A Lifetime Kink Ch. 02


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Big Tits


Mid-afternoon in the mid-week. Lee had the day spare after covering a friend over the previous weekend. She had called into work sick that same morning. He had told her the night before that, if she was serious, the house would be free in the afternoon.

She told him when she’d be there — just after 1pm. But then 1pm came and eventually a message came when she did not. She’d be running a bit late. Anxiety sank in. Lee felt the opportunity slipping from his grasp. Easy come, easy go.

At half past two the doorbell rang and he opened the door, at first blasted by the day’s brilliant blinding sun, and then greeted with the presence of a nervous and mischievous looking Kit.

He invited her in immediately. Kit at almost the same height, bar an inch or two, strolled past him in tight black leggings and a hoodie, with a look in her eye that assured him; “yep, this is happening!”

Moments later she was perched between his thighs on the living room floor, expertly sucking on his cock like she was made for it, and her eyes locked onto his, gauging his reaction, even though his impossible hardness said it best.

And she would make the most of him, because who knew when she would get it again. It was clear that he wasn’t going to be responsible for the fallout to come, and that he didn’t care for relationships, but the sexual tension was too much not to illicit this one-off affair.

So yes, Kit would make the most of him and get her fill, which was more than apparent by the size of his cock. For once, the phone camera didn’t lie. Lee was hung and every bit as delicious as he looked — no less true as the first blast of spunk hit the back of her tongue and proceeded to pulse and ooze down the back of her throat.

She insisted that he wore a condom, even though she was on the pill. That idea seemed destined to fly out of the window after he peeled off her leggings and panties and licked her into blissful oblivion for the next twenty minutes.

‘Just a minute,’ she begged, directing the swollen and shiny pink head of his penis between her glistening lips. ‘Just let me feel you for real a minute, I need this,’ she begged again. And first went the tip, oh so easily for the first two inches, before she was trying to make room for the other six, with that gut-wrenching girth.

‘Fuck you feel good,’ she growled, her hungry grey eyes piercing his. ‘We need to get a condom on this. I need you in me properly!’

So they gathered their clothes and rushed up the stairs to his bedroom. Eagerly she watched, playing with herself helplessly, as she watched him roll one on. There was something about the way that shiny latex sheath complimented every muscle and vein.

He was god-like in his aroused state, and putty in her hands. The power between his legs was all hers, and the power trip it gave her was drug-like. She could kick herself for not having propositioned him sooner, but she would indeed get her fill, again and again.


What a fucking day!

Stevie was stressed beyond belief lately and work made things no easier. Punching the clock and sacrificing an hour of her flexi-time was all she’d thought about since lunch, and by three the need was unbearable.

All she wanted was to get home, to grab a shower and get a little buzzed, and then relax on the sofa. She promised herself that she’d make up for it with a little weekend overtime, so she didn’t feel so guilty.

Still, with a deep breath she slid her key into the lock and quietly stepped into the house, kicked off her shoes, and dropped her bag. Immediately she became aware of the sounds coming from Lee’s bedroom.

Stevie stood dead still and held her breath, at first having to overcome the loud throbbing in her temples and ears before she could in fact tell that Lee had female company. She didn’t know what led her up those stairs as she crept along.

She didn’t know what made her cross the landing after that, until she was stood just behind the doorway to Lee’s room, but she swore for a moment as the rampant sex scene played out before her, that she was looking at herself — bare-naked, black-haired and tattooed, being ploughed mercilessly by her own blessed son.

She didn’t know Kit. They had briefly met once or twice, but it was never apparent that she was Lee’s type until now. The thought never left her mind that Lee was in fact fucking his mother’s younger lookalike. Did he know this?

What did it matter though?

What did matter was that Lee was on top, Kit’s thick thighs clamped around his hips as he drove smoothly into her, over and over again. Nothing wrong with that, other than the fact that they were facing the doorway, the way the bed was situated.

The only reason Lee hadn’t spotted his mother, as she stood weak and awestruck before this humid and sticky display of animal attraction, was Kit stealing his full attention, moaning and hissing the dirty things that she did as her big natural tits bounced back and forth to the rhythm of their fucking.

