College Visit Ch. 10: Time is Up


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Glasses Sexy

Spending my last hour with Lexi


When Lexi asked me what I had in mind to pay her back, I have to admit that I went blank for a second. There was so much we had done, and so much more that I still wanted to do with her! Sadly, time was a factor. I had an hour at most, and I wanted to squeeze in all the good stuff that I could. Also, I needed a little recovery time after the orgasm she had given me in the shower.

“Tell you what,” I said finally. “Let’s get out of this shower and I’ll show you some of my favorite things…that will give us both something to remember!”

“I’m game!” she chirped happily. She turned off the water and wrung her hair out.

Reaching out, I grabbed two towels. Lexi took hers onto the bath mat and leaned forward, rubbing her hair briskly. I moved up behind her, unable to resist, and used my towel to dry her back. She stood up after a moment, and I moved around in front of her, drying her with long strokes. She shivered when the material grazed across her nipples; when I reached her mound, she parted her legs slightly and let me work there as well. Kneeling quickly, I wrapped both hands around each leg in turn and then reached up to make sure her hips and ass were dry. I know she enjoyed the attention, and I know I loved every second of it as well.

When I was done with her, I gave myself a quick swipe as she finger-combed her hair back and tucked it behind her ears. Then I dropped the towel, took her hand, and led her back to the bed. I didn’t want to waste time, but I also didn’t want to jump in like a horny teenager. Instead, I took her slim, naked body into my arms and held her close while I kissed her soft lips. Her eyes closed blissfully and her lips parted. My hands roamed her back, caressing her smooth young skin and tracing the curves of her waist, hips, and ass while her breasts pressed warmly against my chest. She kept her arms around my neck and toyed with my hair as we kissed.

When her body started to react to my roaming hands, I knew it was time for more. I nudged her back until her knees bumped the bed and she sat down compliantly. Not breaking our kiss, I knelt along with her and ended up between her parted knees. My hands left her ass and came around to her thighs, stroking them with firm pressure. When she unconsciously parted them a little more, I moved forward and brought my hands up to push her breasts up and together. Bowing my head, I licked each nipple and watched them tighten up as the cool air hit them. Then I sucked each one in turn, moving from side to side. Lexi kept her arms around my neck and cradled my head as I tasted her. Soft moans echoed in her throat as I licked and sucked.

Taking that as a signal for more, I kissed between her breasts, then worked my way down her stomach. As I did, I pushed back on her breasts and she got the hint, lying back on the tangled sheets. My kissing continued down past her belly button, then across the sweep of her belly. Nuzzling in closely, I kissed and licked the crease where her leg joined her body. Lexi opened her legs to allow me greater access and I heard her breathing quicken.

“Now this,” I said in a low voice, “is where things get interesting!”

She giggled. “I can’t wait!” came her reply.

With a grin on my face, I kissed her mound. Then I grabbed her behind her knees, lifting her feet up to my shoulders. I licked once along the full length of her pussy, then looked back up at her face. Her chin was back, and her eyes were half-closed in anticipation and lust.

“Lexi-grab yourself behind your knees and pull your legs up for me.”

She looked down at me with raised eyebrows. “Trust me!” I grinned.

To help her, I pushed on her knees a bit. She rocked them toward her chest and crossed her arms under her thighs. I took a moment to admire the youthful flexibility of that display, then returned my attention to the even more alluring sight before me. It this position, her whole lower body was spread out before me. Her pussy was aimed toward the ceiling and the pale skin of her inner thighs framed it perfectly. The cheeks of her ass were held slightly apart by her lifted legs, and the tiny rosebud of her anus was right in front of me as well, begging for attention.

