Adisa has a Plan


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I woke to find Adisa gazing at me.

“You are really cute when your asleep.” and she rolled in for a kiss, reaching up and tugging on my new earrings.

“Ouch!” they were still sore and throbbed a little.

“Baby.” she teased. I gazed back into my lovers deep, brown, almost black eyes.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

I took a few seconds to take in her features, her broad nose, thick lips, high cheeks. I rolled to face her, placing my hand on her hip. She was in incredible shape, lean but still feminine. I was a very lucky man. It was weird to see her without jewelry, the fistulas in her lobes were larger than the holes in Rebecca, my wife’s, ears, a mixture of years of wearing what I now new to be heavy, silver earrings all those years and the fact that they were clearly pierced at much larger gauge than was traditional back in Europe. They were very close together and evenly spaced and went from the middle of her lobe all the way up her ear. Adisa rolled on to her back and I notice I could see the hole in her septum. She seemed to be psyching herself up for the day. Then she effortlessly raised herself out of bed.

“I’m going to go shower at my hut and get a fresh skirt. I’ll be back in a bit for our run.” she wrapped her old skirt around her, grabbed one of my t-shirts and took the glass with her jewelry. On the way out she said “Call your wife.”

“Good idea.” I yelled after her and with that she was gone leaving me how to figure out how the hell was I going to explain my earrings to Rebecca. I thought about it whilst I was brushing me teeth, without inspiration. “Fuck it!” I grabbed my phone and made an audio call.

“Hey Honey!” Rebecca appeared on my screen with a bright smile, I could hear the kids running around behind her. I was suddenly very home sick. She really was a beautiful woman. Her face changed from a smile to confusion. “Something wrong on your end? There’s no video and I can’t hear you.”


“What’s wrong? Are you OK” genuine concern that I knew was about to be replaced by scorn.

“I still really like your nose ring, Honey.”

“Thanks, Hun. I think I’m going to keep it for a while. I still can’t see your face.”

“Well–” I still couldn’t think of an easy way of explaining this.

“Did you get in a fight?”

“Not exactly. I just went a bit–“

“A bit what?” Rebecca’s concern was already starting to shift to irritation.

“A bit native.”

“What do you–” I started my camera. Rebecca’s eyes scrambled looking for meaning, and then she spotted them. “You got– earrings?”.

“Yeah.” I smiled awkwardly and gave her a tour of my new jewelry.

“Huh.” her concern changed, to a similarly awkward grin. “They suit you.” and then she leaned into her phone “… its kind of hot.”

“Really? I thought you’d be mad”

“Honey, you are a middle-aged, software professional and you’ve been threatening to do this for years. I’m genuinely surprised at how much they suit you.” I blushed. “I really miss you.”

“I really miss you too.”

“Look at us, still cool at nearly 40.” we both laughed at this. “Who pierced you?”


“First the running, now the piercings–“

“Yeah” I interrupted, trying to avoid anything that might force me to lie. “She’s been a good friend these last few months. Really helped to keep me sane.”

“How good of a friend.” Rebecca probed teasingly.

“Really good.” one of the best parts of being a software engineer was the ability to miss social queues and get away with it. “I’m going to miss her. Hey check this out.” I walked into the bathroom so I could show Rebecca my weight loss.

“Wow, ataşehir escort hun. You look like you’ve lost half a stone.”

“I think I might. I feel amazing!”

“I hope you can keep it up when you get back.”

“Yeah, its always hard with the kids.”

“How’s the work going?”

“Good. The team has really come together and for once sales seem to have over sold. We’re going to hire another ten devs.”

“But you’re still coming home in a fortnight, right?” there was a little panic in Rebecca’s eyes.

“Definitely. I may have to come back at some point, but that really depends on Adisa.”

“Why Adisa?”

“Office manager. If she’s happy with the training, she might request me again. Then its just a matter of scheduling.”

“Hun. Are you serious?” panic had given way to anger. “You being away on during the week is… not ideal, but sustainable. But this three month stint…” she tailed off, this had clearly been harder on her than I had realized.

“I’m sorry Sweety, I know this must be hard. I don’t think we’re talking months again, just a week or two once a quarter or so.”

“The weekends are mine. This job might be your dream, but we’re your reality. Plus, I think my hymen is growing back.” a familiar shared joke. When were were dating its was her less than subtle way of letting me know she’d like to fuck now. We both smiled at the shared memories.

