A Kitten’s Tail Ch. 12


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Waking up smothered in naked female flesh would have been nice if not for the fact I had several Mai Tai’s last night and passed out before hitting the bathroom. I had Felicia on one side, Kiera on the other, with Shelly and Sonia curled up together between my legs. It was every man’s fantasy, but having woken up with Felicia, Elizabeth and Amanda in my bed so many times I was at least used to it.

I somehow managed to extract myself from the bed with only a quiet ‘raow’ from my kitten as she scooted closer to Kiera and fell back asleep. After relieving myself, I looked around for my shorts before smirking, realizing I did not actually need them. One of the many nice things about Fakahina was the weather. Even in the middle of their winter, you never needed more than a warm body and a light blanket to stay comfortable. In the warm months like now, it was already seventy-five degrees and the sun had only been up for an hour or so.

I would have liked to take a shower, but the cabin did not have one. I could have woken Shelly and asked, but I did not know how late they were up after I crashed last night, and seeing them sleeping so peacefully, I just could not bring myself to disturb them. The need for a cup of coffee was more pressing, but I knew the trainers would be up already and one of them could at least point me in the right direction.

Slipping my sandals on, I walked out of the cabin and headed up to the entrance of the pens. I knew the trainers had a cabin up there and figured it would be the best place to start looking. The rich aroma of the coffee hit me before I rounded the corner and found Peter sitting in front of the cabin enjoying a cup.

“I was hoping I could catch someone before all of you went off to wake the girls. Please tell me you have another cup of that close by,” I asked. “I need something to help clear the fog of all the Mai Tai’s I drank last night.”

“Of course Master,” he replied as he got up. “How do you take it?”

“Black is fine,” I told him as I followed him into the cabin. “And can we please dispense with the Master business. I know I will have to deal with it from the girls, but I am pretty sure you don’t address Julien as Master all the time. You have been using my name for years and I would prefer to keep it that way.”

Peter chuckled as he poured a cup of coffee and handed it to me. “I will let the other trainers know, but I wanted to play it safe. Julien told us to treat you like a member of his family, and they were all fairly strict on how we addressed them. Julien had always been more relaxed about it with the trainers.”

“Just so you know, there is always one of us here in the mornings. I got it this morning because the twins are off with Julien and Shelly spent the night with you,” he told me as we went back out to enjoy the morning. “Everyone else is off waking the pets up and getting them ready for the day, but I can get a coffee maker out of storage later and set it up in your cabin for tomorrow.”

“That won’t be necessary, we usually wait until breakfast for the first cup, but today was an exception. Liquor on top of the jet lag from the trip left me feeling a bit out of sorts this morning, so coffee and a shower was the order of the day,” I replied. “Speaking of showers, I noticed the cabin didn’t have one.”

“There is a central shower by the exercise yard that the pets use. Julien is still looking into better water and power solutions for this side of the island,” he said. “For now it’s easier to run it through a central area for environmental concerns. I can show you where it is, or you can ask Shelly when you wake her up.”

“Brandon pointed it out on the way to the courtyard last night, I just didn’t realize the showers were there,” I told him. “I should probably go wake the girls up though, so we have time to shower before breakfast.”

After thanking him for the coffee, I headed back down to my cabin. I did not really want to wake them up, but I knew they would want a shower. Imagine my surprise when I walked in to find them already awake and playing.

Kiera was lying in the middle of the bed with Shelly and Felicia nursing on her breasts as they played with her pussy. The cries of pleasure that should have warned me were muted by Sonia’s mouth as they exchanged a passionate kiss. “Let me guess, Kiera needed to be milked and you decided it would be more fun this way? I was coming to wake you up so we could get a shower in before breakfast, but it seems that might be delayed.”

“We started off milking her, but when she started cumming, we decided to make it even better for her,” Shelly said as she came up off Kiera’s breast. “We actually finished with the feeding part and are just having a little fun now. I can show you where the showers are if you would like to get cleaned up before breakfast though.”