I couldn’t hold back any more. With a groan of pleasure, I bent down and lapped her from the crease of her ass all the way up to her clit. Lexi’s body twitched in response, and I heard a muffled “oh GOD!” from behind her legs. Smiling to myself, I went back to work, taking it in sections this time. I licked all along her crack, then flicked my tongue across her anus several times. Each contact drew a twitch and a grunt from her. Then with agonizing illegal bahis slowness, I broadened my tongue and delved between her labia, opening her up and feeling her juices begin to flow as I lapped at her happily. My hands had been caressing the backs of her thighs this whole time. Now that I was at her pussy, I moved my thumbs down and spread the top of her slit, exposing the aroused pearl of her clit as it peeked out. Careful not to go right at it, I circled my tongue around it over and over, letting my hands move on her thighs again all the way up to her knees and then down to her ass, my thumbs grazing the soft fur of her labia as they went.

Lexi’s hips were beginning to rock in time with my tongue, but I wasn’t ready to finish her off yet, so I moved lower again. This time, my thumbs followed along. I spread the lubrication of her pussy and my saliva as far as I could along the crack of her ass, letting the pads of my thumbs bump over her anus as they went. I followed them with my tongue and moved my hands out of the way as I licked all around her secret spots, this time letting my tongue tip nudge her tight opening more firmly. My hands went back to her thighs, but I changed things up there as well. Instead of my thumbs doing all the work, I turned my wrists out and let my fingers take their place. Each set of fingertips slipped along the slick lips of her pussy, back and forth without really penetrating her. Slippery with her juices, I let them move high enough to nudge her clit from both sides before starting back.

“Oh my God…oh my God!” was Lexi’s response to this sudden combination of sensations.

As I knelt there, my cock was rock hard and dripping. That gave me an idea and a way to transition to my next position. I let one hand fall away and lubricated my fingers thoroughly by rubbing around my shaft. Then I moved up and went back to licking her pussy with broad strokes again. This time, however, I let my slippery fingers caress her back door as I did.

After a moment, I amped things up for her. Lexi’s groans of pleasure came even louder this time: “Oh fuck YES!” she cried when my tongue found her clit and my fingertip pushed a tiny bit into her ass simultaneously. Sensing she was on the edge, I sucked hard on her click and put my tongue into overdrive. My fingertip, meanwhile, pulled back and then sank further into her ass. I wasn’t going for deep penetration, though-I knew the nerves were at the entrance. Instead, I went only as far as the tight right of muscle just inside, feeling her ass gripping my finger and then relax to let it in.

Again, the combination of powerful triggers drove Lexi’s body into a frenzy. She clutched her thighs tightly to her chest and rocked her hips urgently. Her last outburst continued in a long string of “yes…yess…yesss!” just as she had done before. With a final convulsive heave, her ass clamped down on my finger and I felt a surge of lubrication gush from her spasming pussy. I stopped tonguing her clit and moved my mouth lower, dipping my tongue inside her and collected the sweet juices with slow licks.

Instead of letting her rest as I had before, though, I kept things moving right along. I stood up and pushed her knees to the right, causing her to roll onto her side, arms still locked behind her thighs and her eyes closed tightly as pleasure washed through her body. The bed was tall enough that she was at the perfect height, so I stepped forward and slid the head of my cock between her slick pussy lips. Her eyes flew open at the contact, but I didn’t stop. Each time I felt a throb of pleasure contract her opening, I pushed forward, timing my pressure so that I was pushing when her passage was at its tightest. Her mouth fell open and she gasped at each intrusion. In just a few seconds, I was fully buried in her body and I pulled her hips hard against myself, letting her feel maximum depth and fullness.

“Oh my God!” she groaned, closing her eyes again and hugging herself tightly.

I smiled to myself and swayed forward, pumping my weight against her. The tops of my thighs added pressure all around, squeezing her clit, spreading her ass a little bit, and rubbing against the backs of her legs as well. My hands caressed everything I could reach, wanting her to feel as much pleasure as she could. Over and over I leaned my weight against her, and each push caused her hips to spread and her sensitive vulva to rub against my groin.

“Oh God…I’m gonna cum again!” she gasped, her eyes tightly shut.

That was my signal. Grabbing her knees, I rolled her over onto her left side. Her pussy spasmed wildly as it rotated around my cock 180 degrees. Once she was in position, I jammed myself back into her as far as I could, illegal bahis siteleri bumping against her cervix as her body opened itself fully to my penetration. Lexi hugged her knees tightly and began gasping. Her body alternately quivered and relaxed, quivered and relaxed as her orgasm spread through her.

