A Missy Affair Pt. 02


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I tried to carry on like my life was still the normal, everyday existence it had been. Beneath this facade of normality seethed the memories of Mrs Smith’s parting words, “When the call comes for you Missy, you had best not displease us.”

I fluctuated between being terrified that the Smith’s would out me and a seemingly incomprehensible desire for more of their use, abuse. When the call came it was through my sister-in-law who informed my wife that the Smiths were wondering if I could lend them a hand at their country house. My wife readily offered my services and it was agreed that I would go spend a week with Mr and Mrs Smith.

My wife interpreted my hesitance to go as a belief that I felt that her sister’s family were taking advantage of my good nature. She went out of her way to assure me that it would go a long way to helping her with sister and that she, my wife, would be showing her own appreciation accordingly. How could I say no.

So on the decreed morning I set off for the Smith’s country home filled with a mixture of trepidation and niggling desire. I had nearly turned back on several occasions when my phone rang. Pulling over I nervously answered the call. A deep male voice asked, “Do you know who this is?”

Inexplicably my cock twitched at the sound of his voice. Nervously I mumbled back, “Yes.”

When only deep breathing responded to my answer I swallowed hard before repeating myself, “Yes. Yes Sir, I know who this is.”

“Good,” he purred into the other end of the line, “Very good. Where are you boi?”

My body tensed with the echo of boi in my ear and I felt myself shrink into the car seat before mumbling meekly, “I’m just about to leave the city Sir.”

“Excellent,” crowed Mr Smith with satisfaction. “Now listen very carefully boi,” I was told and my murmured “Yes sir,” was ignored as Mr Smith continued, “You will stop at the adult shop on the edge of town.”

Mr Smith didn’t wait for me to acknowledge his instructions as he carried on seemingly expecting my knowledge of the place and compliance. “Buy yourself a butt plug boi,” Mr Smith growled and I could feel the sneer in his voice as he drawled out ‘boi’. “I will assume a sissy boi like you will know what to do with a butt plug.”

My breathing was coming in shallow gasps as the potential enormity of Mr Smith’s instruction sank in. Not waiting for my reply Mr Smith inquired, “Are you wearing panties boi?”

Knowing I dare not lie, I moaned, “No Sir.”

“You will be by the time you purchase yourself a butt plug boi,” Mr Smith informed me in a tone that indicated I had no choice but to comply.

Feeling weak from being unable to keep the whine out of my voice I murmured meekly, “Yes Sir.”

“Better hurry boi,” Mr Smith smirked, “it’s getting late,” before hanging up abruptly.

A long, trembling, passion filled breath of anticipation shuddered through my body. I wanted to turn around and head for home. I needed to turn around and head for home. Instead my painfully erect cock insisted I turn into a nearby mall.

After parking I headed for a department store hoping it would be anonymous enough for me to acquire a pair of panties discreetly. It was early and the mall was relatively quiet as I slunk into the local department stores lingerie section. Mr Smith’s call had me completely rattled and it appeared by the way the older female clerk was eyeing me that it showed. Almost panting to control my nerves I quickly selected a filmy white brief with lace edging.

The clerk continued to eye me sternly with obvious distaste as I fumbled with my wallet to pay. Feeling like I had ‘pervert’ tattooed on my forehead I felt my cock shrink beneath her critical gaze. I was grateful that there was no small talk as she quickly made change, the scowl of aversion on her face made it decidedly apparent she just wanted me gone. Taking my purchase I slunk away shaken by her withering glare.

Regaining some semblance of control once I was away from the critical scowling woman I stopped at the malls toilets to change into my new purchase. I was relieved to find that there was no one in the washroom when I entered though it turned into a frustratingly clumsy effort to change in the confined area of the stall.

Agitated, I was surprised when I pulled the delicate garment on that my cock stirred ominously. Automatically I pushed my balls into their sockets and tucked my thickening cock between my thighs to control the building erection. With a heavy sigh bordering on resignation I pulled my pants back on over my panty covered sissy clef.

In a flurry I made to exit the stall only to bump squarely into an elderly man blocking my way. My surprise by this unexpected encounter quickly turned to irritation and I was about to brush by the old sod when he hissed, “I should call security!”

Screaming mutely in my head, “Oh no. Fuck.” I blindly pushed past the old geezer and not daring to look back I quickly fled the toilets. As urgently as possible I scurried from the mall for the safety of my car.

