Abhishek’s Birthday Gift


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Abhishek’s Birthday Gift

My name is Krysta, I’m a light skinned East Indian woman; light as in almost white, with long shiny black hair that reaches to my big round butt which like my thighs are more like that of a black woman — I’m thick and rounded and with a flat belly and narrow waist. Some might call me slim-thick, some thick. My B-cup breasts stand straight out, with an almost nipple-less cone tip that had a large expanse of areola; the nips only daring to peep out when I’m sexually aroused. Breasts that so far have only fed a single child, my daughter. My husband Abhishek loves to spend long minutes sucking on them, much to my enjoyment.

I don’t know where I got my figure from, no one else in the family is like that, fortunately my face strongly resembles that of my dad and his own mom, or my mom would have been in some deep shit. Anyhow, I’m not complaining; I love my figure, my husband loves it and it was loved by the only other two men who unknown to my husband, had fucked me. Abhishek thinks he’s the first. I prayed so hard for it to happen, that on my wedding night — not a traditional Indian wedding — when Abhi entered me, I was midway through my period, so there was some blood for him to see.

I had disposed of my tampon before getting into bed, telling him that I had been waiting for his cock so long I wanted it immediately, without any preliminaries. I controlled my pussy muscles, giving him the feel of a tight fit and virginal resistance. For good measure, I made loud painful cries.

Early in life, a worldly wise female cousin of mine convinced me that I was sitting on a virtual gold mine. ‘Don’t sell it cheap, don’t mess up, be patient and wait for the big fish, they will come.’ She’d said. I took her advice, so I kept myself aloof and clean, except for one very discreet and well disguised affair with a married co-worker, which ran for two years of hot, mind blowing sex. While that was going on I briefly, as a front, dated two doting, harmless young men, that I could easily control, letting them get no further than kisses and some groping of my fine pussy and tits, telling them that I was saving my virginity for my wedding night. Soon after I would feign disgust with them for trying to force me or for some other transgression, and end the relationship.

I was a poor girl with dreams of becoming super rich. The big fish eventually came along when I was twenty one. Abhishek was ten years my senior and stinking rich, with inherited holdings in rice farming, gold mining, real estate and logging. He fell for me hook line and sinker. I ended the relationship with my secret lover, with mutual understanding and acceptance. After six months of sexless dating Abhishek and I got married.

Now, ten years later on the afternoon of my thirty-first birthday, I lay on our king sized bed, clothed as requested by my husband, in nothing more than a short, sheer, black teddy nightie. I was watching an interracial porn movie on our sixty inch TV and stroking my pussy, again according to instructions received a few minutes ago. He wanted me to be wet, well turned on and ready to fuck when he came home with my birthday present. He said he’d finally found something I’d long wanted, something we’d discussed before, a while back. He refused to give me a hint. The porn movie was of a black, well hung youth and his bratty, white half-sister, and it soon had me dripping. Although I’d never had a longing for such adventures, I’d found incest porn a bigger turn on than any other genre.

Abhishek had once admitted that he’d done incest with a couple of family females, without naming names. He was obviously very kinky, having also admitted to threesomes, but I guessed was a bit hesitant about introducing me into wild areas, other than spanking, anal and the regular role play that he would script for us. But somehow I got the feeling that he was gradually grooming me, and I pretended naivety, so I wouldn’t make any mistakes. I loved the rich life, and through it got to help out a lot of my poor family, setting them up in business or good jobs.

I heard Abhishek’s soft knock on the door and quickly switched off the TV, bent one knee and spread my thick thighs.

“Come in honey,” I said.

The door opened and my smile froze. Had I not urinated thirty minutes before, I would have surely pissed myself, such was the intensity of the shock I got when I saw the big, black, tall and muscular Johnson, one of Abhishek’s accountants and long-time friend. A charming and handsome young man known to Abhishek since he was a baby, his parents having been long-time employees of Abhishek’s dad. Johnson and I also got along well. I clamped my thighs shut and sat up, holding a pillow over my front.

“Johnson, what are doing here?” I managed to squeak.

“I’m here to deliver your present,” he said, smiling broadly.

“Where’s Abhishek?” I asked, nervously.

“In his study, he asked me to bring it up for you.”

“Where is it?”

“Right here,” he said. His hands canlı bahis were behind his back.