That bakırköy escort and Stevie’s being frozen to the spot, unable to move, prevented him from seeing her there, and it wasn’t until she side-stepped into the small room that Lee looked up, sensing her, and yet saw nothing.

Breathlessly Kit begged to ride him, in as many graphic words as she could muster in her hot, sweaty state. There goes another bed, Stevie thought to herself, but it wasn’t long until she was getting hot and heavy all by herself, listening to the back and forth lip-service between Lee and Kit.

Jesus Christ she needed to get laid, but Stevie smiled to herself genuinely for the first time in a long time as she caught herself contemplating just how proud she was of the boy.

‘Oh fuck, do you even know how big you feel inside me?’ Kit groaned as she mashed her hairy pussy down onto him. Again, Stevie dared to look, and this time because she needed to know when the coast was clear.

She wanted nothing more than to go straight to her bedroom and literally fuck herself into a coma. Instead she would sneak back downstairs, put her shoes back on, and go take a completely unnecessary trip to the supermarket.

With any luck they’d be done by the time she returned.


Another week passed and some of the emotional weight seemed lifted from Stevie’s shoulders. But her guilt did not go away and nor did the loneliness. Stevie had enforced isolation onto herself at every opportunity at first, becoming harder on herself. Lee had done that enough as a teenager. Now she was indulging to save face.

But the loyal young man that he was, Lee remained there whether he was wanted or not. He comforted her when it seemed appropriate, or when it seemed that she wouldn’t reject him, all the while saying nothing of the matter.

He would have her out of her room at night again, he resolved — back to her shameless old self again. How could she resist his charms? By the end of the week she was only really concerned about how she could look him in the eye again.

Seeing him in the act of having sex, with so few a graphic detail spared, had something to do with that. If he’d have known, that would have been a whole new level of awkward. No less painful though was the fact that she still had to lay to rest the revelation of what kind of person she was.

That Friday night she entered his room to find him playing on his X-box, asked him to pause his game so that she could say a few very simple words, and those words were; ‘I haven’t forgotten the positive things you said to me, and I know you’d do anything to protect me. I’d never do anything to hurt you. That’s mostly why I’m ashamed of myself, because I wasn’t there as a mother when you were being hurt. I was irresponsible, though, which probably hurt you more than anything!’

Then when she was certain that he understood, Stevie ruffled his hair, kissed him on the forehead and left him alone with four final words. ‘I love you!’


The middle of the next week, Stevie’s anxiety returned with a vengeance. Work was over for the day, and how it had been another endlessly shitty day. She didn’t have the patience to deal. She didn’t have the strength to control herself. She wanted to shut the world out and curl up into a ball.

True to the anxiety junkie’s style, she faked it with a heartless smile from beginning to end, and when she got home it all started to come out in irrational little rages, the way anxiety usually did. Just as she feared, too late, Lee would be on the receiving end of the worst of them.

Figuring that she was being unnaturally quiet again and boxing him out, he was on her like a rash, making small talk, following her up and down the stairs. Ironically she’d had enough when he started to help with the chores.

‘You’re stressed, mum,’ he said as she paced about trying to think of how first to busy herself. ‘Just tell me what you need doing and I’ll do it for you.’

‘I don’t need you to do anything for me,’ she reasoned. ‘I need things to keep me busy.’

Deciding to clean the bathroom, Stevie took the cleaning materials out from the sink cabinet. Lee was right beside her grabbing the cleaning spray and a rag. She tried to grab it from him but he wasn’t letting go.

‘Let me take care of it. Go and put your feet up,’ he insisted, his grip unyielding. That was when she snapped.

‘Will you just fucking leave me to it,’ Stevie ranted, her face screwed up. ‘I’d get everything out my way faster if you go sit on your arse and play with your fucking Twitter or whatever!’

‘The fuck’s gotten into you?’ Lee snapped back.

‘I never needed your help,’ Stevie cried. And in that moment she realised exactly what help she was referring to. It shocked her. ‘I’m sorry,’ she began to say, but Lee was gone; down the stairs and out the door. It seemed to him that they both needed their space for a while.


He returned just after eight, quiet and careful beşiktaş escort about where he treaded. Making himself a coffee, he retired promptly to his room, where his mother soon found him laid out on his bed. She sat down beside him, peering over her shoulder to see that he was paying her no mind. She couldn’t blame him.

