Daddy’s Big Little Girl


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*All characters are over 18.

Arya had lost count of how many laps her father swam before pushing up out of the in-ground pool behind their house. But she hadn’t been working too hard at keeping track. Mostly she just watched her speedo-clad father’s body slice easily through the water. Wes had been a competition swimmer in college, but he still swam almost daily to keep in shape. Still in his early-forties, he was bulkier than in his college days, but much more fit and trim than most men close to his age. He didn’t shave his body like when he was still competing, but kept it regularly trimmed to an even dusting over his chest and legs. But now came the part his daughter always dreaded yet could never resist, the way he’d rise up soaking wet onto the tiles at the edge of the pool with his tiny, wet suit clinging to the boldly defined shape of his cock.

It never failed. After years of being used to swimming in tight, competition style swim trunks, Wes didn’t think twice about the way the wet material outlined the prominent shape of his cock. He must have been completely oblivious to the fact that his twenty year old daughter paid close attention to every detail from behind her sunglasses. It wasn’t anything new that she noticed the conspicuous bulge in her father’s suit, but since moving back in a few weeks ago to begin a gap year off from college, Arya’s attention on her twice-divorced dad seemed to be spinning out of her control.

The large, dark-haired girl got up from her seat at the patio table and brought the man a towel. As always, she felt painfully self-conscious about her oversized body. In a thin, white, one-piece swimsuit that she didn’t dare wear in the water in front of her father, it seemed like every part of the girl’s body was jiggling at once, from her unwieldy D-cup tits to her impossibly thick ass and thighs. She’d misjudged the suit when she bought it, and even the few steps from the table to where her father was standing were enough to cause the back of the high cut suit to squeeze into the crease between the cheeks of her thick, round ass.

As far as the front went, the top wasn’t supposed to be revealing, but between the thickness of her body and the weight of her tits, it was showing much more of her quivering cleavage than she wanted. But the way her father was smiling as she approached him made her nipples pucker into eye-catching knots. No one ever looked at her the way he did, and it made her pulse race in a way she couldn’t explain. She felt embarrassed at the obvious dents her nipples made in her suit, and even more so by the camel toe that formed the moment she moved. But Wes just looked at his daughter like she was the only girl in existence. The pleasure she felt from his attention far outweighed her embarrassment, and after just a few weeks being back she barely even realized she was addicted to it.

“Thank you, baby,” her father said as she handed him the dry towel. Then, as he did every morning when she did this, he leaned over and kissed her on the cheek, tantalizingly close to the corner of her mouth.

Arya couldn’t help being reminded she could barely remember the last time she’d been kissed by a man wearing as little as her father in his swimsuit. It didn’t seem right, but it didn’t seem right either that she never thought about being kissed by anyone but him anymore. Even if it was just a dad kiss on the cheek. His calling her baby was also a new development only since she’d moved back. Before going away to school, he’d always called her things like princess or sweetpea. She liked it when he called her baby. It made her feel that much more important to him. She’d never even heard him call his second wife baby.

“Of course, Daddy,” she said as she stood beside him while he patted his face and head with the towel. Then he started patting down his arms and chest.

“Baby, aren’t you worried about the kind of tan lines you’ll get in that suit?” he asked.

“I dunno. Maybe a little,” she said. “But it’s no big deal. I feel weird wearing a bikini.”

“You wore one a few days ago,” her father pointed out.

“Yeah, and I looked like a beached whale.”

“Oh my god, you know that’s not true,” the man frowned. “You looked beautiful in that suit. Plus it lets you tan more evenly.”

“Oh, Dad, I’m much too huge for a bikini.”

“That’s ridiculous, baby. You have a classic shape. Sure, thick curves, but in all the right places,” he said. “Besides, a lot of men like a full-figured girl like you.”

“Are you one of them?” she asked without thinking. Now she felt even more ridiculous.

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” her father said with a playful smirk.

Oh, yes, I sure would, Arya thought silently. There were times when she could’ve sworn her father was checking her out, his eyes lingering too long on her wobbling boobs or her thick thighs. He even seemed like he was doing it right now after his wisecrack. But she always passed it off that he was only noticing canlı bahis how heavy she was. Heavier than she thought she was supposed to be.

