1 + 1 Equals 3, or Does It? Ch. 09


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Big Tits

I am not a writer, far from it. Except for the names and places, the stories you read are for the most part true. Still they are not biographies. Artistic license has been taken to enhance or in some cases minimize the events described. All sexual situations were between consensual adults within the framework of their story.

This is the tenth of now twelve interviews I have worked on over the last five years.

Most of these stories cover several years. I will try to keep the chapters short. I suggest you save one for reference. None of the stories are mine, any personal friend, or relative.


Chapter 9

Sunday was for family and now Saturday night has become the girls night out. Daisy, Tori, Rose and Lilly now spend the night going to clubs or maybe a movie. Emily has been invited but steadfastly refuses to go along. Sunday with family is enough for her.

Emily and I don’t usually make love on Saturday night so I wasn’t sure how to approach it this time. Fortunately I was able to find an old movie much along the lines of the last movie. It was not as refined as the other movie but the results were the same.

Emily and I made love in the shower as my soapy finger teased her asshole. Lilly and I didn’t have any kind of signal so I was a bit surprised when they dropped her off just after Emily and I slipped into bed.

I wasn’t quite sure what Lilly planned on how we would approach Emily. I’ll have to admit I was a bit surprised when she entered our room without knocking. What further shocked me was when she stood there wearing nothing but panties. Lace panties at that.

“Lilly!” Emily shouted. “What are you doing?”

“I’ve come to share some news with you mother.” Lilly strutted over to my side of the bed.

Pulling back the covers Lilly straddled my groin over my cock. If I hadn’t just had sex with Emily I’m sure it would have been hard. As it was there was still hope.

“Lilly, what are you doing that for?” Emily gasped.

“Well Parker and I have exciting news, and right now I’m a bit excited.” Lilly reached down and rubbed her pussy through her panties. “Are you finished fucking our husband?”

“Lilly!” Emily objected again.

“Well are you?” Lilly now lifted up and pushed my shorts down pulling my cock free. In its current state it was no threat but that was changing by the minute.

“He is not my husband, and that is none of your business.” Emily pointed her finger at Lilly.

“Oh but Parker is mother, and because he is, it is kind of my business.” Lilly said as she stroked my cock back to life. “

Emily looked at my growing cock and Lilly’s panty covered pussy right behind it. I wasn’t quite sure if Emily was getting jealous or excited. That only made my cock grow longer and harder.

“You need to stop that.” Emily now pointed to Lilly stroking my cock.

“I will in just a minute.” Lilly chuckled. “Do you want to hear the exciting news?”

Lilly had played Emily masterfully. By keeping Emily’s focus on my cock she distracted her from the real issue.

“Ok, yes what do you want to tell me?” Emily fell in the trap.

“Just a minute while I…” Lilly reached down and pulled her panties to the side. Emily and I looked together at Lilly’s oozing pussy and what she did next. “… put this thing inside me.”

Unfucking believable. I gasped from the pure pleasure my cock was being treated to. Emily gasped from the pure audacity of it.

“Right there mom.” Lilly whimpered. “You love it too don’t you?” Lilly asked bringing her hands up and grasping her own tits.

I swear Emily moaned as Lilly stretched her pert tits letting the nipples slide through her fingers.

“Tell her Parker.” Lilly moaned for effect.

“Baby.” I grunted as Lilly’s cunt contracted around my cock.

“What?” Emily asked not sure what I meant.

“Poor Parker.” Lilly laughed. “He so loves his wives pussies. He loves them so much I’m pregnant mother.”

In a moment of utter clarity I reached out and took Emily’s hand. She looked at me and I’m not sure even she knew what to say. So I spoke first.

“Em, her name will be Violet.” I whispered. “Lilly and I want you to help me raise her.”

“Me? Raise your child.” Emily looked at me then Lilly.

I looked at Lilly and she nodded her head with a smile.

“Our child Emily. Violet will be our child.” Lilly explained happily.

“I…” Emily looked at both of us. “…I…don’t know what to say.”

“You don’t need to say anything mom.” Lilly reached out and caressed her mother’s cheek. “When we go on our honeymoon we want you there.”

Oh this wife of mine is good. Because of the sudden decision to get married, a decision I was not part of you might remember, we had discussed taking a few days off together.

With my cock stretching her pussy, Lilly had played not only Emily masterfully, but myself as well. Even if I wanted to, there was no way I could protest Emily being invited. Lilly slammed down over my cock and contracted around it with her pussy.

“You can’t be serious?” Emily complained.

