A Family Affair Ch. 04


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Authors Note –

Please note that this is Adult Fiction, so should only be read by those who qualify!

This is the fourth part of this little mini-series, and is probably best looked at after reading the previous episodes , but for those who can’t wait, here’s a little précis of events so far…

Paolo Wharton has a hot experience that he’d only ever dreamed of whilst on holiday in Italy. It set him thinking about a very strange, and enlightening, week!

Paolo lives on the outskirts of London, a member of a big wide-spread family that stretches throughout Europe. At the end of his first year at University his family had arranged to spend some time at his Aunt’s Villa in Tuscany, but for various reasons the rest of his family had dropped out at the last minute and he’d made the trip alone, but he was looking forward to it still. It was a chance to see Maria again.

At Pisa airport, he’d been surprised to find that his volatile Sicilian Cousin Isobella, ‘Izzy’ had appeared. late, to pick him up and drive him to the Villa where he was surprised to find himself the only male resident after his Uncle Flavio is called away on an urgent business appointment. That leaves him with his cousins Izzy, Ilse, Frieda and Aunt Luisa, but does that matter? The sun’s out, it’s hot and the girls have organised a tennis party at the families cooler Lodge in the mountains, so what could possibly go wrong with that? Except about everything!

In the evening he has an extremely eye-opening private dinner with his aunt where he finds out some surprising secrets about family history. He’s shocked to find himself surrounded be something of a female secret society whose sole aims seems to be to protect him from ‘unworthy’ women. But, as his Aunt demonstrates later, there are distinct benefits!

I’m always interested in people’s thoughts and comments if you’d care to leave one, and please vote too. All feedback is useful!

I sincerely hope that you enjoy…



18. A Trip Out

When the big Fiat estate car skidded to a stop on the loose gravel outside the entrance to the villa sending up a cloud of dust to envelop us, it was clear that the driver wasn’t amused. Her face twisted quickly our way and gave us, and Ilse in particular, a distinctly venomous stare. Ilse, not to be outdone, returned the stare in kind. I raised my eyebrows to the sky. This looked like being a distinctly lively trip out!

It set my mind spinning again. Here I was on holiday at my Aunt’s place in Tuscany. A just reward for a hard years work at university in England, and looking forward to a calm, peaceful few days before the daughter of my aunt’s housekeeper, Maria, got back from her studies in Florence. And then my plan had been to turn a long term friendship as we almost grew up together into a romance. Simple!


Ever since my arrival at Pisa airport yesterday and the unexpected appearance of my volatile Sicilian cousin Izzy, my simple, ordered life had been turned upside down! Not that I’d been displeased to see her. She’d been the object of many a late night fantasy when I was younger, a little older than me but the owner of one of the most gorgeous bodies that I’d ever seen! It’s just that I hadn’t expected that she’d be staying at the villa as well, nor two of my other cousins, the twins from Austria, Ilse and Frieda, for that matter either.

And then my Uncle Flavio had been called away on business just as I arrived (very conveniently as I later found out), so I was the senior man in the house given that I soon found out that my older cousin Guilio was also away! It was as if all my male family wanted to avoid me!

Then there’d been the afternoon trip to the family ‘Lodge’ in the mountains to play ‘tennis’ with my cousins, which was when I’d found out that the object of the game was not to serve and volley, but to indulge in some distinctly closer encounters of a physical kind. Once they’d ripped off my clothes that is! I’d been surprised, shocked, aghast even… but eventually I’d put my inhibitions to one side and joined in with abandon!

Only later when we’d returned to the villa had the doubts and guilt set in. Only for those to be later exploded by the revelation over a private dinner with my Aunt Luisa that it was all part of some old family tradition going back centuries! I’d apparently become the subject of a ‘secret women’s group’, comprising my three cousins and my aunt who were tasked with looking after me as I made my way into adulthood. Ridiculous, but amazing!

And later my favourite aunt, who’d dressed very appropriately for the occasion took me to her bedroom to ‘seal the deal’. I suppose I might have complained that I was seduced because my Aunt was certainly dressed for the part, not that I’d realised at first, but it would have been hard to prove in court given the energetic way that I’d responded!

So, why was everyone so fraught this fine, sunny morning?