“Well, I would prefer to crawl back in bed with the four of you, but I do have things to take care of,” I replied. “I need to get Kiera down to the medical center after breakfast so we don’t have to think bostancı escort about that for the rest of the vacation. I would prefer for her to be clean before seeing the doctor, and I am sure Felicia and Sonia would prefer to be clean before they get involved in a lesbian orgy on the beach.”

“It doesn’t have to be a lesbian orgy, as you are more than welcome to join us Master,” Shelly replied with a grin. “Free access means you could grab whoever strikes your fancy at the moment and have your way with their very willing body.”

The girls had already grabbed what they needed for a shower, so as I led them out of the cabin I looked back to Shelly. “I understand you being willing because Julien told you to be, but some of you seem downright eager and that is the part I don’t get.”

“It’s not just some of us,” she chuckled. “Every one of us asked permission to play with you when you came to visit. You can blame Amanda and Elizabeth for you being so popular. They went on and on about how much fun they had with you and the rest of us got curious. We were hoping he would allow you to play with us more freely on this trip, but were as shocked as you were when he decided to upgrade your access. We are kind of hoping you visit more often now. It’s going to be nice having another man who isn’t an asshole that can play with us.”

Not having been too fond of Julien’s family myself, I could understand what she meant. “Well, with me being retired now I may be able to visit more often than I used to, but we should at least see what my kitten thinks of the island before committing to anything.”

I had thought about asking Julien if he would allow me to retire here with Felicia, at least part of the year, but so much had changed since then. Our new relationship with Sonia made me want to be home more, for both her and her future children. When you add in my new change in status here, and the fact that I did not want Julien to think I was taking advantage of the situation, I did not know what I wanted to do now.

When we got to the showers, I was pleased to see the stalls were easily big enough for two. I had not allowed Felicia to bathe herself since she officially became my pet, and I did not intend to change that now. It was my favorite part of being her Master.

Felicia smiled and stepped into one of the stalls before cocking her head at me. I stepped in behind her, took her shower kit and put it on the shelf, the turned on the water long enough to get us wet. She started to purr as I worked the shampoo into her long, luxurious hair and pushed her ass back into my groin. After rinsing her hair out, I went to work on the rest of her body.

We both enjoyed her showers, as I spent as much time massaging and caressing her body as I did washing it. I worked my way down the smooth expanse of her back, over her pert little bottom and down her luscious legs before putting my arms around her to work my way back up the front side.

Her shower ended as it usually did, one of my hands caressing her breast as the other worked her clit over until I felt her shudder in my arms as she climaxed. I held her as I turned the water back on, letting it wash away the soap and evidence of her latest climax. She turned and kissed me before nodding over at the entrance to our stall.

I had been so absorbed in washing my kitten I had not noticed my pony watching us with hope in her eyes. Felicia held out her hand, and Kiera smiled as she stepped into the stall with us. It was a bit cramped with three, but I was not about to complain.

“Will you bathe me next Master,” she asked.

I could see the desire in her eyes as my kitten pushed her into my arms and stepped out of the shower. “I think my kitten has already decided that for us, but I would love to Kiera. Felicia is not allowed to bathe herself, would you like me to make the same apply to you?”

Her eyes lit up as the water poured over us and her desires were summed up in a single word, “Please?”

Turning the water back off, I had her spin so her back was to me as I started washing her hair. I spent several minutes working my fingers through her gloriously thick red mane, and from her quiet moans, she enjoyed it as much as I did.

She was panting and her body trembled with excitement as I gave her the same slow, sensual wash down my kitten had just received. The end of her shower was just as spectacular. She cried out and sagged limply in my arms as soon as my fingers slipped between her lips to make contact with her swollen clit.

When her climax ended, and I could feel her supporting her own weight again, I turned the water back on. As the soap sloughed off her body, she turned and wrapped her arms around me. “Will you wash me like this every day when you take me home with you?”

“Only when we are in a hurry,” I told her with a slight grin. “Most of the time I will fill up the tub and climb in with you so we can enjoy it more.”

I felt her shudder as she squeezed me tighter. “I can sancaktepe escort barely remember what that feels like. As a pony, the grooms would wash me every day, but I have not been in a bathtub since I was a child. I am looking forward to going home with you.”