“Who istanbul escort else would take the video of Parker fucking your ass?” Lilly hissed.

“I’m going to cum…” I warned them.

“See mom, Parker can’t wait to make that movie.” Lilly grunted.


“Just sit back and watch us make love mom. It will be a movie only for Parkers dirty little girl.”

“You told her?” I turned to Emily in shock.

“Of course, I called her after you went to sleep. You know we share our sex lives.” Emily blushed. Then they both started laughing.

“Good night you two.” Emily slipped out of bed on the other side.

“You’re leaving?” Lilly asked disappointedly.

“You can call me when he’s sleeping.” Emily laughed. “I’ll be in your room.”

I knew the moment Emily left Lilly would want me to be on top. Sure enough just as the door latched Lilly suggested we roll over.

“We could stay like this?” I suggested.

“I know, but I love to feel you on top.” Lilly reminded me. “Besides in a few months that won’t be an option…daddy.”

With a giggle you just couldn’t argue with we assumed our designated positions. After that it was like hearing the first few bars of your favorite song. You knew what the ending would be, but you don’t want to miss one note, one word, or one chorus in between.

With a big yawn I snuggled closer to Lilly. “Who are you calling?”

“Emily.” Lilly chuckled.

“But she’s just down the hall.”

“I know.” Lilly caressed my cheek. “But this is so much better.”

“Ok.” I kissed her and rolled to the side.

“Mom…” I heard Lilly whisper as my eyelids became too heavy to keep open. “…you should have stayed, it was another night to remember.”

“Are you sure we shouldn’t rent a car?” I asked one more time.

“Parker!” Lilly snapped back exasperated. “Stop, you’re going to hurt her feelings.”

Lilly closed the trunk and ran her hands over the quarter panel as she made her way down the other side.

“Her feelings?” I shook my head in disbelief.

“Of course, cars have feelings too.” Lilly glared at me.

“And I thought your mother was the crazy one.” I muttered under my breath.

“What did you say?” Lilly quipped as she closed her door.

“I love you.” I grinned.

“That better have been what you said if you want to get lucky on your honeymoon.” Lilly replied with a warning smile.

“Then that’s definitely what I said.” I grinned even wider.

I fired up my grandmother’s old sedan and backed it out of the driveway. I looked over at Lilly and the small bump at her stomach. Lilly looked down and then back at me. I’m not sure I’d ever seen her happier.

We were on a road trip for several days through the Shenandoah Valley and the Blue Ridge mountains. I rented a room at a large lodge and planned on taking day trips from there. Lilly talked endlessly for the first few hours but as the scenery became lusher and more scenic she seemed happy to just take it all in.

“Parker?” Lilly broke the silence.

“Yeah?” I looked over to see Lilly continued to gaze out the window.

“Emily would love to see this.” She now looked at me.

The look in Lilly’s eyes pleaded me to understand. Deep down I knew she was looking for permission. The night we told Emily, Lilly was pregnant, my wife suggested Emily would be coming. I also knew Lilly and Rose have never been apart for more than a day or two.

“So when are they coming?” I asked.

“You won’t be mad?” Lilly asked with a weak smile.

“I won’t be mad.” I smiled and turned to face the road again.

Lilly seemed pleased but unsure of my reply. Looking out the window there was again silence.

“Did Rose tell you or was it mom?” Lilly whispered.

“Neither one.”

“But how then?”

“I know who you are Lilly.” I looked over at her. “That’s why I married you.”

“Harrumph.” Lilly grunted before crossing her arms. “Well, we’ll just see about that.”

Forgoing the small amount of drama we shared at that moment Lilly and I thoroughly enjoyed our time together on the trip. We followed the skyline to one of the biggest and highest lodges in the area.

Stopping just outside the door to our suite I insisted on carrying Lilly across the threshold.

“I love you Parker.” Lilly gushed before I sat her down.

“I’m pretty fond of you myself.” I teased her.

We took turns taking a shower after our long drive and then headed down to the restaurant for a late meal. Lilly made me wait in the main room while she ‘freshened’ up in the bedroom.

When the bedroom door opened, and Lilly appeared, I almost had to pinch myself.

“Do you like?” Lilly asked in a sultry voice.

Rarely has Lilly had worn anything specifically sexy until now. The truth be told she didn’t need to. But this…this is attention getting.

With her hair up and miniature hand cuffs hanging down from her ears I almost didn’t get past her shoulders. avcılar escort Bright red trim outlined the see through mesh of her robe. Beneath was a red lace shelf bra and matching panties.