Now I was actually grinning, smugly happy with the pleasure I was giving her. Not that I was a selfless hero at that moment-her pussy was a liquid volcano that grasped my cock and squeezed it every second or so, her muscles rippling along the shaft with amazing pressure. Holding her in this pose and pushing hard against her made her pussy tighter than ever, and the soft curls of her labia grazed my cock as it filled her and they were tickling my balls as I stood there rocking against her.

To maximize what she was feeling, though, I began to pull back a few inches and slam myself into her. Each contact of my body against hers drew a wordless moan, and almost immediately she curled even tighter and froze again. I held perfectly still as well, watching her hold her breath and tremble as the deep waves course through her body. The throbbing of her pussy was slower and stronger this time, and I felt another gush of liquid where our bodies joined. Honestly, if I hadn’t had a powerful orgasm of my own not long before, that sensation would have made me cum immediately. As it was, I closed my eyes and breathed deeply, savoring the amazing experience.

When her body started to uncurl, Lexi’s breath was deep and ragged. I looked down at her face and our eyes met when she opened hers again. She looked happy but wrung out, and I winked.

“What the fuck was THAT?” she groaned in a groggy voice.

“I think Men’s Health called it the Corkscrew position. Whatever it is, though, I promised to show you one of my favorites, remember?”

“I can see why you like it…I’ve never cum like that before!”

“Me neither” I answered with a grin.

Lexi swatted at my arm weakly, a grin tugging at her lips.

“Do you want the bad news now?” I asked her.

“Depends on what it is,” she answered, closing her eyes again.

“You’re not done yet!” I replied in a fake-menacing tone.

“Oh, God…haven’t you finished ravaging me yet? I don’t know how much more I can take!”

“I’m pretty sure you’ll know when I’m done!” I answered with a chuckle.

She was smiling for real, so I leaned forward and kissed her again. Her hips stayed locked to the side with my cock inside her, but her torso turned toward me and I leaned over to lay my body over hers without letting her take all my weight. Her tongue sought mine eagerly and her arms wrapped around my neck again.

The fire of that kiss and the feeling of her nubile body ignited my passion again.

“Move up toward the head of the bed, will you?”

Lexi started to scoot her body up, and I followed closely. When her head reached the pillow, she fell onto it happily and looked down at me. Her damp hair framed her face beautifully, and her smile was at once blissful and lecherous. A deep red flushed colored her fair skin from her sternum to her cheeks. Languorously, she crossed her arms over her head, making her breasts stand firm and tall.

“What did you have in mind, mister?” she asked.

“One more favorite that I want to teach you!” I told her happily. “Turn onto your side.”

“Like this?” she asked, nimbly lifting her slender leg up and around my body.

“Just like that,” I told her. “They call this one the Pretzel…I’m not sure why!” She giggled.

Then I knee-walked forward, straddling her bottom leg. Slick with our combined juices, my cock slid easily along the back of her upper thigh. When it bumped against her butt, she kindly reached down between her leg and directed it back into her pussy. I finished moving forward and buried myself completely, pulling her hips snugly against me once more. We both groaned in unison.

“Oh, fuck, Lexi…you feel so damn good!”

“Oh, my God,” she hissed, “you’re so deep inside me again!”

“That’s the idea!” I said with a smug look on my face. Then I started to rock my hips back and forth, driving my full length into her over and over. Her eyes went wide and her mouth fell open as she felt me penetrate her very core.

“I also get to watch how beautiful you are when we’re like this, Lexi…that’s the best part!”

She grinned-a sweaty, happy grin and closed her eyes. I ran my hands down her taut thigh and caressed her up and down as I moved inside her. Although she started on her side, she was flexible enough to keep her lower body in this position and turn so that her back was flat on the mattress again. Leaning forward, canlı bahis siteleri I was able to reach her breasts and run my fingers around their supple curves. My thumbs grazed her nipples periodically. That’s one reason I love this position so much-I can see and feel so much of a woman’s body! My view that morning was heart-stoppingly beautiful and erotic.