Shaking it bostancı escort took some time before I was able to get my key in the door. Fearing the old man might follow through with his threat to call security I had to control my urge to speed away. As agitated as I was I managed to find the mall exit sighing as relief flooded over me. In a daze I drove on autopilot to the adult shop Mr Smith had told me to visit.

It was tucked away at the end of a seedy strip mall. After staring at it despairingly I finally left my car to slink furtively into the shop. It was a typically sleazy dank shop of shelves lined with garish sex paraphernalia. There were a few other patrons, all men, scattered about the shop. Several of the men made it certain that I knew they were checking me out. Suddenly I was extremely aware of the swish of the panty I was wearing against the material of my pants.

Nervously I searched for anal plugs trying to ignore the lecherous stares of the various deviates before finally giving up and heading for the counter. The middle aged male clerk eyed me with a distaste that did nothing to alleviate my nervousness. When I mumbled quietly, “Excuse me sir, I’m looking for plugs.”

The mans eyes narrowed suspiciously and the distaste in the look he lorded over me made me shrivel inside and turn away. When he didn’t respond I started to repeat myself a little more loudly, “Please sir, excuse me but I’m…”

The clerk cut me off with a curt gesture of annoyance before shrilly announcing to the entire shop, “Yes, yes, I heard you. You are looking for plugs.” My face burned with shame and without turning I knew that I was now the focus of all the shops patrons. I could hear the snide contempt in his voice as he asked sneeringly, “Anal plugs I assume?”

I hung my head and waited but the clerk didn’t appear to be in any hurry to end my humiliation. When I finally dared to peek up at him he was glaring at me with soul sucking contempt. Staring down his nose at me he arched an eyebrow smirking in a needlessly loud voice, “Well? What kind of plug is it?”

I could feel the heat as another flush of red burned my cheeks. Quietly seething I murmured, “Anal,” under my breath.

“Anal is it?” the clerk snorted with derision before shaking his head with disdain before pointing in the direction of a shady corner of the store and muttering, “Over there.”

Still seething I hurried to the directed corner of the shop to behold with dismay the vast selection that confronted me. What to choose? How to choose? As mystifying as it was I wouldn’t be asking for assistance.

Tentatively I was reaching for what looked like a medium sized pink plug when a voice startled me. Shocked I turn to find a short fat man looking at me with hungry needy eyes. When my look turned perplexed he repeated what he apparently had already asked, “Is that for you?”

Too appalled to answer I tried to hide the garish sex toy behind my back which appeared to only encourage the grotesque man. When I hesitated he leaned uncomfortably closer to me whispering hoarsely, “I’ll buy it for you, if you let me put it in.”

With a squawk of dismay I scurried away careful to avoid touching him in the narrow aisles.

The clerks demeanour hadn’t changed when I placed the shocking pink package on the counter. When he asked me, “Will you be wanting lube with that?” I could only stare back at him in blank incomprehension shaking my head with dismay.

“Lube,” he hissed down into my face, “Do you want lube?”

Close to being overwhelmed by the experience I could only mutely nod yes. The clerk shook his head with renewed disgust reaching for the largest tube of lube behind the counter. He rang up the purchases accepting my money with obvious distaste.

“Would you like a bag with that?” the smirking clerk inquired as he dropped my change on the counter.

I mumbled something resembling “Yes sir.” But it hardly mattered as he was already tossing the items into a bag proudly pronouncing where they came from. I accepted it from the man and scurried from the shop.

I was certain that the fat man followed me out of the shop but I dared not look as I hurried to my car and fled another parking lot. It took several miles before I was able regain control of my emotions and think about what had happened and more so, where I was going to find a private enough place to put my new anal plug to use. Luckily not far down the highway there was a rest stop with toilets.

Parking as close as possible to the toilets I looked around nervously before grabbing the bag and rushing into the dark dank building. The men’s stunk of urine and the stall was disgusting. Hurriedly I ripped the anal plug from the package almost dropping it on the filthy floor.

Carefully I pulled down my pants and panties, applied lube to the plug then awkwardly fumbled to insert it into me. It seemed so much bigger than in the package. I couldn’t stop myself from emitting a long low moan as it penetrated my ass before seeming to pop into fatih escort place.