The garter had fancy ribbons that hooked to shear red stockings. Supporting it all was a pair of red spiked heels that made her at least four inches taller.

“Well?” Lilly asked huskily.

I wanted to answer, but I was trying to figure out the red fur lined handcuffs connecting both wrists. In one hand she held a feather the other a string of pearls.

“You’re…you’re …”

“And you’re speechless.” Lilly sauntered over. “And I thought you knew me?”

“You’re absolutely beautiful!” I gushed standing up.

“Not so fast Mr.” Lilly pointed to the couch.

“What?” I sat down disappointedly.

“There are a few rules.” Lilly now stood in front of me.

“Rules?” I responded stupidly.

“Just two Parker.” Lilly gave me her patented smile. “You can only touch my hands with yours, and you can use these anyplace else.”

Lilly handed me the pearls and the feather.

“Seriously?” I asked astonished.

“Only until after I cum.” Lilly squeaked.

“That’s three rules.” I pointed out.”

“Are you complaining?” Lilly furled her brows.

I stood up to face my temptress wife.

“I think it’s time I start learning more about my wife.” I grinned.

Taking Lilly’s hand I walked her over to the overstuffed arm of the couch.

“Bend over.” I said gently guiding her over the arm.

“What are you going to do?” Lilly asked nervously.

“Telling you isn’t part of the rules.” I chuckled.

With that I ran the feather along the inside of her legs.

“Ooooh Parker!” Lilly squirmed. “Please…” Lilly then started laughing. “…that tickles.”

Not exactly the response I was aiming for. Undeterred I raised the feather between Lilly’s legs and drug the back of the spine tight against the panties.

“Mmmmmm …that’s better.” Lilly mewed humping me back.

I ran the feather along her legs again causing Lilly to squeal softly and squirm again. Alternating between her pussy and her legs I soon had Lilly dancing for and humping with the dastardly feather she provided.

I ran the feather along the outside of her legs and Lilly swayed side to side.

“Fuck me Parker!” Lilly begged.

“Not until you cum.” I growled. “Now go lie on the bed. I’ll be there in a minute.”

I stepped back and watched Lilly stand up on wobbly legs. She turned to me and I could see she was reconsidering her rules. With the strand of pearls I lightly smacked her ass sending this thing of beauty in the other room.

I sat down to take off my shoes and socks. Putting my face in my hands I rubbed them up through my hair. ‘Parker are you up for this?’ I thought to myself. I’m not normally insecure but this could go wrong on so many fronts.

If end up just tickling her, Lilly might never try this kind of thing again. Then of course, she will be sharing the experience with Rose and Emily. Maybe even Daisy? Daisy. Then I thought, what would Daisy say right now if she was here?

I unbuttoned my shirt and slipped off my pants and briefs. Naked now I picked up the feather and pearls. When I walked in the bedroom Lilly was waiting for me on the bed.

“Aren’t you happy to see me?” Lilly looked down at my almost limp cock.

“Just taking a minute to compose ourselves so we don’t forget who’s first in line.” I replied.

“Oh Parker, you are so thoughtful.” Lilly giggled. “Well you better hurry then because he doesn’t look like he will hold out much longer!”

We both looked down at my cock and it was now growing stiffer by the second. I sat beside Lilly and looked down at the object of my desires. The sheer robe she had on was splayed open on her sides.

The bra she had on only covered the lower half of her tits, her exposed nipples lie begging for attention. The slightest of bulges at her stomach reminded me she was indeed pregnant. The red lace panties were damp at the satin panel covering her bald pussy lips.

“Make me cum my love.” Lilly hissed.

I started slowly at first. Using just the feather I teased both nipples finding the one with the piercing the most sensitive. Although not my intention I occasionally tickled Lilly but focused more on caressing her with the long soft feather.

On a hunch I picked up the strand of pearls and drug them over Lilly’s pierced nipple. The white beads chattered along the smaller pink balls sending shock waves through her tit. Lilly’s hands still bound in the fur lined handcuffs went to her pussy.

“No fair cheating.” I growled.

“Oh Parker please?” Lilly groaned.

“Move your hands.” I barked.


“Move your hands now!” I repeated firmly.

Lilly pulled her hands from her cunt and I took the strand of pearls and ran them over her panties. Lilly thrusted her hips up moaning in appreciation.

“Oh god yes.” Lilly thrusted up again.

“Take your şirinevler escort panties off.” I instructed.

I thought Lilly might argue that doing so would break the rules but she quickly proved that wasn’t the case. With her pussy free of any obstructions Lilly grabbed my wrists and pushed them, and the pearls, between her legs.