‘I’m sorry, I need a slap,’ she admitted. ‘My fucking head hasn’t been right all week. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.’

‘Mum, you need a boyfriend is what,’ he said plainly. But he wasn’t about to tell her that he did in fact believe she was there the afternoon that he and Kit were having sex.

She still returned home with shopping long before she was due. And though Kit was gone, never to return despite having had the shagging of a lifetime, Stevie was so stressed and tired that she had stupidly asked if his girlfriend was around.

All she could do was dismiss that embarrassing truth and hope that it never again arose in conversation.

‘Well there’s not a chance of that happening is there?’ she asked bitterly. ‘It’s not like I deserve a man, even if I wanted or needed one!’

‘Get over yourself and stop being so neurotic,’ Lee chided. He didn’t have the time for it.

‘What does that mean?’

‘Like when someone doesn’t know how to be anything but negative.’

‘I don’t want to be negative.’


‘But it’s all I have,’ Stevie sighed. Her shoulders slumped. That wasn’t fair. She had him, even if she felt sometimes that she didn’t deserve him.

‘Stop punishing yourself,’ Lee finally begged. ‘You used to know how to have fun. It used to be Ray that was the fucking crank.’ He had a point. Ray was a crank, a lot of the time. And how did she punish a crank?

Lee instantly regretted what he said, especially as Stevie stormed off. Her heavy footsteps racing towards the bathroom shook the landing floor. Now the waterworks would be running once again and he’d feel bad about that too.

But it didn’t happen so literally like that. A moment later he heard her footsteps on the reproach. Expecting an argument he got a faceful of freezing cold water, thrown out of the plastic beaker used to keep his toothbrush and toothpaste tube handy.

Lee gasped and spluttered with the cold wet shock, and yelped as streams of water rolled down his face, into the mattress, and soaked his back. All the while his mother stood over him giggling dryly, her breasts jiggling up and down within the tight confines of her black strappy top.

‘That’s better,’ Stevie laughed then ran screaming from the room as her shocked and soaked son madly gave chase like a demon on her heels.

Stevie swirled quickly at her own bedroom door, fighting to close it before her assailant could overpower her. It was too late, the equally laughing but still unimpressed Lee sprung through and tossed her onto the bed, where she bounced and landed with a high-pitched shriek.

Instantly he was on top of her, wrestling for control of her body. Her arms were just as strong has his, if not more so. Even without her legs, which he had nudged out of the way with his thighs, she could keep him clearly at bay for long enough.

‘You think that’s funny?’ he yelled, still laughing, and repeated himself in his excited state. ‘I should shove a bag of ice cubes down your knickers you evil bitch!’

Stevie’s heart pounded madly. She hadn’t play-fought with anybody in such a long time. Her own strength surprised the both of them. Mischievously, as her son tried to pry her off the bed, wanting to prove to be worth his threat, she trapped one of his arms under her armpit and clamped her thighs around his hips, pulling him right into her.

‘Oh god you’re so wet,’ she shuddered, still laughing.

‘That’s what happens when you POUR WATER ON PEOPLE!’

Struggling to be free of her then, Lee soon found both arms trapped. And now they were pressed tightly together in a position that even with clothes was nothing other than suggestively sexual.

Stevie could feel her son’s heartbeat pounding in unison against hers, through the pneumatic breasts now squeezed tightly between the two of them. They were almost popping out, save for the black lace bra that kept the nipples covered.

Still giggling, they looked at each other for a long moment. Only now had Lee become aware that he was hard, and that his erection — although confined within his pants — was nudging at the hot cleft where his mother’s thighs reached their northernmost end.

Where the hell did that come from? She was thinking the same thing. All the more she wondered if the tip of his hardened penis pressed right up against his mother’s pussy could feel the heat radiating from within. Inadvertently or not, her hips shifted, and there was no hiding now that he was so achingly hard.

She tutted. He cleared his throat. All the while Stevie, her eyes alight with humour and something wicked, studied him smugly. ‘Need to get up?’

‘Yup,’ was beylikdüzü escort all Lee could say.

‘Feels like you already are,’ she wanted to say but didn’t. For a moment too long she chose to savour their closeness, pretending that she didn’t feel the current between them.

