A Little Tease


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It’s early Friday afternoon when you call. You tell me that you have a surprise, and you want me to be home on time. You also tell me to stop off pick up your favorite magazines. I must admit that the sexy assertive tone in your voice made my cock swell as I thought about you on the drive home.

When I get home I put he magazines on the coffee table and go to the bedroom to take a shower. Thinking of you as the warm water runs over my body makes my cock swell again and it takes all I have to keep my composure. My mind is racing as I towel off and change cloths, making sure to put on your favorite black silk boxers. I finish just in time to hear your car pull in to the driveway.

I meet you at the door and our tongues meet you put your arms around me and squeeze me tight and let out a soft moan, you can feel the stiffness growing in my pants as you press your body into me. You slowly pull away and look at me with a devilish grin and tell me in sexy voice to take off my shirt and pants .I wonder why, but do as I’m told. You smile when you see your favorite boxers. .

Once I’ve completed my task you come up to me and start to speak. You put one finger over my lips and tell me that you’ve decided that because I’ve been ignoring you all week. That turn about is fair play and today we were going to play by your rules tonight. As you are saying this, the fingertips of your other hand are very slowly running over my chest.

The first rule is I am only allowed to call you Goddess.

The second rule is I must do what ever you say, or the evening will stop.

The third and most important is that I can’t speak unless you tell me to.

After you’ve told me the rules your hand slides down to the front of my boxers, as you ask me if I agree, your fingers wrap around my stiffness. I let out a moan and nod yes as your fingers stroke me.

You pull your hands away and tell me to start dinner; we will eat in a few hours. As you walk away you tell me to also pour some wine and turn on some music. My head is spinning as you go into the bedroom. After 30 minutes or so I wonder what is taking you so long but I know I can’t say anything.

The whole time your gone my mind is filled with thoughts about what you are going to do.

When I hear the crisp sound of your heels on the wood floor I reach for your wine and wait for you. When you come around the corner, you smile as my eyes open wide. Your wearing a short skirt with a low cut silk blouse and shear black stocking with 4″ black heels.

You tell me to stand still as you take your wine. You stand very close, licking your lips after each sip. You walk around me letting your fingertips explore my body. My body shivers as our fingers trace over me, between your touch and how sexy you look it’s all I can do to not reach out and grab you. But I don’t want you to stop.

You stop in front of me and tell me to remove my boxers. You smile as my when you see my cock at attention as I slip them off. You move even closer. And I let out a deep breath as I feel your silk covered breast press against me. As your hands lightly rub my inner thigh, you tell me that you enjoy the feeling of power you have with your slave totally naked and you dressed. I have to admit I feel a little embarrassed, but I’m also incredibly turned on.

Your lips lightly kiss each nipple as your hand again gently strokes my throbbing cock. You ask me if I remember and understand the rules?

In a low voice I answer. Yes Goddess.

You smile and say good slave. Then you tell me you want to relax. You hand me your glass and tell me to pour you more wine and bring it in to the living room as you turn and walk away

When I come in with your wine, your sitting canlı bahis in the over sized chair with your legs crossed looking at one of the magazines I bought you.

The fact that you know how much that excites me makes it even harder for me to contain myself. You look up from your magazine as I hand you your wine and catch me staring at you. With a sexy smile you ask me if I like the way your Goddess looks?

I answer. Yes Goddess is very beautiful.

You tell me that I answered correctly and go back to your magazine. Leaving me standing beside you holding your wine.

After a minute or so you loop your arm around my thigh and leisurely stroke my balls, every so often you stop and signal for your wine. After each sip you hand it back and continue your stroking. Never looking up from your reading.

The feeling of your hands on me is sending shivers up and down my spine. I want to cum very bad, but I don’t dare say anything.

After a few more minutes you ask me what I would like?

I’m so overcome with lust that I blurt out, I want to cum.

You squeeze my sack tightly, not to hard but enough to bring me out of my lust.

You put the magazine on your lap and tell me to stand in front of you.

