Erik’s Inheritance Ch. 01


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Erik never really imagined owning anything more than a car, a house, maybe some nice things like an oversized flat-screen TV or a spare guest house situated on the other side of a pool. Now he was looking at a stack of paperwork in a manila folder that said he owned a gentleman’s club. A woman who smiled at him through bifocals in a knowing way that should have made him uncomfortable, but didn’t, had bequeathed the papers to him upon his arrival.

“Who did you say is giving this too me?” Erik asked her, leaning back in the chair trying to understand how this was happening to him.

“David Thompson sweety, did you not know your uncle?” Her answer was confused and seemed to insinuate he should know who that was. She was a plump woman with short grey hair.

Erik rubbed his hands together, “I might have met the man once a few years ago, but no. I wasn’t close with any of my dad’s family. I think that is his brother.”

“Well he must have thought a good deal about you because in that is the transfer of some money too, and a few other things.” Her voice had that grandmotherly tone that told him he should get out of the kitchen, she was cooking.

“Yeah. I’ve gotta go to the bank and show them, what exactly?” he tried to keep his brow from furrowing into a scowl but forgot to lift his chin up when he flicked his eyes at the attorney across from him.

“Just hand them the folder and tell them you’re there because your uncle left you an account. You’ve also got to find out about his other things because most of that you’re gonna have to handle as well.” she said.

“Like what?” he asked.

She pursed her lips at him showing her irritation, “Any taxes he may owe, or mortgages or leases. Insurance payments, pretty much any bill he had is up to you to resolve. You don’t have to pay them all of course, unless you plan to keep whatever it is, but you’re the one that has to tell those people he’s dead.” she folded her hands.

“Oh. Okay, thank you.” Erik said and stood, trying to put back on a professional appearance. It was like putting on an oversized coat that he had been wearing for a few years. Comfortable but not quite him. Extending a hand he said, “If I have any more questions I’ll come see you.”

She stood and took it gently, her hands fat and small but warm in his. “We’ll help you if you need it sweety.”

The drive to the bank wasn’t long and aside from a few stop lights, unhindered. The clerk behind the counter was a pretty woman with sharp blue eyes and dark hair. When he told her why he was there she said, “Just a moment sir, I’ll get you an account manager,” and went around the corner to an office. A man ten years his senior waved him into a glass walled office near the back.

“How is your day going today?” the manager asked, his yellow button down shirt and purple tie an odd choice with his dark military cut hair.

“Much differently than expected.” Erik replied and then explained his circumstances. The man nodded in the right places and his eyebrows rose at the right moment. He took the manila folder, made a few copies of things that Erik didn’t pay attention too and came back with a form for Erik to sign after showing him his ID. It was a fast blurry interaction that left Erik holding sheaves of paper that had an account summary on each one.

“Considering your circumstances Mr. Thompson, I would suggest locating his accountant next.” The account manager said.

Looking at the statements and the amounts, Erik agreed. He had no idea if his affairs were “in order” as they say, but he had every intention of finding out. The last thing he wanted was to inherit money only to lose it all because he owed someone and didn’t know it. “Thank you for your help. I’ll do that.” They both stood and shook hands.

Trying to wrap his head around everything, Erik went and sat in his truck. It was a familiar and safe place for him to think while he looked at the statements. He had never handled so much money in his life, not that it was an astronomical amount that put him on par with millionaires, but if he had wanted to, he could have bought his house outright and never owed on it again. A new car too as long as he didn’t overstretch himself, if that had been a priority. It was a ton of money regardless.

The problem was that he obviously had a good thing going here, and it certainly sounded lucrative and to abandon that felt unintelligent. No, dumb. It seemed dumb to walk away from such a good thing.

Anything to do with naked women seemed a good thing to him too. Maybe he should have a look at what he now owned and controlled.