“I am looking forward to getting you home, and you have a couple people who are looking forward to meeting you as well,” I told her. “For now though, you should hop out of the shower and let Sonia dry you off so I can get clean.”

She glanced back over her shoulder to see Sonia waiting for her with a large towel. Turning back to me, she stretched up and gave me a quick kiss before stepping out of the water into Sonia’s arms. With the amount of soap the girls had rubbed onto me as I washed them, it did not take long for me to finish getting clean.

I stepped out, dried off and slipped on the shorts Sonia had brought for me as I admired her outfit. The gossamer sarong she was wearing did little more than accentuate her luscious curves. She saw my admiring glance and did a little twirl. “It’s supposed to be worn over a bikini, but I doubt anyone will complain if I forgot that part.”

“I’m sure they won’t,” I replied. “I am a bit surprised you decided to wear anything though.”

“I did not want to be the only one at breakfast fully nude,” she said with a smirk. “Your girls are about as covered as I am at this point, but are waiting for you to help with the final accessory.”

I glanced over to where Felicia and Kiera were waiting along with most of Julien’s pets. In the time I had spent washing my two, the others had come in, showered, dressed, and were now waiting with their tails in hand.

“Normally we would help each other get our tails on,” Scarlett explained as she walked up holding a bottle of lube. “With you being here, we wanted to wait and see if you wished to put them on us. As our Master, it’s your choice, but we were hoping you would.”

Despite having seen her naked so many times before, it still took me a moment to drag my eyes away from her full G cup breasts to make eye contact. Her smile made it clear she did not mind the attention. I knew from Elizabeth and Amanda’s time with me that having me put their tails in was as sign of their submission, and they all wanted to show me that they saw me as their Master.

“I would love to put your tails on, but we won’t have time to enjoy it much if I am going to take care of all of you,” I told her.

“We know Master, but the symbolism is more important than the pleasure right now,” she replied as she handed me her tail. “I am sure you will find time to enjoy us all as thoroughly as you wish over the next two weeks.”

Scarlett walked over and put the lube on the bench before bending forward to present her ass to me. I walked up behind her, lubed the plug on her tail up, and then placed my hand on her ass. The tail was far less relevant than the position she put herself in to receive it. I know she would hold that position if I choose to punish her or use her for my own sexual gratification before putting her tail in and she would never object to either.

I slowly pushed the plug into her tight little ass and heard her quiet moan of pleasure when it was fully seated inside of her. When I slid my hand down that perfectly taut cheek to let her know I was finished, she turned and gave me a soft kiss and a murmured, “Thank you Master,” before stepping aside so one of her sisters could take her place.

I worked my way through all the girls, slipping their tails in before receiving the same soft kiss and murmured thanks from each of them. My kitten had intentionally waited, gently pushing the others to me, so she was the last one to hand me her tail and bend over in front of me.

Watching me with the others had her aroused, and after I slipped her tail in, my fingers slid down her slit to her engorged clit. Her whimper as my fingers lightly brushed against her clit told me how close she was. I pressed up against her clit as my thumb slipped into her dripping wet pussy to stroke her G spot.

It only took a moment before I felt her shudder, soaking my hand as her climax washed over her. I gently stroked her clit through her orgasm and heard a quiet voice behind me asking if she was always that hot.

“In a word, yes,” Amanda giggled. “She is a very passionate person who loves sex as much as we do and is lucky enough to be very multi orgasmic. I am sure you will see what I mean soon enough, as she will be joining us in the courtyard after breakfast.”

With my kitten’s climax finished, I slid my hand back up over her ass as she stood and turned to kiss me. Her kiss was the same as the others, but she licked my cheek affectionately to show her thanks before pulling away.

Now that the girls were all taken care of, we could finally get to breakfast. As I followed them to the dining hall, the tails hanging down from their perfect swaying asses did nothing to help my erection subside and was a reminder zeytinburnu escort that I should have taken advantage of at least one of them.

When we entered the dining hall, and I saw the buffet style serving, I told Felicia and Kiera to find a seat and I would bring them their plates. My kitten’s eyes lit up as she dropped to her hands and knees, crawling over to table with Kiera following her.

