright red as blood filled her pussy lips. Her arousal was obvious as the crotch of the stocking was already coated in a thin, creamy film. Lauren’s nectar was leaking out steadily and staining the black fabric in a shimmering white.

Bringing her hand under her nose, Lauren inhaled the dirty aroma of her cunt. She hadn’t showered for a couple of days now and was now very musty. The fresh juice mixed with old leaving the strong smells of pussy and sweat. Slurping off the cream, Lauren returned escort maltepe her hand between her legs and began to trace circles on her clit. The silkiness of the nylon further aroused her as it was pressed between her finger and sensitive numb.

The sound of the bedroom door opening pulled Lauren from her trance and the girl quickly sprang up, running over to the hallway. What she saw made her jaw drop, utterly surprised by the sight before her. Trish, strutting down the hallway, was wearing black nylon stockings, covered by a short, black pencil skirt. On top, the brilliant white blouse clashed with the darkness of the rest of her outfit and looked radiant against her ebony skin.

The top few buttons were undone, leaving Trish’s excessive cleavage spilling out the top. Her nipples were hidden, however, by a lacy black bra that was peeking through the opening. To top off the look, she had her hair in a tight bun and was wearing black-framed glasses. The shiny, black heels that covered her feet brought the outfit together. “You look like a sexy teacher!” Lauren gasped, her mouth still agape.

“Mmm… I like that,” Trish moaned, wrapping her arms around Lauren’s waist. She pushed her tongue into her girlfriend’s mouth and the two girls traded saliva. “Are you full yet?” Trish whispered into Lauren’s ear, running her hand down the girl’s chest and pressing on her stomach, “You’re getting bloated.”

“Not yet, but soon. Really soon,” Lauren replied. Pulling open the collar, she pushed her hand between Trish’s shirt and her bra. The flesh was warm and soft; Lauren had always been attracted to her girlfriend’s large breasts. Blindly she pinched the girl’s nipple between her fingers, stimulating the tip with her thumb.

As much as she was enjoying the attention, Trish grabbed Lauren’s wrist, removing her hand. “I’m getting there too,” she purred, “But while we wait…” Trish trailed off, leading Lauren by the arm back to the living room. Laying on the leather couch, she patted her stomach. Lauren got the idea and moved into position, her legs on either side of Trish’s torso with her butt pointed towards the girl’s face. “Your ass looks so good in that stocking,” Trish studied the tanned globes.

Straining, Lauren felt her sphincter open and release a slow spray of gas. Initially silent, it sputtered as it came to an end, leaving the strong smell of her forthcoming shit. She could feel Trish’s nose pushing against her hole immediately after the fart ceased, inhaling as much of the strong aroma as she could. It was far past anything recognizable and smelt only of foul waste; Trish loved it.

When the fart was no longer distinguishable, she moved her nose from Lauren’s ass to her wet slit. With the nylon in the way, Trish had difficulty burying her face too deep. Still, she jammed her nose into the hole, feeling the cream gathered on her girlfriend’s crotch. Her face was enveloped with a musky smell; it was less strong than the fart but equally gross and heavenly. “When was the last time you washed?”

“That bad?” Lauren pushed herself further onto Trish’s nose, moaning as she felt her body sleeve being pressed into her clit. Trish’s tongue was moving up and down the length of Lauren’s vagina, sucking up the dripping juices. “Well, given that you’re eating it the smell can’t be that bad,” she mused, closing her eyes and slipping further into bliss. The attention on her pussy, however, loosened her control and Lauren felt her bowels churn. “It’s going to come out,” she whispered.

Trish wasted no time, slipping out from under Lauren and positioning the girl directly across from her on the couch. Splaying her girlfriend’s legs and moving them behind her head, Trish had a full view of Lauren’s puckered hole. The rough, purple skin surrounding it was tensing, straining to contain the massive load of shit that the girl had been saving up.

Another fart slipped out and Trish darted between Lauren’s legs, sucking up the filthy air. “Push,” Trish’s request was quiet, barely audible to Lauren who was too focused on the waste that was packed in her bowels, “let me see your delicious scat.”

Unable to wait any longer, Lauren felt the head of her load begin to slip out. The mass was soft but large, stretching her hole an inch wide as it snaked into the back of her nylon suit. The sounds of soft crackling echoed in the room as more wet shit slid out of Lauren’s anus, bringing with it the strong, rank smell of feces. “Fuck, that feels good,” she breathed, tensing her sphincter and cutting off the snake.

With her pussy drenched, Trish shoved her face back between the legs of her girlfriend and into the steaming mass of shit. It felt warm pressed against her skin, smears of damp scat leaking through the thin nylon and onto the woman’s mouth. She licked her lips and savored the bitter flavor while her left hand played with her clit.