As I move in front of you I’m standing in front of you my erection starts to go soft because I’m afraid the game is over.

You lean forward in the chair and look into my eyes and sternly tell me that there is no way I will be allowed to cum until you are totally satisfied.

You ask me if I understand?

In a low voice I answer yes Goddess I’m sorry.

You smile and lean back in your chair. You tell me to get you another magazine.

When I hand you your magazine you tell me that because it was my fault that my cock is no longer hard. It is up to me to get it hard again.

You tell me to lie across from you on the couch and pleasure myself. But you warn me that I had better tell you when I’m about to cum.

I feel embarrassed to do that in front of you. But I know that you mean it, and I had better do what you said.

When I lay down on the couch you tell me in a soft voice that you want me to spread my legs wide and close my eyes. You tell me that you want to see me touch and rub myself like I do when your not there/ I’m feeling self-conscience but I do what you say.

I grab my semi hard cock under the head with my thumb and pointer finger and start to massage the under side of my cock.

I can feel it start to stiffen as you tell how much you’ve always wanted to see me pleasure my self. I’m visualizing how you look tonight as I hear you voice in the background. When my cock is fully erect I wrap my hand around it and start to slowly stroke up and down. I’m thinking about how bad I wanted you as you stroked my balls earlier. My breathing gets heavier as my hand starts to move faster up and down my cock.

I tell you that I’m about to cum.

You immediately tell me to stop in a stern voice.

It takes all I have to pull my hand away, but I do.

After about 30 seconds you tell me to open my eyes and massage my balls and think about what I want to.

With that you lean back and again start to look at you magazine.

As I pleasure myself I look at you in your chair with you legs crossed flipping through the pages. When you cross our legs I can see the top of your stockings and your smooth legs. My mind starts to think about how sweet you taste and how badly I want to taste you.

You look up from the magazine and ask me what I want to do?

I tell you that I want lick you Goddess.

You smirk and tell me that that’s a much better answer. But you still want to relax a bit.

You tell me to come bahis siteleri kneel in front of you. When I kneel down you tell me that you had a very busy week and you want me to massage your feet. You instruct me to do it properly and not to rush.

You ask if I understand.

Again I answer yes Goddess.

You tell me that I may remove your heels and begin.

I start to massage your feet, one foot at a time firmly rubbing all the muscles and working all the kinks out. I hear a soft moan as you start to relax. I’ve been horny this whole time wondering what you will have me do next. And seeing you just read a magazine and pretend to ignore me just makes it more exciting. You suddenly look up from your magazine ant tell me that you would like more wine.

When I return with your wine, you tell me that I did a good job on your feet and you want me to start your legs. Again I kneel down and start rubbing your calves up to your knees. After I have worked every muscle I gently stroke them.

When I reach your lower thighs you spread your legs just a little for me and I can see that you have nothing on under your skirt. At this point I must have started breathing heavier and you look up from your magazine and casually ask me if anything is wrong.

I reply. No Goddess I’m fine,

You get an evil grin you tell me that you like my answer but you want me to tell me what on my mind. I look at you and tell you how turned on I am and how badly I want to lick Goddesses pussy.

You put your hand on my head and gently stroke my hair while you think about it.

You tell me that you probably should say no. But because I asked nicely and did a good job on your feet and legs you will allow it. But I had better take my time and do it right or else I may never cum.

You have that wicked smirk on your face as you put your magazine down.

You seem to like teasing me and having me as your slave.

When you spread your legs my mind starts to spin. I lower my head between your legs and slowly start to run the tip of my tongue up and down your outer lips savoring your taste. As I her you softly moan I gently part your lips with my fingers as I take long slow licks. Your fingers are in my hair and I can feel you gently guiding my head my head where you want it. When I reach your clitoris I take the tip of my tongue and make a slow circular motions with it all the while listening for your moans of approval. I can hear your breathing quicken as I start to move the tip of my tongue up and down applying more pressure as I go. When I feel your hips start to rise I gently put your clit between my lips and move my tongue over it. Your moans are getting louder and I know it won’t be long now. I put my hands under your ass and give a tight squeeze as I pull you closer to me. Your hand grip the arms of the chair and your body starts to shake as my tongue moves faster and faster, I feel your body stiffen, you let out a loud moan as your juices explode out of you. I keep taking long slow gentle licks as you calm down and let you enjoy the after glow.

