A Tale of Twin Tails Ch. 06


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*** We pick up, the day after Chapter 5.***

Brent all but skipped past Tammy, his secretary, going into his office Monday morning. Brent was humming a verse to a song he had heard on the radio which was now stuck in his head. Without breaking stride, he set a fresh cup of coffee and a doughnut from Tammy’s favorite coffee shop on her desk before breezing by.

Noticing his bright mood, she said, “So I guess at least one of us got lucky this weekend.”

Brent called back over his shoulder, “Oh, just some family bonding time, but it was really special. I think I finally got through to Becky after all these years. She’s really come around.” Brent tossed his things onto his desk and turned back toward Tammy. “How about you?”

“Oh the usual. Hubby and I just hung out and binged a few shows,” Tammy said through a mouthful of sugary doughnut.

“Nothing wrong with that. You got anything that I need to jump on this morning?”

My bones, she thought to herself, but knew that Brent would never cheat. She slurped a bit of coffee and looked over a few emails. “No. Nothing here that needs your attention. Looks like we had a quiet weekend. That’s good to hear about Becky. She was big trouble for a while.”

“Oh yeah, still is. Nothing I couldn’t handle though. I just had to give it to her straight, I guess. Just knock if you need anything. I have to make some calls. Enjoy breakfast.”

Brent closed his office door and went to his desk. He sipped his coffee and tried to count how many times he had made his daughters cum over the weekend. Smiling to himself, he gave up after a couple of tries. Overall though, he thought it was a very special weekend indeed. They had to scramble to cover their tracks yesterday before Kat got home, but she seemed none the wiser.

Speaking of Kat… Brent opened his private email account on his computer. Steve had sent him a write up of what he had uncovered yesterday, complete with pictures. Brent went through it clinically, like the investigator he was, looking for anything beyond mere cheating that he could use as leverage against his wife. If it came down to it that she was merely cheating, when confronted, she might just walk out the door. She made a great salary as a pharma rep and didn’t really need Brent financially. Brent supposed that he could try to get her fired first, then she would need him. That is, unless whoever she was fucking took her in. Brent shook his head, thinking that blackmailing her might be harder than he thought.

The report said that Kat had driven to a bar across town and met with some friends for a brief drink. Nothing special there. Steve’s report indicated that he observed Kat, who Steve referred to as “the target”, leave the bar after about 20 minutes and get into a newer model, black Land Rover SUV. The vehicle was driven by a middle aged white male with blonde hair. The vehicle pulled around to the rear of the lot and parked in a shaded area. Steve reported that no one exited the vehicle. Due to the tint, he was unable to see what the occupants were doing.

However, in his words, “after approximately 20 minutes of inactivity, the vehicle under observation began to shimmy for several minutes. In my experience as an investigator, such motion is indicative of subjects inside engaging in intercourse. At this point, this investigator discretely approached the vehicle on foot and, using a polarized telephoto lens, obtained several photographs through the front front windshield of the target engaging in intercourse with the unknown male. (See attached)” His report went on to state that about another 20 minutes later, “the vehicle drove back around to the target’s car. The target exited the SUV and entered her own vehicle. She then went on several errands not relevant to the investigation before returning home.”

His report listed out the times and locations of all of her stops. The photographs included shots of Kat before entering the SUV and after exiting, where she looked decidedly more disheveled. There were slightly blurred shots of the driver, and clear shots of his car and license plate. Most importantly, there were several shots of the man kissing Kat in the back seat. Others showed him sucking her tits and her straddling his lap, both facing him and facing away.

Brent did not recognize the guy at all. He googled the SUV model and found out that it cost well over one hundred eighty thousand dollars. Nothing else about the car stood out, so he would have to rely on Steve for now. Brent gave him a call.

“Steve, it’s Brent. Thanks for the report.”

“You bet.”

“Any luck on figuring out who the guys is?”

“Well, I appreciate your confidence in me, but it’s only nine A.M. How about you let me call my DMV friend and I’ll get back to you? The DMV on a Monday will be slammed and my guy is doing this on the sly, so give me some time.”

“Sorry man. Now I know how it feels to be ‘that guy’. You know, the customer that’s always bugging out and wants kadıköy escort everything right now.” Brent took a calming breath. “I won’t pester you. Just call me if you get anything.”

