Crossing a Line


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Michael started his car the way he had done every other workday that month, after kissing his wife goodbye, he simply walked out of his house, locked the door, slipped into his car, inserted the key and turned. The car sparked to life, revving slightly as he pumped his foot for a moment and then quieting as he pressed his brake, put the car in reverse and then began backing down his driveway. Everything was the same as any other normal day yet it was all a lie.

“Well, it’s not really a lie yet,” Michael thought to himself as he backed onto his street and then put his car into drive, heading out in a different direction than he had ever taken when going to work. It simply wasn’t a lie until he “crossed the line,” he thought as he pulled up to a stop sign, confirmed no one was coming and accelerated onto the highway. He headed south instead of north, but it still wasn’t a lie.

No, it wasn’t a lie months earlier when a casual exchange of messages and emails started getting personal, when dreams and failures were shared and lamented, when he began thinking of a stranger as a friend. It wasn’t a lie when simple messages became fictional exchanges, romantic stories leading to hurried, frantic typing as imaginary fingers roamed, tongues entwined and bodies responded.

Michael didn’t consider it a lie when he first heard her voice on the telephone, the husky, sensual way she said, “Good morning,” when he called to wake her. Later as she described in almost poetic detail what it felt like as she slid her fingers into herself, wetting them before touching her clit, it wasn’t a lie. No, even as he listened to her come, stroking himself until he spurted his hot cum into a tissue, whispering to her, it wasn’t a lie.

Even as he pulled into the hotel parking lot, picked up the key from the front desk and walked to her room it wasn’t a lie. His hands nervously opened the door and he peered across the room to the bed, where her cigarette glowed in the darkness. Michael quickly unzipped his pants, eased them and his underwear over his erection and let them fall to the floor. He stepped out of his pants while unbuttoning his shirt and tossing it on a chair.

Naked now, he crawled onto the bed as she stubbed out her cigarette and still it wasn’t a lie. Michael moved closer to her as she asked, “How long do you have?”

He savored her husky voice for a moment, remembering how she sounded on the phone so many times before, how it lilted higher as she came. “I’ve got all morning; my boss is in Austin and won’t be back until after lunch.”

“Good, I didn’t want to have to rush this,” she replied.

“After all this time, I know,” he replied, leaning forward and touching his mouth to her lips. His tongue slipped into hers but the taste of cigarette froze him for a second. Pulling back, he began kissing her face as his hands moved down to her breasts. He kissed down to her neck as his hands began to explore something familiar, but so delightfully different. Her breasts were larger than his wife’s, but her nipples felt smaller. Even as he moved his mouth down and suckled them he noticed that, while they hardened, they were not as big.

“Let me touch your cock,” she whispered.

Michael moved so she could reach him, excited by what she had said. He felt a jolt of pleasure as she grabbed him, but quickly turned his attention to exploring her body with his fingers beşiktaş escort and tongue. He moved down under her breasts, tasting a bit of saltiness as he lifted them and kissed where they rested on her stomach. The taste was invigorating, encouraging him to move down her stomach and through the thick patch of her pubic hair.

The softness of the hair surprised him. His wife kept hers trimmed and it always seemed to feel a bit wiry, but now, the soft curls wrapped around his fingers and tongue like satin. Michael could smell her now, the damp, earthy scent rising as she opened her legs wider for him. He hungrily plunged his tongue into her, wanting to finally taste her. Languishing between her legs, he circled his tongue inside her, lapping up her wetness, letting the sharp, almost bitter taste flood him with her.

Even as he noted how much stronger she tasted than his wife did, Michael was convinced it was still not a lie. He fucked her with his tongue, plunging in as far as he could, his lips disappearing between her flowery labia, his nose buried in her slit. Withdrawing, he gasped for air and then dove again, pressing deeper and deeper feeling her finger’s pulling on his head slightly, he sensed she needed more.

Michael ran his tongue slowly up her slit as he moved his fingers into her wet opening, first one finger, then two more as she opened to him. He began moving in and out of her as his tongue found her clit and he heard a moan. Her hips began to lift up to him and her breathing got louder, faster. Glancing up he couldn’t see her face, just her breasts heaving up and down, the flesh jiggling a bit in the motion.

“Oh Michael, yes, yes,” she said loudly, her voice lilting higher and higher, “please, yes, yes.” Her body suddenly shuddered as she grabbed his head and pulled it against her. Lifting her hips, she ground pussy onto his face as Michael pushed his fingers deep into her wet pussy. He could feel the pulsations inside her as she then relaxed and eased back down onto the bed.

He moved his tongue back downward and let it run over his fingers as he withdrew them from her, tasting her wetness before slipping his tongue back into her. The bitterness of her taste had dulled, yet the tangy, wet still enthralled him, yet this all still wasn’t a lie. For the first time in over twenty years he tasted a woman other than his wife, yet it still wasn’t a lie.

Michael’s cock ached for her, but he still wanted to do more so he ran his tongue back to her clit and started again. Just recovering from her first orgasm, the feel of his tongue returning to her clit ignited her again and in just a few moments she was moaning loudly, “Michael yes, yes, oh yes, again, I’m coming again.” He fought for breath as she once again grabbed his head and shoved herself against him. When she finally relaxed he had to rest his head on her thigh for a few moments to catch he breath.

He could feel his wet face slide over her soft skin as he moved upward, moving his knees between her wide spread legs and letting her take hold of him. Pausing, he felt her pull as she begged, “Please, I want to feel you inside me.”