I get up and return with a cool washcloth and wipe the sweat from your face as my other hand runs up and down your thighs

By know I’ve horny for a long time and desperately need relief.

You look at me with a teasing smile and again ask me what I want.

I tell you that I want to cum badly

You stand up put on your heels and grab my cock and lead me into the bedroom

You tell me lay down on the bed as you slowly take off your shirt and blouse. I can’t get over how sexy you look in just your heels and stockings.

You tell me that you were going to let me cum but because I did not ask properly the teasing would have bahis şirketleri to go a little longer.

You tell me that you don’t think that you can trust me to behave with my hands free so you will just have to tie them to the bed. You smile as I let out a groan in frustration.

With four ties you secure my hands and legs to the bed.

Once you have me secure, you start running your fingers up and down my body driving me insane. After a few minuets you ask me what I want you to do?

Although I can barely think street I answer, please Goddess I want to feel your mouth on me.

You slowly lick your lips and wrap your hand around my cock, as you start to lower your head

I start to let out deep low moan as I feel your lips slide over the head of my cock. In a couple of minuets my hips are raising off he bed and the pressure is building in me so much that I think I will go insane. Just as I am about to explode, you lift up your head and smile as you tell me. You don’t want the fun to end just yet.

At that moment the phone rings and you laugh and tell me what perfect timing that is as you get up to answer it leaving me breathing heavy and half out of my mind.

After a couple of minutes I start to calm down, you come back in the room with the phone and one of the magazines you were reading earlier.

You sit down on the bed and put your hand over the phone and tell me that you are going to finish this phone call. If I make any sound you will leave me tied up and horny all night.

I am incredibly frustrated and horny all at the same time.

When you go back to talking on the phone and your hand starts to caress my balls and the underside of my cock Stopping occasionally to turn the page of the magazine. After a minute or so I can no longer her you talking on the phone all I can think about is how good your soft hands feel on me, and how bad I want relief. I keep hoping that you’ll squeeze a little tighter and move your hand faster. But you don’t, you keep me just on the edge of what I want.

You lean into my ear and whisper that if I can be silent for five more minutes you’ll let me cum. When you sit back up you start to rub me directly under the head off my cock knowing full well that I can’t control myself when you touch me there. After about 30 seconds I can’t hold back any longer and let out a low deep moan. You smile and tell who ever your talking to that you will have to call them back.

When you hang up the phone and take your hand away from my cock .You tell me that you hoped I would give you a reason to stop, because you still did not think we were even for ignoring you all week

With that you put your magazine on my stomach and start to read as your hand and fingers touch and tease me as you see fit. After awhile I can’t stand it any more and start begging you to please let me cum, you just smile and continue your reading. You finally put the magazine aside and lay on top of me and give a deep kiss and ask me what I want. I can no longer speak all I can do is groan at this point as your lips move down my body. You give my cock a few gentle sucks before you straddle me. As I feel my cock slide inside you my head starts to spin. I can hear your breathing start get heavier as you slowly move up and down, I start to move my hips to match yours and we both know what’s gong to happen next. As your muscles start to tighten around my cock I feel your hand squeezing my chest, I open my eyes and I can see your head leaning back as our moans get louder. I feel my muscles start to tighten as I hear your screams and feel you moving faster and faster. All of a sudden a wave of ecstasy runs through me as my cock starts to twitch and your muscles clamp down on me, we both explode at the same time. You lay down on me with my cock still inside you and untie my hands. I squeeze you tight and run my hand up and down your back as we catch our breath and enjoy the time we have together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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