Date Night


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Well, here it is. The night unlike any other night. The night when all I could think about was making you happy. Wanting to know what you thought when you saw me. When I walked toward you, knowing that your eyes would be consuming every part of me. The way my hair fell, the way the light casts shadows on my curves, the way I moved. Just knowing that I was on the menu, knowing that I was why you licked your lips, knowing that this could and would be a night to remember, quickened my step.

No words could describe the anticipation. The want, the need, the decadent desire to fulfill your every wish, meet your every need.

I get in the car knowing that I’m in for a wonderful ride.

I lean in to give you a kiss on the cheek and you turn, placing your lips directly on mine. I’m transported to a place where only your touch exists. The feel of your lips against mine is intimate, it’s consuming, it’s controlling. All I know is no matter what, I don’t want this moment to end. I want to feel you plying my lips softly, yet staking your claim. I want to enjoy the feeling of you making me yours. The probing of your tongue, the warmth of you just being close to me, knowing that this is just the start of new memories.

Ones to cherish forever.

There was an air of expectancy as we ventured toward the restaurant. Wondering who would make the next move. How could the enrapturing continue? What would the next level be?

You pull out my chair and as I look in the mirror our eyes meet. That simple attraction, that sure knowing that this is where we are meant to be, knowing that this is a safe place. A place to open up, to bare the most secret of desires. To show that I’m wanted, that you are desired, knowing that it’s ok to be vulnerable.

We sit and place our order. I watch you over the menu, wondering if you will be as delicious to consume, will I want to lick places on you as I will lick my fingers? Wondering if this meal would in any way come close to fulfilling me, in the way I know you will. Once the menus are removed, I proceed to tell you how the simple act of you placing your lips on mine has changed me for the better. How the light feel of you sucking my tongue in through your opened lips has made me seek to have that feeling always. How the featherweight pressure of you claiming my mouth as yours keeps me coming back for more. Describing beylikdüzü escort in detail the aching hardness of my nipples in response to your touch. How the throbbing of my heartbeat matched the throbbing of my puffy lips. Wishing and hoping you would be able to touch them with your lips as well. Explaining how the nearness of you showed me a new way to express. Express the need that can only be satisfied by you. The need that there are no words for. The need that is only shared in the most intimate of moments. The enraptured look on your face says that you understand the feelings well. That you too understood that moment.

We consume our meal, stealing glances as we delightfully bring each morsel to our mouths. Watching each other’s tongues reach out, knowing that the feeling was mutual. The feeling of wanting to be on the receiving end of that tongue. Watching, absorbing every moment as lips and fingers were licked, being drawn deeper and deeper into the spell being bound. Delicately, yet hurriedly finishing what was in front of us. Knowing the most delicious meal was to come.

As we leave the restaurant we playfully banter to the vehicle, stealing touches and glances. Touches that say “this moment is magical.” Glances that show the hunger in the anticipation of what is to follow. You steal a kiss, knowing that your touch would set me on fire, proving that all I expressed was fully inadequate as you yet again take me to that indescribable place. The kiss was rugged, aggressive, dominating. Explaining why there shouldn’t be another in your place.

In the car you grip my hand as an assurance that this is a safe place and will be a night to remember. My heart is beating fast, I’m not sure if it’s delicious anticipation, or if it’s just the closeness of you. The head rush of catching you glimpse at me. Understanding there’s no better feeling of impending completion. Of knowing that soon I will be yours.

