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“Keep your voice down,” Zach hissed forcefully. “You’ll wake her up…if you haven’t already.”

He was fighting a losing battle to calm down the naked blonde. Everything had been going perfectly until she started in on Jamey again. He wished he could turn the clock back about twenty minutes, when they were still chest deep in his swimming pool, her lithe legs encircling him while he lifted and plunged her onto his rigid cock, guiding her slight weight with broad hands over her petite round ass. When he looked at those long, shapely dancer’s legs and carefully barbered landing strip adorning her pussy, he just wanted to crawl right back between them.

“…the fuck do I care?” Tina shot back. “Besides, you know damn well she’s wide awake…up there listening to us fuck. And getting off on it, too.”

“Jesus, Tina, what a nasty thing to say. And she can probably hear you.”

“I don’t give a shit,” Tina fumed. Her heavy round breasts quivered as she stood knee-deep, jabbing her finger at the air like a steak knife. Her voice grew louder and more strained with every point. At least there were no neighbors close enough to disturb. “Maybe she should hear this. Maybe she’ll finally take a fucking hint.”

“Hint? What are you talking about?”

“C’mon, Zach, stop being as dumb as she is. The hint to get her shit together! I mean, you’re sure not gonna help her do it. You’ll just let her sponge off you as long as she feels like it.”

“Oh for god’s sake, Tina, she’s not sponging off of anyone. She lost her job. Things have been really tough on her.”

“Yeah, well things are tough on a lot of people. It doesn’t mean she has to be taking up space under your roof. God knows she takes up enough of it.”

Zach had to catch himself and take a deep breath at Tina’s dig at Jamey’s size. While it wasn’t something she spoke of often, Zach knew it had always been a sensitive issue for her.

“She’s practically family, Tina,” he finally replied, measuring his tone. “And it’s my roof. She belongs here.” His voice was low but forceful as he fought to stay cool. At least one of them had to be rational.

“Jesus,” the blonde spat, “she isn’t really your family, so why the fuck does she have to live here? She’s 23 years old, for christ’s sake. She’s perfectly capable of getting a job and living on her own. “

“She has a job. She’s working for me, now.”

“I mean a real job. Not some kind of charity make-work job that means she gets to tag along after big Zachy all day. It’s fucking sick. She’s on you like a nervous puppy. It’s a wonder she doesn’t hump your leg when she gets all excited.”

“What the…?”

“Really, Zach, you can be such a fucking tool! Try to get this through that thick skull: either she goes, or this goes.” She spread her arms to feature the arduously maintained body he’d never savor again if he made the wrong choice.

Zach froze in a moment of disbelief, but he finally concluded there was nothing more to say. “Okay then. Leave your house key on the table on your way out.”

“Un-fucking-real,” the blonde spat.

She goose stepped her way out of the pool and hastily threw on her boyshorts and tank top. She slammed her keys down hard on the plexiglass patio table.

“Have a nice life with Fatass, Shithead,” she sniped without a backward glance. A second or two after she rounded the corner of the house, Zach heard something shatter. It sounded like one of his potted plants. Then her car door slammed, the engine revved, and the tires crunched as she fishtailed down the gravel drive to the main road.

There was no way to feel good about another fight, but if this was how Tina was going to respond to him helping Jamey it was better to know now. She’d been his younger sister’s best friend all their lives, and had practically grown up in Zach’s family home. It took a while before his brain stopped vibrating and he could even think about taking a few, deep, meditative breaths to bring his mood into a rational perspective.

Then he saw the light go on in Jamey’s window. His heart clenched into a fist of anxiety. His clothes were strewn all over the patio, so he hurriedly yanked on his nylon boxer-briefs and bolted into the house, bolting up the stairs three at a time.

He found Jamey hurriedly throwing clothes into a suitcase lying open on the rumpled bed. Her face was wet, and she was heaving with sobs. She was still wearing one of the oversized T-shirts she borrowed from him to sleep in. Her opulent breasts heaved and shook without the trapping of a bra in her desperate yanking and slamming of drawers. Her thick round thighs flexed almost violently in her mad dash to pack. She wouldn’t even look at him.

Zach caught her in front of the bureau and grabbed her by the wrist. He was a big, muscular man, but he was careful to grip her only as hard as it took to hold her still.


