A Daily Ritual


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As she was deepthroating one guy’s cock while his friend fucked her from behind, it occurred to Claire for the first time that male and female sweat tasted different.

With this realisation, her thoughts turned rapidly — as they always did — to Zoe. She pictured Zoe towering over her, fully nude. She saw her wide, imposing frame with those heavy, plump breasts above her fat belly, which stuck out in front of her and to the sides.

She saw Zoe’s smug face, her full lips and round cheeks set in that little, knowing half-smile. She saw her fairly short, black hair with the purple streak in it. She saw her cruel, inviting green eyes sparkling from behind rectangular-framed glasses.

She imagined Zoe’s thick, creamy thighs, her hairy cunt, and then… that vast, curving expanse of flesh — Zoe’s massive, gorgeous arse.

Even with a mouthful of cock, Claire could not stop thinking about how desperately she wanted her tongue up Zoe’s arsehole. Nowadays, Claire was either worshipping Zoe’s beautiful backside or she longed to be doing so.

Still, it turned her on a great deal to know that she was letting these guys fuck her because Zoe had commanded her to. What turned her on even more was that Zoe was getting paid in exchange for it.

It had long since reached the point at which Claire, without hesitation, would happily do anything Zoe told her to. It was strange to think, now, that Claire’s servitude had originally come about through blackmail.

But of course, she thought, the whole blackmail thing had just been an excuse. Secretly, I wanted to become Zoe’s slave all along. Even when it felt like I didn’t. She heard Zoe’s brusque, throaty Scottish accent resonate through her head: “You wouldn’t do this if you didn’t want to.” Claire would be forever grateful to her mistress for introducing her to her own hidden desires.

As she knelt there on all fours, happily playing Zoe’s little whore, she thought back on the past seven months — on how utterly her life had been transformed…


Claire had never done anything like this before. She was a shy, naïve girl, only recently turned eighteen, who came from a devout, Christian upbringing. Yet, in only her fifth week at university, here she was tied to her bed, naked, gagged and blindfolded. Though it had not been her first sexual encounter, the number of times she had already had sex could be counted on one hand.

During the past couple of years she had begun fantasising about a man doing this to her. Given that she had attended an all-girls’ boarding school in the middle of nowhere, this was really the first time that the opportunity had presented itself.

The man she had met last night had been attractive, charming and, apparently, quite experienced with bondage. Claire couldn’t resist, and the experience was everything that she had hoped for. What she had not expected was that he would walk out afterwards and leave her like this.

Claire felt scared and ashamed and turned on all at once. She had to hope that one of her flatmates would find her, while simultaneously dreading the thought of it. She was not ready for anyone to find out about this fantasy of hers so soon after it had first been realised.

So she lay there. Her taut, little body was spread-eagled helplessly on the bed with her bare pussy, shaved just yesterday, directly facing the unlocked door of the room. Her round, perky breasts lay exposed, still slathered in the ejaculate of the stranger who had left some ten minutes earlier. Her small, pink nipples were pinched with residual arousal.

Then she heard someone entering the room. After a long pause, whoever it was began quietly to approach the bed. Quivering with apprehension she let out a slight involuntary whimper, then immediately hated herself for doing so.

“Well — looks like you’ve been a naughty girl!”

It was Zoe! Claire felt an unexpected surge of relief. She realised that of all the people who could have been expected to enter her room right now, Zoe was the only one with whom she felt comfortable.

Zoe was a thirty-three year old mature student, also a first year undergraduate and, coincidentally, studying on the same course as Claire. Their other two flatmates were both Chinese girls who did not seem to speak much English and largely kept to themselves. Thus Claire and Zoe had already spent a considerable amount of time alone together.

Zoe was charming in rough, bawdy way. She was witty, impatient and supremely confident. She flirted with everyone she met, without caring what they thought of her.

Though Claire had never been attracted to girls, she found herself somewhat smitten with Zoe. She admired Zoe’s confidence and worldliness. She cracked up at Zoe’s ribald jokes. Claire loved their conversations. She was so impressed by this older woman that Claire felt almost grateful that Zoe even wanted to talk to her.

Claire had noticed that her new friend had a mean streak. canlı bahis Zoe was, without doubt, greedy and selfish. She was quite open about that. Moreover, Claire had seen her being harsh and condescending towards others, even callous. A little to her own surprise though, Claire was not much bothered by this. Zoe was fascinating enough to get away with it.

