A Fantasy Fulfilled


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Madeline rang the doorbell, her heart pounding in her chest. It was almost like a dream. When that door opened, the roleplay, THE roleplay, the one she had fantasized about for so many years and had wanted to experience for so long was going to happen.

Madeline was fifty-four. A successful real estate broker and financially secure, with children who were grown and gone, she was ready to start slowing down a bit and enjoying life. With the kids out of the house Madeline wanted to include a more liberated sex life in her pursuits. An empty nest could be an advantage for some things.

Madeline wanted to roleplay and she knew exactly what she wanted: she wanted to be forced.

“Forced? What do you mean forced?” Madeline and Ted, her husband of thirty years, were in bed as Madeline tried to explain what it was she wanted to explore.

The way he said it made Madeline feel foolish. “You know,” she said. “Taken against my will. Maybe you could be a burglar who catches me home alone and makes me, well, you know, DO things.”

“So what you’re talking about is rape, is that right?”

“Well, if you want to put a name to it, yes, but…”

“You’re saying you want me to rape you??”

“Ted, of course not, I want you to pretend to rape me. We set up a roleplaying scenario and act it out.”

“Maddie, I’d feel awfully damned foolish doing something like that.”

“Couldn’t you give it a try?”

“Damn it Maddie, I’d have no idea how to go about something like that. Frankly, I find it a pretty sick idea. I’d really prefer not to discuss it any further.”

The internet had been a godsend for Madeline. She had a small collection of bdsm porn in her laptop and used it to indulge her fantasies and give herself relief when her husband was away. Ted was not particularly computer literate and never used her laptop anyway, and Madeline was certain her little secret directory would remain a secret.

The laptop had been sluggish and Madeline suspected that she had perhaps picked up a virus or malware or one of those things that one hears about that foul up computers. She e-mailed her computer repair man. She’d been using the same one for years, and he had never failed to fix any problem within a matter of minutes. AND he made house calls.

He was in her office with the laptop. He was a coffee drinker and she had just made a fresh pot. She quietly opened the office door and was about to offer him a cup. His back was to her, the computer open before him. She could see the screen over his shoulder. Madeline’s heart froze in her chest and her face flushed as if it had burst into flames.

On the screen was a photo of a mature woman. She was buxom and large-breasted. She was bound with her arms stretched over her head, and was completely naked and shiny with sweat. Her breasts were criss-crossed with the marks of a whip. The man wielding the whip stood before her in the uniform of a Nazi soldier. Madeline has masturbated with that pic before her dozens of times as she fantasized that it was her breasts being savaged.

“Oh My God,” Madeline said weakly. The man wheeled around and quickly shut the laptop. “Oh My God,” she repeated. “Jack…I don’t know what to say. Oh shit. I can’t even imagine what you must be thinking. I am so humiliated.” She began to cry.

“Whoa! Hey!” The young man jumped from the chair and placed his arms around her. “Hey, it’s no big deal!”

“Oh Jack,” said the sobbing woman. “Oh God, don’t look at me. I am so embarrassed! Oh God!!!”

“Listen, listen, listen,” he said. “We all have our private thoughts about these things. They’re nothing to be ashamed of!”

“Yeah, right,” she responded. “Except in my case they’re not exactly private anymore, are they?”

“Look…can’t we just pretend this never happened?”

“Oh Jack, for Christ’s sake!!” she sobbed.

“Yeah, I guess not. Listen, I know you probably think you’re the only woman in the world who has thoughts like this. You’re not. I fix computers, remember? I see this all the time, really.”

“Sure you do. In men’s computers!”

“Uh, no,” he responded. “This is not an uncommon fantasy for women. Honestly. Can I share a little secret? I sort of go for this kind of thing myself.”

“Oh Jack. I know you’re trying to make me feel better.”

In response the young man opened his own laptop that had been beside Madeline’s on the desk. In a few seconds a photo appeared on the screen and Madeline gasped as her mouth fell open.

In the photo was a very pretty young blonde in a suburban kitchen. She was bent over the table and clearly her clothes had been torn off and strewn on the floor. The scenario suggested a soccer mom taken captive by an intruder. Her hands were tied behind her and her mouth was filled with what appeared to be her own kadıköy escort panties. Behind her stood a man with a stocking mask over his face. He had opened his pants to expose a horse-sized erect penis. The position of the organ left no doubt that the terrified young woman was about to be anally sodomized and that she was not going to be a willing participant.