Michael leaned forward and let her guide him into her, pushing himself into the soft, wet, warmth he had yearned for so many months. Suddenly, slipping into the exquisite sensation of her pussy he crossed the line, making everything beşyol escort that had transpired simply one intricate lie. He couldn’t dwell on crossing the line, on the significance of the lie or what it all meant because by the time he slipped his cock in and out of her the fourth time he couldn’t hold off any longer.

After those few short thrusts, Michael arched his back and let himself explode into her pussy, spurting his come deep inside her again and again. Collapsing upon her, crushing her breasts beneath his chest he whispered, “I’m sorry.”

“No, no Michael. You just showed me how much I turned you on.”

“But I wanted to…”

“Shhh…” she said, holding a finger to his lips, “there will be time later.”

With his cock still inside her Michael leaned over to one side of her and as she turned, he slipped down onto the bed, his soft cock slipping out of her and falling flaccidly onto her thigh. The weight of everything might have descended upon him in those few uncomfortable seconds but instead he decided to try something he never could imagine to do with his wife, he immediately got back onto his knees and moved his head back in between her legs.

She resisted at first, but Michael firmly pressed her legs open and began licking up the cum that oozed from her pussy. “Let me clean up…” she began, but he shook his head and pushed his tongue deep inside her. In just a moment he felt her relax, giving into him.

He could still taste her tangy wetness, but it was mixed with the salty, bland flavor of his cum, an interesting mixture, that began to make his cock hard as he thought of it. Michael never imagined eating a woman immediately after coming inside her, but now, as she began to moan, he continued, savoring the flavor of their cum. After a minute or so, he had pretty much lapped up most of their juices, so he moved back up to her clit and began circling it with his tongue.

She was getting close to coming when Michael felt her push his head away. Looking up at her face, he saw her look of absolute, wanton, need. “I got to feel you inside me. Fuck me Michael, fuck me now.”

He moved his face away from her pussy and was about to move in between her legs so he could put his, now hard cock back inside her, when she moved her hands onto his chest and pushed him firmly backward. Following her lead, he fell upon his back and watched as she straddled him, grabbed his erection, held it upright and lowered herself onto him. Feeling her soft folds slide over him again he reached up, ran his hands over her soft belly up to her breasts.

Michael squeezed her huge breasts, toying with her nipples as she moved her body, sliding herself back and forth over him, so his while his cock slid in and out of her, her clit rubbed against him. She slid easily over him as her wetness oozed from her, cover him with slippery warmth. Studying her face he watched as she glared down at his eyes, savagely taking her pleasure from him. She didn’t even close her eyes as she came, instead she squinted as almost in pain just before falling down onto him, her breasts spreading over his chest, her stomach jiggling.

“Oh Michael, that was perfect,” she whispered.

While he could feel the heat emanating from her body, Michael didn’t mind her on top of him like that, the softness of her, the way her body seemed to mold over his felt beykent escort comforting. When she lifted herself from him, they were both glistening with sweat, which in the bit of sunlight that came in around the curtains looked very sexy to him. He simply watched as her glistening body moved and she took his cock, first in her hand and then into her mouth.

It all seemed so natural, yet such a turn on for him to see her take his cock, still soaking wet from her pussy, into his mouth without an moment of hesitation. He then felt her tongue and mouth as she moved her head up and down. The suction was incredible as her cheeks pulled inward with each suck and then bulged outward as she gasped for a breath. In less than a minute Michael felt overwhelmed with pleasure. He moaned, “Oh Janie, I’m coming.”

He suddenly felt the cold air before her hand clasped over his cock and pumped furiously up and down as his cum spurted in an arch onto his stomach. Even though he did warn her, it felt so… so separate, so apart from her for him not to come in her mouth. She slowed her stroking down as she curled up under his arm, still holding his cock.

“Next time you can come in my mouth,” she whispered. Only then did Michael let himself think about it all, crossing the line, the lone involved lie, the incredible sex and the weight of the guilt.

Michael remained in the bed while Janie got up, grabbed a towel and returned to clean him off. Before she could climb back into bed, he crawled out, walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower. In the few minutes since he felt his cum splash on his stomach, suddenly the juices that has turned him on so, the wet feel of Janie’s body, the soft folds of her stomach and breasts, the sensual, earthy scent of her all became something he had to wash from himself. He stepped into the hot shower, grabbed the bar of soap and began washing his cock, his pubic hair, his thighs and stomach. Scrubbing hard, he washed up his chest, under his arms and then down his legs until all he could smell and feel was the soap. Michael then rinsed himself off, stepped out of the shower and dried off.

He paused at the bathroom door, looking over Janie, who was smoking a cigarette. Looking over her body, the enormous breasts and large stomach that had excited him so earlier, the now drying and crusting cum on her thighs and in her pubic hair and her pussy, still slightly damp, he felt a chill run through him. He quickly dressed, walked over to the bed, waited for her to blow the smoke from her mouth, and then bent over and gave her a quick kiss on the lips.

“Goodbye Janie,” he whispered.

“I enjoyed it Michael,” she smiled and then took a drag from the cigarette.

He turned walked to the door and without looking back, he closed it behind him. Michael drove to work he was initially exhilarated from the incredible sexual experience, but as he got closer and closer to work he began to feel a weight forming on his shoulders. He had done it, he had actually crossed that line. Loving husband? Now he was an adulterous husband, always would be. He could never go back completely.

Michael pulled into the parking lot and turned off his engine trying to sort out the conflicting visions twirling in his head. Janie’s naked body, covered in sweat, her pussy filled with his cum and then suddenly, his wife at home, fixing dinner, later kissing him goodnight. In several hours it all became a lie, his faithful marriage and his blissful affair, both were neither faithful nor blissful. He opened his car door, stepped out, grabbed his bag and locked the doors. As he walked toward the building he felt the heat and humidity bearing down on him.


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