Different Perspectives Ch. 08


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Returning readers know the score, go straight to the story, don’t pass Go and certainly don’t collect any money!

For my new readers, and I hope there are some, please read this intro.

This is a series of exchanges written by an aunt and her eighteen year old nephew following them having sex. It looks at that incestuous relationship from both party’s perspectives, examining their doubts and concerns and their pleasure and thrills.

It is a complicated story and will be told in numerous parts. It is obviously advisable to start at Part 1 and read through each part savouring how their relationship develops and changes. However, for those unwilling to go back, each part does stand alone.

Thanks and enjoy



Oh my god, oh my fucking god!” banged through my brain as I watched your face contort in rapturous pleasure. The kind of pleasure I was learning that was unique, the slow build up to an exquisite and massive release. I was an eager pupil and you were the perfect teacher. I was lost in my thoughts and how you responded, but my mind was swiftly brought back, though to the ministrations you were making on my cock. Gripping hard and wanking me with a wonderful abandon, almost as if that was natural and you were not really thinking about what you were doing.. Your fingers felt light but with a rhythm that had got increasingly erratic as your sexual state intensified.

I loved what I felt, how you felt, how I felt, how my cock felt and how you pressed yourself against me. Inserting a finger into you I could feel your cunt quivering against me, the slick wet walls hot and soft.

“Oh fuck, oh shit, oh yes, oh Matt” you cried, your eyes wide and staring.

I made you cum and I was proud, Fuck!!!! I made you cum, I did that, I felt fucking great! An eighteen year old making an older woman cum! This was awesome!

As I touched your sensitive clit you jerked and gripped my hand.

“No Matt” you gasped “that gets just a little tender.” You smiled and I knew it was alright, I hadn’t done anything bad, just unknowingly a little insensitive.

As you recovered I thought that figuratively speaking we were leaving Matt the boy behind, Matt the Man was coming through. Matt the lover who wanted to please, who was learning that sexual ego is not built on bragging to his mates about conquests, true ego comes from knowing you have satisfied a woman, that you are considered an accomplished lover… a good fuck. That’s what I wanted. Isn’t it strange how far you can go in such a short time. Earlier I had seen you masturbate, I had watched your fingers stimulate your clitoris, the same clitoris I had just stimulated, watched as your fingers worked upon the wet lips of your sensitive cunt, the same lips I’d teased and pressed. I’d watched you orgasm, your face contorted in pleasure as the sensations ripped through your beautiful body. Now it was me that was bringing you that pleasure, me that had you gripping at the sheets as your body thrashed on the bed and your cunt spasmed against my questing fingers. And the difference between the two orgasms couldn’t have been more pronounced. The first, a spectacle, the second an experience… a great and marvellous experience that was my doing. I had made you cum and cum hard! I felt I had unleashed the raw woman in you, not aunty Cat, not even just Cat, no you had become the wonderful woman in her basest sexual form. There was nothing feminine and dainty about the way you pumped my cock, it was sexually aggressive, an urgent need that was coupled with a desire to have what I could give. I was learning and learning fast!

I now knew that I wanted to fuck you, not to just lose my virginity and cum but I wanted to fuck you to see that look on your face again. The look as your eyes widened, your cheeks flushed; hands grasping for me, sheets or anything. That moment where I know you no longer have control… ‘That’ I thought ‘Is real power.’ And then suddenly it hit me. It was so clear in my mind, it struck like a thunderbolt of such obvious thought. That’s what I was after, that was what I wanted, needed, and was starting to demand. Power. I wanted power. I wanted power over you. Fuck me, how obvious, how natural, how right? But how? How does an eighteen year old kid get that power? Fuck knows, but soon I’m going to find out I resolved.

“Matt… Matt… yoohoo Matt” You laughed.

“Aye?” I asked, coming back out of Matt’s world.

You leant into me, racking your fingers down my back and making me shudder, your lips seeking mine in a long tender embrace. This time my tongue was seeking yours as we wrapped ourselves in each other.

The sensations going through me were amazing. They were fantastic. Every nerve ending was alive to the touch of your body against me and your fingers softly stroking my so hard cock. At almost every touch I felt it twitch, my balls felt tight and ready to explode. My entire body was so incredibly sensitive. I had never been turned on for so long before. I desperately wanted my own release kağıthane escort but at the same time I wanted more. And that was power. I wanted to dominate you, I wanted control, but I wasn’t ready for that, well not yet I wasn’t.