“I know Sweety. I know. We’ll figure it out. This is important to me, but no where near as important as you and the kids.”

“I’m sorry, its just. Between work, scheduling people to help me with the kids, keeping the house together. Its really fucking hard.”

“I’m sorry too–” and then Adisa came into the house.

“Hey Englishman, its time!” yelled across the hut with that exotic afro-french accent of hers.

“Is that Adisa?” asked Rebecca.

“Yeah, I should go. The sooner we start this run the sooner I can lay on my bed and hope for death.”

“Wait, put her on.”

“Adisa?” I was confused, Rebecca rarely wanted anything to do with my work. “Now?”

“Yes, Adisa. Yes, now”

“Erm—-” with no good reason not to, I called over to Adisa, “Hey Adissa, come and meet Rebecca”. Adisa, actually smiled.

“Finally!” called Adisa, “Why has it taken you this long to introduce us?” I came out to the main room and framed the two of us in my phones camera. Fortunately, Adisa was wearing one of her own t-shirts for out run this morning. “Rebecca, I’m delighted to meet you.” this was pure ‘Work Adissa’. The smile and disarming professionalism working their magic.

“Likewise!” and that was Rebecca is super-mum mode. “I figured it was time to meet you now that you’ve destroyed my husbands beautiful ears” this actually took Adisa back a bit and as she struggle to build a response “I’m kidding! It looks really cute! Thanks!” and they both laughed. “Hon, why don’t you leave us alone to catch up.”. I shared a glance with Adisa, and she just pushed me out of the frame.

“You really had me there, Rebecca.” and Adissa ushered me out of the hut. I took the hint, but ducked in quickly to grab my laptop. Then went to the office hut to get out of there way.


Adisa showed up about 20 minutes later, beaming.

“Your wife is a pistol” she said kissing me on the cheek.

“I know.”

“She told me to watch out for you as you have a thing for women with lots of earrings.” I laughed at this.

“A bit late for that.”

“She also put on a pretty hard sell to not bring you back to Senegal for a while.”

“Yeah. This is the first time I’ve been away for more than a couple of weeks. It can’t be easier kadıköy escort for her.”

“I told her you should get more wives.”

“How did that go over?”

“She laughed and commended me for getting her back for the earring comment.”

“That sounds like Rebecca.”

“She’s wonderful, I can see why you love her.” and she clearly meant it.

“I’m a very lucky man.”

“And the piercings.” I laughed at this.

“Yes, and her piercings. Just a nose ring now, but when we were dating she wore small ear plugs, tongue stud, lip ring. She still has the tattoos, navel ring, nipples and clit.”

“Really? You are a lucky man.”

“I miss the tongue stud. Its basically ruined me for oral sex without it.”

“Oh, that’s why you never cum in my mouth.” mused Alisa, “I thought I was losing my touch.”

“Its a cliche, but its not you, its me. Tongue studs are amazing.”

“Interesting. Should I get one?” all the blood rushed to my cock.

“Adisa, I’m gone in a week, and then we might never see each other again. Beyond the occasional work call.” saying that out loud depressed the hell out of me. How could this end?

Unperturbed, Adisa moved over and placed her hand on my shorts, and grabbed my engorged member.

“Cherie, this is not ending in a week.” she used her free hand to gently bring my face to hers, gazing into my eyes. “I will be your second wife. I promise you.” and with that she kissed me deeply on the lips. I was a little taken a back, and pulled away.

“I don’t understand.” I stammered, “That’s not a thing we can do.”

“Why not? People take second wives everyday.”

“In Senegal, but I’m not from here. I have an entire family, an entire life in England.”

“Cherie, do you want this to end?”

“Adisa, darling, I just assumed this was going to end. I don’t want this to end, it just has to.”

“I disagree.” she squeezed my cock which throbbed with the attention, “your tiny cock disagrees.” trying to bring some humor into the situation.

“My cock is a liability.” we both sat in silence, until Adisa pulled her cigarettes out from her skirt and lit one.

“Look. You are good at your job and we’re expanding the team. I’m just going to demand that you are onsite one week a month.”

“Yeah, I’ll be the guy on the ground in England. We can do remote pairing, and I’ll fly out once a month.”

“Hopefully that won’t eat too far into the profits.”

