Controlling My Boyfriend Ch. 06


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Samantha is laying on my bed with her knees being held up by her clenched hands. There is fear that is very evident on her pale face and her blue eyes are open wide as she awaits the pain that is going to come soon. She does not want anything to do with being on the receiving end of anal, but knows it is the only way to be able to use my strapon on her brother’s ass. Her body is very tense and I plan on doing nothing to help her relax, since I want to hear her scream out in pain.

I am slowly moving my slick hand up and down the entirety of his massive shaft, with the intent of having more than enough lube to do the job. There is no concern with having him cum quickly, since this is his third time today. She has already had her brother’s cum in her mouth and pussy, which means it is only fitting that he fills her ass with his cum.

I move my coated finger to her asshole and smile as it tightens in an attempt to protect her from the intrusion. She grunts as I press my finger inside and it feels like a wonderful vice clamping down. A second finger joins as she grunts out again and the feeling is amazing.

I smile into Chase’s blue eyes and say, “Your sister’s asshole is so fucking tight.”

Samantha grunts out, “What did you expect? I told you I’ve never had anything in my ass. Can we just get on with it?”

My smile widens at her impatience and I see no reason to disagree. I pull my fingers out of the hot vice and move onto the bed. Spreading my legs over her face; I position myself to see every inch of him enter her tight asshole. There is no need to lower my pussy down, since I want to hear her scream without the muffled effect that my pussy would bring.

I have her body pinned and there is no way that she can pull away to safety. Chase places the head of his dick against her tight hole and forces in a couple of inches. She screams out from the intrusion and I know she is starting to cry. He could have been far more gentle with his entry, but that is not what I wanted.

She calls out through her scream. “Get it out. Fuck. This hurts.”

I give it a moment, before I get off of her body and she is still screaming quite loudly. Her face is wracked with pain as I look down at her and love what I see. Tears are streaming down and she is shaking a little.

She looks at me and begs, “Please stop.”

I look into her pain filled eyes and say, “If he pulls out, you won’t get to fuck his ass.”

She shakes her head as she says, “I don’t care.”

I smile a little as I say, “If he pulls out, you are going to suck his dick.”

Her eyes widen a little more as she says, “That’s disgusting. I won’t do it.”

My smile vanishes as I say, “Yes, you will. Your brother’s going to cum in your ass, or your mouth.”

Panic sweeps her face as she says, “Fine. Fuck this huts.”

I get into position again and Chase rams his dick all the way inside of her. She cries out from the intense pain her body is going through and I can feel her shudder beneath my body. Her screams are quite loud and I love every sound she makes. My pussy is very wet and I am tempted to force myself down onto her mouth, but that would muffle the wonderful sounds. I’ll settle for the occasional drip onto her face.

She cries out from the pain and says, “I can’t take anymore. Get the fuck out.”

Without moving my body, since she is far more likely to pull away, I say, “He’s all the way in.”

She calls out through grunts of pain, “I don’t give a fuck. Get out of my ass.”

I look up into Chase’s eyes as I say, “If he pulls out before he cums in your ass, I’m putting on the strapon and I’ll fuck your ass until I get tired.”

He grins at my devious mind and says, “That’s going to take a hell of a lot longer than me. Believe me, Samantha, I know first hand just how much energy she has.”

She calls out from between her grunts. “Are you really all the way in?”

He grins a little wider as he says, “Yes and I love the way my sister’s asshole feels around my dick.”

She grunts out, “That makes one of us. Fine, but I better not feel any more enter my ass. My brother’s dick is too fucking big for this shit.”

My eyes move to his buried shaft and I see him pull back slowly. Her asshole grips his shaft tightly and part of it pulls back with him. It is an amazing sight to see and I know this is the first of many. I know longer have to sacrifice my ass to fuck him, since his sister’s will work just fine.

He forces his dick deep inside of her and builds a strong rhythm quickly. It is pleasant to watch his dick move in and out of her tight hole with such energy. She is screaming out with every movement and I wonder how much of her face is covered by my dripping pussy.