“What do you want Matt?” You asked with a knowing and slightly wicked smile.

“I want to fuck you, can I fuck you Cat?”

“Yes baby. Of course you can”


There, I had said it. Agreement had been reached, a pact had been made a compact formed. We were going to fuck. We both wanted that. I had crossed that great beyond, that massive taboo, that enormous conditioning. I had said that you could have me and that we would go all the way and have penetrative sex. I had agreed to your request to commit incest, to have sex with a relative, I had confirmed that you could fuck your aunty.

As I lay beside you, my body still tingling from the massive finger induced orgasm you had just given me, I realised things had changed a little. Still holding your throbbing erection and feeling little tremors running through me, I recognised the slight, but significant power shift. I felt that you were ceasing to be the submissive, the led, the pupil. You were flexing your immature, but nevertheless, quite awesome sexual muscles. It was most evident that we had unleashed your innate abilities and added the necessary techniques and confidence to create a youthful powerhouse of raw, straightforward sex. Yes, it seemed clear to me that I had activated the dormant sexual drive that lies in all adolescents and that you were rapidly becoming my sexual equal, you were taking over; it was you who was going to fuck me, not me you.

“But Matt,” I went on a bit auntyish, “You must remember this is wrong.”

“No, no,” you retorted. “It can’t be wrong, it’s so wonderful, how can anything so beautiful be wrong?”

“Darling,” I said, taking your face in my hands, kissing you softly on the lips and smiling. “It is wrong, that’s just how it is, life isn’t always fair.”

“Ok,” You replied with the sullenness of a teenager as you squeezed my breast with the touch of a mature lover.

“And you have to promise me something too.”

“What? I won’t tell anybody.”

“I know baby, I trust you, I know you won’t, but it’s something else as well.” I replied slowing the pace of my fingers running up and down your so beautifully sturdy shaft. “We can’t keep on doing this you know.”

“What having sex?”


“Why not?”

“You need to find girls nearer your own age.”

“I don’t want them, I want you.”

“You can’t really have me like that baby.”

“Why not, why can’t I?”

I saw that this conversation was going nowhere. It was probably the wrong time to have it anyway, I shouldn’t have brought up the future when we were still exploring the present.

“Never mind, not now baby,” I whispered rolling onto my back. “Let’s make love now”

“Oh yes, yes please,” you said so innocently.

“Just a second Matt,” I said as discretion and good sense for the first time that afternoon entered my head and thinking.

“What are you doing, where are you going Cat?” You asked as I eased myself up, my tits wobbling uncontrollably as I crawled across the bed. I reached over the side and found my WAGS oversized handbag. Leaning over the side of the bed rummaging through it, I was presenting a great view of my arse to you. I didn’t even think of it until I felt your fingers slipping between my thighs and finding my wetness. ‘Fuck he does learn fast,’ I thought opening them a little to smooth your way. You pushed a finger up me making me grunt and jerk my body.

I found what I was looking for.

“Lay on your back, let me put this on.”

“Oh I see, yes I understand.” You said looking a little disappointed.

“Have you worn one before?”

“Yes a couple of times.”


Looking a little embarrarseed you replied. “To wank with.

I smiled. “Well we’ll make sure this is put to better use,” I said rolling the slightly greasy condom onto your erection.

I much prefer bareback, but even with the pill and not for one moment thinking you would have a disease, the point one percent chance of pregnancy was far too high odds. Sara wouldn’t take too kindly to having web footed, eleven or twelve fingered brother or sister!

I rolled into the middle of the bed forcing your finger out of me.

“Did you like doing that to me Matt?”

“Yes, it feels lovely.”

“What touching me does?”

“Yes I like the feeling.”

“The feeling of what, baby?”

“The warmth and the wet oh and the smooth, it’s lovely.”

“So Matt, you like feeling your aunty do you? You like putting your fingers up my cunt?”

“Oh God yes, yes I do, it’s awesome.”

I wiggled onto my back and laid out straight. I looked you right in the eye. I watched you staring at my thighs as I slowly parted them.

“Then my baby, if you like putting your fingers up my cunt kartal escort you are going to love what we are going to do next.”