Claire had inferred from their conversations that Zoe was a lesbian, or at least leaned that way. She flirted with Claire constantly, though of course she did that with everyone. Claire nevertheless felt very flattered by the attention.

It’s almost a shame — she had thought idly to herself at one point — that I’m not attracted to women. But even if I were, she thought… surely it wouldn’t be to such a fat woman? She felt a little bad for thinking that. But it was true. Each of Zoe’s fat buttocks was more than twice the size of Claire’s head.

While she still felt humiliated, Claire had been so glad to hear Zoe’s voice because she felt sure that Zoe would understand her predicament. More generally, Zoe had already made Claire feel that she could trust her. In some small way, Claire felt safe.

“I’ll be honest,” Zoe quipped as she removed Claire’s ball gag, “I didn’t think you had it in you!”

“Oh my god… th- thank you!” said Claire, still blindfolded, her posh, girlish voice wavering with emotion. “If you hadn’t, I mean, I don’t think I could’ve… I’m glad it’s you”.

“Wait, you weren’t…” Zoe sounded concerned now. “It was consensual, wasn’t it?”

“Yes!” Claire exclaimed, a little too loudly. Blushing, she continued in a low voice, “I mean… yes. Yes it was. I… I wanted it.”

Claire hesitated for a second, then the whole tale rapidly came tumbling out.

She told Zoe how she had met some bloke in a bar and, after learning of their shared interest, confided in him this fantasy of hers. How just letting it slip made her feel more dirty and exhilarated than she had ever felt. Before that, the only person to whom she had ever even hinted at such desires was Zoe herself. Claire told Zoe how she had brought the guy back here… and then every detail of what she had let him do to her — what she had begged him to do.

She had never before been so candid about something so personal. In this moment however, with Zoe, she somehow could not stop herself. She wanted to tell Zoe everything. At some point while she was talking she wondered vaguely why Zoe had not yet removed her blindfold. Actually though, she was sort of glad of it. She would have choked on her embarrassment if she could see the person she was talking to.

She quickly finished her brief story and waited for Zoe to respond. There was a long pause. “Well, well,” said Zoe, mockingly. “I never knew you were such a slut”.

As she said this, she finally pulled away Claire’s blindfold. Claire opened her eyes and blinked in the light, immediately noticing two things. One, that Zoe was standing over her in a short, revealing nightgown, a smug, hard look plastered across her face. Two, that Zoe was filming the entire exchange on her phone.

Claire’s eyes widened, and she felt like she was falling. Thickly, as though dazed, she muttered, “Zoe, what… what the hell are you doing? Why… Why are you…”

Zoe’s smirk widened as she lowered her phone, looked down and tapped at it languidly. “Now”, she drawled, “who shall I send this to?”

“What? No!” Claire yelled, scared witless. “You can’t!”

Laying the phone aside on Claire’s desk, Zoe’s smirk softened and she smiled more warmly at the terrified girl. “Don’t worry, love. I’m only kidding.”

Claire’s fear became tinged with cautious relief, which somehow plunged her deeper into confusion. She felt as if the bed beneath her were quicksand.

Zoe sat down on the edge of Claire’s double mattress, which sank heavily beneath her weight. She casually put her hand on Claire’s lower thigh and started stroking it softly. “After all”, she said, “a good, ‘Christian’ girl like you… we wouldn’t want, oh I don’t know… for example, your parents finding out”.

“N… no!” stammered Claire, her voice shaking and cracking. “No, it would… they’d die! I’d die! They… can never know about this!”

“Mmhmm”, nodded Zoe, “of course. And it’s not just them either, I guess? It would just be awful if… well, if anyone were to find out! Especially since, you know, your dad’s a politician and all…”

It was true. Claire’s family, while not the Rothschilds or anything, were quite wealthy. Moreover, her father sat in parliament as a member of the current government. Claire’s face was blanched white, her body felt heavy and numb. She had not even considered this aspect. She felt more stupid than she had known was humanly possible.

Zoe continued. “I mean, I can’t imagine how it would look if this were, y’know… splashed all over the place for the world to see. If it turns out Daddy’s little girl is, well… a bondage slut”.

The hard bahis siteleri look had returned to Zoe’s face. Her gaze bored into Claire with irresistible force. Her hand had moved gradually further and further up Claire’s thigh.