Pulling out his newly minted bank card, something the original teller had done for him while he was talking to the account manager, Erik had the thought that, if he put his own money into the club through drinks and tips, at least part of it would come back to him, in theory. Not knowing if it was true but thinking it was seemed like less of a waste bostancı escort but at the same time, all of the money in his original bank account felt like pennies on the dollar. Regardless, it was definitely a good idea to put eyes on his new place. However, he looked at it and a new problem arose; how to track the dollars earned and dollars spent at the club. Cash flow into him meant at least partial cash flow out via taxes, paychecks, insurance and the like. How did all of that stand? Who should he talk to about it? Was it in his manila folder? Were at least some answers in his mysterious manila folder? Maybe some answers were at the club.

Looking at it, Erik realized he didn’t like the folder. In his experience, they always got bent up and discolored and marked on. There were a lot of important documents in that folder and he hated the fact that they were so exposed.

A moment later he was driving towards Staples, the impulse still fueling him as he parked his truck ten minutes later and walked inside with his folder.

“Hello!” a pretty woman said from halfway across the store. There was no one at the registers but there also seemed to be no one in the aisles.

“Lively place you got here,” Erik said with a wave.

“This is the place to be at two forty-five in the afternoon, can’t you tell?” she said with a funny purse of her lips and a gesture around her.

Erik walked towards her. She was standing behind an overly large counter that surrounded her on all sides. It was white marble polished and sealed to a glassy finish that reflected Erik’s face up at him. Catching a glimpse at his arms and shoulders for a second, the muscles prominent, reminded him to make sure he made his daily gym trip later.

“How can I help you?” the woman asked with a bright, open mouth smile. She was blonde with her hair pulled back in a messy bun that truly looked messy rather than cute, a lock at her temple hanging around her left cheek.

Erik set his folder on the counter. “Well, I’ve got some extremely important documents I need to protect in here and I want to do it professionally and neatly. Am I in the right place?” He looked up at her, waiting.

“I think you are, it’s part of what we do.” She said. “Are you looking for just a binder and document protectors to slide them in or…?” she trailed off, putting both hands on the counter and leaning forward slightly.

Erik looked down and opened the folder, revealing the pages to himself fully for the first time. When he looked up at her, she was biting her lip with a knowing smile. She released her lip and raised her eyebrows as if to say, I’m here for whatever you need, just show me.

“I want something really nice that I’ll be proud to carry around with me.” He started putting the papers out on the counter, “Do you mind if I get organized right here? I haven’t really looked at these yet or put them into any kind of order. I don’t even know what’s here really.”

“Do whatever you need to, I’m here all night and from the looks of it, just for you,” she said. Her voice had gotten quieter and more intimate. She placed her elbows on the counter and leaned in to look at what he was doing.

Erik could see down her polo at her cleavage. Round breasts touched each other, their cupped curves diving into each other. Only an inch or so showed but he imagined the entire sweep of them as the dark valley disappeared. Glancing up at her, his eyes swept down her back, arched upwards as she leaned, her hips swaying back and forth idly. Two pink lines peaked out over her hips at the waistline of her white pants and wrapped around her, telling him of the thong that nestled itself against her vulva. His cock thickened im his left pant leg but he ignored it and continued laying out papers.

“Wow this does seem pretty heavy stuff,” she said plucking at an official looking certificate. There were a few of those in the stack among other normal pieces of paper.

He laughed, “Yeah, kind of why I want to protect it.”

“We’ve got a few things that would work but I don’t know if they are very stylish,” she said then stood up right. She walked to his left and he stole a glance at her backside, a round bubble of flesh that strained against the confines of what appeared to be white jeans but he was sure were a kind of denim leggings. He openly stared at her while she turned towards the aisles. Before she disappeared she glanced back and smiled at him.

She had known he was looking, and he thought she might have liked it. Smiling to himself he looked back down to the papers and tried to focus again.

She came back and nudged up against him as she laid out a few large book looking items and a three ring binder. Their arms touched and Erik felt the thrill of being closer to her. He inhaled and smelled a feminine perfume of a brand he couldn’t place. It made him think of wildflowers and sex.

“We have the basic binder design,” çeliktepe escort she said gesturing to the white hard covers, “or we have these leather bound ones.”