But her father was the one man who always made her feel beautiful. She knew her face was pretty enough, and her jet-black hair was silky and long. She also had the same, rich, caramel complexion like her Cuban mother. It was one of her proudest features, and she could tell it was something her father admired. But she’d always been self-conscious about her body. It hadn’t been easy going through school with so many blonde and redheaded girls who kept themselves as skinny as hockey sticks, girls who always seemed to be getting the guys’ attention. College was much easier. She’d dated a few guys and even came close to having sex a few times, but it wasn’t enough to keep her from taking the year off to be near her father.

“Okay, maybe I’ll try it again,” she finally admitted halfheartedly.

“You should,” he encouraged her. “You really do look beautiful in that bikini. Maybe we should go out and get you a couple more.”

Arya couldn’t resist an offer from her father to take her shopping, even if it was for outfits she felt embarrassed to wear in front of him.

“I’d love that, Daddy,” she smiled.

“Great. How about later this afternoon?”

“You’re the best, Dad.”

“That’s because I have the best daughter.”

He then gave her a hug that might’ve been appropriate if they were fully dressed, but being only in their swimsuits, Arya was painfully aware of the way her spherical melons squished into his naked upper body. And then there was the fully stuffed crotch of her father’s speedo mashing against her tummy. She didn’t know how he managed to make her feel like this, but every time he hugged her in only their swimwear the girl’s pussy invariably swarmed with wet heat that would never leave her body until she made herself cum.

Wes kissed the very corner of his daughter’s mouth again. “I think I’ll rinse off inside today,” he told her as he left her by the pool.

There was an outdoor shower nozzle on the back of the house, with a little stall that was only enclosed on two sides and open facing toward the pool. They usually rinsed off the chlorine there, but sometimes he went to shower in his own, en-suite bathroom. Arya was relieved and disappointed at once. She loved watching her father take a shower, even if he always left his suit on when he did so outside. She’d also caught him paying attention to her whenever she used the outdoor shower. She’d showered there naked a few times, but only when her father wasn’t home.

After her father went inside, Arya lay down on one of the lounge chairs. Adjusting the back so she was half-sitting up, she surreptitiously slipped her hand up her bare thigh and under the gusset of her swimsuit. The lips of her pussy were rapidly turning slick as she rubbed the tips of her fingers over her slit and remembered the look that full, thick cock trapped in her daddy’s speedo. Her clit quickly grew hard and swollen as she rubbed it while trying to imagine how much bigger that impressive organ between her father’s legs would get when it was hard.

Wes started rubbing his cock as he went up the stairs to his bedroom. He needed to get away from Arya quickly or else she was going to feel her father’s cock grow fat and hard against her luscious body. As it was, he was hard as a rock by the time he reached the top of the stairs, and he had his suit pushed down beneath his balls before he even reached the bathroom.

As much as Wes loved seeing his insanely curvaceous daughter in a bikini, that white one-piece had been driving him crazy from the moment she came out on the patio. The wafer-thin material stretched across her shapely tits until the shadows of her dark areolas were showing through it. And the way it was cut high over her broad, tapering hips made his heart clench. Even worse was the way her pussy slit began to show prominently in the fabric as she moved around, stretching the suit to its furthest limits.

The girl was a complete bombshell, and there was no denying it regardless of the fact that she was his daughter. Ever since she’d moved back in, Wes had been looking at her in ways he never had before. It wasn’t as if she’d changed that much since the last time she’d been home, but it was as if her father was looking at a completely different girl. It might’ve had something to do with the way she’d pressed herself against him on the couch her first night back, explaining that she just needed a break and wanted to be closer to him, the way it was before she went off to school.