Pulling her face away, Trish marveled at the clump that had now been spread out beneath the body sleeve. The base of Lauren’s ass was completely coated in the chocolate-brown maltepe escort bayan shit, darkened even more by the black nylon. Using her free hand, Trish mashed the scat into somewhat of a patty and began spreading it on her girlfriend’s labia. Although, the nylon acted as a barrier, making it difficult to get even coverage.

As she felt a twinge in her bladder, however, Trish thought of a solution to the smearing problem. Stradling Lauren’s torso, she directed her vagina at the lump of shit stuck to the girl’s crotch. Slowly at first, a thin stream of pee ran through Trish’s stockings and onto Lauren’s pussy. The yellow nectar dribbled down the girl’s pussy lips, mixing with the scat between her legs. The waste softened, brown drops falling onto the leather couch.

“What are you doing baby,” Lauren moaned, closing her eyes as she gripped Trish’s back and pulled the girl on top of her. As they kissed, Lauren felt the pee spraying against her stomach rather than her crotch. The urine gathered in her belly button, spilling out once full and running out on all sides of her torso. She began to grind her pussy against the couch, mashing the shit against the leather and spreading it further on her skin.

As her bladder released the last few drops of pee, Trish repositioned her body so that her leg was jammed between Lauren’s and pressing against the woman’s crotch. They began to grind against one another, Lauren’s clit being stimulated as it rubbed on her girlfriend’s knee. “It smells so good,” Trish purred into Lauren’s ear as she put her full weight on the girl, her blouse becoming wet as it soaked up the pee from the girl’s chest.

“It… fuck… it feels good too…” Lauren was out of breath as she continued to rub against Trish. The shit contained in her bodystocking was now mashed to a soupy paste that was slowly dripping between the two of them. Her girlfriend’s knee was coated in the waste as was Lauren’s entire pussy. “I’m gonna…” she felt her body slipping away as her orgasm encroached. The pleasure was familiar but all the same enjoyable as she felt the trademark jolt of pleasure. “Ugh,” Lauren grunted as her pussy clenched, a squirt of pee spraying out.

“Mmm, good girl,” Trish sat up slightly, squeezing Lauren’s tits as the girl came down from her orgasm. Trish slid her knee out from the girl’s crotch and replaced it with her face, shuffling backward on the couch to make room. Mixed with pee, her Lauren’s shit was now covering every part of her pink pussy. Trish couldn’t resist and began using her hand to spread the softened shit further along Lauren’s crotch and thighs.

“Fuck,” Lauren’s body spasmed, kicking Trish away, “I’m still sensitive, you’ll have to wait.”

“I don’t want to wait,” Trish protested, sitting up. Noticing the residual filth on her hands, she began to rub the soft shit into her blouse. As she massaged her breasts, two large, brown smears covered the white material. To remove the remaining feces, Trish shoved her dirtied fingers into Lauren’s mouth and the girl quickly got to work cleaning them.

Using her tongue, Lauren worked up and down each digit to ensure they were cleaned thoroughly. With their couple years of experience, both Lauren and Trish had long been familiar with the strong taste of feces. While still bitter, Lauren had come to crave the earthy flavor that could only come from their waste. Because of this, she enjoyed every second of finger cleaning that she got, taking extra care to hook the larger clumps with her tongue and press them against the roof of her mouth.

“You’re wearing too many clothes,” Lauren purred as Trish removed her now-clean fingers. Lauren pulled off her girlfriend’s dirtied blouse, tossing it to the ground. Sitting up, she lunged forward, grabbing Trish’s breasts through her lacy black bra and knocking the girl backward on the couch. Using her newly gained power, Lauren pulled off her girlfriend’s skirt. With the garment gone, she could see for the first time that not only was Trish wearing stockings, but they were being held up by a matching lace garter belt.

With Laure’s gazed locked on her lingerie, Trish grinned, “I thought you would like that.”

“You’ve never worn one of these before,” Lauren stated, running her hands up the silky stockings and stopping at the belt, pulling on it slightly before letting it snap back into place.

“It’s called a garter belt.”

Lauren made a face, “Yes, I know that! I’m not an idiot.”

“Hmm… I don’t know…” Trish joked, grabbing Lauren’s ass and pulling her downward. Their lips locked and Trish enjoyed the lingering taste of her girlfriend’s shit that was still coating the girl’s mouth. The sudden weight of Lauren on her chest, however, caused Trish’s bowels to churn. A burst of gas shot from her sphincter, vibrating the couch below her ass.

“It sounds like someone needs to use the toilet,” Lauren whispered, deliberately putting more pressure on Trish’s stomach. The smell of her girlfriend’s fart traveled to her nose and Lauren inhaled the powerful stench. If it was any indication of what was to come, Trish’s shit was certainly going to stink. This only made Lauren more excited as she began to bounce up and down, particles of scat spraying outwards every time her crotch made contact.

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