In a croak, your eyes transfixed on the hot, sodden mass of pink wetness between my legs you said.

“What’s that Cat?”

“You are going to adore putting your erection there aren’t you Matt? It’s what you want isn’t it my darling?”

“Yes Cat, yes it is.”

“If you like the feel of my pussy on your fingers Matt, you’re going to love the feel on your cock. You are going to love the feel of your cock buried in my cunt aren’t you?”


“If you like the feel of my pussy on your fingers Matt, you’re going to love the feel of your cock buried in my cunt aren’t you?”

I had never in my wildest fantasies or dreams believed sex, or the words a woman uses could be like this. I think if I hadn’t cum twice already in the last couple of hours I would have cum there and then at the sound of your passion filled voice and the matter of fact way you described our pending fuck.

“Oh god yes Cat, can I fuck you? can I fuck you now? Please!” My voice sounded dry and croaky, well I guess it was because my mouth was dry… very dry! The slow build up was now becoming unbearable. The smell of sex, the smell of your sex increasing my desire. I wanted to fuck you and I wanted to fuck you hard, I was fast losing control and was ready to plunge myself inside you, and give way to my urge to cum.

I looked down at you, your hair ruffled across the pillow, your eyes half closed, cheeks flushed and mouth slightly open taking in deep lung-fulls of air. I continued my journey down your body and watched your chest rising and falling, your beautiful tits sagged, just a little to each side of your chest with both puckered nipples standing up like sentries guarding your tits. I wanted to bury my face between them and devour them once more, but managed, just about, to resist. I looked down across your soft pale belly as it drew into your waist and then out to your hips. Then I stared, my eyes fixed upon the junction of your slightly parted thighs. The matted pubic hair coated in the slippery, wet juices oozing from you, your lips glistening in cum and slightly open showing me the entrance to your cunt, the dark hole that was now beckoning my virgin cock.

In my young life I had never been so hard, the skin on my cock felt stretched to breaking point, I looked from your cunt to my cock, pre cum oozing into the latex, the smooth end of my helmet a deep angry purple colour, I seemed thicker than I had ever been and maybe even longer.

“Yes Matt, yes my darling, fuck me, fuck me now. I want your cock inside me, I want to feel your hard cock in my cunt. I want to feel you spunk inside me…. Fuck me!”

I knew I could wait no longer and I knew I didn’t have to as I felt your small, cool hand gently grasp my cock and pull me towards your open thighs. As I moved between them I became aware of you widening them further, your knees bending and drawing up and your hand urging me ever nearer.

I could almost feel the heat from your cunt, I could certainly see the wetness.

Looking into each other’s eyes as the tip of my cock touched your lips, we both smiled as if to say ‘Everything’s alright, everything’s going to be great.’

I could hardly breath, I thought every part of me was about to explode, every nerve ending tingled and my cock had become incredibly sensitive to your touch. I knew too much would make me lose all control and cum.

I was thinking, this is it, this is fucking it. I am going to fuck, I am fucking well going to fuck a female. An older one at that and my fuckling aunt to boot. What a fucking buzz. Goodbye virginity, hello maturity.

“Shush baby shush….. put it in slowly,” you whispered sensing my urgency to plunge inside. Your hands were resting on my hips your nails digging lightly into the cheeks of my arse. I could feel you quivering beneath me as your fingers applied a little pressure on me coaxing me to enter into you just a little way.


So we fucked. So we did it. So I let you. Let you? Fuck it, I didn’t let, I encouraged you to, coaxed and urged you to fuck me.

From a physical aspect or a technical point of view it wasn’t much of a fuck. But then why should it be?

You had never been anywhere near a woman before, let alone had sex with one. You didn’t know what to do, how to please a woman or how to fuck properly. But that was down to me, I was supposed to be the teacher. I had handled that role well so far, but the moment you slid your wonderfully hard cock between my so welcoming lips, that ended. Once you were in me, once you were shagging me, once you had your cock right up my cunt, I could no longer teach you. My mind was fogged, I was simply too aroused, too excited, too into the pleasure that your youthful cock was giving my mature cunt to even think about telling you what to do. I had to leave that to your male instincts.

And they didn’t do too badly küçükçekmece escort either, I think. But I wasn’t sure. I’m afraid I let my own needs take precedence over helping you.