Steve chuckled, “No bother, Brent. You’ll hear from me soon.”

It was after lunch before Brent got the name and address. It still didn’t ring a bell so he ran a google search and then followed up through a couple of databases his company had subscriptions to. They could tell you almost anything about anyone. Over the course of the day he was able to piece together a full jacket of information on his wife’s mystery man, some of it very useful. Brent was actually rather shocked when he finally put it all together. He also realized that if Steve dug too deeply, he might feel obliged to report it to the authorities. Brent called him back and let him know that he had enough information to confront his wife and to consider the case closed for now. He added that he would come by later in the week to settle up, in cash if possible.

“So the big question is,” Steve said as they wrapped up the call, “are you dumping her or what? Do I need to get ready to testify?…in a divorce hearing, not a murder trial, I hope.”

Brent laughed loudly while he downloaded everything he needed to a flash drive. “No. No, I think we will work things out actually. The kids and I will have a little intervention, and then we will all kiss and make up.”

“You’re a better man than I, Brent. Call me back if you need anything else. Thanks for the business.”

Brent hung up and texted Becky on their burners that he would meet her at home right after school with a new project. He picked up his flash drive, gathered his things, and headed home to meet her.

Brent got home first and went to his home office to finish working on his evidence. The trick was going to be making everything look like a teenage girl figured all of this out on her own. Brent ran through ideas while he piddled on his computer.

The condom wrapper was easy. Becky could have found it and easily assumed it was her mom’s. The twins would have told each other if they were fucking anyone and their dad’s routine was pretty set. Kat was the only one bopping in and out of town and running all over town regularly. Still, she could say it had been Brent’s or stuck to someone’s shoe for that matter.

On a hunch, Brent went to his bedroom and carefully went through Kat’s drawers and closet. Afterall, unless she was buying rubbers one at a time, she had to keep them somewhere. That was assuming that her man wasn’t bringing his own. He knew Kat liked to be prepared, so odds were good that she at least had a back up stash.

He didn’t find anything there so he checked the rest of the bedroom and bathroom. It took a while to find her hiding spot, but he did. Under her side of the sink in their bathroom, there were two boxes of tampons. Men naturally avoided feminine hygiene products, so it was a pretty good hiding spot. Brent almost didn’t mess with them until he noticed that both boxes were open, which seemed odd. The box on top had nothing but tampons in it. The bottom box though was a gold mine.

Brent pulled it out and removed a few loose tampons that had been scattered on top to hide the contents. Underneath were a mostly empty box of condoms, a stack of cards and love notes, and a strip of photos from a photo booth. The condoms were self explanatory. The notes were mostly hand written with a few sappy store bought cards thrown in. What he assumed was the oldest love note to his wife, based on it’s position at the bottom of the pile, was sweet and almost platonic. It was really little more than the old “check this box if you like me” type note, but the genius had signed his name to it. The top most love note seemed more recent, was much more lurid, and was only signed with a heart and the guy’s initials.

The photo strip was from a novelty booth that was often set up at social functions. The border had the company’s name but also said, “30th Annual Pharma Forum, St. Louis”. Kat and her blonde friend were posing for the three shots. In the first they were all smiles. In the second, they were staring into each other’s eyes. In the third, they were deeply kissing. Brent recalled that Kat had gone to that conference a few months ago. He wanted to wad up the picture and then stomp it to oblivion. Instead he snapped some quick pics of everything and replaced it all just like he had found it. Don’t want to spring the trap too soon, he thought.

With the little treasure trove he had uncovered, a few of the dirty pics that Steve had taken, an internet search, and good cover story, Brent felt like he had a good way to make it seem like Becky had uncovered everything on her own. He printed out the news articles he had found and just the shot of Kat getting into the SUV along with the one of the man sucking her tits. He stored üsküdar escort everything else away on his flash drive and locked it in his desk.

He heard Becky come in a little while later, but she went straight to her room. Probably just using the bathroom, Brent assumed. He heard her coming toward his office a couple of minutes later. When she walked in through his doorway, his jaw dropped.

Becky stood before him in a skin tight, white nighty. Its material hugged her form so closely that he could see she wore neither bra nor panties. The thin straps were stretched tightly across her shoulders while the thin material covering her breasts was stretched almost transparently thin. Her hair hung loosely at her shoulders and her lips pouted at him dressed in bright red lipstick.

