A Lover’s Concerto


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Public Sex

Totally unexpectedly, I came home to find my old girlfriend and my new girlfriend together. Kerry was brown, sultry, skinny, and sharp featured, and Kim was pale, blue-eyed, and full-bodied with deliciously thick lips. They were seated cross-legged on the floor, smoking reefer, and seemed high enough to have been at it for awhile.

When I said, “I guess you two have met,” they giggled maniacally.

I was nervous as I sat down between them. My time with Kerry was wild and hairy, getting fucked and sucked nightly for half a year and playing the role of clueless boyfriend while she boinked all of my friends and a like number of strangers. Although I really enjoyed a foursome with my friend Paul and his lady, Vallerie, and a threesome with her friend, Jeannie, the always open door of her cunt was getting to me. The last straw was when I caught her with a girl, some scrawny junkie she paid with dope. I loved and hated Kerry at the same time.

Kim was delightfully different. She was wide-eyed innocent and virginal—yes, although she gave me detailed rundowns of blow jobs she had given before she met me, her hymen ripped and bled for me. It was love at first fuck. I missed her when we lived apart and I used to wrap myself in the sheets after she left me, smell her scent, and jerk off in her wake. I had been teaching her carnal knowledge and she was a willing pupil. Even super-slut Kerry shut down her vagina when menses came around, but not Kimmy. She indulged my desire to give her cunnilingus during menstruation and let me christen my cock with her menstrual blood. The only thing she wouldn’t sarıyer escort do was anal intercourse. She was afraid it would hurt.

Now, here we three were, smoking weed like nothing odd had been going on before I came back to our pad. I was disabused of that illusion when Kim kissed me softly on the lips a moment before Kerry did the same. Her familiar taste and scent returned to me. Then my two girls leaned in front of me and kissed each other, practically lying in my lap. They started with mutual pecks on the cheek, then puckering up and touching their lips, followed by pressing against one another’s mouths, and fluttering wet, red tongues. I didn’t know what to say and before long I knew I didn’t need to say anything. Kim and Kerry were stroking my chest, rubbing their legs against mine, and took turns kissing me.

“Don’t you like having two girls?” Kimmy crooned as she moved her hand over the bulge in my crotch from my dick and nuts.

“One girl licking your dick and the other girl licking your crack,” whispered Kerry in a husky voice while rolling her tongue over my lips. Kerry, my ex, bared her pointy tits and nudged a brown tipped nipple between my lips. Kimmy, to my surprise, latched onto Kerry’s other side, sucking her whole areola into her anxious mouth.

“I introduced your new lady to the delights of pussy licks,” Kerry stated flatly. “I hope you don’t mind.”

How could I possibly mind, seeing as I already had one hand in each crotch, feeling the doubled heat of their cunts. Kim’s shirt came esenyurt escort off next. As she was braless, Kerry easily grabbed one boob and I grabbed the other. Soon we were nestled on either side, sucking on Kimmy’s round red nipples. The temperature rose and soon all three of us were buck naked and covered in sweat. In relished Kerry’s musk and licked her moist underarm before descending to her teeming crucible. Meanwhile, she was sliding her fingers over Kim’s fleshy clitoris and poking inside her hole. Kimmy completed the triangulation by wrapping her lips around my cock head. First, Kerry bounced in a wild convulsion and came, followed by Kim’s squirming, which quickened when Kerry went down on her pussy. I was still locked between Kerry’s ripe thighs and shot a mouthful of jizz down Kimmy’s throat. My wish was fulfilled in the afterglow, as Kim gave my cock and balls little kitty licks and Kerry tickled my asshole with the tip of her tongue.

We huddled naked under a haze of marihuana smoke, sweat, semen, and rich feminine nectar. Naturally, we had the munchies and so Kim ran off to get some food. Kerry and I watched her plump round ass bounce. “She’s awesome, Nicky,” Kerry sang sweetly. “I can see why you love her.” At the moment, however, all I could think about was the heady smell of Kerry’s Venus. Kimmy returned with a jar of peanut butter and three spoons. Before long, we started putting dabs of peanut butter on each other’s nipples, asses, and genitalia. I ate my favorite flavor out of both girls’ glory holes and they lapped some off of my cock, balls, avrupa yakası escort and ass.

“Nick, I wanna watch you ball Kim.” Kerry’s request was reasonable and Kim was more than willing, spreading her lush labia with her fingers and letting me rub the tip of my cock over her wiry thatch and mons. While I fucked her, Kerry caressed and kissed both of us and went down on us when we were spent. “I’ll do clean up.” Kim shivered in orgasm as Kerry slurped up my creamy deposit and smooched her raw, swollen blossom.

“Did Nicky tell you I was molested when I was a kid?” Kerry spoke to Kim, but looked at me. “My father started fucking me when I was twelve and my step-mother never gave a shit.”

“No,” Kim said, “but I’m not surprised. Promiscuity and low self-esteem are symptoms of abuse.” She learned that in psychology class. She kissed Kerry sweetly on the forehead. “You’re a strong, smart, beautiful person. Don’t let yourself forget that.” Then Kerry kissed her back, seeming younger and more immature than I considered her to be.

Kerry spoke up a moment later. “Would it be okay if Nicky screwed me, Kim?” Kim nodded assent, but in fact we ended up in a three-way. Kim lowered her puss and ass over my nose and mouth, facing forward, while Kerry mounted my elongated cock. They kissed each other with eager mouths while I sent a torrent of steaming cream into Kerry’s cavernous cunt.

After taking turns peeing in the bathroom, Kerry said she had to leave. She went through the door after kissing Kim and I over and over again. Kim took me by surprise, asking, “Do you forgive Kerry for cheating on you now?”

“Um, uh, well, yeah,” I stuttered. “I guess it doesn’t seem so bad, since I caught her with a girl rather than a guy. It seems less threatening somehow.”

“It’s probably more threatening,” she said seriously and unsmiling. I wouldn’t have been surprised if she invited Kerry to visit again soon.

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