A Mom’s Metamorphosis Ch. 03


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Chapter 3 – A lot of “hot irons”

Bud added a postscript.

“Here is something that I want to share with you. You may have guessed that I’m in incest too, but what I’m about to say will make things clearer to you. A week ago I went south to visit my sister. You’d know that my sister and I have had sex together soon after adolescence. We lived out in the countryside. We had more or less just one another, which made us very close in many ways, and were most curious about sex (dad was a gynecologist). Everything started in a summer day. It was afternoon and we were in dad’s studio, our parents taking their afternoon nap in their room upstairs. Dad’s desk was on the left, right beside the window, a single bed was in front of it to the right of the door. I used to sleep there, while my sister’s room was upstairs too. That day, a hot day, she came in dad’s studio and jumped on my bed inviting me to ‘play’. I remember her lovely blue eyes and her braids, her soft lips and moist tongue. She had about the look of Olivia Newton John in Grease, only little bit younger. She is still very beautiful. It is funny how one can remember some things with this level of detail, no matter how earlier they happened, and yet totally forget things, even involving, but happened very recently. We undressed and had our first sexual intercourse there. While I was over her and in her I asked her ‘Do you like it?’. She just said ‘yes’, with a smile on her face. It’s still incredible and shivering how we could do that with our parents sleeping upstairs, taking the strong risk of being caught. Then, each of us went his own way for some years. She got married, but her husband wasn’t exactly what you’d call a good choice. They splitted after a while and she was alone like she had never been. We resumed our relation, including sex, some 3 years ago now. Some might condemn all this, but I cannot think of anything more rewarding and fulfilling. Think about this, Caroline; it might help you too to look into the mirror.”

Bud did not hear from her again until Christmas 2001.

She said she was enchanted reading about him and his sister. It had made it very clear to her how intense and lasting incest can be once it happens, pendik escort not even slightly comparable with conventional mating.

She gave some news then, apologizing for being off so long because “things around here have been hectic”, she said, “juggling a lot of hot irons”.

“Common hot irons or something more if I may ask?!”, was Bud’s reply. “Is Billy back home for Christmas and the end of the year?! If yes, why don’t you make the most of it talking to him again and trying to understand how he feels now? I don’t believe you want to keep things this way forever don’t you?!”

Caroline could not find enough time to be online until the 12th of January, 2002.

“Billy was back home last November”, she said, “and then on Christmas time. Yes, we had most relevant talks. He said he could not effort anymore to think about me and see me without having me. He even wrote poems to me. In both occasions he has been around me all the time, touching me, kissing me on the lips, bringing me flowers, caressing me anytime he could, letting me feel desirable and excited as I never felt. I could do nothing to stop him and perhaps in the end I actually did not want to. This is how he feels. As for myself, I feel upside down and stupid, to the point where I now feel I could make love to my son. This scares me. Am I a pervert?! What is happening to me?! His behaviour and our emailing removed all prejudices. Incest is no more a taboo to me, but I’m starting to feel attracted by it, maybe even to seek it. Astounding, isn’t it?! I think I probably would go all the way if only things were different.”

“Now that’s some news indeed!”, Bud replied, “Christmas time must have been really plenty of those ‘hot irons’. First of all, do not think of yourself as a pervert mother, for you are not! Then,you say ‘if things were different’. What do you mean by ‘different’?! Are you referring again to yourself being a married woman and no cheating kind?! What sort of difference could it possibly make right now?! I’m not urging you to do incest; one has to feel this way and want it for himself. I simply want you to be able to stay on top of things, not being overwhelmed by them. kartal escort But look here now, he has already had sex with you through your underwear and he knows that you know it and that you’re letting him do it, which is exactly like doing it for real from a mental standpoint. Now, you just stated that you would go all the way if things were different. All you two are missing right now is making love to each other for real and you having his cum inside yourself rather than on your panties! Now I feel that deep inside yourself you have always desired to go all the way. As a matter of fact, you did not try to hold him from his fetish attitude. Instead, you gave him new stuff to be stained with his cum. What I’m not sure about is why you’d want to do it, if it is because you need it, or because you feel that this is the only way to let him overcome his incest desire, or both. Mentally speaking, Caroline, you’ve already cheated on your husband. Going further is just a question of nothing, but if it has to happen it must be for good. I think I could be of better use to you if you opened yourself to me a little more. Are you getting along fine with your husband?!”

“I just came to realize”, she answered, “that if we didn’t have the other members in the dynamics then I would go the whole distance. He knows it and so do I but that is what it is. Meanwhile, Emily has noted something but she affords me my privacy, as I do hers. Regarding John, he is a good husband, not much communicative and even less passionate but I would never cheat on him for anybody else. Problem is Billy isn’t just anybody else. He is my son and he was able to awake emotions I never felt in my entire life.”

She did not hear from Bud for months, due to business keeping him around the world, until on a Thursday, October 3rd, he wrote again.

“I hope this email finds you well and that you spent your summer holidays happily. I deeply apologize for being off for so long. I’ve been overdue in France for business and had no way to check my mailbox. It was a sudden departure. Not having heard from you in the while I was wondering how things are going with you and your family members, namely maltepe escort your son and daughter. Any progress?! Is Billy still on you?! Does he still show signs of his desire?! Is Emily still involved?!”

“Yes and yes; even more!”, she replied, “Definitely, not being a cheating kind is no use. Billy became more and more demanding with his kissing and touching, especially while up late watching TV. I wanted him to make kind of a cross over to the physical but wasn’t able to hold him totally at bay. It happened four times during Saturday afternoons, all Summer, and things got more and more out of hand. I wanted to stop the madness but I could not and I finally gave in. His last assault on me was so passionate and hot that after a while I found myself holding his bare hard penis in my hand stroking it while french kissing each other and having his hands roaming all over my breast and thighs and then on my pussy. My head was spinning! I was out of my head! We became like wild animals, eager for each other. He put his fingers inside me. I couldn’t help opening my legs to let him in. He cum in my hand as well as I cum on his. When the madness was over, we kept kissing lightly on each other lips, eyes, forehead, cheeks and hands, sweating and breathless. Soon afterwards Billy looked shining! It was like he had finally broken the invisible barrier that kept him away from me. Despite the shock for what I had done, I couldn’t avoid smiling inside. What happened to me, I really do not know! The entire evening we feared that signs of our lovemaking could be perceived by either Emily or John. Luckily, they had other issues to take care of so they did not pay the slightest attention to both of us.”

“Don’t grieve about what has happened!” Bud replied, “I knew you would end up like this and I regret not being there when you probably most needed advice and help. What happened is no madness, just love and passion between you and Billy. Incest?! Yes! but you shouldn’t have such kind of concern anymore! Leave that to someone else! Know and accept that if you did it, somehow you needed it, you needed his passion! I guess Billy will be back for Thanksgiving this year too and then for Christmas. Always let Billy make the first move and if it happens again free your self completely. You need only caution not to get caught. Keep this as the most valuable secret of yours. Should Emily know more than you think, don’t be afraid, behave normally and make her feel as loved as she deserves.”


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