This of course was not what she meant but I was smart enough to understand the difference. I looked down and lined the pearls up between her pussy lips and found a flood of female arousal. The beads disappeared between her labia’s and were soon rattling over her pubic bone.

“OH PARKER!” Lilly now screamed. “I’m going to cum!”

Lilly’s legs bent back and she thrusted her pelvis up raking her pussy over the pearls as I held them in place. The noise of glistening orbs taking turns churning between her lips was almost drowning out her cries of passion.

Twisting her legs slightly Lilly ran the pearls along one side of her clit and then the other. The woman was on the edge of exploding when she further surprised me. Lilly grabbed my now dripping cock and moved her head closer.

“Cum with me Parker.”

Lilly stuffed my cock in her mouth and started writhing ferociously on the bed in front of me. I had no choice but to follow her lead and flood Lilly’s mouth with my love.

“Stop fidgeting.” I laughed

“Stop being so mean.” Lilly looked down at me perturbed.

“So do I know you just a little bit?” I teased.

“Yes…” Lilly leaned to the side. “…happy? Now will you be on top?”

I rolled her over and slipped my cock deep in her oily cunt. With the fur lined handcuffs still around her wrists, Lilly stretched them over my head and around my neck. Closing her eyes she smiled broadly.

“Oh Parker you do love me.” Lilly murmured. “Now go slow, Violet and I want to enjoy this.”

Stopping and starting at times, for almost an hour Lilly and I slowly made love. We kissed, and caressed, whispered and laughed. When I came in her Lilly wrapped me up and held me tight.

“I love you Parker.” Lilly pulled her hands over my head and held my face. “Rose and I will never leave you.”

I wanted to ask Lilly what she meant by that but instead I just kissed her.

The next day Lilly and I explored a bit but mostly just rested. I could tell she was itching to get back in the kitchen and maybe do a bit of housework. The day we went to pick Rose and Emily up at the airport, Lilly had all but cleaned the room and made the beds for the housekeepers.

We picked the girls up at a small regional airport. The terminal was not much more than a large building with a parking lot on one side and the airstrip on the other. Emily and Rose were waiting for us at the curb.

“Mom! Rose!” Lilly jumped out of the car almost before it stopped.

I greeted them each with a kiss on the cheek and loaded the luggage in the trunk. Lilly insisted Emily sit in front with me, while she sat in back with Rose. It was probably best. Soon after I pulled away from the terminal I had a sense they were back to their old ways.

Lilly sensed it too and tried to brush it aside but one look at Emily was enough for me to know the truce might not hold for long. We grabbed lunch on the way back to the lodge. Rose clung to Lilly like a six year old to her mother in a room of strangers.

Upon learning they would be sharing the suite with Lilly and myself, neither Rose nor Emily seemed happy. Emily muttered to herself most of the afternoon, about what I wasn’t sure. We were having dinner at the lodge when Emily learned she and I would be sharing the bedroom.

Emily was so mad she insisted on getting her own room for the night. Lilly tried to talk her down but Emily seemed determined. It was then I explained they were fully booked. Before the discussion could progress any further Lilly stood up and looked at her mother.

“I am going the ladies room. Mom, I need you to come with me.”

Emily looked at me to see if I knew why. My obvious bewildered look reassured her I did not. Joining Lilly, they headed down the hall.

“Lilly said she told you.” Rose looked at me meekly.

“Told me what?” I asked like a clueless man it seems I had become.

“We wouldn’t leave you.” Rose smiled regaining a bit of confidence.

“Oh.” I stammered. “She did.”

“You don’t know what that means do you?” Rose asked becoming bolder.

“Why don’t you tell me just in case?” I deflected.

“I will before we leave you.” Rose gave me her patented wicked smile. “I love you Parker.”

Rose stood and kissed my cheek then headed to the ladies room. She passed Emily and Lilly on the way. As Emily came closer she actually had a smile on her face. The first smile I think I’ve witnessed since she arrived.

“I see Rose is feeling better.” Lilly kissed me on the same cheek. “You do have that effect on her.” Lilly whispered in my ear.

After dinner we decided to stay since there was a local band playing in the lounge tonight. When the server stopped back I ordered another beer and a second glass of wine for each of the women.

Emily declined stating she was going back to the room. Only when Lilly insisted she stay did Emily agree. We listened for a few songs but I could tell Emily was antsy to leave. I was just about to offer to take her back to the room when Lilly took my hand.

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