One was all blue and plain but too thin. Another was almost a briefcase in size and an ugly brown color, like that of an unwashed dog. She held a third one in her arms, “I think this is what you’ll want.” She offered him a black faux leather binder, sleek in design with a decorative line of thick stitching about an inch and half off of the spine on each side. Zippers held it closed and Erik opened it to find a white legal pad on the right side, three small rings in the spine and pockets on the left. It was perfect.

“Wow, you’re right, this is the one I want,” he said in wonder. Closing it up and rubbing the front with his palm, it made a smooth sound and tried to grip. His hand like a lover not wanting him to slip away. He thought it beautiful in its simplicity but he noticed the stitches were about where the ring insert would be sewn in, making it reinforced as well as elegant. When he looked up the woman was close to him, closer than he remembered her being.

Shorter than he was, she looked up at him, pink and light brown eye shadow peeking out from behind bold brown eyes lined in heavy black. She inhaled, extenuating her chest then sidestepped, squeezing herself between him and the counter, their hips grinding against each other. Her thigh rubbed his cock once and he didn’t bother stepping away as it throbbed.

His voice was low and intimate when he spoke, “What’s your name?”

“Amber,” she said, tilting her face to one side.

He wanted to reach in and kiss her. Part of him knew she wanted him to as well. He hadn’t made a pass at her, why was she coming onto him? He also wanted to shake his head to clear his mind. Today was weird,but in the best ways.

“Amber, I’m Erik, ” he said.

“Hi Erik,” she replied, still looking up at him, rubbing her thigh against his pulsing cock.

He wanted to throw her over the counter and mount her right there on the marble but good sense told him that was a bad idea, even if she went for it. Bold restraint seemed the best course of action and he said the only thing that made sense in the moment.”I have very little intention of letting your security cameras record me throwing you over the counter, however you are making it difficult not too.”

Amber purred, “Too bad, it’s kind of a fantasy of mine.” Her elbows went to the counter and she leaned back, pushing her hips against his.

“Do you have somewhere more private by chance?” he asked. He felt comfortable with himself and let his hands set the dark journal like binder down behind Amber and grabbed her hips right at her waist band, his thumbs and forefingers touching her skin. She felt warm and soft to his touch. She didn’t back away as he slowly leaned into her to put his lips against hers.

She pushed into him, meeting him the last few centimeters and keeping the kiss firm but not hard. It held the warmth of a lover’s intention but the unfamiliarity of a new handshake. She tasted of spearmint gum and when his right hand slid into her hair at the back of her head he caught a whiff of cigarette smoke like a toxic euphoria.

She pressed her body against his as he stepped closer, hunching over her, then she peeled back and seated herself on the counter with a hop. Both hands grabbed his t-shirt and pulled him to her. Erik’s mouth went to her neck and his fingers gripped her hair.

She spoke in a pant against him, “Door,” her breath was a rush against his ear, “I have to lock the door.”

Erik took a step back. She scrambled to the front door in a fast walk and with a click it locked and she turned back to him. Her steps were brisk when she came back to him and pressed her lips back to his, one hand going around his neck, the other to his still covered sex.

Her ass seemed to fall into his palms and he picked her up. She seemed light as a feather holding her in the air like that. Their lips wrestled with each other until she shifted and Erik let her slide down him. A blurry moment later they were in an office somewhere towards the back of the store and she was fighting to get his belt undone. Like their tongues a moment before, they fought against each other, him trying to pull her shirt off and her struggling to get his jeans down but a hectic moment later she sat naked on a desk with her legs open to him, her fingers cold against his cock, massaging it’s hard length. He stepped forward and felt the wetness of her slit kiss the tip of him.

Pulling on her thighs, Erik felt himself glide into her, her muscles squeezing as she moaned in pleasure against his size. He stared down at her body, a tiny lithe bundle of sexy that moaned and flexed against him. Her weight was positioned on her elbows and backside, her legs resting on his arms as he thrust into her.

Finding a rhythm, slow and cihangir escort steady at first, he felt her pussy out, finding the angle that seemed to make her moan the most. It required him to drop his hips just a little. When the bouncing became rhythmic,

Erik’s eyes began to drink in her lust while her body built to orgasm. To him it wasn’t something you rushed, especially on a first time with someone. Her moans didn’t disagree so that was good to him, his engorged cock throbbing and thrusting into her.