In spite of herself, Claire’s pussy tingled and was even becoming a little moist. Humiliation, helplessness… and of course, it was her own fault she was in this mess. Her own weakness, her own sordid desires…

Her head felt as light as her body did heavy. She could not quite believe what was happening. It didn’t seem real. Her head was spinning now, and her mouth was dry.

She felt herself dissolving into a sea of confusion and weakness. It was hopeless. Even if she hadn’t been tied down, she still wouldn’t have been able to do anything. Claire was only 5’4″, and Zoe had about seven inches on her. Moreover, Zoe weighed probably more than twice what she did.

Claire was shaking now. From somewhere far off, she heard a string of words fall from her mouth, words that were somehow both alien and familiar. They could have come from a half-remembered dream, or a movie. Words she would never before have even thought of saying:

“Please… please… I’ll… do anything”.

Zoe’s smirk hardened just a little more as she savoured her moment of triumph. She sat there for a while, saying nothing. Moving her hand up by about an inch or so, she ran the tip of her index finger, slowly and gently, around the lips of Claire’s pussy.

“Well, since you seem so eager… there is something I’ve been wanting you to do for me… So, here’s what’s going to happen.” Zoe leaned in and lowered her voice a little. She removed her hand from Claire’s pussy, reaching up to grasp her chin lightly between thumb and forefinger. Matter-of-factly, she said, “I’m going to sit on your face, and you’re going to use that little tongue of yours to get me off. Think you can do that for me?”

Claire’s eyes widened. Where moments before she had been pale, her cheeks now burned. She had never felt like this before. She felt utterly horrified and disgusted, yet turned on at the same time. She tried to force her arousal away, hating herself for it. But no matter how hard she tried, she could not deny that it was there.

Claire felt Zoe’s cruel stare impaling her. She swallowed heavily. Then, slowly, she nodded her head. Zoe followed the movement with her hand and, mockingly, with her own head.

“Good girl… that’s what I thought. After all — that’s what weak, little sluts like you are for.”

Claire felt Zoe’s words like a whip. She wanted to feel outraged by the insult, but instead it just made her feel more aroused. In the back of her mind, she felt herself involuntarily agree. She was weak. She was a slut.

Then, all at once, Zoe, with surprising grace for a woman of her size, was climbing on top of her. Zoe knelt with her thick thighs astride Claire’s head, facing towards the girl’s feet. All Claire could see was Zoe’s enormous, fat arse and her hairy cunt, dripping with lust.

Claire, panic-stricken, could not believe what was now happening. Though she was still confusingly turned on by her helplessness, the sight and — even more so — the smell of the prospect hanging over her filled her with fear and revulsion.

Apart from anything else, she was terrified by the sheer size of Zoe’s hindquarters. She felt like if Zoe sat down she would simply be squashed like a bug.

Zoe stretched her back and shifted from side to side, wiggling her massive rump in Claire’s face as she did so. Then, without warning, she sat down heavily, smothering Claire with her wet cunt.

Claire’s entire world was engulfed by the taste and smell of Zoe’s sweat, Zoe’s crack, Zoe’s arousal. Claire could not breathe, and her head felt like it really was being crushed under Zoe’s vast weight. Scared, confused and overwhelmed, having no choice but to obey, she began to lick frantically at Zoe’s clit.

Occasionally, Zoe let Claire breathe. Claire became more and more dizzy and disoriented as Zoe smothered her senseless.

Finally, some while later, Claire heard Zoe’s loud moans take on a lower, more urgent tone. Zoe started rocking hard against Claire’s face. Then she came in a succession of hot, gushing waves that ran down Claire’s throat and spilled across her cheeks.

Zoe was sated. She did not immediately move away, however. Instead she sat back fully upright on Claire’s face while regaining her breath, steadying herself against the wall. Meanwhile, Claire was suffocating. She tried instinctively to struggle, but of course it was no use.

Eventually, when she was good and ready, Zoe got up. Claire gasped and breathed in heavily, wheezing as she did so. She kept her eyes firmly closed.

Still trying to catch her breath, she suddenly felt something being shoved into her gaping mouth. Her eyes snapped open to find Zoe leaning over her. Before Claire knew what was happening, Zoe had already refastened the ball gag. Ignoring bahis şirketleri Claire’s muffled cries of protest she turned and left the room, taking her phone with her.