She went limp at the sound of her name. She lowered her head and her sobs grew softer but deeper. She sounded like someone who’d beşiktaş türbanlı escort stayed under water too long. Her chestnut ponytail was rumpled and loose. Zach smoothed his fingers along her silky hair while he let go of her wrist and drew her into his long, bulky arms.

“Oh Zach,” she sputtered against his naked chest. “My life is so fucked up. I never meant to fuck up your life, too.”

“Shhh,” he whispered softly. He let his lips graze the top of her head. “Stop worrying. I’m sorry you had to hear that.”

He kept stroking her hair while he held her in one arm. The trembling in her body was slowly ebbing away, although she was still weeping and breathing heavily. Zach was acutely aware of her generous breasts billowing against his body. With nothing but a threadbare T shirt between them, Jamey’s heavy mounds felt warm and disturbingly good.

“Oh Zach, I never should have called you just ‘cuz I got laid off. I didn’t know what else to do. You were the first person I thought of.”

Zach placed a gentle kiss on the top of her head. “That’s what you’re supposed to do,” he told her. “I want to be the first person you think of.”

He felt her breath against his bare chest.

“You’re not supposed to go on rescuing me forever,” she sighed.

“Says who?”

“Um, Tina, apparently,” she said. “I’m so sorry. I screwed it all up for you.”

“No. What you did was rescue me from a borderline psychopath.”

Jamey’s arms were tucked inside his, and she was touching his chest like a wall she needed to hold herself up against. Her fingers were close to his nipples, barely moving, but softly grazing. Zach was sure she didn’t realize she was doing it. Her fingertips, her breath. The firm weightiness of her breasts. It all felt so good, so…right. If he hadn’t just cum with Tina in the pool, he’d never have the strength to will against the hardening of his cock.

“Yeah, well now you’ve got your baby sister’s fat friend still tagging after you. Just like the old days.”

“Mmm. Just like the old days. Except you’re not fat, and you never have been.”

In fact, Jamey had been blessed with a strikingly beautiful face, along with a naturally creamy complexion. It was also true she was a big girl. She’d always been overtly feminine and shapely, except her proportions were naturally exaggerated, yet every lush curve was remarkably firm. Jamey had gotten heavily teased as a result. Eight years older, Zach was always the one who defended her. He protected her like a champion, as much as he looked out for his sister, and in the process, became the only man she genuinely trusted. He’d always wondered if that might not be a good thing, but his role as her faithful guardian gave him a sense of pride he never questioned.

He had also been secretly in awe of her. While Jamey was never built like the cheerleaders and car show models Zach had gone with most of his life, she’d always reminded him of a sort of pneumatic Barbi. It always frustrated him to never feel free to admit any of this to her, even when it might have helped her sense of self-esteem.

Zach caught their reflection in the mirror on the wall behind her. With his hand on the small of her back, the hem of her T shirt rode up slightly, just exposing the lower curves of her ass. He couldn’t resist the barest shift of his hand, accidentally-on-purpose, lifting the shirt hem a little more. He felt a twinge of guilt, but he couldn’t help himself. He could barely fathom the magnificence of her ass.

“Oh Zach, you always knew how to make me feel better. What would I ever do without you?”

There was finally the sweet tone of contentment in her voice that Zach wanted to hear.

“You’ll never have to know,” he told her.

He shifted his hand just that much more, lifting the back of her shirt another couple of inches, revealing even more of her beautifully extravagant ass. He wondered what she’d think if she knew how much he wanted to fill his hands with her bountiful flesh. Her hand was still splayed against his chest, her warm palm against his nipple. She squeezed slightly, absently testing the resilience of his muscle. Zach felt the uncontrollable stir of sensation in his cock. If he didn’t let go of her soon, she’d feel him harden against her body.

“I should tuck you back into bed now,” he told her. The last thing he wanted to do was let go, but his cock was already beginning to feel thick. If she felt him go hard she might never trust him again.

“Just hold me a little more, okay?” she mewed into his chest. “It makes my problems seem so far away.”

She squeezed his pec more deliberately. Enough so she had to be aware of it. Zach certainly was, acutely aware, and he knew he wouldn’t be able to control his body’s inevitable reaction much longer. It was as if the last six months of skull-rattling fucking with Tina were beginning to evaporate into thin air.

“Your problems are all behind you,” he told her softly, gazing at the beşiktaş ucuz escort perfect, thumbnail curves of her ass in the mirror. Then he silently swore over his choice of words. He forced himself to stop staring at her ass. He kissed the top of her head again, and inhaled the sweet scent of her hair.