He’d asked her if she was under a lot of stress at school, but she claimed it was no more than any of her classmates were under. Her grades had been strong every semester, so that couldn’t be it. But that night as he cuddled his pretty daughter, his arm around her shoulders, pulling her close to his body, he understood there was nothing more to it than bahis siteleri what she said: that she just needed to be closer to him. At the same time, he realized how much he’d missed her, too. It was always good having her back for holidays and breaks, but then there would always be that day she’d have to go back to school, leaving her father alone in his painfully quiet house.

That night on the couch was the first time Wes felt himself getting hard for his daughter. The erection came on without warning or mercy, throbbing with heat under the loose sweatpants he’d been wearing. Making matters worse, his cock was too long and thick to be easily hidden when erect, no matter what kind of clothes he had on. He had been hoping she wouldn’t spot the evidence of her father’s inappropriate arousal, but at the same time he couldn’t bring himself to let go of his baby girl in the midst of one of the most tender and loving moments of their lives together. He’d never felt the powerful heat of anyone’s love so much in his life, and felt the same love just radiating from every cell of his body.

As Wes finally entered his bathroom, he pushed his speedo off and gripped his cock the way he’d been aching to since the moment Arya had come jiggling and swaying onto the patio during his swim. He chanced a look out the bathroom window, which overlooked a large portion of the patio and pool. He nearly gasped out loud when saw the way his daughter now had her fingers buried under the gusset of her swimsuit as she vigorously rubbed at her smooth, young pussy.

Wes’s cock pulsed and oozed a flow of precum that completely wet the large, round head of his shaft. The sight below hardly seemed real as he went back in his mind over the way his daughter’s eyes kept drifting over the shape of his cock in his wet speedo. He never imagined the girl felt that kind of love for her own father, for him. His hand began moving along his pole, stroking the pleasure of his love for his daughter through every nerve in his throbbing flesh. It felt so amazingly beautiful to love her so much, yet it was so wrong at the same time. But as long as she never suspected his true feelings and desire it couldn’t hurt her, as much as she seemed to want the same things.

Regardless of the way either of them felt, he was still the girl’s father. He had a responsibility to love and protect her. But as he watched the way she was now pushing a finger into her hole, all he could do was groan and pump his cock faster and harder. He groaned again when she pulled one of her full tits free of her suit and began kneading it while she steadily fingered her slit.

Wes only wished the girl was naked now so he could see her bare pussy in all its honey-dripping glory. His lips were aching to know her body’s tangy flavor. He imagined the sounds she might make as he slipped his tongue deep in her oozing hole and drank of her sweet goodness. When her body started to shake and she lifted her ass off the chaise, grinding at the air as if she was fucking an imaginary lover, Wes grunted and felt a powerful series of spurts rip down the length of his cock, spattering the window with thick drabs of man cream.

Afterwards he felt ashamed of himself for letting his lust overtake his better judgment. What kind of man spies on his daughter masturbating in an ill-fitting swimsuit? For that matter, what kind of man would feel consumed with the stunning spectacle of the way she cums? Having his fully aroused dick firmly embedded in that luscious girl’s pussy while she came the way she just did would be the sensation of a lifetime. Yet one that was not meant for him. His one consolation was that he’d managed to keep his feelings hidden from Arya for one more day.

Wes got into the shower and rinsed the chlorine and cum from his body. He missed being able to take his daily swims naked, the way he’d started doing after Arya left for college. He only put the suit back on when she was home, and now it would have to be the way things were for the foreseeable future. Yet he wished he could introduce his daughter to the pleasure of being naked outdoors or in the water. But the way his body reacted to her now that would be impossible.

Getting out of the shower to dry off and get dressed, he started to regret coming up with the idea of taking her shopping for new bikinis. But it didn’t seem right to back out on her now. She’d always loved it when he took her shopping. They always had fun going to the mall together no matter what they were looking for. That part never seemed to matter very much. It was more about spending time together, making each other laugh and stopping for those too tight, too long, hugs in the parking garage. And the long, lingering meals they shared in the food court.

Those past shopping excursions often made Wes think he should take his daughter on a real date, which resulted in fancy dinners at intimate restaurants. It had been too long since the last time, and he made a mental note to take bahis şirketleri the girl out somewhere nice very soon.