In the end she demanded that he give his mum a kiss and puckered her lips. He obeyed, before finding himself pulled in even tighter. Again the both of them began to laugh — one of them rather uncomfortably — before Lee finally got his release.

A moment later he was locked in the bathroom, seeking another release entirely. His wet clothes in the laundry hamper, he stood under the hot shower stream, soaping the entirety of his solid length. With one hand tight around the hilt, the other worked the shaft furiously, his eyes closed as he asked himself…

‘Did that just happen?’


The night was chilly. At midnight Lee met his mother in the conservatory, the first time both had been there the same time since their shattering revelation. That seemed a world away now, and as Lee lit a joint and passed it her way — and she decided it was the right time to enjoy a little once again — the hard feelings of that horrible time would slip further away.

Five minutes after her first few pulls in years, Stevie remarked wistfully how suddenly the delicious haze had come on. Her eyelids heavy, her eyes began to redden, and she got a raging thirst for some chilled orange juice.

Lee hid well the fact that he had masturbated in the shower to the compromising situation his mother had tricked him into, or so he thought. She knew, because that was all boys, and sometimes of all ages.

For a while she herself had laid there wondering if she’d gone too far, but found to her surprise that she herself had found some release in the encounter. And while Lee took his time in the bathroom, she flipped his damp mattress and changed his bed covers.

Now the both of them were too mellow to care, and after being done with the faithful magic herb, they went to their own separate beds to sleep. Or so they both thought…

Stevie dreamed, in between the jumble of memories and suggestive images, of a time back in the ’90s. She and Gary had been experimenting a while. Sweet Jesus he licked her pussy so good she would come endlessly.

She wanted — no she needed with all her soul — not to return the favour, but to do something that would blow his mind right out of the water. They were in competition in the sack, always looking to outdo each other.

He held her in his arms and she held him between his thighs, their bodies seemingly melting together at the sexes. And the perspiration at his shoulders was so sweet, she couldn’t help herself but bite him a little — not enough to bleed, but to mark him as hers.

Sharing sweat and saliva and breath and body heat, they rocked together excitedly and she asked him ‘what would really turn you on?’ She dared to know. She dared him to bare a darker depth of his being. As if tempting the making of a new life was not risk enough, she wanted to break a wall beyond flesh.

‘Imagine if you were my mother,’ he eventually dared to wonder.

Stevie laughed loud and hearty. ‘As if. I’m a bit young, aren’t I?’

‘It’s the thought that counts,’ he said with a wicked smirk, driving smoothly up into her.

‘You want to shag your mother, eh?’ Stevie gasped and drew him in deeper. ‘And why doesn’t that surprise me, young man?’

He laughed and, instead of answering, diverted his mouth to her nipple, leaving her groaning her appreciation as lightning bolts of pleasure ran all the way up her body from between her thighs.

‘If I was your mother right now, what would you want to do with me that you aren’t already doing?’ Stevie asked out of sheer fascination.

‘I’d love to come deep inside you, mum,’ he groaned, nearing his end. ‘Just think of that, your son’s cock fit bareback and snug inside you, free to seed the womb in which he was conceived,’ he groaned.

‘Mmmm,’ she approved, which turned into a growl. If only. ‘What are you — the Shakespeare of fucking filth?’

Elsewhere the layer of protective latex squished and scrunched at the end of his cock. Neither of them liked having to use them, as much as they just loved to fuck. So often they ruined the moment. This fantasy of his — Gary’s, or was this someone who resembled him? — would be so much worth the risk right now.

‘So take the condom off,’ she suggested with sudden intensity.

Their eyes locked uncertainly, in fact more like deer in the headlights of oncoming danger. No words were shared for a moment. The bed creaked beneath them as they rode together, searching each other’s eyes.

‘Take the condom off, son. Let me feel you inside me, naked as the day you were bor-

Stevie awoke with a violent start…

In the dark, she breathed heavily, her body a sore dense weight in the middle of her lonely bed. ‘Jesus,’ she whispered to herself, reaching down beneath the duvet. Her panty clad pussy was nothing short of feverish.

She slipped her fingers inside and ran two fingertips down over her shaven mound, then across her hooded clitoris, and between the cleft of her labia, where she found herself to be oh so sensitive and slippery wet.

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