Jamey looped her arms around him. Her fingertips rested along the waistband of his tight briefs. A few more inches and she would have been holding him by the ass. Zach wished she would. He knew it would be amazing to feel her hands on him. Really on him. He tightened his hold on her and raked the backs of his fingers along the silken texture of her face.

“You’re home now, baby girl,” he told her. “Don’t ever forget that.”

“I wish you could just keep holding me forever,” she sighed.

He kissed her cheek softly, almost on the edge of her mouth.

“Mm, you’re always so good to me,” she said with her lips against his chest.

Zach’s cock felt thicker, heavier. Letting her go was the only way to prevent impending disaster. His sister would exact some medieval brand of torture on him if she ever thought he tried to be more than a good friend to Jamey.

“You really ought to get back to bed and get some sleep now,” he said, still holding on.

Her lips moved against his skin again, barely an inch from his nipple. “I feel so happy like this. Like everything’s perfect.”

“It is perfect, baby girl. You’re perfect. It’s just…um…well we’re not wearing very much, and…”

Jamey giggled. “Yeah, it feels kinda naughty, doesn’t it? You can feel so much it’s almost like we’re naked.”

Her hands drifted lower, and she cupped each of his buns in her hands. “Zach? You’re, um, getting bigger, aren’t you?”

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to…I just can’t help it.”

“You don’t have to help it,” she whispered, her hands tentatively caressing the muscled spheres of his ass. “You’re getting hard, and I’m…getting wet.”

Zach could hardly believe what he was hearing. He gave in to the surging pulse that forced his cock to finally swell with heat. Then he did what he’d been wanting to all along, and dropped his hand to cup Jamey’s full, firm ass. He couldn’t believe how warm and pliant her flesh felt, or the incredible silkiness of her skin. As much of her smooth, warm flesh he could pull into his large, clenching hands, there was always more to grope for. He pulled her against his straining cock and kneaded her flesh with strong fingers.

“Oh yes, darling Zach, just let go. I’ll take such good care of you if you let me.”

Then, for the first time in his life, Zach kissed Jamey full on her supple lips. Her mouth opened, eagerly welcoming the wet sweep of his tongue. He’d imagined this kiss so many times over the years it almost felt familiar, and yet the reality of the wet heat of her mouth was far more intoxicating than he could ever imagine.

Zach slipped his right hand under the front of her T shirt until his groping fingers were overflowing with her warm breast. Jamey slid her hand around inside his briefs until she was touching his rigid cock. She moaned into his mouth as she curled her hand around his incredibly thick rod.

“God, Zach,” she gasped. “No wonder Tina was making so much noise.”

Zach chuckled, almost embarrassed but insanely pleased.

She pushed his briefs past his balls so she could get both hands around his throbbing shank. But then Zach lifted her shirt, drawing it off as she raised her arms.

“My god,” he said almost reverently, seeing her glorious body for this first time. Her breasts were ripe and heavy, standing out proudly as they quivered under their own weight, while her pussy was freshly shaved and smooth as satin.

He took her back in his arms and kissed her again, long and hard. She sucked his tongue hungrily while he crushed his huge body against her breasts. There was barely room for her to slip her hands between them to keep massaging his cock.

Jamey started to push Zach’s briefs down. She knelt down to pull them off. Zach could hardly fathom the sight of his own erection dangling just inches before her beautiful face. She looked up with a coy grin as she grasped his shaft and traced her moist tongue around the ridge of his imposing knob.

“Ahhh, JJ,” he groaned.

Her tongue moved along his shaft, licking over and under, while she gracefully fondled his balls.

“I can still taste her on you,” Jamey said, as much to herself as him. Just a simple statement of fact. “I can’t believe…finally…”

She took the clumsy, vein-crossed rod into her mouth, sucking as much as she could and stroking the rest with her hand. Her lips were moist and patient. Zach felt weak as his Jamey eagerly sucked his bulky shaft. It was powerful enough to knock him down. He could have sworn it felt like her mouth was created to fit around his cock.

Zach was in heaven, but he wanted to take Jamey along with him. He drew his aching beşiktaş üniversiteli escort pole away from her and guided her back to her feet.

“You’re amazing,” he told her, new light flashing in his eyes as feverishly kissed her.

