College Party Fun


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This is another adventure from my college days. During my junior year my roommates and I threw a party like we did almost every month. This month some old friends from high school, who went to a different college, were going to be coming. Included in that group of friends was a friend of mine named Jen. Jen was two years younger than me and if you want to say we dated in high school that would be generous. We went on a few dates, made out, but that was about it. We ended up staying really good friends and when we were home together at breaks I would always stop by to see her and her family. For this party Jen was coming up with some other friends and everyone was going to crash at our house after the party.

Jen had a very bubbly personality that many girls found over the top and disliked. I found Jen to be quite genuine and thought she was one of the nicest people I had ever met. We also had a very flirty relationship and often joked about hooking up, but never did. She was about 5′ 6″ tall, long dark hair, I’m guessing 115 lbs, and always had a smile on her face. Just as a reminder, I am about 6 feet tall, 175 lbs, with a slim but athletic build. I’m not going to say I am god’s gift to women, but I did like to work out so I always thought my abs and the cut on my hips was sexy to girls. Getting back to Jen, as far as I knew she was a virgin and somewhat inexperienced when it came to the physical aspects of a relationship. She was also just a freshman in college and had just started to partake in underage drinking at parties. In high school she was a good girl and was always the designated driver. I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I was hoping she was going to loosen up for our party.

Anyways, the party was in full swing by the time Jen arrived. She had been there for about 30 minutes before I came across her and two of her friends. They were in the basement playing beer pong against my buddies Drew and Rich. From the looks of it Jen and her friends weren’t doing very good. Of their original 10 cups they only had 2 left, while Drew and Rich still had 8. Because the girls were playing with a team of 3, the house rule stipulated that they had to have shots of liquor in their cups (teams of 2 could choose between full glasses of beer or shots). Not wanting to interrupt the game, I just walked by Jen, said hello, and told her to come find me when she was done.

About 15 minutes later I was upstairs on the second floor, filling my cup up at the keg, when I heard a happy go lucky girl yell, “THERE HE IS!” I turned around to see Jen and her two friends, Beth and Amy, each holding a red solo cup of beer.

“I’m going to go out on a limb and guess you girls lost. Am I right?”

“Lost, no! We got demolished,” Beth said. The worst part is we had to finish all of Drew and Rich’s beers too, holding up their solo cups full of Bud Light.

“Well that sucks,” I said grabbing each of their cups. “That is the cheap beer for the games and common folk, let me get you some Blue Moon from this keg.” I then proceeded to dump out their glasses and fill them up with some good stuff.

I sat and talked with the girls for a little bit, when my buddy Dan came running upstairs yelling for me. “Hey, it’s our turn. Drew and Rich are getting cocky and we need to bring them back to earth.”

I introduced Dan to the three girls and excused myself so that Dan and I could go play some beer pong. Before I left I told the girls to feel free to grab anything to drink from our upstairs keg or if they wanted they could grab liquor from my room, which was right off of the 2nd floor kitchen, and the mixers were in the fridge. Jen gave me a little smile and for whatever reason I said, “Jen, I’ll meet you back up here around 11pm to make out,” and then laughed as I walked away with Dan.

Dan and I ended up beating Drew and Rich at beer pong and then won another game. After that we stopped playing beer pong and played a few games of flip cup. I was definitely buzzed but by no means drunk. As I was walking around it looked like everyone was having a good time. I saw Jen on the dance floor and danced with her for a little bit, but I continued to walk around talking with people.

At around 11pm I was upstairs filling my cup up with beer when Jen came around the corner, dripping with sweat from dancing, holding a drink. “Oh, there’s Mr. Social. How are you doing?”

“Good,” canlı bahis I replied. “How are you enjoying the party.”

“So much fun, I’ve been able to catch up with a lot of people who I haven’t seen in a while,” Jen responded while wiping the sweat from her face. “I feel like a sweaty mess.”

“You look hot, I mean really hot,” I said smiling and laughing.

Jen and I continued to talk and gossip in the kitchen about some of our friends. A few more people came upstairs for beer and eventually the keg ran dry. I grabbed the tap and threw it in my room while my buddy Alan grabbed the empty keg and said he would go down the street and pick up another one.

When Alan left, everyone began to trickle back downstairs. I grabbed Jen by the hand and asked her if she wanted to go down and play some flip cup or quarters.

Jen smiled and agreed but as we walked towards the stairs she gave a little chuckle and said under her breath, “well, it is 11.” It didn’t hit me at first and I looked at Jen with a puzzled look on my face. Then she looked me right in the eye, squeezed my hand, and repeated, “11 O’clock!”

It finally clicked in my head and I smiled at Jen, pretty much thinking she was joking. Since my room was right at the top of the stairs I pointed to the door and said, “oh, that’s right, well there’s my room, let’s go.” I expected Jen to continue down the stairs towards the party, but was shocked when she instead turned towards my door, opened it, and walked in. Immediately a feeling of excitement shot through me as I began to think of what was happening. I followed Jen into my room and as I turned my back to close the door an animalistic urge took over me. I closed the door and then grabbed Jen by the arm and swung her up against the bedroom door. I quickly closed the gap between us and put my lips about two inches from hers. I then whispered, “are you ready for this?”