I suppose that it had started when I woke up to find Izzy straddling me on my bed esenyurt escort and enjoying the feel of my mighty erection slowly rotating around inside her. There was only one way that that particular awakening was going to end! When we’d finally got down to breakfast though, I’d found out to my dismay that Ilse and Izzy had been arguing the previous evening over who should have the honour of waking me up, and Izzy had effectively ‘pulled rank’ after going back on a promise to draw lots. ‘Drawing lots’ indeed!

So there was a certain amount of simmering tension around during breakfast, and afterwards!

When I’d finally managed to press them on what the plans were for this morning were I’d ratcheted the tension up a notch by flatly refusing to take part! It was partly the way they’d calmly explained it as we congregated later down in the hall before Izzy went out to get the car from the garage.

Their plan had been simple enough. To drive over to a nearby small market town and then find ways of making love in public. It was said so matter-of-factly that I did a quick double-take before realising that they actually meant it! And they all looked round in obvious surprise at my response, as if they’d never even considered the possibility!


Their replies had mostly been of the ‘Don’t be such a wimp!’ level, but even then I’d held my ground, more scared stiff at the thought of public disgrace than angry. Then they’d altered their approach. Suddenly I’d found my personal space being invaded simultaneously by three very determined and sensuous young women who clearly didn’t intend to take ‘No’ for an answer.

I couldn’t possibly just give in to them though could I, but after lots of light kissing and caressing by three pairs of mischievous hands, I finally gave way to the extent of saying that ‘we’d see how it went.’ I might as well have just picked out a white handkerchief and waived it above my head!

But that hadn’t been the end of it. Just before Izzy set off again to get the car, Ilse piped up and said that as Izzy had got her way with me this morning (in more ways than one!), that it was her turn to decide the seating in the car. So, on this trip, I was to sit in the back with her and Frieda. Seemed ok to me, but certainly not to Izzy, who knew exactly what that would mean while she was driving. The resulting argument was heated and threatening to get out of hand when I finally stepped in, drew Izzy to one side and told her that I would indeed be sitting in the back – ‘end of story!’. I’d been getting a bit fed up of Izzy’s bossy approach to her position as ‘senior’ cousin in the group, so this looked like a good opportunity to assert my position, as only male, as well!

Her eyes had widened in surprise, and for a moment I thought that she was going to kick me as vivid emotions chased themselves across her lovely face, but eventually she just drew in a long deep breath, let out a stream of angry Italian, before turning on her heel and pushing through the big wooden front door.

“What did she say?” I asked Ilse as I finally let out the breath that I’d been holding in myself as I waited for Izzy to expolode.

“Oh, you really don’t want to know… I mean REALLY…” she laughed as she took Frieda by the arm and followed the departing tornado outside.

I’d been about to follow them when I noticed a figure half concealed in a side doorway. It was my Aunt Luisa. She was smiling, obviously having heard the exchange between us ‘young ones’. It had probably been heard in the local village! She was wearing, as normal, a loosely fitting long summer dress, but I noticed that it was buttoned down the front and the top three or four were gaping open showing a nicely developed bit of cleavage. And, of course after last night I knew exactly what was hidden under the rest of the material. I felt an instant stirring between my legs as she came forward and lifted up her face to give me a light kiss of affection.

And as she pulled back, my arms automatically wrapped around her slim shoulders, pulling her back so that I could kiss her back… harder and hungrier! She resisted for a second, but then pressed back into me as the hot kiss developed and we attempted to mould our bodies together as closely as possible, irrespective of annoying clothes!

When she did finally pull back and escape my clutches, we were both breathing hard.

“Goodness Paolo!” she gasped eventually, “…you really are… well, almost irresistible! But I can’t deal with you now… much as I’d like to… but you will come to me again tonight though?”

“Are you kidding,” I gasped back as I let my eyes wander blatantly over her slim, sensuous figure, that long dress wrapped perfectly around her bosom and hips actually looking more sexy that the short skirts that my cousins were wearing! “Wowwww!” I concluded.

She’d laughed at my response, pleased I think at my obvious admiration for her charms.

“I’ll look forward to you then Paolo,” she said with a mischievous lift of the eyebrows as she avrupa yakası escort watched me head for the doors, “Oh, and well done with Izzy by the way! She needs bringing back to Earth from time to time. You’re mother said that you’d be good for her!”