Claire stared up at the ceiling in despair. A maelstrom of emotions tore through her young mind. She felt defeated, betrayed, humiliated, disgusted… and then, with a creeping sense of self-loathing, she realised her pussy was still throbbing with arousal. The overpowering taste of Zoe’s cunt was still clamped in her mouth behind the ball gag. Her face was drenched in Zoe’s cum.

What the hell have I done? she thought… What the hell have I started?


What might have been hours later, for all Claire knew, Zoe returned. Claire’s body was stiff and her jaw ached.

Zoe removed Claire’s gag once more, then straightened up and stood there staring at her with disdain and cruel amusement. Claire squirmed under Zoe’s gaze. She tried to look away but found herself somehow transfixed. Once again, Claire silently and unwillingly concurred with Zoe’s assessment of her.

Then Zoe said, simply, “I’m hungry”. The comment seemed directed at Claire. Claire, with desperation in her voice, croaked, “I’ll… I’ll make you something! Just please, please untie me! Please!”

When Claire was untied and and in her dressing gown, she headed in the direction of her en suite bathroom. She intended to wash her face and chest, and thoroughly wash out her mouth.

Zoe cut her off with a subtle movement and said, simply, “Where do you think you’re going?” For several moments, Claire froze. Then, without saying a word, she turned and headed meekly for the kitchen.

That was how it started out — just with cooking. Within a few days, Claire was cooking all of Zoe’s meals, making her sandwiches and fetching her drinks and snacks. Zoe ate a lot, and she made Claire buy all the food.

Claire’s parents were paying for her to have the largest room in the flat, with its double bed and en suite bathroom. The other three rooms were cramped singles, with a shared bathroom. Within the week, Zoe had forced her to switch rooms.

At around the same time, Claire began doing all of Zoe’s laundry. Then she started cleaning Zoe’s room, and taking Zoe’s turn on the cleaning rota for the common areas. Zoe even had Claire doing bits and pieces of uni work for her — all the boring and less useful stuff.

By the end of November, a status quo had been clearly established. Claire had quickly resigned herself to her new role. She felt she had to accept, at least for now, that she was pretty much Zoe’s bitch. She felt like there was nothing she could do about it and that, in any case, it was basically her own fault. She felt like she deserved it.

Whenever Zoe ordered her to do something, she felt a little tingle in her pussy. She tried to push the feeling away, to tell herself it wasn’t there. But it was no use. That feeling of helplessness, of having control taken away from her, still turned her on. She absolutely did not want to be Zoe’s servant — yet she could not deny that, on some level, she sort of enjoyed it.

It was some time around the beginning of December that Claire was first made to worship Zoe’s fat arse. Claire had vaguely heard of a rimjob before, but she was not even quite clear on what the act entailed. She could scarcely have imagined that she would ever give one — much less that it would, for her, become a daily ritual.

At first, it was torture for Claire. On that first evening, staring wide-eyed and horrified at Zoe’s huge buttocks parted in front of her, she prayed desperately for some miracle that might save her.

Claire was on all fours, behind Zoe, on the carpeted floor of what was now Zoe’s bedroom. Zoe sat astride a large, plump bean bag, naked apart from a thin cotton vest. She was leaning forward, resting her arms on the edge of the desk and her chin on top of her arms, pushing her big backside out behind her. Zoe’s crack was so deep that even leaning forward with her legs splayed, her arsehole was still all but hidden from view.

Claire, trembling, her head poised mere inches from Zoe’s hindquarters, felt like she did on that first night, when Zoe had sat on her face. She felt that same crushing vortex of humiliation, confusion and despair. She felt that same overpowering weakness. She also felt, in spite of herself and in spite of her disgust, that same feeling of shameful, helpless arousal.

This time, however, it was not enough to just lie there and passively accept her fate. This time she would be made to engage actively in her own humiliation. But she couldn’t bring herself to do it. All she could do was kneel there frozen, staring.

Zoe grunted impatiently, snapping Claire out of it. Halting and trembling, Claire forced herself to shuffle forward, to raise her hands and part Zoe’s cheeks a little wider. She forced herself to lift her head a little, and stick out her tongue…

Once again Zoe’s body overwhelmed Claire’s senses. Once again Claire serviced Zoe obediently, doing exactly as she was told. Zoe, as always, was in total control of the situation. Claire, meanwhile, wondered just how much lower she could sink.

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