Dinner Time


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I want you to come in.

Sit down.

And let me serve you dinner.

Wearing nothing but a bra, pants and an apron.

The kids are away, so we are alone.

The music plays softly in the back ground as I slowly remove your tie and loosen your shirt.

A brief kiss and I tell you to sit down for dinner.

You watch as I bend down, while taking dinner from the oven. You see that I’m wearing crotch less knickers, I turn and smile.

I had planned it that way.

I place your food in front of you, whilst swaying to the music. I turn and I place my dinner down, opposite yours.

Before seating myself, I stand with my back to you and ask you to untie my apron.

You do it with almost trembling hands.

Turning round to face you, I lift it over my head exposing my bra, only this bra is nipple less, so you’re faced with my pert nipples.

I don’t allow you to touch and insist you do not mention what I am wearing, only the events of the day as you usually would.

You seem to struggle to talk and eat today for some reason, telling me your appetite for food is minimal.

After a small amount of the dinner, I move around the table and stand behind you, leaning over you from behind.

I take şirinevler escort off your shirt in what seems like slow motion. Running my hands through your hair and down your back. Kissing from your neck across your shoulders and down your back.

I turn you around to face me, and place your hands beneath your legs.

You still are not to touch.

Next I kiss all the way down the front of you, undoing your trousers and placing my hand on your cock. It feels twice its usual erect size. It feels so nice to know how turned on you are.

Stroking your balls now, while watching the look on your face, you think you know what’s coming next and don’t want this over with too quickly.

I remove your trousers and pants, sit across your lap and my wet pussy touches your cock.

Again I kiss your neck while moving my hips back and forth. Just barely touching you, but touching just enough to keep the anticipation building.

I move to your mouth and we kiss, with such passion, our lips entwine, like we were built for each other, a perfect fit.

Kneeling down before you, I take your cock in my mouth whilst caressing your balls. I use my tongue to tease your bell end, you try to give me more, şirinevler elit escort but each time you do I back away.

The only way you will get more is to wait; I’m the one in control tonight.

I take your cock into my warm wet mouth, feeling every last centimetre till your itching for more.

With one hand wanking the base, I suck you. Moving my tongue around stroking along. Up and down, and across your bell end.

I see from your movement and the gentle moans that I’m doing it right, stopping just short of you filling my mouth with cum.

I stand up before you, and slowly start removing my bra.

Left strap.

Right strap.

Unclasping it at the back.

Before taking it off completely. I caress my breasts. Turning my back on you.

I ask you to undo it for me, you are more than willing to do that for me.

With bra removed I again stand facing you. Pulling my pants slightly down. Teasing you, then lifting them back up.

I move and sit on the table.

You turn to face me, I place one foot on the table, the other on your shoulder.

I move my hand between my legs pulling open my pants for you to see my pussy.

I move across my clit in circular şirinevler escort motions, starting slow and speeding up, as I get hotter and hotter.

I see you start touching yourself and have to make you stop.

Tonight the only pleasure you receive will come direct from me.

You gladly abide, understanding my rules.

I’m back on my clit now and quickly begin to cum, so I slip a finger inside, fucking myself for you now until I orgasm. I’m hot, wet and horny as fuck.

I move towards you, place your hands on my arse then sit on your cock. Letting it slip straight in.

I instantly start to orgasm as I feel your solid, erect cock, penetrating me. But your not to cum yet. I’m not done with you yet.

I bounce up and down on you, my orgasm intensifies each time, I know your about to cum.

Just before you do, I stand up, remove my pants and take your cock in my mouth. Tasting you and me. I suck you off to almost perfection, before sitting on you again but this time with my back to you.

Your hands on my arse pushing and pulling at me while I move up and down. There is no stopping this time, we cant wait anymore, each second getting closer to climax, our pace starts to quicken now.

I start to climax, moans turn to screams of sheer delight, as I hear you orgasm too.

After the most intensive orgasm we have ever both shared, I lay back upon you.

Once our hearts slow, and breathing returns to normal, I turn towards you.

We kiss.

Not really knowing what to say all I can think of is “Was Dinner ok?”

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