As I finally shuffled through the door and into the sunlight, a faint little laugh from my aunt following me as she watched how awkwardly I walked as I desperately tried to get my erection under control. It wasn’t all that I was thinking about though. It was the reference to the fact that my mother had actually been involved in setting all this ‘women’s support group’ up. I made yet another mental note that I would have to have a serious discussion with her when I got back to England!

19. Back Seat ‘Driving’

As the dust settled around us from Izzy’s screeching stop, I grabbed hold of the rear door handle and pulled it open, ushering in Frieda first, and then beckoning Ilse to follow. She wasn’t having any of it though and pushed me onto the back seat in front of her before sliding smoothly in behind me.

I knew straight away that it was intentional, particularly as she eased into me as she settled down, forcing me up against Frieda as well. I was trapped in the middle!

They’d all come out dressed for the sun. Frieda was wearing a light flowery dress, full of creams and rust coloured patterns that buttoned down the front. It was fairly short and as she’d shuffled down the back seat, the hem had risen mid-way up her thighs, exposing lithe legs encased in tan-coloured stockings. I knew that they were stockings because the darker tan band of the tops had peeped briefly out before Frieda had eased the hem down a little. But not as far as it could have gone I noted with a smile.

Glancing to my right, I saw Ilse pulling her safety strap over her shoulder and the twisting motion had revealed that she too had put on stockings. But these were of the sheer black type, matching the chequered slate grey and ivory pleated skirt that was wrapped around her slim hips. Above that she was wearing a matching ivory, sleeveless top that had a breathtaking plunge down the front. The display of gorgeous cleavage was distinctly eye-catching and I suspected that underneath the top there must be a very cleverly designed bra making the most of her modest bosom. I’d seen Izzy’s eyes widen and narrow when she’d first set eyes on them earlier as well!

In front, Izzy was classily dressed in a short cream skirt, wide brown belt and matching cream blouse. Whether designed for coolness, or brazen display, the material was so sheer that the fancy, lace covered white bra underneath may just as well have been worn on the outside!

My rather conservative dress of beige slacks and loose, short sleeved mustard shirt looked positively dowdy by comparison. Maybe Izzy had been right to threaten to take me ‘shopping’ when she’d been making those rather derogatory comments about my dress sense earlier!

However, fashion thoughts were quickly shunted to one side as Izzy twisted round and gave us an angry stare. She seemed to be struggling for words as she scanned the three of sitting innocently together behind her.

“Right, it’s only about twenty miles so we’ll be there in a jiffy!” she snapped, before adding sternly, “So no ‘hanky panky’ in the back!”

I was struggling to keep a straight face. It was like being back at school, and in her anger, her Italian accent had modified her taunt to ‘hankee pankee’. It sounded so funny. I could see that Izzy was about to blow when she saw me trying to control a grin, and when Frieda next to me began to giggle, I was expecting a volcanic response. But, somehow, Izzy’s expression changed, her face seemed to relax and she began to smile, just as Ilse and I burst out into laughter! Then we were all laughing together, for ages!

“Alright,” gasped Izzy after we’d settled down a bit, “I suppose that may have been a bit strong?”

She shook her head at our responses, “Well, ok, it was a bit over the top maybe.”

“Alright, it was definitely over the top! But it’s not fair if you three are going at it hammer and tongs while I’m having to drive!”

We nodded in understanding and I promised to keep the other two under control. That seemed to satisfy her and she turned back to the front and put the car in gear.

Presumably she hadn’t heard Ilse whisper in my ear.

“Control?…Us?…You’ve got to be joking!”

Nevertheless, we’d been driving for nearly ten minutes before I felt Ilse’s hand slide onto my right knee. It may have been self-restraint, but I suspect the delay may have been more to do with the way that Izzy was sliding the car round corners!

I ignored it for a minute or two, as I was in the middle of a conversation with Izzy, but the hand soon began to roam! It started to move in small circles, caressing the top of my thigh around my knee, but the circles gradually got bigger and soon began to stray higher up my thigh, anadolu yakası escort with disturbing consequences between my legs!

I broke off my chat with Izzy and turned to give Ilse a hard stare. After all, we’d promised to behave! She just ignored me and stared sweetly ahead as if nothing was happening and I had to quickly cover her roaming hand with mine as is it finally approached the top of my thigh!