He stepped into the bedroom and pulled the door in behind him with one foot. He removed his hands from behind his back

“There’s nothing in your hands, Johnson, quit playing games and give me my present and get out of here,” I cried, irritably.

A brief puzzled look came over his face, but was soon replaced by an understanding smile.

“So, he didn’t tell you,” he said and started loosening his belt.

“Tell me what … and what are you doing?” I cried.

“I’m getting your present for you Ms. Krysta.”

I looked on, flabbergasted as Johnson began stepping out of his pants.

“Oh my god, Abhishek told you to do this … he’s alright with this?” I asked.

“Very much so, Ms. Krysta.”

“That fucker … sending his friend into his bedroom to fuck me, his wife?” I shouted, in what I hoped sounded like anger. I was suddenly too turned on to be angry about my husband’s indiscretion.

“Are you alright with this Johnson?” I asked, as if hoping he would say no.

“I am Ms. Krysta … I’d like nothing better than to give you the present, the boss man sent.” He said, with a lascivious smile.

He was stepping out of his jeans and I could see the huge bulge in his boxer briefs

“That leaves only you Ms. Krysta, are you alright with this?” he asked.

“Johnson, forget about what I said in anger a minute ago … I have great love and respect for my husband and I’m a loyal wife. I always trust his judgements and decisions. If this is the present he wants me to have, I’m only too happy to accept. Give it to me, but keep in mind I’m doing it for him, not you,” I ended angrily.

Johnson pulled down his underwear and out sprung a big black cock that though only half erect, looked quite menacing. Johnson’s Johnson — no pun intended — was quite a troubling sight; it raised animalistic and secret urges in me. Except, for my first lover, which was so long ago, who was built like Johnson, I wasn’t used to handling a revolver of that bore. That was a magnum 44. As he walked toward me it began straightening out and was bouncing seductively. I could feel my pussy getting wetter than it had been earlier, and I could only think, ‘oh my god, what am I in for?’ I felt like it was winking at my vulva, which throbbed in response.

Reaching out he took hold of my ankles in his big, strong hands and dragged me to the edge of the bed. He sank to his knees, and sensing what he was about to do, and feeling a hunger for it, I spread my thick creamy legs wide and looked between them to his lowering head, in anticipation. I couldn’t remember when, if ever, I’d been so turned on. My pussy was pulsating and springing thick water. He sank his handsome face into my crotch, which involuntarily jumped up to meet his lips. His mouth opened wide, shark-like, and drew in the fat lips of my smooth vulva. I moaned loudly as he sucked on them noisily. And when his stiffened tongue went pass the lips into my deep pink, I let out a shrill scream, and was grateful that no one else was at home but Abhishek, downstairs in his study.

By the time he got up I was in a drunken daze, already having had one orgasm. He pulled me up into a sitting position. His big cock which was at least twice the length and much stouter than that of my husband’s, bumped against my blushing-red cheek, burning it. Without a moment’s hesitation, I grabbed hold of the hard love muscle, and opening my mouth which was fortunately, just wide enough, stuck it in, managing to suck on the big bulbous head. I gushed a load of saliva onto it, suddenly feeling the need to really get down and dirty — fuck decency and civilized behavior — wanting only at that moment in time to be a stinking, shameless sex animal. I poured more thick spit onto his dark wood, and watched as it slowly travelled the length of ten or eleven inches of fuck pipe, all the way down to his big balls, which I immediately lifted in both hands, lowered my head and began licking as well as pulling into my mouth and stretching.

I returned to the cock and he went down my throat, making me gag and splutter, almost vomiting as he touched my tonsils roughly. I choked and coughed and had to pull away my mouth to catch my breath. I felt him lift my little nightie up and over my head, and tilt me over onto my back. Still standing he leaned over and took one of my soft cones into his mouth and sucked on it while covering the other with his big hand in a sensuous massage.

“What flavor is the ice cream cone, Johnson?” I whispered.

“The kind I like, my sweet, pure vanilla,” he whispered back, and moved his mouth to the other cone.

He was sending shivers through my spine all the way to my pussy, which suddenly became the target of his free hand, thumb and forefinger twirling my clit and setting it alight. I was already starting to cum when he pushed the dark brown monster against my pussy. As if knowing my terrain well it moved through bahis siteleri the hills and ploughed into me, making me scream. I screamed again as the orgasm caused my pussy to explode. I shook like a person in an epileptic fit, my eyes turned back in my head. My mouth blowing like a pregnant woman in delivery. He held me in strong hands so his cock wouldn’t be dislodged.