I stood there in the dank smelly toilet forced to take deep breathes to relax myself as my anus struggled to accommodate the plug. Finally I was able to delicately pull my panties then pants back up. Every movement accentuated the presence of the plug and I couldn’t imagine how I was going to drive in such a distracted state.

When I finally regained enough control I exited the disgusting stall hastily very aware that the plug made me mince sissy like as I walked. With exaggerated care I got into my car gasping as the plug pushed deeply up inside me. My eyes rolled and I gasped for breath as I shifted my ass to get comfortable.

The sight of what I thought might be the fat deviate from the adult shop sitting in a car nearby panicked me. Alarmed and despite the distraction of my new plug I left the parking lot quickly absorbing the speed bumps with a mixture of discomfort and pleasure. Agitated as I was I found the highway and headed for the Smith’s country place not daring to let myself question why.

While I drove my mind replayed the mornings adventures thus far. The horrid clerks in the shops, the nasty old man at the mall, the fat lecherous man at the adult store. I started playing ‘what if’ with myself.

‘What if’ the older female clerk had confronted me on my choice of panties or why I was purchasing them. If she had coyly suggested something sexier, more lace, more colourful. My ass squeezed the around the plug embedded in it and my cock tingled within the confines of the panty I wore.

‘What if’ I had blushed furiously and encouraged she had toyed with me, intimating that she knew that the panties were really for myself. If she had enjoyed teasing me, selecting an array of colours and styles of panties for me before inquiring if I would like to try them on. As she had rendered me incapable of a response she would have taken me by the hand leading to the change rooms in the rear of the store.

As the sun streamed in through the front window of my car my cock strained against its panty entrapment while I slowly rocked my hips back and forth enjoying the shifting plug deep in my ass. ‘What if’ the clerk had discreetly slipped me into a change room whispering that I should strip and show her what I looked like in panties. Breathing deeply I could feel the suspense of the situation as if it was happening to me.

Rhythmically squeezing and releasing my butt cheeks I drove on. ‘What if’ I had complied and nervously shed my clothes before stepping into a pair delicate creamy blue briefs cascading with lace ruffles that I had seen but not dared to buy. If she had then slipped in behind the curtain to stare hungrily at my pantied body while I stood meekly before her.

I shuddered at the thought of her stroking my body, gently at first but with building need and desire until her warm hands seemed to be all over my bare flesh. I gasped imagining her nails raking my flesh tracing the edges of the lacy panty while I squeezed my legs together against the erection throbbing between my thighs. Panting I drove on while my mind imagined the impossible.

‘What if’ she had continued to caress my body slowly, purposefully working her way nearer and nearer to my throbbing erection until I was keening with building need for her to touch it. If squatting down in front of me had she breathed hotly over my pantied covered cock driving me wild.

The loud blare of a truck horn snapped me out of my erotic reverie and I swung the wheel hard to get back into my lane. Gasping for breath and trembling from the sudden shock I barely noticed the irate truck driver charging past me on the highway giving me another ear full of his horn.

Releasing a long, “Whewewewewewwww,” to relieve the tension I gripped the steering tightly. Between my thighs I could feel my rapidly deflating erection and sighed. The vision of the older female clerk playing with me so wantonly in the department store change room had vanished and for the moment impossible to bring back.

I drove on cautiously as the last thing I needed would be to be pulled over by the police. In my groin I could feel the moisture of my recent arousal leaking from my cock and slipped my hand between my thighs to lightly caress myself. ‘What if,’ my mind challenged me. ‘What if’ the old man in the mall toilets had been stronger, stood his ground. Not let me by.

‘What if’ the old man had merely smirked knowingly, placing a firm hand in the middle of my chest when I tried to push by him snarling, “Where d’you think you’re going boi?” If I had hesitated and he had pushed me backwards hissing, “Little pussy,” in my face. Before pinning me against the stalls door frame smirking maliciously, “I saw you steal those panties you’re wearing sonny.”

The accusation would have made my knees go weak and I felt my cock twitch with interest. It would have stolen my will power to defy the nasty old creature. I could hear my voice whine pathetically, “No, no I didn’t,” just wanting bağcılar escort to get away. I could hear the hard old man chuckle knowingly as his smile became malicious with intent.