We walk through the door at the apartment knowing that something will happen. The anticipation is leaving me breathless. Sitting on the couch, I reach over and lift your shirt to expose your beautiful nipples. I glance at them knowing I can’t wait to taste them. I lightly flick my tongue on the one closest to me. It immediately hardens to a glorious inviting peak, wanting my full attention. I place my lips beylikdüzü eve gelen escort over it suckling, tasting, moaning with my desire to completely consume that part of you. As I’m licking and enjoying your nipple, I reach out to capture the other one. Lightly pinching and squeezing it to a hardened peak. I reach across and lick that one knowing, to my delight, it’s as delicious as the other. Meanwhile, your member is hardening to a strong point in your jeans. I know it seeks my full attention, but the purposeful anticipation keeps me moving slowly. I take your shirt off and realize there is unchartered territory waiting for my touch. I lightly brush my fingertips along your chest and stomach and lean you forward. I never realized a back could be so sexy, but yours is. Lightly licking my tongue along several places on your back, I could hear the quiet moans escaping your lips. The awe of having never been touched in those places, feeling you consent to allow me to roam.

Slowly, we lean forward to remove your pants, freeing your turgid member. Enjoying the anticipation of what was to come. You sit back and I mount you fully clothed, whispering my desires to you. Feeling you get harder and feeling my folds moistening. You can no longer hold back, you pull at my shirt and bra wondering why it was blocking your access. Wondering why you can’t reach the pleasure of suckling the breasts that are in front of you. Your moves are frantic yet purposeful as you remove the barriers. You gently nuzzle my breasts, making my nipples achingly harden, making me wish they were in your mouth. You take your engorged member and rub it in between the cleft that is made by my breasts. Tapping my open mouth as I lean down to lightly lick my prize. You decide that now is the time to flick, knead, and pull on my hard nipples. Oh, how I’m enjoying the moment.

I lean forward slipping off of your lap onto my knees in front of the most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen. The curve, the veins, the pulsing and throbbing. Wanting to taste this magnificent piece of work. I slowly take it in my hands and I can feel the sigh of satisfaction emitting from you. I lick slowly from the base to the tip. Catching drops of precum as I lick around the head. I continue to lick stretching out the anticipation of being in my mouth. Finally, suddenly, beylikdüzü masöz escort I engulf the tip and elicit the much desired moan. Playing with, encircling, loving this tasty piece of flesh. I proceed to push you deeper and deeper into my mouth until you are touching the back of my throat. I open it as much as possible to allow you full access. You’re holding onto my hair coaxing me into giving you more pleasure. How could I say no? You gently lift up my head so that I could look into your eyes. Making memories of moments that are sure to be treasured.

I was building up to a fevered frenzy as I wanted you in me. I wanted to feel you enter me. I wanted to feel you possess me. I wanted my full completion. I mount you again, talking to you, telling you how much I need you in me. Telling you how long I’ve waited to feel you push into me. To have you throbbing within my wet folds. To feel your breath on my neck as we come closer each second. You play with my clit, eliciting a moan from my wanting lips. You feel my gushing wetness and know it’s only for you. You mercilessly finger me to almost the point of no return. Oh my.

Then you adjust me so that I’m positioned directly above your cock and you enter me. The feel of you pushing into my wet folds is none like any other. You’re gripping me as my legs are gripping you trying to get deeper and deeper. You move me and I feel the void, the emptiness. You position me over the arm of the couch and push into me deeper than before. You thrust and I push my hips back to meet you. Oh, but I’m still yearning for that deepness. You sense it too.

You throw a pillow on the floor, bend me over, push my head against the pillow and yes! I’m moaning and pumping as you get to the right spot. That deepness that is only known through familiarity, that only you could reach. You push deeper into me. You want me to scream your name, and why wouldn’t I? You are touching me like no other has, you are showing me what it feels like to be brought to completion by someone who wants to complete me. Oh wow, as you’re pumping and pushing, I feel a special throb, that lightheadedness that signals my completion. With practiced ease you feel my cues and know my signals. You know it’s my pleasure to feel you cum with me. You grab my hips, lean over my back, and with one final thrust, make me scream your name.

Finally, the thrill of completion. The taste of anticipation fully satiated. The slight smile on your face as you admit your enjoyment. The warm glow in your eyes as I know I’m the most beautiful girl in the world to you. The outstretched arms beckoning me to lay in the afterglow. The soft feel of your arms encircling me saying, “thank you for sharing this moment.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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