I can hear his moans turn to grunts and watch as he slams his dick all the way inside of his sister’s asshole. She screams out from the pain the thrust has brought to her body and she is shaking a little casino siteleri more. Samantha should be happy that he is cumming, but that is the furthest thing from her mind. With another grunt, he forces himself a little deeper and continues to release his cum deep inside of her asshole.

He starts to pull out and I watch her asshole grab hold of his shaft. She is still shaking beneath me, but it is starting to die down. Chase is still hard enough to enable me to enjoy the slow removal of all eight inches and I see just a little of his cum follow as he exits. There is something enjoyable about seeing a little of his cum cover his sister’s asshole and I drip out a little more.

I run my index finger across her asshole and she lets out a little yelp as I collect the cum. Her asshole hardly looks used, but that will change in time. Chase has stepped back a little further to free her legs and I am getting off of her body. Cautious movement is the key, since I don’t want to lose any of his white on my finger.

Fingers are being released and her legs start to lower to the bed. The breaths are ragged and hard as she is attempting to recover from the brutal initiation into anal. Her face is covered in a wonderful mixture of what dripped out of my pussy, her tears and her sweat. Samantha’s blue eyes glare at my face and I start to rub my finger along her lips. She tries to pull away, but it is too late. Chase’s cum looks good on her lips and causes them to gleam in the light.

I grin down at her as I say, “Since you took it all, it’s time for you to fuck your brother.”

She yells out in a voice that shows the pain she is still feeling, “Good. I’m looking forward to repaying him. Fuck, my ass hurts. I just need to catch my breath and I’ll be ready to pound his fucking ass.”

I smile warmly as I say, “I understand. You need time to recover after a fucking like that. Take all of the time you need.” Relief washes across her pale face as I continue, “Suck his dick.”

Revulsion spreads across her face as she shakes her head and says, “I’m not going to suck his dick.”

Chase starts to pull her body as she screams out in protest. “Chase, don’t you fucking dare. If you stick your dick in my mouth, I’ll bite it off.”

I reach out and squeeze her nipples hard to get her attention as I say, “No you won’t. You are going to suck your brother’s dick and I don’t give a fuck that it was just in your ass.”

She tries to pull away, but Chase is much stronger and her body has been weakened by her painful experience. Don’t fucking do it, Chase.”

I glare into her eyes and say, “Either you suck his dick or I’ll put on the strapon and tear your ass up right now. Then I’m going to force it down your throat.”

She stops resisting and spits out, “Fine. I’ll do it, but my brother is going to pay for this.”

Her head is over the edge of the bed and she is looking back at Chase with fury in her eyes as I say, “Be my guest.”

Chase may not be hard, but he has plenty of meat regardless of not being in a state of readiness. His shaft glistens from the lube and some of his cum is visible. Her lips part and he starts to fuck her mouth with gently movements. She gags as the head of his dick reaches her tongue and I move my eyes up to watch his face. Chase is staring at his sister’s hard nipples and he is showing no hint of fear of her potential wrath.

I smirk as I say, “That’s enough, Chase. I think she might be ready to fuck you.”

His eyes pull away from her tits and I can see the anticipation on his face. He wants to say something, but settles for nodding his head and stepping back to release her mouth. Samantha coughs as her mouth is freed from the dick that had certain had some interesting flavors coated on it.

I get out of bed and reach for the strapon. I have never seen any other woman where one, at least not in real life, and am a little excited at just how much of his asshole she is about to tear into. Samantha takes the black contraption from my hand and I need to help her get everything in place. There is something really fucking hot about the way it looks on her and the look on her face shows some interesting intent.

She glares at Chase as she says, “You’re in for a whole world of hurt. My ass feels like it’s on fire, you fuck.”

I start to lube up the dildo as I say, “Have fun.”

My hands move to lube her hands up with a considerable amount and she looks into my eyes with daggers as she says, “You know I should fuck your ass.”

I smirk as I say, “If you want to fuck my ass, it’ll cost you.”

She sneers as she says, “I don’t fucking care.”

I love the way that sounds and am certain willing to sacrifice my asshole. I wonder if she has ever tasted piss before, because that is just the start of what I have in mind. Things are about to get far more interesting and I smile at all of the wonderful ideas that are coming to me.