“Jack?” she said quizzically.

“Like I said.” He responded.

“Jack,” she sighed. “You mean I’m really not a nutcase? Oh my, I feel like a ton of weight has been lifted from my shoulders!!”

For the next hour they discussed their likes and dislikes, and viewed more photos, with Madeline becoming ever more relieved and comfortable.

Jack said, “May I ask something?”

“Of course,” she said.

“Have you ever roleplayed? Does he…?”

“Not a chance,” she said, glumly.

“I’m in the same boat I’m afraid,” he responded.

“Jack! You mean Sandi…?”

“No interest whatsoever,” he said.

They both sat quietly for several minutes. Jack broke the silence.

“Um…maybe this happened for a reason.”

Madeline raised her eyes quizzically.

“Well…would you consider a roleplay with me?”

She looked at him in wide-eyed disbelief.

“Well,” he said sheepishly. “He won’t and she won’t. And this is something I really want to try. I fantasize about it all the time. Would it be such a bad thing?”

Madeline’s brain was reeling. It was also something she really wanted to do and which was constantly in her thoughts as well. Jack was a lot younger that she was, but he was achingly handsome and built like Hercules. It would be wrong. But to deny herself when she was getting no younger would not only be wrong but a crime. She was still young enough and attractive enough that this young stud wanted her. She knew that she simply could not pass up this chance and then regret it later.

“Well,” she said. “Did you have something in mind?”

Jack smiled broadly. “I sure do. I’ll surprise you. Let me give you the setup. Do what I say then just play along.”

And so it was the appointed day and Madeline stood before Jack’s door. He had arranged to have the house to himself for a sufficient amount of time for their needs.

Madeline was wearing a tasteful skirt suit, the kind she wore for real estate showings and open houses. She had taken a long time choosing the matching bra and panties that she wore beneath. She wanted everything to be perfect. She had looked at thongs, but even though Madeline had a figure that many women far younger would envy, she felt that style just didn’t work for a woman her age. The tiny bikini panties that she was wearing were perfect.

The door opened. Jack stood there in a pair of athletic shorts, just as any suburban male would who was puttering around the house on a weekend.

“May I help you?” he said cheerfully.

“Good Morning,” Madeline responded with a big smile. “I’m circulating a petition concerning the planned development for the greenspace down the street. May I talk to you about it?”

“Of course. Please come in. I hope you’ll forgive my attire. I wasn’t expecting lady callers.”

Madeline stepped into Jack’s living room and sat on the sofa where he indicated. For several minutes they made small talk as she pretended to inform him about the community issue. Jack stood, casually went to the door and locked it. Madeline’s heart began to beat a little faster.

“I hope you’ll excuse me for saying this, Mrs…?”

“Scott, Madeline Scott.”

“Mrs. Scott. May I say that there are few ladies of your maturity who are so, well, alluring?”

Madeline hand moved to her throat in a typically feminine and demure gesture.

“Why thank you. What a sweet thing to say.”

“Would you be good enough to accompany me to my basement?”

“Your basement?” Madeline asked quizzically. “Uh, I really think I need to be going.”

Madeline stepped to the front door but it would not open.

“Please open the…Oh My Goodness!!”

Madeline had turned to find Jack holding a large knife.

“Please do as I say, Mrs. Scott.”

“Please,” Madeline stammered. “You can have my purse. Please open the door.”

“Step this way please,” Jack said. Madeline moved toward the basement steps. She was as excited as if she were a little girl on Christmas morning.

Jack moved her past the family room to the unfinished side of the basement. It was lit with a bare light bulb in a fixture. It was dark, forbidding, and absolutely delicious.

She turned to face her captor.

“Now then, Mrs. Scott. Please be good enough to take off your clothes.”

“Please,” Madeline whimpered. “Oh please don’t. Don’t make me do that. I’m a married woman. I’m üsküdar escort a mother. I have grandchildren.”

“Your clothes…now,” Jack said ominously.