Jen’s response was immediate as she closed the gap completely and began to attack my lips with hers. Romantic or sensual are two words that would NOT describe our kissing. Lips were smacking, tongues were flicking wildly between our mouths, and each of us had a little aggression behind each of our movements. Both of us being a little drunk probably also played a role in the sloppy kissing. As our lip-licking embrace continued, I slid my hands onto Jen’s ass, and still pinned up against the door, I lifted her up off her feet. Jen immediately wrapped her legs around me and moaned into my mouth, showing her pleasure for how events were quickly unfolding. With Jen still in my arms and pinned against the door, I broke off our lip lock and began to kiss her ear, slowly working my way down her neck. When I got to the upper part of her chest I began to let go of Jen’s ass, forcing her to return her feet to the floor. I then reached my hand up the front of her shirt, under her bra, and began to fondle her tits. I had seen Jen in a bathing suit before and I knew she had nice tits, but to this day I will say those were the best tits I have ever seen and felt. They were like perfect pears, perfect GIANT pears, probably in the large C-cup size, that fit perfectly in each of my hands.

As I worked my hands over Jen’s soft globes and began to tweak her nipples, Jen helped me out and pulled her tank top over her head, giving me the first look of her tits as I had already pushed her white, lace bra up over her nipples. I immediately sank my mouth down to her left breast and took it in my mouth, my tongue dancing around her nipple. Not wanting anything to get in the way, Jen also reached behind her and took off her bra, throwing it on my bed which was right next to us. With her tits now fully exposed to me, Jen began to rub her hands through my hair, encouraging me to continue my exploration of her tits.

Wanting more I eventually released Jen’s nipple from my lips, swung her around, and pushed her chest and face up against the door. Jen responded my pushing her ass out slightly, as I thrust my groin into her jean covered ass cheeks. Reaching around her I began to rub between her legs on the outside of her pants. Jen responded by pushing her ass more forcibly into my jean covered dick and said, “oh fuck yes, oh fffuuuuccckkk.” Jen then reached behind her, slid her hands into my jeans, and began to frantically search for my cock. When she first discovered my cock it was still covered by underwear, bahis siteleri so Jen increased her search efforts and eventually snaked her way all the way inside, grabbing a handful of my cock. By this time I was fully hard and Jen’s strokes were a little rough. Realizing the friction was uncomfortable to me, Jen quickly removed her hand from my pants, but only to spit on her hand. While she did this I took the opportunity to pull my cock out and pushed my pants and underwear down to my knees. She then returned her hand to my newly released, 8 inch cock and continued to jack me off behind her back.

With my hands still rubbing Jen over her jeans, I decided turn about was fair play. I undid the button of her jeans and thrusted my right hand into her jeans and panties. The first thing I felt was her pubic hair. It wasn’t a lot and I could tell she kept it nicely groomed. The next thing I felt was the moisture leaking out of her pussy. Sensing her arousal I began to slide my fingers up and down the lips of her pussy, taking a few seconds to rub her clit when I reached the top of my strokes.

With my lips right next to Jen’s ear, I began to give it little kisses and whispered, “oh, you’re making my cock so fucking hard.”

Still pressed up against the door, Jen looked over her shoulder at me and replied, “and you’re making my pussy so wet.” She then took her free hand and began to work her pants down her knees in order to give me better access to her pussy. Eventually her pants ended up around her ankles and all I had to contend with was the elastic of her royal blue, lace bikini panties. The site as I looked down at that moment was incredible; Jen’s hand was still reaching behind her back jacking me off, her panties were wedged deep in the crack of her ass, and her tan, round butt was bouncing up and down just asking to be bitten.

This went on for a few minutes and once or twice I thought we were going to fall over since both of us had our pants around our ankles. Jen then did something I was not expecting. She took my cock and slid it between her ass cheeks and her thong. For this change I had to remove my fingers from her pussy and replaced them onto her hips. She then held my dick with her hand and had me “titty fucking” her ass cheeks and it was very arousing. Two or three times she had to spit on her hand in order to relube up my dick, but again the feeling was very erotic. Adding to the pleasure I could hear the party going on outside my door and occasionally people would walk right by my door, unaware of what was taking place on the other side. If we had continued our current sexual position for any significant amount of time I’m sure I would have cum all over her ass. But with my fingers gone from her pussy, Jen started to get antsy and quickly tried something new. Removing her hand from my dick Jen had me pull her panties down to her knees, which I gladly did with my teeth. Once they were down I slowly kissed up her thighs, spread her ass cheeks apart, and began to lick her pussy from behind. I have never minded eating a girl’s pussy from behind, knowing that my nose was going to be rubbing up against their ass. However, some girls I have been with will stop me because they fear embarrassment. I can assure you this night Jen was not feeling any embarrassment and practically rode my lips, tongue, and nose to an orgasm that was both intense, wet, and I dare say delicious on my lips.