“Ilse!” I hissed, hoping that Izzy hadn’t noticed, “Hey!…”

My head had snapped round to my left now as I suddenly felt another hand on me. This time it was Frieda, and she’d not bothered with the preliminaries and just calmly cupped the bulge that was quickly developing in my slacks!

“Oh…” I continued hopelessly, as my eyes raked up and down Frieda’s legs beside me.

Whilst I’d been distracted with Frieda, she’d clearly been busy undoing the buttons at the bottom of her dress, which now lay open from her waist! So now both her stocking clad legs were on display right up to the point where a flash of red panties peeked out from under the gaping dress. The bare skin above her tan stocking tops, framed by the red suspenders looked invitingly white and the overall effect was so incredibly sexy that I just stared, opened mouthed. From somewhere deep at the back of my mind, I heard Ilse pick up the conversation with Izzy so my sudden gasps and incoherence had probably gone un-noticed by the driver. But what didn’t go un-noticed was the way that Frieda gently squeezed my half-formed erection and then grabbed my hand as I tried to protect myself.

I’d only just got over the shock of being ‘touched up’ like that when I felt, and watched hypnotically, her place my hand on her own knee, the feel of her smooth, stocking clad skin sending little electric sensations through my fingers as she guided it higher. I was half expecting that she’d stop when she’d drawn my hand up to her stocking tops, but she just eased her legs apart slightly and drew my fingers even higher up the inside of her upper thighs. The feel of her bare skin sent another shower of electric sensations showering round my body to congregate in a minor explosion between my legs as my erection got even harder!

“Frieda!” I gasped quietly in half protest, but it was a token gesture. By now my fingers didn’t need to be drawn across Frieda’s bare skin, they were exploring on their own, and this time it was Frieda’s turn to let out a slow sigh of pleasure as my fingertips finally nudged up against the red satin pantie material that was wrapped tightly around her peachy sexual lips.

I explored the bulging, and slightly damp material for a few seconds, making Frieda wriggle as she tried to get them in the right place. Then she drew in a breathe, grasped my hand again and to my surprise lifted it away from that hot spot. I couldn’t believe that she was going to stop me at that momentous point!

And she wasn’t! With a quick shuffle of her bottom, she’d drawn the dress higher, exposing all of the bright red panties, and with a quick, almost practised motion, she slid my hand under the elastic top and forced it down into the curly bush hidden beneath! Satisfied that she’d got me where she wanted me, she let go of my hand and left it alone. Inside the panties, free to wander at will!!

I gulped as one half of me wanted to explore that soft little jungle straight away and the other half was wondering if we’d be seen by anyone, especially as we’d just passed a bus full of young people. I could have sworn that I’d heard a subdued cheer in the distance! I looked around in concern, but nothing seemed amiss. Izzy was driving fast, as usual, on the main road but it was fairly quiet, and we still seemed to be a fair way off any built-up areas.

Primal urges quickly won through though and I my fingers were soon exploring downwards, over her pubic mound, searching for that magical slit below and all its hidden delights! She sighed again as she closed her eyes, leant back and lost herself in the delightful responses as her pussy reacted to my wandering digits!

Then I had another shock! My other hand was being dragged sideways now, and as I forced my eyes away from Frieda’s gorgeous legs, I realised that Ilse too had hitched up her skirt and was in the process of urgently feeding my right hand into the front of her panties now as well!

“What!” I gasped as I suddenly had an eye-full of her long slim legs, black stocking tops and the bulging black panties that our hands were disappearing into! This time I wasn’t quite so quiet when I gasped at the feel of another little jungle running through my fingers.

“You ok in the back?” I heard Izzy query as she looked at us in the rear-view mirror, obviously unable to see what was going on lower down.

“Aaaah… Yes, fine Izzy thanks…” I responded quickly, trying desperately to keep a straight face. After all, what could not be fine about having two handfuls of pussy to explore!

My initial paralysis hadn’t lasted long though and despite suddenly finding myself in yet another surreal situation, I was soon engrossed in exploring the two girl’s private parts. My fingers had had an head start on Frieda’s pussy, so were already starting to tease apart her swollen labia lips, and slide into the inviting warmth within. She was already incredibly wet, and this time her moan of appreciation was loud enough to have carried to Izzy in front.

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