Madeline removed her suit jacket. With trembling fingers she unbuttoned the blouse and removed it, followed by the skirt. She stood in the bra and panties and was thrilled that Jack seemed to be enjoying what he was seeing.

“Continue,” he ordered.

Madeline could barely contain her excitement. For the first time in thirty years, a man other than her husband was about to see her nipples and the thick, untrimmed triangle of brown hair that accented her rapidly moistening pussy. She reached behind, unhooked the bra and pulled the cups away from her breasts. She was pleased at how Jack’s eyes widened. She wore a D cup, her breasts still thrust firmly from her chest, and her nipples were large, erect and chocolate brown. Madeline looked towards the floor and crossed her arms over her breasts.

“Panties!” Jack snapped.

“Oh please, no!” Madeline said softly.

“Do you need help?”

Madeline put her thumbs in the waistband of the panties, pushed them down her thighs to her ankles and stepped out of them. She stood naked and more aroused than she had ever been in her life.

Jack placed the knife on a shelf and picked up two nylon wrist cuffs with Velcro closures and D rings. In seconds he had placed them on Madeline’s wrists, passed a rope through them and then through a hook in the ceiling. He pulled the rope and secured it, leaving Madeline standing with her arms stretched over her head.

Everything was perfect. The position of her arms thrust her breasts out in front of her in a way that she found irresistibly erotic. How many times in her fantasies had she been tied this way, by Nazi interrogators, mob thugs, Indian braves, in the dungeon of an evil nobleman?

“Very impressive, Mrs. Scott. Very impressive indeed,” said Jack.

He walked behind her, reached around and brushed the tips of her nipples with the palms of his hands. Madeline gasped. Her nipples had always been sensitive but today they were like live wires and so erect that she felt as if they would pop from her breasts and fly across the room. Jack began to gently knead her breasts and pinch her nipples as she squirmed and her breathing quickened.

“Mrs. Scott, allow me to explain,” Jack said quietly in her ear. “I’m in what you might call the export business. I locate and acquire very special merchandise which is then sold at auction to a very well-heeled and discriminating clientele. That merchandise is beautiful women.”

Madeline smiled involuntarily. So THAT was it! Jack had told her that he had a scenario that he thought she would enjoy and that she should play along. Kidnapped and sold to the highest bidder!! Oh yes, she liked this very much! Would she have to stand naked on an auction block while strange men bid on her? Would they be allowed to examine her, to touch her?

“What?” Madeline gasped in mock disbelief. “But…but you can’t sell me! This is the 21st century!!”

“Quite to the contrary, Mrs. Scott. Why, the slavery business is booming. You’re going to bring an excellent price. We have a very dedicated clientele that has a taste for beautiful, educated, sophisticated western women to serve as sex slaves.”

“Sex slaves? But I’m fifty-four years old! No man will want me as a sex slave! Please, just let me go…I won’t tell anyone!”

“You are quite mistaken, Mrs. Scott. Some of our best clients come from cultures in which women are not encouraged to be sexually sophisticated. A woman of your age who has been married for some years…and who looks as magnificent as you do when you’re naked…and who can be expected to know how to please a man in bed is highly sought after. Is it safe for me to assume that you suck your husband’s penis?”

“What??? I…I love my husband!!”

“Which means that you suck his cock, and you enjoy sucking it. Am I correct? Does he fuck you in the ass?”

“Oh God, please stop this. Please let me go!” Madeline whimpered.

“I asked if he fucks you in the ass!” Jack snapped.

“No…that is…I’m very tight. I’ve always been afraid to let him try.”

“Really? That is most interesting. Let’s see.”

Jack licked an index finger, and to Madeline’s surprise she felt the tip of the digit against the pucker of her anus. It began to slide into her. She gasped.

“What are you doing???” she cried.

“You ARE quite tight Mrs. Scott. That’s a bonus. It’s quite unusual for a woman of your age and beauty to never have experienced anal lovemaking. You’re going to be the gem of the next auction.”

Madeline’s thoughts whirled. Would this happen when she was auctioned? Would the bidders be allowed to tuzla escort stick their fingers in her ass?

“You don’t mean that you’ll sell me to a man who will anally rape me???”

“You’ll be sold as a sex slave, Mrs. Scott. You will submit to any sex acts that your owner desires. You will also service his guests, including women. Have you made love to women in the past?”