When I was finished cumming, I crawled backward, bringing with me, his cock fastened to my pussy, into the center of the bed. I raised my legs high, using my hands to keep them wide and pulled back.

“Ooooooooh, fuck me, Johnson … fuck your boss’ slutty wife … fill me with yuh big black cock, yuh fucker, yuh,” I cried passionately.

His cock began moving in my depths like an erratic torpedo, going back and forth, back and forth, ramming and retreating from my soft and muddy river bed, causing me pain and pleasure wrapped up in one. His hips began moving rapidly, sending the round tipped missile in a wild search, hitting every corner, until with a loud growl, he suddenly flipped me over, ordering me to straddle him. I did so hurriedly, eager to have the hammering of my pussy resumed, whether under my or his terms. I gritted my teeth, closed my eyes and came down on the stout stake hard, sending it up to the base in me.

I grunted and squealed like a knifed sow, then I rose up, freeing about one third of the power drill, and leaning forward with my hands on his damp shoulders, began to ride him hard. With the ass, hips and belly of a black woman, came the ability to move on cock like one. I bucked and rolled and ground against my stallion like a rodeo jockey, until with a frantic pussy-whipping I took him past the finish line, and felt him erupt in me flooding my hole with his cum paste, wondering if Abhishek was alright with that too; the black stud’s semen in his wife. I shrugged off the thought and laughed out loud, wagging my wet tail like a lost and found puppy.

His cock was only partly deflated, so I closed my eyes, and working my inner wall muscles to coax him back up to full hardness, I resumed my ride, dripping sweat onto his dark brown body.

When I next opened my eyes I saw Abhishek standing over me naked and grinning wide.

“Mind if I join the party?” he asked.

“Not at all darling, actually I was hoping you would come and watch me play with my present.”

In his hand he held a bottle of KY jelly that he was applying to his hard cock. I could see the red, bulging veins. Despite its not so remarkable size, it never failed to give me pleasure. What it lacked in length and girth, it made up for in firmness and was always ready to fuck. It also stayed the distance well and was quick to recover after exploding in me. He walked behind me and I could feel his familiar fingers find my twitching butt hole, as he applied lubrication. Johnson’s big dick was still stuck in me and I could feel it throbbing and beginning to stretch out and fill me up. Abhishek would bugger me with his little hard dick frequently and I loved it as much as he did, maybe more.

I liked the feel of the unthreatening cock in my booty, bringing pleasure without pain. I felt him position himself on the bed, between Johnson’s spread legs. Johnson’s long cock allowed me to lift my ass a few inches higher to facilitate Abhishek. He entered my ass smoothly and as usual started slowly, then gradually picked up pace until he was fucking my ass rapidly. I became a human sandwich, getting fucked from both sides. While Abhishek’s little drill was probing my booty hole, and his quick hands repeatedly slapping my fat backside, something he knew I liked, till the cheeks were smarting pleasurably. Johnson’s jackhammer piloted by his agile, muscular hips, was brutally torpedoing its way up into my stomach, as if sending food to me in a reverse fashion.

They rode me together top and bottom, pussy and ass for twenty minutes, during which the double friction caused me to cum twice. Abhishek came first and fell off me.

Sitting on the side of the bed he watched as his thick, curvy and pretty wife’s almost white body, now smarting red, was bounced about upward by a mass of black muscle.

“Put it in her ass, Johnson,” Abhishek said.

He tugged at Johnson’s cock, dragging it out of my pussy and positioning the head at my ass hole, smeared with his cum. I was a bit reluctant, because of the size. But conflictingly excited. I wanted it inside of me but was afraid of the monstrous wood tearing me apart. None of my two previous lovers had been able to convince me of taking their cock inside my ass, even though they tried because they both had massive tools just like Johnson’s. But now as I heeded my husband’s instruction, the fear was overridden by excitement as I felt his fingers lubricating my hole anew, and I wanted to laugh when I heard Johnson tell him to stop rubbing jelly on his dick. Abhishek burst out laughing.

“Don’t be scared old boy, I ain’t gay, I just want to make sure you could get into bahis şirketleri she batty hole,” Abhishek said.

I sat down hard on the huge pole,

“Like this, honey?” I asked.