He led her to the bed and shoved the open suitcase onto the floor. He drew her onto to the sheets and kissed her again, massaging her prodigious breasts as she moaned into his mouth. Her nipples were full and rigid, and he loved the sound of her whimpering when he tweezed them.

Her fingers raked his short hair when he went to draw those nipples into his mouth. He sucked them deeply, rolling his tongue around the pliant nubs while he kneaded the smooth spheres.

She uttered a soft cry when his fingers slipped against her nectar coated slit. Her full, warm thighs opened as he stroked her lips. Her clit felt so rigid, engorged with pleasure and slick for his searching fingers. Her smooth pussy flushed like overripe fruit while he massaged the knotted flesh.

He smeared her cream everywhere, over her hairless mound and ripe upper thighs, massaging her with her own froth. Then he fingered open her wet petals and slid his middle and ring fingers inside her. He pushed them all the way in and rolled the pad of his thumb over her hot clit.

“Ohh…ooohhhh…Zach…” she groaned deeply.

He kissed her again, fucking his tongue into her mouth while she ground against his hand. Keeping his fingers buried deep in her simmering furrow, Zach shifted so he could suck her tart clit while slipping his fingers in and out, massaging her from inside.

He felt her lips against his straining cockshaft again, her wet tongue sliding down his girth until she was licking his heavy balls. She took each one into her mouth in turn, sucking and rolling her tongue around the oval contours.

Zach pushed the outer thigh higher and wider, until even her taut little rim was exposed. He drew his slippery fingers from her pussy and massaged the bud with his fingertips. He alternated sucking her clit and stroking her lips with his tongue while his finger gently pressed into the aperture of her ass.

Jamey growled with heat as Zach’s finger slipped deeper into her ass, and yet somehow she managed to keep sucking his balls at the same time. She was jacking his cock now, too. He was throbbing so hard his clear pre-lube seeped heavily from the bulbous tip, allowing her hand a good, swift glide along his burning shaft.

Zach couldn’t get over the astonishing lushness of Jamey’s body. Generous and responsive, he wanted to explore everything about it. Her hips rolled against him as he ravaged her dripping core with his mouth. Her ass seemed to swallow his finger and beg for more. The way she moved left no doubt in his reeling mind how much she savored every touch, lick and probe.

Her grip suddenly tightened on his aching cock, and she let his ballsac slip from her mouth.

“Oh…oh…Zach…fuck!…you’re making me cum!”

He felt her whole body shiver with pleasure as she wailed his name over and over. He sucked hard on her clit, speeding the pumps of his finger in her ass. He didn’t let up until she quit calling his name and started to gasp for breath.

The dazed expression on her beautiful face made him smile as he sidled up beside her.


A coherent sentence wouldn’t come together for her. Zach just covered her open mouth with his, sliding his tongue along hers, knowing his mouth was still tangy with her savory nectar.

She mewled while he kissed her, reaching for his rigid cock at the same time. He floated into the supple warmth between her thighs. She held his rod and rubbed the tip against her inflamed pussy. He pushed into her, his thick shank sinking slowly but easily into her channel.

Zach was amazed at how tight she felt. He was even more amazed just to have his cock inside her after a thousand hopeless dreams of never being with the one he truly needed. He looked into her deep brown eyes, and she seemed just as stunned by the slick wet junction of their bodies as he. He drew backward, almost to the tip, and then took another slow but solid plunge back inside her.

“Oh, Zach, you feel so good in me,” she said, her eyes lit with excitement. “I never felt so full.”

Zach pulled out again, and began stroking in and out of her slick channel with long, gliding thrusts, giving her the full length of his shaft every time. She was so much bigger than the women he was used to. Her body felt so luxurious, so substantial, and yet her pussy felt amazingly small. She started to move with him, rolling her hips against the slow, torch song rhythm of his cock. Her face beamed with pleasure and happiness, and the feeling came over Zach they were dancing in the most perfect and intimate synchronicity.

“You look like an angel,” he told her. Then he half snickered. “I never made love with an angel before.”

She closed her eyes and gnawed her bottom lip while Zach began pumping more forcefully. He kept his own pace, patient and steady, but giving her hot, strong thrusts and burying himself as deeply as he could go. He loved how snug and steamy she felt, and the feeling of his balls grinding up against the fullness of her ass.

“Making love?” she uttered between deep pulls of breath. “I could’ve sworn you were just fucking me.”

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