“Hi daddy,” she said with fake shyness. “I’m pretty sore from yesterday, but if you need to fuck me, I can take it.”

“Becky, what…I…” Brent cleared his throat before continuing, “I mean, wow. You look incredible.”

“Thank you, daddy,” Becky said. She walked up to his desk and leaned over toward him, almost in the same position he had taken her the first time. Her breasts arced down nicely, giving him a beautiful view of her cleavage. She stared over the desk at his growing bulge. “I don’t mind helping you with your… project. Is that your way of saying you are going to bend me over the desk again?”

Becky laid her hands flat on his desk and stretched herself forward until her face was inches from Brent’s. She tilted her head to the side, closed her eyes and leaned into him. Brent leaned forward and took Becky’s pouting lower lip into his mouth. He sucked her lip gently, tasting her lipstick and the metal tingle of adrenaline. Brent released Becky’s lip with a smack and then latched his mouth onto hers in a deep, lingering kiss. Their tongues pushed into each other’s mouths, tracing teeth and lips as they danced in and out.

Brent finally broke their kiss and stood up in front of Becky. His bulging crotch brushed against her nose. Becky inhaled deeply, savoring the musky scent of her dad’s crotch. She reached out and opened his fly, letting his pants drop around his feet. Brent caressed her cheeks and ran his fingers through Becky’s hair while she rubbed her face back and forth against his bulging underwear.

“I love the smell of your cock,” she whispered.

His voice now thick with desire, Brent said, “Well Becky, I really did have a project for you, but since you’re here…”

Brent pushed his underwear down over his hips. He slid his thumbs around to his front to hoist his waistband over his raging boner. Once freed, his shorts fell away to let his engorged member stand tall, thick, and hard as rock just in front of Becky’s face. He grabbed his shaft and playfully tapped the head of his cock onto his daughter’s forehead.

“Of course if you are too sore down there to take this, I’ll just have to fuck your mouth.” He tapped her forehead a little harder. “Do you want your mouth fucked, slut?”

Becky looked up at Brent with his cock centered between her eyes. She brushed her nose against his shaft, taking another deep whiff of his musk. She nodded her head solemnly and held her hand out to him. Brent took Becky’s hand and felt her drop something into it. She took her hand away and wrapped her fingers around his shaft.

While she slowly stroked his shaft, Becky said, “You can do whatever you want to me daddy.” She cocked her head to the side and kissed his heavy ball sack. She kissed his balls again, a little more wetly. “You can choke me to death on this cock if you want daddy. I just love you so much.”

Becky sucked Brent’s ball into her mouth with a wet slurp. She hummed onto it, never breaking eye contact with Brent, who was watching intently. Then she opened her mouth and sucked his entire sack into her mouth while she stroked his thick veiny cock. She hummed again, sending shivers of pleasure through Brent’s dick and balls. Brent pulled his eyes from his daughter’s ball sucking and looked into his hand. He was holding the tiny remote to the egg vibrator.

“Nothing like a massage to ease a sore pussy,” Brent said as he snapped it on to a lusty giggle from his daughter.

Becky started wriggling her hips and grinding her pussy against the top of his desk. She put both hands on Brent’s shaft and jacked him off with both fists sliding up and down in unison. Her added arm motion made her body sway seductively in her tight nighty. She slurped his balls and nodded her head to wiggle and tug them.

Brent’s cock was leaking pre cum freely. Several warm, viscous drops had splashed down onto Becky’s upturned face. Brent scooped them up with a finger. He turned the remote up a notch and set it on the desk, before grabbing Becky’s head by the hair. He pulled her head back. She dragged his balls in her mouth until her head had moved too far. They popped free, dripping her spit and smeared tuzla escort with lipstick. Brent slid his wet finger into Becky’s mouth. She sucked it enthusiastically, swallowing every bit of Brent’s juice.

“That’s my good girl. Don’t waste daddy’s stuff,” Brent huffed.

Becky pulled Brent’s cock down until his head was near her mouth. Her lipstick was smeared all over her mouth and chin. It had mixed with her spit and Brent’s pre cum to make a gorgeous mess of her face. Brent pulled his finger from her mouth, but used it and his thumb to gently pinch her bottom lip. He pulled down until her mouth was wide open.