Lexi, meanwhile kept her hands busy as well. As I teased her breasts, she reached down and trailed her fingertips along her hips and belly, then followed the curves inward to her mound. Although my view was obscured, I could feel when she started making circles around her clit.

As for me, I was in paradise. My eyes roamed her luscious body. My hands caressed everything I could reach. My cock was enveloped by her slick, tight pussy and every move we made seemed to make every nerve tingle along its length. I knew that my time was close, and that I was headed for a monster explosion.

“Lexi,” I said warningly.

Her eyes opened and she looked up at me.

“I want to be in your arms when I cum,” I told her.

She smiled happily and pulled her leg up to her chest, swinging it neatly to her right. Her thighs spread invitingly and she held her arms up to me wordlessly, beckoning. With a sigh of satisfaction, I fell forward onto my elbows and my legs stretched out behind me. My weight came to rest on the pivot point of our joined bodies and our pubic bones ground together.

Lexi’s eyes closed again when I settled into place. Her arms came up around my shoulders and her chin tilted up to bring her lips to mine. I kissed her softly but deeply and began to move my hips again, pulling slowly out all the way and then easing back into her as far as I could.

As my strokes grew more urgently, Lexi broke our kiss.

“This is how I want to remember you,” she whispered in my ear. “I want to think about you in my arms and in my pussy with your whole body on top of me and your cum filling me up. Please kiss me and cum inside me one more time!”

Her lips found mine again, and she sucked my tongue into her mouth. As my balls tightened, I started to pump harder against her welcoming body. Her arms pulled me closer, mashing my chest onto her breasts, and her legs came up to wrap tightly around my thighs, her heels pulling me into her rhythmically.

In a small part of my mind, I knew how special this moment was. This beautiful young woman had come suddenly back into my life yesterday. After a full day of touring, teasing, and growing closer, we had spent hours connecting physically. In so many ways, I felt like the luckiest man alive. As much as I knew it had to end, I was glad it was ending like this-an intimate, passionate, and unforgettable explosion for both of us.

My body, meanwhile, was on auto-pilot. My breath grew ragged, and my hips drove urgently down into hers. My whole body tensed up as I felt my orgasm rising within me. I could feel the sweat between us making Lexi’s breasts slick against my chest, and the clasp of her tight, wet pussy was overwhelming. With a final gasp that was almost a sob of pleasure, I pinned Lexi to the mattress one last time and emptied myself inside her. My face was buried in her hair and I heard her whispering “yes…yes…” in my ear as pulse after pulse wracked my body.

When the waves of pleasure subsided, I took a deep breath and raised my head. Lexi was smiling up at me with a loving smile, and I answered with an exhausted grin of my own. I kissed her softly on the lips and then, not wanting to crush her any more, gathered her in my arms and rolled sideways on the king-sized bed. Still twined around me, she rolled with me and ended up on top. She snuggled in happily to the crook of my neck, her fingers tracing through my chest hair. I stroked her back and arms tenderly. After a minute, my softening cock slipped out of her.

“I guess that means it’s over,” she whispered sadly against my skin.

“Well,” I said gently, “you could look at it like that. Or you could say that we got every second of happiness we could get out of the time we had.”

“Always the optimist, huh?” she said. I was relieved to hear her chuckle a tiny bit.

“Always. Imagine if I wasn’t…would we be here now?”

“Wait…who invited who?”

“I don’t remember,” I answered honestly. “I think I invited you out for coffee to catch up!”

“I think you had more in mind than that, Mr. R!”

“That’s where the optimism comes in!” I told her smugly.

Lexi picked her head up just enough to look at the clock, then snuggled back down.

“Five more minutes. I’m staying right here for as long as I can…okay?”

I kissed the top of her head, squeezed her nubile young body against mine, and smiled.

“More than OK, Lexi. It’s perfect.”

She turned her face toward mine, and for those last few minutes, we kissed each other with a mix of sadness and closeness that remains with me still.

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