“No!! Of course not!! Oh please, I’m not that kind of a woman!!”

Jack’s right hand moved from Madeline’s bare breast down over her stomach until it was between her legs. She felt a finger part her lips and touch her clit. It was tremendously exciting.

“Your body betrays you, Mrs. Scott. Your pussy is quite wet. This excites you, doesn’t it? Being made a prisoner and stripped naked has you aroused. This is what all women want, to be owned. To be controlled and to live to pleasure your man. Yes, Mrs. Scott, you are that kind of a woman…you all are. You just need training and guidance to begin your new life. Right now you’re going to demonstrate your skill at giving oral pleasure.”

Jack around in front of Madeline and quickly pulled off the athletic shorts he was wearing. He was naked beneath them. His cock stood erect and was quite large, standing upright from the thick black hair that surrounded his ball sac. He was handsome and very well-built. Madeline still found it hard to believe that she wasn’t dreaming. She was tied up naked in the basement of a gorgeous man who was half her age and who wanted her, really wanted her sexually.

“I’m going to loosen the ropes so that you can kneel. You will then suck me off.”

“Oh God no, please!! Don’t you see?? I’m a married woman!! I can’t just take another man’s penis in my mouth!! I just can’t!!”

Jack removed an item from the shelf that had held the wrist cuffs. It was a whip, a short singletail. Madeline recognized it from bondage gear websites that she had browsed. She knew that it was ideal for whipping the breasts of captive women.

“Mrs. Scott, in your new life disobedience is not tolerated. Men who keep sex slaves also keep very well-equipped dungeons and have no qualms about employing torture to deal with reluctance on the part of a slave. Would you like a demonstration?”

Madeline very much wanted a demonstration. In her fantasies she had taken hundreds of lashes across her breasts, her ass, between her legs. She wanted Jack to whip her. But she had to keep her head. It would be simply impossible to explain whip welts to her husband.

“No,” Madeline said softly. “I’ll obey you.”

Jack loosened the rope allowing Madeline to kneel. Her heart pounded as he twined his fingers in her hair and the big cockhead loomed before her lips.

“Suck me, Mrs. Scott. You will, of course, be required to swallow.”

Madeline closed her eyes as her captor began fucking her mouth. Every fantasy she had ever had came rushing back to her, and Jack’s cock became the cocks of dozens of fantasy captors who had forced her to submit to oral rape. He was rough with her, just rough enough, and she loved it. With a deep groan his hot sperm filled her mouth and she swallowed it with a sense of delight like never before.

“Mrs. Scott, that was very satisfying indeed. You are indeed skillful. To demonstrate to you that I’m not a brute I think it’s only fair that I reciprocate.”

Jack led Madeline by her wrists upstairs to the bedroom. He tied her in a tight spreadeagle on the bed. He then began to lick her pussy. Madeline’s husband had performed oral on her with reluctance and always performed as if his priority was to get it over with. Jack was clearly enjoying what he was doing, and his skill reflected it. Madeline desperately wanted to hold out, to make it last, but it was impossible. She began to cum. Her orgasm lasted longer than any she had experienced before. It had no longer begun to subside when Jack’s cock was in her and they were making love. Madeline then learned that he was a superb, sensual kisser. He spoke in her ear, expanding on the fantasy they had roleplayed, giving her details about the auction, and the tortures she could expect to endure for any lack of cooperation, sex torture, evil things to her titties, her nipples, between her legs. He had perfect timing and control and when Madeline again began to cum he joined her.

When they were through Jack untied her and she snuggled in his arms. It was only a short time before she was ready for more, and it took just a few kisses on Jack’s cock before he could accommodate her. This time she got on top, another luxury denied her by her stodgy husband. Jack played with her big breasts, and lightly spanked them as they swung above him, fueling Madeline’s fantasies and enhancing her orgasm.

She had just began to think that she’d like to be taken doggy-style when she looked at the clock.

“Oh Jack! I’ve completely lost track of the time! I have to grab a quick shower and get home and start preparing dinner. Oh Sweetie, I wish I could stay for more but you know how your father is. He’s a bear if I don’t have his dinner on the table on time!”

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