The smile canlı casino fades as I say, “Deal. Why don’t you start with your brother’s ass, then you can have mine.”

She grins as she turns to Chase, who is already in position. I place myself on top of his body and press my pussy to his mouth. Her fingers start to work his asshole as he lets out muffled grunts from the force she is using. She is trying to get every finger inside of him, but her angle is all wrong.

She withdraws her slick fingers and I guide the dildo to the center of his asshole. I feel wonderful as he starts to work my clit and moan softly from his work. Samantha forces the dildo all the way inside with tremendous force and he grunts into my flesh.

She is starting to fuck her brother’s ass like a madwoman and I know she cannot keep this pace up for long. It takes time to build up the stamina that she needs, which will come in time. My moans are getting louder as he works his tongue like the master I have taught him to be. The black dildo is moving in and out of his ass at an incredible pace and I enjoy seeing her expend her energy.

My body tightens over his and I thrust my pussy down hard as my eyes close tightly. I scream out my pleasure and feel the wonderful waves of my orgasm crash hard over my body. Everything within me is on fire and I feel the explosive force bursting out onto his face. This is the best orgasm I have had in quite some time and my screams get louder to show my appreciation.

The waves subside and I open my eyes. She is no longer moving her hips and sweat is dripping down her face. Samantha is breathing heavily from the exertion she has put her body through and I know she doesn’t have much left to fuck me. I’m certain she’ll do her best, but that doesn’t mean much.

I ignore the impulse to recover from my orgasm and get into position. My body is close to Chase and my legs are spread out. Samantha is watching, but has not pulled out of her brother’s asshole just yet. Her eyes move to my spread legs and I know she is trying to find some way to regain the energy she needs to go another round.

I call out in a mocking voice, “Well, I’m waiting.”

Through her ragged breath she says, “I need a moment.”

I smirk and say, “That wasn’t part of the deal. Get over here and fuck my ass.”

She takes a deep breath and says, “I can’t.”

My smirk turns to a warm grin as I say, “I understand. You thought it would be easy to hammer away like a guy.” She nods her agreement, but is still having a hard time catching her breath. “Why don’t you get out of your brother’s asshole and take a break.”

She starts to pull out of his asshole with a look of gratitude and I get out of bed. My fingers reach down to unsnap the buttons that are holding the dildo in place. The dildo comes out with ease and she is lying down on the bed without a thought as to why I have freed the contraption of the black monster.

I press the black head to her lips and say, “Suck it.” She purses her lips and shakes her head to show her refusal. My voice does not hide the threat as I continue, “Then bend over so I can shove it in your ass.”

Anger is building as she opens her mouth and I force it in to the gagging point. The taste of her brother’s ass on her tongue results in a pleasant look of disgust as I start to move the dildo deeper into her throat. She tries to fight, but does not have the energy and I have plenty of time to enjoy myself. I don’t spend much time with her throat engorged for my viewing pleasure, since I don’t want her to suffocate.

I have all eight inches pressed all the way in her mouth as I start to pull back and say, “Are you ready to fuck me?”

She gives a muffled response and tries to nod to show that she is ready, but I know her energy is lacking. Her lips pull back with the black dildo as I slowly remove it from her mouth and know there is no part that was in his ass that didn’t end up in her mouth. There is only one more asshole to taste and that will come soon enough.

My bladder is starting to bring an urge to relieve myself, but I can wait just a little longer. I move the large dildo back to the snaps and put it back in its proper place. It is a little more time consuming to put it back than it was to release it, but I have plenty of practice and now have it secured.

I get the lube and repeat the process as she glares at me with her blue eyes. Her hand gets a fresh coat and she wants her silent stature to frighten me, but I know she does not have the energy to do much. She didn’t spend nearly enough time to regain much of anything, but she chose to answer in the affirmative when asked if she was ready.

I lay down on the bed and bring my knees up. My legs are spread wide to give her easy access and her eyes are locked onto what is between my legs. Samantha’s finger move into my asshole and there is some discomfort, but I hold off on giving any sign that she kaçak casino is successful. The depth increases and I breath casually, since this is nothing compared to what Chase does to prepare my asshole and her anger is increasing.