Your cock felt great. It was some time since I had been fucked; that’s why I was masturbating more frequently. That was probably the reason why you had caught me having sex with myself and was, therefore, a strong influence on us being where we were now; me on my back with you lying between my opened legs and raised knees fucking me.

No, the physical side wasn’t inevitably that amazing. It was the emotional aspects that blew me away. I was aroused, of course, but then, when you have a man laying on you, his cock buried deep inside you, it’s hard not to be, I imagine. It was more than that though. It was so many things. Guilt, adventure, excitement, pleasure, a sense of teaching, new boundaries, pride at having such a youngster wanting me and other emotions that I find hard to describe.

It didn’t last long and that was fine by me. Although you had fingered me to a big bang just moments ago, I was totally ready to cum again, too ready, I suppose, but then that’s what a spasmodic sexual pattern does for a girl. If it had been with an older man, I would have categorised it as a bit of wham, bang, thank you ma’am type of fuck. You slid into me very easily, but then I was so wet I imagine a bloody donkey could have entered me! You didn’t do much. You simply eased yourself in when I told you to, pushed until you were in as far as you could go and then pumped yourself a few times. I gasped and groaned, dug my nails into you and kissed your face and neck as my orgasm almost immediately exploded. And that, I think, though I was not sure, was at exactly the same time as you poured your load into the condom.

Nothing could have prepared me for the sensations that surged through me as my orgasm erupted. Every part of me seemed to have heightened sensitivity and feelings as my mind and body exploded. I became dizzy, weak and like jelly as the aftermath of cumming hit me. I had no idea that fucking could be so intense and so wonderful.


It may sound silly, but my first reaction to having a fuck was how easy it was. I had assumed there was some complicated technique, something difficult you had to learn, instructions to follow and procedures to comply with. I had imagined that to actually penetrate a woman there was also some complex physical manoeuvres and movements both the woman, but particularly the man had to follow. I had thought that to get my seven and a bit, and I was very proud of that ‘extra bit,’ inches of length and two and a half of diameter up a woman would involve more than what it actually did. It was so easy really, duck to water stuff, I thought afterwards.

“Stop there,” you’d said as the bulbous end of my dick pressed against your slit.

‘Oh fuck no, she’s not changing her fucking mind is she?’ I thought panicking at your instruction. “What, why?” I asked, my mouth by your ear some of your grey/blonde hair getting in my mouth.

With an obvious smile in your voice you said. “Just pause a moment, savour it, remember it.”

Relieved I replied. “Oh yes, yes, I will.”

Your hands were on my bum loosely gripping the cheeks. “Can you feel your cock against me Matt?”

“Yes I can.”


“It’s wonderful,” I groaned now just wanting to get on and have my first fuck.

“Good, so remember that baby………………..” you whispered pausing as you increased the pressure on my buttocks before saying exactly what I wanted you to say. “Now fuck me Matt, fuck aunty Cat.”

It was so simple, so easy, so straightforward. I just let my body react to the pressure you were applying on my bum and gave a little thrust of my hips. And then I had simply the most amazingly mind blowing experience of my life.

My cock slid into you. Fuck I can hardly believe that or say it now. My cock slid up your cunt. My achingly hard cock surged up my aunt’s cunt. I was in a woman’s cunt, your cunt, I was in you, I was up you, I had penetrated you and I was, I suppose, technically fucking you. Certainly the deep grunt you made, the way your head rolled from side to side as if out of control, how your mouth opened wide and eyes closed tightly, the massive shudder of your body and the way your fingernails dug into my bum all indicated that I was indeed fucking you.

It was the feeling on my cock that was incredible, it is hardly describable really. The heat surprised me, the wetness surprised me, the depth of your hole surprised me and marvellously and magically the way the insides of your cunt gripped me not only surprised me, but also blew me away.

I didn’t move. I just lay there, in you and up you. On top of you, your legs open and knees drawn up my chest squashed against your tits. I was amazed that I didn’t hurt you, but it didn’t seem to be uncomfortable. You were making low, mewing type noises, like a young animal, low moans and sighs, grunts and groans as you sucked in deep lungfulls of air. Your arms were round me, one hand was stroking my hair the other was gripping my bum, mine just lay on the bed beside you, I didn’t know what to do with them. I was in a trancelike state at the fabulous feelings surging through my cock from what your cunt was doing to me.

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