Elizabeth slipped up next to me in line and smiled. “The ponies usually eat the same way your kitten prefers to, in case you had forgotten,” she told me in a quiet voice. “I know you sent your kitten to pick a good spot for her to be next to your chair, but Kiera will probably be on the floor with her unless you insist on her using a chair.”

“I figured that from how uncomfortable she looked eating dinner last night,” I replied. “That was why I sent them off together, figuring they could find a spot they would both be comfortable.”

“That kind of consideration for their comfort, and the hot show you put on in the shower this morning, are part of the reason Amanda and I were so happy with you that we told our sisters all about it,” she said as she glanced down at the tent in my shorts. “All my sisters are looking forward to any time they can spend with you, so if you would like someone to take care of that while you enjoy your breakfast just say the word.”

“I appreciate the offer my dear and I intend to enjoy all of you as much as I am able to over the next two weeks, but I need to get Kiera to the medical center after breakfast. We are having her implant removed so Bernardo or Teodoro can impregnate her,” I told her. “I want to get it done as soon as possible, so I can enjoy the rest of the vacation without having to think about it. I will be joining you in the courtyard when we are done, and I am sure one of you will be more than happy to take care of me then.”

Her slight smile was all the conformation I needed as I took Kiera and Felicia’s plates. As expected, they were both on the floor, kneeling on each side of the chair they wanted me to take. I got grateful smiles from them as I set their plates on the ground and went back to get my own.

When I sat down, I reached over to stroke Kiera’s head. “I don’t mind you acting more like a pony my pet, but I do not have a lot of experience with ponies. You need to tell me the little things you prefer, like how you wish to take your meals, understood?”

She looked up and gave a quiet whinny, but I could see her tense up. “You are not in trouble little pony, and I have no intention of punishing you. I just want to make sure you know you are free to talk to me if you need something.”

I saw her relax as Sonia sat down on the other side of her. “He will probably never punish you sweetie. I don’t think he has ever given a spanking, so you would have to do something pretty bad to get him to punish you.”

Kiera looked up at me in shock and I just nodded as I ate my breakfast. I had given spankings a couple times during my early trips to the island, but it was not something I enjoyed. Scarlett’s sidelong glance and the wink she gave told me she remembered my lessons in how to give a spanking. I had enjoyed how aroused she was after being spanked far more than giving the spanking itself.

We made it through breakfast, but I was surprised that I had not seen Marta yet. She had been at dinner last night, but had eaten and left before I even started eating. After I cleaned Kiera and Felicia up, I asked Elizabeth if she had seen Marta.

Elizabeth hadn’t seen her, but Anna heard the question and walked over. “Julien sent her to the village with Paige for the day Master. She knows you have the choice of claiming her, and is hoping you will, but she did not want to sit and worry about it all morning. Master gave her permission to go in and work with the school children so she would stay busy.”

“My girls made up my mind for me on that last night,” I chuckled. “I have no idea how I am going to keep up with three pets though. I was more worried that she was not feeling well when I did not see her at breakfast.”

“She will be back around three, when Paige brings Sophia and Gabe back to the pens,” she told me as she stepped up and put her arms around me. “If my memory serves correctly though, your pets will be very satisfied with the time they get to spend with you. Elizabeth and Amanda telling us how wonderful you were during their stay reminded us of our nights with you.”

“I am looking forward to spending more time with all of you again as well,” I told her. “That will have to wait until after I get Kiera to her doctor’s appointment though. I am sure you will take good care of my kitten until I get back.”

“From the way she is eyeballing Violet I may have to wait my turn, but I certainly plan to take good care of her,” Anna purred. “She seems to be on a mission to make sure she has had sex with all of us as soon as possible. Not that any of us are complaining. Go take care of your pony, and one of us will crawl into your lap as soon as you get back.”

I had no doubt about that at least. My kitten may have been fixated on Violet, but I could see the hungry looks the other pets were giving her, and I was getting more than a couple myself. Julien’s pets had always had exceptionally high sex drives, and my girls were just as bad.

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