She pulls her fingers back and I feel the head of the dildo press against the center. There is a little more discomfort than her fingers had brought, but not by much. My breathing has a controlled steadiness to it and I am tempted to mock her. I feel a little pain as she rams it all the way inside, but nothing she does is virgin territory and Chase has been far rougher with his dick.

That isn’t to say this is a pleasant experience for me. I can feel every inch of the black monster and my asshole wants to push it out. There is no other part of my body that is willing to give in and give her any satisfaction.

She is starting to use some powerful thrusts to bring about some degree of pain, bit I don’t let out so much as a slight grunt and she is getting furious. I want her to react and use up her energy as quickly as possible, since that will leave her with no alternative other than to stop. Samantha did not have to use up all of her energy fucking her brother’s asshole and she certainly didn’t have to have the dildo taken out of her mouth quite so quickly.

Her breathing is getting ragged as she pounds my asshole with an energy that is starting to die down. The sweat is building up on her face and there is determination in her eyes to hear me cry out in some state of pain. Had it been Chase, the sounds would have escaped freely, but I have too much control over my body for me to give in to what she wants.

She collapses over my body and pulls out of my asshole in the process. I press her narrow frame back with my hands and stare into her exhausted eyes. The anger is still there, but I believe it is targeted towards herself.

I smirk as I ask, “Is that it?”

She takes a deep breath and says, “Shit. I’m done.”

I hold her blue eyes and say, “Get off me.”

She groans as she pulls back and I let my legs fall to the floor. I reach out to release the black dildo one last time and it falls easily into my hands. Her eyes look down at what I’m doing and a grimace crosses her face. There is no reason for her to wonder what I have in mind as she falls to the bed and opens her mouth to accept the dildo.

I press the black head to her spread lips and there is no threat needed from me. Her lips part wider and I force the dildo into her mouth to bring more flavor to her tongue. She gags and I take my time ensuring every inch is once again inside of her mouth. This time, I am not waiting for her to think she has the energy needed to do anything. I am waiting for my bladder to get a little fuller and having some fun in the process.

I pull the black dildo all the way out and ask, “Do you like the taste of ass?”

She glares at me as she asks, “Why do you care? Do you want to kiss me and find out what it tastes like?”

I smirk as I say, “I don’t care. I just thought you might want to wash your mouth out.”

She has hope in her eyes as she asks, “Do you mean it?” I nod and she continues, “Yes. This is so fucking nasty.”

I pull her pillow down and say, “Lay your head down right here.”

She has a worried look on her face as she asks, “Why?”

My smirk grows a little as I say, “Either lay your head down or you won’t get to wash your mouth out tonight.”

She grimaces as she says, “Fine, but this better not be a trick.”

Her blonde hair rests against the pillow as her blue eyes stare up at me as I say, “Open your mouth. If you close it, you won’t get to wash out anything.”

I spread my legs over her open mouth and she is very nervous. She coughs as I start to empty my bladder and I can feel my piss splashing against my thighs. Samantha is showing no sign of pulling away and I believe she thinks this is the last assault on her mouth. I am starting to drip the last of my piss and her eyes show just how much she hates me right now.

Once the dripping stops, I move my legs so I can see the end result. Her mouth is filled with what I have given her and has run down her cheeks. Samantha’s pillow is drenched behind her and the smell of urine is quite strong.

I look into her hate filled eyes and say, “Swallow my piss.”

She hesitates for a moment, but her lips close and she gags as she swallows. Samantha parts her lips to show there is none left and I can smell my piss on her breath as she breaths out. Gagging noises can still be heard as she starts to cough hard.

She demands, “Now can I wash out my fucking mouth!”

I grin widely as I say, “You just did.” My eyes move to his as I say, “Chase, kiss your sister.”

She is starting to get up to run to the bathroom, but Chase is too quick. He presses his lips to hers and I watch his tongue eagerly explore my piss. Her breathing changes from one of panic to passion and her hands reach out to embrace his body. I know they are completely mine as I watch the passion build between them and am looking forward to what the future has in store for all of us.

The End

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