“Should ease Rebecca a little too. If I’m working from home three weeks out of the month, the ten days I’m away is a good compromise compared to the twenty odd days I’m away at the moment.”

“So if I start working management, you’re in?”

“Sure. I’ll be the envy of the the UK team. WFH with internal travel. I’ll get work life balance and points.” it felt like we just won the lottery. “What about our run?”

“Good idea, then I’m going to go into the city for a little retail therapy.”

“I didn’t have you down as a shopper.”

“I need some new earrings. Some asshole stole six of mine.”

“I love you”

“I love you too.” and she dropped her skirt and sat on the corner of my desk. Then lit a cigarette and blew the smoke directly in my face. “You still haven’t gone down on me whilst I smoke.” I didn’t need any more encouragement than that.

I dropped to my knees and kiss the inside of her left thigh, slowly working up to her labia. Adisa grabbed my hair and pulled my head into position then locked her legs around my head. For a woman who wasn’t even sure if she like head, she had gotten the hang of it very quickly.

“Do clit–” she practically growled as I started to work my bostancı escort bayan tongue around her clit, “Do… Fuck you are good at that.” I heard her take a drag on her cigarette and practically purr on her exhale. She release her grip on my neck and I came up for air. “Do clit piercings work?”. Before I answered I sucked on her clit, and grazed it with my teeth. Adisa’s legs pulled tight around me and I shook me head to and actually growled whilst I flicked her clitoris lightly with the tip of my tongue. I moved to circling her, trying to get her find a rhythm. I started feel her hips move with my tongue. I gave her a few beats to settle in, I felt her arm move up to take a drag, felt her lungs start to fill and then pounced, trapping her mid inhale. I felt trembling begin and then explode through her body.

I love this feeling. Making a woman cum made me feel so powerful. My cock was rock hard. I got off my knees and kissed Adisa whilst the smoke was still pouring out of her mouth. Her tongue found mine and her she pulled me inside of her. Our eyes locked, she took one last, long drag and fucked her with everything I’d got. She was so beautiful. I suddenly became aware of feeling of my earrings beating against each other and came harder than I ever had my life. I took a couple of steps backwards and Adisa followed, dropping to her knees and sucking me dry.

I pulled her back up to her feet and kissed her gently on the lips, and she sank her head into my chest.

We stood like that for a couple of minutes.

“Your tiny cock continues to surprise me.”

“I love you.”

“Yeah you do.” and she started to put her skirt back on. “Fuck. That was good.”

The blood had started to return to my head and I started to look around for my clothes.


I’d spent the day working on a couple of side projects. Then went over to the mess hut and played some Joust and Mario Kart with a few of the devs. They really were a good team. Construction on the family huts was complete, their training was nearly done and their families would be moving in within the week.

It was getting late. So I headed back to my hut and was surprised to find Adisa, under a light sheet in my bed smoking.

She rolled on two her side and tried to cover small wince. “Bonsoir, Cherie” Adisa said with a slight lisp and beckoned me over.

“Bonsoir, mon amore.” I replied, high school French was beginning to pay off. I quickly shed my laptop and walked over. As I approached she pulled the sheet back.

“Wow!” Adisa now had both her nipples pierced with cute little silver rings and her navel.

“You like?” she teased.

“I do.” I went to play with them, then realize that they were probably still sore, with my hand outstretched I asked, “May I?”.

“Gently.” I cupped her breast, lent forward and kissed nipple. Adisa moaned.

“Maybe, a little harder.” I carefully placed her nipple in my mouth and slowly increased the suction until I Adisa started to pull back. “Why didn’t I do this earlier?”

“When you said you were going to buy jewelry I wasn’t expected this.”

“Impulth buy.” and she lifted my head up to her smokey lips, opened her mouth slightly and kissed me. It took a split second to realize she had a tongue stud.

“That explains the lisp” she kissed me again and pulled my hand down to her mound. I was surprised to find she was clean shaven, I was even more surprised to feel rings lining her labia. We continued to kiss as I played with her new rings. There were 5 on each side and a vertical hood. I guessed she’d either promised to tip well, or the piercer had assumed to could handle this many piercings at once. I started to play with the clit ring, but Adisa slapped the back of my hand.

“Not until its healed.” she whispered in my ear, tugging on my earrings with her teeth. Then she pushed me onto the bed, and reminded me how great a tongue stud feels against my cock.

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