After recovering from her orgasm, and still sitting on my face, I eventually was able to stand up and found myself holding Jen around the waist. She then bent over, pushed her ass against my cock, and reached between her legs to grab my cock. With my cock safely in her newly spit filled hand, she guided it between her legs and proceeded to rub it between her hand and the lips of pussy.

The wetness coming from her pussy, and that of her hand wrapped around my dick, allowed me to slide up and down the lips of her pussy with ease. On a few strokes I would pull back far enough so that the head of my dick also rubbed up against the entrance to her ass. With every thrust upwards towards her clit, Jen would moan and encourage me to continue rubbing against her. At one point she said, “oh your cock feels so good against my pussy. I want you to stick it in me but I’m a virgin and I can’t.”

Hearing Jen say this confirmed my earlier suspicions that she was a virgin. But hearing bahis şirketleri these words and experiencing these past two sexual positions had my dick raging and looking at this girl in a whole new way. She might be a virgin, but inexperienced sexually she was not. With our bodies connected, I took a moment to remove my shirt and I chuckled as we continued grinding my dick against her pussy, as we both had our pants and underwear still bundled up around our respective ankles. Eventually I leaned forward to grab onto Jen’s titties, as I feared they were hitting her in the face when I thrusted forward and she guided my penis across the lips of her pussy.

Not sure how much longer I was going to last, I decided to see just how far Jen was willing to go. Licking my left thumb, I slowly used it to apply pressure to Jen’s asshole, from behind. At first it was a little rubbing and Jen only continued to moan as she had been doing. Eventually though I began to insert my thumb deeper to which Jen replied, “are you putting your finger in my dirty, little ass?”

Indeed I was inserting my finger into her ass and this really got Jen going. She began to add more pressure with her hand against my cock, as I rubbed up and down her pussy, still not penetrating those lovely virgin lips. The added pressure to the underside of my penis head caused my head to pulsate and grow bigger and bigger with each thrust. This in turn made me thrust a little faster and deeper into the folds of her honeypot lips. I could actually feel her breathing begin to quicken as she neared what I assumed was another orgasm. Sensing this my own orgasm began to build.

Faster and faster Jen asked me to go, “oh please, keep going, I’m going to cum all over your big dick.”

Faster and faster I went, “Fuck Jen, your pussy feels so good.”

Then, on the verge of her orgasm, Jen did something I was not expecting. As I glided across the wet folds of her pussy, as I had the previous 100+ strokes, Jen raised herself up on her toes and guided my dick into her pussy as she began to scream, “fuck me with that dick cause I’m going to cccuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmm!!”

I was probably three thrusts in before I even knew I had taken her virginity and was deep inside her. When I finally did realize, Jen was in the middle of her orgasm and I didn’t want to take that away from her. So with my thumb still in her ass, I continued to fuck her pussy. Her orgasm seemed to last for 20 seconds and in that time the totality of the night overcame me and I too began to cum. Removing my finger from Jen’s ass, I was just able to pull my dick out of her pussy as I exploded all over. The first shot of cum came out with such force I had no idea where it went. The second landed on her upper back and the third I squeezed out onto her brown hole which slowly dripped down onto her quivering pussy lips. Jen then reached back between her legs, grabbed my dick and began to rub it up and down the entrance of her ass, smearing my cum all over her. Then she let go of my dick, scraped up however much cum she could get her hands on, and put it all over my still throbbing member. Then dropping to her knees she took me deep into her mouth and cleaned me off. Staring up at me I couldn’t help but wonder if I really knew Jen at all. The night’s activities had me looking at her in a completely new way. A way in which I obviously enjoyed. Jen then opened her mouth to show me my cum mixed with her saliva, before swallowing it and licking her lips.

No sooner had Jen stood to thank me for the fun, there was a knock at the door. It was Alan and he had come back with the new keg and was looking for the tap. I quickly pulled up my pants and grabbed the tap off the desk in my room and was about to open the door to give it to him. But instead Jen grabbed it from my hand, opened the door (still topless and with her pants and panties around her ankles), and gave Alan a smile as she handed him the tap. The look on Alan’s face was priceless and he shot me a quick glance as Jen closed the door. Then I heard Alan yell, “UnFUCKINBelievable” as he walked to the kitchen to tap the keg.

Jen and I quickly got our clothes back on and returned to the party. She ended up leaving the party about an hour later. But before she did she gave me a kiss on the cheek, whispered in my ear thank you, and then slyly shoved her panties down the front of my pants. The next morning I used those panties to rub one out, thinking about the previous night’s festivities. I have to add that no matter how many times I washed my hands, the smell of Jen’s virgin pussy remained on my fingers for the next few days.

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