“Oh you look like such a perfect little slut Becky. I’m going to fill your slutty little throat and you’re going to fucking love it aren’t you?”

Becky nodded, letting her mouth sag open under her dad’s grip.

“Yeah. That’s right. You’re daddy’s little whore now aren’t you Becky?”

Again she nodded, still jacking his cock in long, two handed strokes, his tip just an inch from her gaping mouth.

“Put my cock in your mouth,” Brent rasped.

Obediently, Becky sank her mouth around the head of Brent’s dick. He released his grip, letting her lip snap tightly against his thick shaft. She jacked his dick while she noisily slurped the head of cock in and out of her mouth. Brent grunted with pleasure and tried to sink his dick a little further into her mouth. Becky’s roaming hands covered much of Brent’s substantial length, preventing him from driving his cock into her throat.

“Take your hands away Becky. I said I was going to fuck your throat.”

Becky popped her mouth off of Brent’s cock head and gave her dad a pleading, nervous look.

“Oh daddy, I can’t do it like Katie can. She was just a natural at it. If you go too deep in my mouth, I’ll be sick. Please don’t, daddy.”

Brent could tell she was serious, but he was seriously horny now. He guided her hands back to his shaft and put his dick back in her trembling mouth.

“Let me think about it, slut,” he said while pumping his hips into her face.

Brent reached over to the remote and tapped it up another level before speaking again.

“Becky, I saw how turned on you were the other night when you were fingering your mother. You liked touching her didn’t you?”

“Mm Hmm,” she moaned.

Becky’s hum of agreement drew out into a series of humming moans. She began thrusting her crotch into the edge of the desk. Brent reached out and pulled her gown up over her hips. Now he could see her sculpted, bare ass jiggling as she fucked herself against the table edge.

“I bet you did, you little slut. Would you like to force your mom to fuck you Becky? To eat your little pussy? To make her eat Katie while I fuck the shit out of you in front of her? How would you like to make mom your own personal slut?”

“Mmm Hhmm,” Becky moaned in answer to each question.

Brent peeled Becky’s hands off of his shaft again and said, “Then I need you to be a good girl and take this cock.”

Brent grabbed Becky’s hair in his fist and started fucking her face. He felt the tip of his cock touch the back of her throat. Becky tensed up in response and tried to pull her head back. Brent withdrew his dick slightly, but held her head firm.

“Relax baby, relax. Let me fuck that little slut mouth,” Brent rasped.

Again he started fucking her mouth with longer strokes. Becky grabbed the front edge of the desk while Brent’s cock slid in and out of her drooling mouth. Brent tapped the remote up to maximum and felt Becky begin to quiver. She moaned again and again onto his swollen dick in time with the rhythm she had built grinding her pussy into the desk.

Brent slowed his pace to a crawl but pressed forward, thrusting his cock deeper into Becky’s tightly pressed lips. Again she tensed up and tried to back her head off. This time, Brent held her firmly and kept pressing forward. Her moans abruptly ceased as his the thick head of his cock cut off her windpipe and filled her throat.

“Oh my god Becky, that is so good,” Brent growled. “I think I need a picture of this.” Brent grabbed his burner and snapped a shot of his daughter gagging on his dick. “Oh, I can’t wait to text this to one of your hot little friends. Then they will know what a slut you are.”

He held his cock in place with his tip just deep enough into her mouth to stop her breath. After a few more seconds, he retreated until he heard her suck in a ragged breath. Her moans immediately began again. Brent went back to fucking her mouth with shallow strokes until she had her breath back and then repeated the process. After Brent spent several rounds gagging her, choking her, and letting her recover, Becky’s throat began to accept the pulsing intruder. So Brent went deeper. Brent whispered dirty ideas to his daughter each time she was able to take him a little more deeply.

With half his cock in Becky’s throat, Brent said, “Kat doesn’t eat pussy, but you’re going to teach her. She’s a lesbian virgin, but you’ll break her in with your slutty little cunt.”

After a few more tries, he had three quarters in and said, “Oh Becky, your mom is going to beg you not to fuck her…mm, this feels so good… but you’re going to fucking break her. Once you make her cum, you’ll have her begging you not to stop.”

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