It would have been the confession he was waiting for and as the old geezer smirked, “Do you think the security will care?” My knees would have buckled as my breath caught in my throat and I could only stare horrified into the merciless eyes of the old man. “Or the police?” he whispered threateningly leaning in close.

‘What if’ I could only muster a moan of resignation in response as he slowly purposely pushed me back, back into the stall. With my spirit crushed I would have let him. He would’ve then crowded me into the corner of the stall snarling menacingly, “Show me your panties sissy.”

In a daze I would’ve fumbled to open my pants so that my panty was exposed. Digging his nails into my arm until I whimpered the old guy’s other hand would reach out to rake my loosened pants down to my knees. “Well my my don’t you look pretty in panties,” I imagined the man mocking me as I hung my head with humiliation.

My hand slipped to my crotch to gently massage my panty encased cock throbbing between my thighs. Staring vacantly into space I fantasized that he undid his belt with his free hand as I would have lost control of my body sinking to the toilet stall floor as the old mans trousers slid down his skinny legs to bunch at his ankles.

His boxers would be tenting out ominously between us as his grip on my arm began pulling inextricably closer. Sniffing back a tear of shame I would’ve risen to my knees before him. Knowing what was about to happen I squeezed my eyes shut to stem the tears as resignation of my situation crushed my will to defy the old geezer. I could smell his manhood when I took a deep breath and opened my mouth compliantly. I heard a muffled “Oh yeah,” above me as the old fucker pushed his now exposed cock between my waiting lips and into my mouth.

I ran my tongue over my thumb imagining it was his old cock. Sucking it, him, into my mouth I thanked my lucky stars that he was so small and I could suck his cock entirely into my mouth without having to worry about gagging. The old guy would have tasted of ball sweat and talc powder as he slowly rocked his hips pumping his cock deeper and deeper into my waiting mouth.

I would’ve squeezed my eyes tighter wanting him to finish quickly. But wanting to control the pace the harsh old man would grasp a hand full of hair pulling tight. With his commanding hand full of hair he would shake my head possessively until I whimpered for him to stop trying to pull away. Holding me on his cock by the hair I imagined him snarling, “Look at me slut.”

Tears would’ve been whelming up in my eyes as I looked up meekly into his baleful glare. “Don’t you ever pull away from me again bitch.” While I stared up at him numb with humiliation and shame he pulled my hair tighter murmuring lowly, “Open your mouth.” Hesitantly I would have as he held me there submissively beneath him as he used his free hand to trace my lips and mouth with his dick.

I slid my thumb wetly over my lips mimicking what I imagined his cock would feel like breathing heavily while squeezing my thighs together over my engorged member. ‘What if’ he had slapped me open handed growling, “git that cock back in your mouth bitch.” Slapping myself I relished the tingling sensation as I sucked my thumb as deeply into my mouth as I could.

I would be reeling from the horrid experience and startled by the slap but the old mans grip on my hair would’ve held me back as I strained pathetically to wrap my lips around his cock again. With the old mans cruel chuckling ringing in my ears he would then thrust his erection unceremoniously back into my mouth.

Cruising down the highway I sucked on my thumb imagining it was an old mans gnarly cock. My butt cheeks squeezed together over the plug stuffed into my puckered anus. I would have been waiting for the old man to cum. To fill my mouth with his ejaculate. Hear his growl of release as I sucked the cum from his dick. I would have tried to suck him dry while holding his load in my mouth to proudly show him when he pulled away. I knew that once the euphoria of his orgasm had evaporated he would have stared down at me with contempt.

He wouldn’t have been impressed by my contritely kneeling before him, looking up hopefully my mouth open to show him my pink tongue floating in a pool of his cum. I would have been confused that he didn’t seem pleased with my efforts, my act of supplication. Somehow I would have known what was coming but didn’t flinch away when he slapped me. I slapped myself repeatedly fantasizing it was the old man trying to expunge his own self loathing over what he had just done by taking it out on the sissy kneeling beneath him.

I would have taken his slapping punishment silently as tears of pain and confusion streaked my cheeks and cum drooled from my lips. By the time the old man tired I would be dazed and humiliated. He would have departed the stall and toilets in a rush leaving me there kneeling on the cold tiles the stall door ajar exposing me to anyone who came by. I would have slowly dragged myself up and staggered from the toilets in a haze of my own self loathing oblivious to the judgemental stares of the early morning shoppers.

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