Amber looked up at him, meeting his eyes with an intensity. Then she bit her lip and leaned upwards, wrapping a hand around his neck, hanging her weight off of him. With the new found leverage, she lifted her bubbly ass up a little and pushed back onto him in time to his hips, their skin making a familiar loud smack. It was uncomfortable after a moment but the message was clear.

Erik stopped and took her hand around his neck in his own, set her down, then turned her over without pulling out. Her insides rolled and twisted on him in a pleasant way. He pinned that same arm in the small of her back gently, then took hold of her upper arm with his other hand. Obliging her silent request for more, he used her arm to pound into her from behind.

A loud moan started and didn’t seem to end while his hips and thighs slammed into her. She tilted her ass up, arching her back for him. He stared at the way it rippled and shook, enjoying the view of her and she lay face down and accepting him.

She clinched his shaft tightly and her moans increased, seeming to come from everywhere on the small room as she began to cum on him. Lifting her head and shoulders up, her back arching harder than before, she screamed with a sultry “Eeeuuuhhh,” and then fell back down. Warmth spread over the base of his cock and embraced his balls then quickly cooled. The proof of her pleasure if he needed it. He never slowed or changed pace. When her pants subsided, Erik slowed and pulled out.

“Are you about to cum?” she asked over her shoulder.

“No, just changing position.” he answered her.

“Okay. I want you to cum in my mouth.” she smiled at him, guilty pleasure painting her face.

He smiled back, “I would love too.”

She laughed in way that was more excitement than funny.

Putting her back on her back, Erik turned them ninety degrees so they were long ways on the desk. He took her legs up in his arms, the crook of her knee resting in the crook of his elbow. After she guided him back inside her luscious cavern, Erik folder her in half onto her shoulders and slide home inside of her. His balls rested against her ass.

With slow deliberation he pulled out his entire throbbing length until his tip barely penetrated her fold. Then with grunting force he smashed into her pelvis, driving into her pussy and smashing his hips against hers. She yelped a sexual sound and her nails dug into his chest for purchase, clawing two thin red lines across one bulging pectoral. He did it again, and again. The slamming thrusts and guttural grunts with her nails clawing anywhere they could touch became the new found rhythm. It grew in tempo and speed, her hands searching anywhere they could reach for places to sink her nails into his flesh in a desperate attempt to hang on.

He became a storm on top of her. His growls and grunts becoming loud roars. He felt her warmth explode over his cock, spewing outwards and splashing against him with each furiously drive of his cock. The euphoric rage built in his loins, escalating until it reached a plateau, his pleasure amazing in its feeling but not any closer to orgasm. He redoubled his efforts, lighting a wildfire in himself.

Sweat streamed off of his forehead and he was sure the entire store echoed with his voice. She screamed back, her entire body tensing every few seconds and then releasing a torrent of cum that spilled out of her like an overflowing cup.

Erik leaned low over her body, round breasts pressed against his thick chest, and he his elbows went to rest over her shoulders, locking her in place under him. He began to drive into her relentlessly, the force of him slamming into her over and over, driving her up against his arms. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and she began to scream and shake violently with her volcanic explosion of cum, her pussy a vise holding his cock and a spewing geyser at the same time. With a roar it sent him over the edge.

When his own eruption came finally, his loins squeezing and his pushing huge pumps of semen through him, he leaped up from her. He managed to keep his hand in her hair without actually yanking her down to the floor but he wasn’t sure how and then her lips were around his cock, sucking. A guttural scream followed and he felt thick cables of himself spew into her mouth. One hand held the base of his cock and the other cupped his backside, pulling with a gentle pressure. Her pleasured moans vibrated the crown of him, adding to his own euphoria.

Without question she sucked on him for a long time. When the pulsations of his seed slowed down, she began to go down his shaft with her mouth, pulling more out of him, milking his testicle. He held on and enjoyed it, trying to enjoy every free ounce of release he got.

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