After putting on a pair of shorts and a button-down, short sleeved shirt, Wes went downstairs and found Arya in the kitchen. Her hair and suit were damp now, and he assumed she must have showered after making herself cum. After what he’d just seen, it was impossible to look at her the same way. And also his guilt was making him paranoid, afraid she could read all of his dirty secrets in the look on his face.

Arya was painfully aware that her swimsuit was even easier to see through now that it was damp. He was asking her if she was still interested in going shopping, but his eyes were on the rigid nipples poking the material.

“Of course I want to go shopping,” she told him, even though she felt totally awkward about getting bikinis.

She hoped they could shift gears once they got to the mall and look for something else. But before they could say anything more, Wes’s phone dinged with an incoming message. He went to the counter where it was sitting and picked it up to check. He muttered something under his breath and frowned.

“Is everything okay, Dad?” the girl asked, glad for the distraction.

“Yeah, it’s fine, sweetie. It’s just business stuff.”

“Are you sure? That message really seemed to change your mood.”

“It’s really nothing important, darling. Just one of the companies I do business with inviting me to one of the parties they throw a couple times a year. I’m not going, so it’s no big deal.”

“Why not? Wouldn’t it be fun, and good business, besides?”

“It would definitely be good business, but not fun. Not for me, anyway.”

“I thought you liked parties.”

“Depends on the party, honey.”

Her father’s evasive answers were only making Arya that much more curious. “Why not this one, Dad? How bad can it be?”

“Pretty bad. This company’s parties just have a reputation for being pretty wild.”

“Sounds like fun,” she snickered.

“For some people,” he replied sarcastically. “But the last time I went to one of their parties it didn’t turn out so well.”

Arya was even more curious, but her father didn’t want to talk about it. Not wanting to upset him, she let it drop for the moment, but her curiosity only got worse while her father put on a forced expression of cheerfulness.

“Why don’t you get changed so we can go shopping and let your dad spend a bunch of money on you,” he said.

Arya left the room with an excited giggle, purposely swaying her hips on her way through the door. She felt a little ridiculous wiggling an ass as big and round as hers for her own father, but it made her heart race to know he was looking. These were the times that made her feel hot and pretty without having to deal with the self-doubts she usually had. She’d caught plenty of guys checking her out back at school, but she always ended up questioning whether it because they thought big girls were hot or if they were being judgmental. With her father she never had a doubt.

Upstairs in her bedroom, Arya squeezed out of her swimsuit and finished drying her hair. She pulled on a pair of thong panties and then charcoal grey leggings. She wanted to be comfortable at the mall and didn’t care if anyone thought her ass and thighs were too big for leggings. But as she inspected herself in her mirror, still topless, she couldn’t help thinking that as thick as all her curves were she still had a kind of Barbie-esque hourglass shape overall. Her tits were full, large and firm – big even for her body, but not overly so. At least her dad appreciated what she was carrying, and he was really the only man whose opinion mattered to her.

Giving her sumptuous tits a pleasurable squeeze, Arya finally put on a large, shape-concealing T shirt without bothering with a bra. The free wobble of her voluptuous tits was just something she’d have to deal for the day as she wanted to be able to change easily while trying things on at the mall.

On the way to shop, Arya chanced bringing up the subject of the party her father didn’t want to go. She thought they could both use a night of fun, and she was hoping he would ask her to go with him.

“That is definitely not a party a man would take his daughter to,” Wes retorted as he drove.

This piqued Arya’s curiosity even more. On top of that, she was completely intrigued by the idea of going to a party with her father that a father and daughter aren’t supposed to go to together. He really didn’t want to tell her any more, but one thing Arya knew how to do was get her father to give her almost anything. She worked on him until he finally explained.

“The owner of the company,” Wes started, cautiously, “let’s just say he’s a pretty free-spirited guy. And he hires a lot of people with the same attitude. So…their company parties have been known to get pretty wild.”

She finally got her father to admit that the parties featured free-flowing champagne and people ending up having sex in various offices. Only a select few of their associates were ever invited, and Wes didn’t know how he got invited to the last one they had six months before.

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