“Yes like that, just like that, now ride it,” he said, and gave me two playful smacks on my already branded and smarting fat batty.

I began to ride the fat brown dick, feeling it tearing me apart, but somehow, loving every second, then minute of it. Johnson’s face was sweating as much as mine and I wondered if he was enjoying the batty ride the same as me. From the concerned way he was looking up into my eyes, I knew he was asking with his eyes if I was alright. I nodded slightly while sending the okay signal with my eyes. At that moment I felt deep love for him and knew that from that day our relationship was going to head in a new and exciting direction. He grabbed my butt cheeks and started pumping up into me, and I wailed loudly.

‘Aiiiiieeeeeeee. Aiiiiieeeeeeee. Unnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Oh mih gawd … oh fuck, fuck!”

I knew that I was going to cum yet again, soon.

“Yes, yes,” Abhishek cried in delight, like a kid enjoying himself at a game.

I bit my lips and bore the sweet pain, as Johnson sent his big tool up and down inside of me. Just as I felt my orgasm spread through my body, Johnson grunted and started shooting cum up into me, mixing his and Abhishek’s seed in the hole they had shared.

They lay, one on either side of me, each holding a hand. I heard my husband say:

“This was fun guys. I think we should do it more often. Johnson, you could bring a girlfriend next time, make the party bigger. A nice thick black girl, to even up things.”

“Yeah that could be arranged,” Johnson said.

Abhishek got up to go to the bathroom which was in the bedroom, and Johnson said he also wanted to go. Abhishek told me to show Johnson to another bathroom. Inside the bathroom Johnson held me and kissed me deeply. After breaking the kiss he said:

“You’re a smart lady, Krysta, baby, I like how you got him to do this, thinking he was the one leading you into wild sex, while it was you grooming him all along, and planting ideas into his head.”

I laughed. I could be cunning and wicked when it came to getting what I wanted.

“I had to find a way, it’s getting too dangerous, us meeting in secret, and only once in a while. You realize how near we came to almost being caught twice over the last year. I don’t like going too long without your cock. What I didn’t anticipate was getting my ass pumped by your big dick. But I liked it. I think I can continue entertaining you up my ass now that it has been opened up.

“The thing bothering me more than any is that now I have to manufacture a fake girlfriend to be able to fuck my real girlfriend,” Johnson said, looking at me.

“Yeah, I’m not too keen on that … that I didn’t bargain for as well, we’ll just have to think hard and find the best balance. I could always be stubborn and hold out that I didn’t want another woman in my house fucking my husband … we’ll see, we’ll see,” I replied.

Johnson and I had been fucking occasionally for close to three years after meeting up at a Christmas party for Abhishek’s employees. The moment I laid eyes on Johnson, I remembered my ex secret lover, the one I’d broken up with to marry Abhishek. He had since migrated. The resemblance between he and Johnson was so amazing and the memories of my first cock so titillating, it made me wet and daring every time I looked into Johnson’s eyes that night. He must have sensed it, for he asked me to dance and quickly made a pass. It didn’t take much persuasion from Johnson, to get me to slip away into this very bathroom while Abhishek was in a drunken stupor in a chair.

I will always remember the passion of that first encounter. How Johnson had got me to lead him to this bathroom and once inside, how passionately we’d kissed like lovers. He’d quickly freed his mighty dick, lifted my dress, pulled aside the little black thong i was wearing and forced his cock into my wet pussy. I remember raising my leg up onto the toilet bowl as he hammered me and made me howl, luckily this was upstairs away from the other washrooms downstairs the party guests were using. After fucking me hard and fast for a little while, he’d pulled out, dropped to his knees and sucked my pussy until I came against his face. I liked the way he looked up at me and gulped hard, swallowing my liquid discharge.

He then turned me around, and as I leaned over, my hands on the toilet tank, he got to his knees again and placing his face between my thick butt cheeks, gave me my first rim. He had wanted to bugger my saliva-slick ass hole, but I told I didn’t think I could take it, maybe some other time. He was kind enough to desist, and moved the big cock head that had been probing my anus to the easier entrance of my pussy, where he pounded me for about ten minutes before his increased pace signaled his arriving orgasm, just as he was about to shoot, he pulled out. Thinking fast, I’d spun around and took his cock into my mouth, managing to get the first load and all other spurts until he was drained. Just like he had done, I looked into his eyes and swallowed his discharge.

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